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25 Feet of Amsteel (7/64" Diameter)

Original Price:
$5.25 (You save $0.25)


For those who prefer to make their own whoopie slings and Continuous loops, Hammock Gear can provide you with the color of your choice in small or large quantities.    



Amsteel 7/64th

Colors: Black, Grey, Blue, Green, Orange, Yellow
1.3 g per foot / 1600 pound breaking strength
Sold in 25 foot increments however the order will come as 1 piece or hank. For Example: if you order 2 units you will get a 50' rope

Orders over 100' normally broken into 100' increments unless otherwise requested.

There are 16 review(s) for 25 Feet of Amsteel (7/64" Diameter)

  • review of 7/64 amsteel blue

    by Keith Mcleod – 6th Feb 2018

    I am overall satisfied with this product. The strength of this small diameter rope is remarkable. The only negative thing I can say about this product is the blue color seems to rub off easily during handling to make loops and slings.

  • excellent product

    by Unknown – 13th Jan 2018

    Amazingly strong for the size

  • I was the guy who left a 2 star review, i was wrong

    by Logan Eley – 2nd Jan 2018

    This is amsteel. Amsteel is a 12 strand, except for the 7/64 diameter size which is only 8 strands. this is real deal good stuff for the best price found online. buy with confidence.

  • Amsteel?

    by Logan Eley – 19th Dec 2017

    Amsteel is a 12 braid as far as I know. what i received seems to have only 8. It held me up overnight but I'm not sure this is Amsteel.

  • It's Amsteel

    by Jere Moore – 28th Nov 2017

    It's Amsteel, and you know what that is, so I will add good prices, easy ordering, and quick delivery. It's a pleasure doing business with good people, and it's nice, too, that HG is a small American company.

  • Quick

    by Dave – 27th Oct 2017

    These guys deliver quick. Was able to put to use before an upcoming trip -

  • Best for Backpacking

    by Fez – 25th Oct 2017

    Amsteel is replacing all the 550 paracord items I carried.

  • amsteel

    by Karen miller – 24th Aug 2017

    Great product and great price and great service

  • great vendor, great product

    by Wet Willy – 14th Aug 2017

    damn. I got the product in under a week. How'd that happen. Sweetmess

  • Awesome cordage!

    by Daniel – 13th Jul 2017

    This is awesome stuff. I got mine in and made myself an adjustable hammock ridge line. Can't wait to get it on my new hammock and try it out!

  • Great Product

    by Chase – 6th Jul 2017

    Great product. This is easy to work with, it's smaller than I anticipated. Fast shipping and a great company to work with!

  • Strong Stuff

    by Wookieman – 4th Jul 2017

    Lightweight and very strong. Used it to make whoopee slings for my hammock. Worked great.

  • strong cordage!

    by Myrl Rodgers – 27th Jun 2017

    I bought this and cut in half to make woopie sling for a couple hammocks. Worked great!

  • Best price around

    by Jonathan – 26th May 2017

    We all know and love Amsteel. This is the real deal for the best price on the net!

  • Amsteel

    by Barry – 24th Apr 2017

    I have recently constructed a few whoopie slings and UCRs with 7/64 Amsteel ordered from Hammock Gear and can honestly say the Amsteel they provide is top grade. and the shipping was fast.

    Thanks Hammock Gear

  • Great stuff

    by Unknown – 19th Apr 2017

    Easy to work with! Incredibly strong and lightweight