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Burrow 20



Hammock Gear Top Quilts

Frequently Asked Questions

Hammock Gear makes some of the highest quality lightweight down top quilts for hammockers and ground dwellers available anywhere. We take pride in our materials, craftsmanship and customer service.  For ground sleepers, we recommend ordering the wide width, as well as pairing your quilt with a ground pad attachment kit:  http://www.hammockgear.com/ground-pad-attachment-kit/


Quilt orders placed on or after 8/16/2018 have a lead time of approximately 4 weeks to ship.  Lead time is subject to change.

All of our quilts ship with a 24" x 36" Storage Sack and Stuff Sack for backpacking.


About the Burrow 20˚

The Burrow works for both hammockers and ground-dwellers alike. It is a lightweight sleeping quilt that takes the insulation of a traditional sleeping bag and puts it all on the top and sides, leaving the back (which insulation is compressed and unusable anyway) open. Many hammockers use top quilts in lieu of a traditional sleeping bag because they are easier to slide into when it's time to sleep.The Burrow is designed with a half taper, vertical torso baffles, foot box and a cinched top. Comes complete with a stuff sack and storage bag.

The 20° Burrow is the perfect solution for staying warm in a hammock. With a conservative rating of 20°F, and filled with premium quality, water resistant, 850 fill-power goose down, it will keep you warm during colder seasons.


Goose Down

Hammock Gear is committed to providing down products that meet RDS (Responsible Down Standard).  RDS certifies that geese and ducks are treated ethically (no live plucking or force feeding) and the down is traceable back to the source.  Both our Premium and Economy quilts use down that meets the Responsible Down Standard. For more information visit: http://responsibledown.org/


Compression Size

The Stuff Sack we ship with this quilt is approximately 5.5 liters, but due to the nature of goose down, it can be compressed further with an aftermarket compression stuff sack.  We do not recommend keeping the quilt compressed for more than 24 hours.  The quilt should be stored in the cotton storage bag provided, when not in use.


Top Quilt Advantages

Having found the Hammock Gear website, chances are you are aware of some of the advantages of top quilts. Their growing popularity, with both the hammock crowd and ground dwellers alike, is due to their function and versatility, especially as compared to traditional mummy-style sleeping bags. Some of these advantages include: 

  • ease of entry and exit
  • ease of movement once inside
  • ease of adjustment
  • no wasted insulation under the body
  • no undesired hood-on-the-face
  • no claustrophobia effect
  • weight savings
  • volume savings
Top Quilt Versus Sleeping Bag on Ground (11:52)
Well, I did it. I slept on the ground. Yes, I said I slept on the ground. Used my new HammockGear 20º Custom Burrow on my Exped Downmat XP9. Neede to see if a TQ would really do the job. It did for sure. HammockGear Burrow top quilt....http://www.hammockgear.com/burrow-20/ Western Mountaineering Alpinlite sleeping bag...http://www.westernmountaineering.com/sleeping-bags/extremelite-series/alpinlite/ Down hoods....http://www.jacksrbetter.com/shop/down-hood/ BlackRockGear Down Clava Hood....https://www.blackrockgear.com/product/blackrock-clava/ Exped Downmat XP9...https://www.rei.com/product/881904/exped-downmat-xp-9-with-pump REI Stratus Pad.....https://www.rei.com/product/895084/rei-stratus-insulated-air-sleeping-pad ThermaRest Mini-Pump...http://www.jacksrbetter.com/shop/therm-a-rest-neoair-mini-pump/
  • Top Quilt Vers...
    Well, I did it. I slept on the ground. Yes, I said I slept on...
Burrow 20˚ShortStandardLongWide-ShortWide-StandardWide-Long
Fill Weight11.76 oz12.20 oz12.78 oz12.66 oz13.14 oz13.78 oz
Total Weight17.84 oz18.66 oz19.31 oz19.51 oz20.34 oz22.03 oz

*Indicated lengths are for Zipper closure Burrows when they are zipped and cinched closed. Burrows that are unzipped and open are approximately 4" longer than above. Burrows with sewn footboxes are approximately the same length as shown. The standard model is designed to fit persons up to 6'1" tall.



We utilize the finest 850 fill power, water-resistant goose down on the market in all of our quilts. It is tested and certified by the International Down and Feather Testing Laboratory and is RDS Certified.



All Premium Hammock Gear quilts are made of ARGON fabric. All ARGON fabric is specifically designed ripstop nylon (except for 67 taffet) which is manufactured for Hammock Gear. We offer both 10 and 15 denier weights with certain colors only available in one or the other. ARGON 67 (10d) weighs 0.67oz/square yard while ARGON 90 (15d) weighs 0.90 oz/square yard. The weights in the table above assume Argon 67 material. Argon 90 adds approximately 0.75 oz to final weight, per shell. It has a Durable Water Resistant (DWR) finish. The DWR not only improves the water resistance of ARGON , it also enhances the fabric by improving overall strength, tightening the weave and thus increasing its down-proofness. Calendaring of the fabric further enhances the down-proofness of the quilt.

  • Black - Argon 67 (10 denier)
  • Black - Argon 90 (15 denier)
  • Black - Argon 67 Taffeta (10 denier)
  • Charcoal Gray - Argon 90 (15 denier)
  • Charcoal Gray - Argon 67 (10 denier)
  • Burnt Orange - Argon 67 (10 denier)
  • Burnt Orange - Argon 67 Taffeta (10 denier)
  • Bright Yellow - Argon 90 (15 denier)
  • Purple - Argon 90 (15 denier)
  • Cobalt Blue - Argon 67 (10 denier)
  • Moroccan Blue - Argon 67 (10 denier)
  • Brick Red - Argon 90 (15 denier)
  • Hunter Green - Argon 67 (10 denier)
  • Moss Green - Argon 67 (10 denier)
  • Dark Olive Green - Argon 90 (15 denier)
  • Dark Olive Green - Argon 67 (10 denier)
  • Cinnamon Brown - Argon 67 (10 denier)
  • Coyote Brown - - Argon 90 (15 denier)
  • Woodland Camo - Argon 90 (15 denier)
  • Multicam - 1.55 oz/yd² (40 denier)


All of our quilts make use of baffle (also known as "box baffle") construction. This means that the seams between the down-filled chambers are not sewn through, but instead consist of a fabric wall about .75 to 3 inches tall, depending on the model.


Temperature Ratings

At Hammock Gear, we use temperature ratings which are very conservative. Compare them in the marketplace and you will agree. Here is a point we wish to emphasize: the first and most important step you must take when choosing a quilt by temperature is to Know Thyself. Are you a Cold sleeper, a Warm sleeper, or maybe a Really Warm sleeper? Factor this into your selection process and you will be much better off.



Two options are available: Sewn footbox or Zipper Footbox. The sewn option is a permanent footbox approximately 20 inches long, measured from the bottom. A sewn footbox is fully enclosed/fully insulated, and thus allows no cold spots. It is recommended for 0° - 20° temps. The Zipper version allows the quilt to be fully opened and to lie flat. It is recommended for temps above 20°. When closed the zipper version, which has a drawcord closure, has an opening of approximately 1/2 inch. Some users, depending on conditions/temps, will use a clothing item or small piece of foam pad to plug this hole. Many HG customers enjoy using their quilts in the home, and love the versatility of using the quilt “blanket style” or as a “throw”, and the zipper version fits the bill.



Our top quilts are built with a standard Half-Taper design. Custom work is available if you have different requirements.


Cord Loops

Quilts come standard with attachment cord loops (these can be omitted by request).

There are 290 review(s) for Burrow 20

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  • new convert to quilts

    by Jimi Logsdon – 1st Jul 2016

    Wow! what a thing of beauty, I love my new Burrow 20. This is the first time I have slept with out being to hot and clammy, I was comfortable all night because of the ventilation ability of this quilt. and what a bonus is it is so light and small when packed. Thank you for such a great product.
    Jimi Logsdon

  • Impressed

    by Wendy – 28th Jun 2016

    Just as other have stated before me, customer service is top priority for this company. Returning emails very quickly, and getting my order to me before my deadline.

    My 12 year old and I spent 5 nights in the Great Smokey Mountains . We were able to shave a lots of weight by switching to burrows from sleeping bags ( we had your typical back yard bags that weigh more than baby elephant and are just as bulky) . We used a air pads for this trip,but I'm absolutely saving up for the under-quilts !

    As it states in the care instructions one might notice a pungent odor while the burrow is damped or wet. Well in the Smokyes is rather humid and we did experienced the smell. However overall I am Happy Happy Happy with my purchase.

    Thank you everyone in Hammock Gear !

  • unsure about the loft

    by Mike Nelson – 25th Jun 2016

    I had this out and when you hold it up to the sunlight you can see very little loft in top of the bag. I have to question if it will keep you warm on 20* degree night

    Response from Hammock Gear:
    Good morning Mike, please contact us at sales@hammockgear.com and we will take care of your issue.

  • Super Awesome!

    by Jason – 24th Jun 2016

    Top notch quality and construction. This will be my go to topquilt for many years to come!

  • amazing product and customer service

    by Unknown – 17th Jun 2016

    Let me start by saying these guys customer service is amazing... I had a million questions relating to switching to A quilt and they answered every one with patience ...
    The quilt is amazing quality and I honestly A piece of functional art.
    When they heard that I had A deadline my quilt arrived faster than I expected..
    This is A great company and I cannot wait to order my summer bag from them as well.

  • Great product, great company

    by Michael – 14th Jun 2016

    These guys got my wife and I our Burrow 20 in a rush before our trip to Iceland. While in Iceland, we used a camper van with a heater but only wound up using the heat twice because the Burrow 20 kept us so warm. The bags were lightweight and fit in our carry on with no problems. We can't wait to use it on camping trips at home this winter. Many thanks.

  • Amazing Workmanship!

    by Backpkrmn – 13th Jun 2016

    I have a few different quilts, but was really looking for one to fit the gap between temps of 25-45, where I found myself too hot in a 0 degree, and too cold in a 40. I have loved my Hammock Gear under quilt, so I decided to get the Burrow 20. When it arrived I was happy with the loft, the quality of the build was perfect. It puts to shame one of the other brand quilts I have. The amount of fill in each baffle is perfect, and if you need more, you can get more, and you can even have them put it exactly where you want it. If you get cold feet, Hammock Gear will gladly put the extra fill where you need it, at the feet. The colors are awesome, the stitching is superb, and I am comfy and happy!

  • Excellent Product

    by Stephen – 6th Jun 2016

    I purchased the Burrow 20 with two ounces of extra down as I get really cold when I sleep. I had a very short lead time as I didn't plan well. Everything was perfect. They shipped the product when I needed it and it was most comfortable. Excellent quality.

  • Everything I expected and more

    by Phillip Martin – 25th May 2016

    I've been looking for a suitable top quilt for some time. At 6'5" I knew my options would be a bit more limited.

    My Hammock Gear Burrow is perfect for me. Just long enough to give me a little extra room, light enough to drop a ton of weight and warm enough for most of the camping/backpacking/adventures I find myself on.

    I've taking it on 2 trips so far, One in the late winter/early Spring and it was cozy, and one in the Late Spring/Early Summer - Just a tag of venting and temp was the best I've ever had!

  • Very Pleased

    by Dustin – 21st May 2016

    This is excellent workmanship on the burrow 20 I recieved and HG went above and beyond for delivering the quilt when I needed it. Everything the other reviewers are saying is true. Great product.

  • Comfy Cozy

    by SquirrelMonkey – 17th May 2016

    Had the Burrow 20 out for a great test this weekend. 3 day concert in which the temps dipped below 30 at night. Frost on the bag in the morning (no tarp deployed). I was so nice and warm. This was matched with incubator 20 on the bottom. Love this combo!! And the HG crew is amazing!! I can't say enough about this group of people. Bent over backwards, while jumping through flaming hoops! Thanks again HG for a great product!!

  • very nice

    by Unknown – 13th May 2016

    Goes right on and kept me warm all night. Very well made.

  • My best move ever

    by Colorado Doug – 10th May 2016

    I was reluctant to try a quilt but I just can't get a good nites sleep in a mummy. I use it for backpack hunting in Sept and Oct mostly at high altitude so I bought a Burrow 20 with 2 extra oz and the long version. I'm 5'-11" and wanted to be able to pull it over my head and it's a perfect fit for me. I made up my own string/straps using elastic cord which works fine. Only thing I wish they offered was their own easily detachable straps to keep it tucked under the mat. Mine work fine but do not detach easily. Overall though this has been probably my best decision ever equipment-wise as I now sleep WAY better in this quilt than any of my mummies! LOVE IT!!!!!!

    Response from Hammock Gear:
    Thanks for the great review Doug! We now offer a Pad Attachment System on our website: http://www.hammockgear.com/ground-pad-attachment-kit/
    Feel free to contact us and we'll take care of you.
    Hammock Gear

  • Amazing top quilt with amazing customer sevice

    by Todd – 29th Apr 2016

    I ordered the long and wide 20 degree burrow and could not be happier. I get very cold and this puppy kept me warm at some of the lower temperatures I've camped in. Customer service was amazing as they were able to get it to me before an upcoming trip that I wasn't planning on having the quilt available for, but it was! I'll definitely be ordering more.

  • love it!

    by wade l. – 28th Apr 2016

    VERY high quality construction! very warm! I got the wide and long version and it has plenty of room for me! I am 6'3" 225lbs.

  • Excellent Quilts

    by Al – 23rd Apr 2016

    This quilt is exactly what the Dr. ordered. I have used it several times and have been very comfortable. The lowest temp so far has been 26 degrees and not a problem. This is my second order of quilts and I will not go any where else. Thank you all for a great product.

  • Incredible quality

    by Darren – 22nd Apr 2016

    Finally got to give my HG quits a good run and they performed amazing! First off, the craftsmanship is second to none. Beautiful stitch work and materials... what else would you expect from made in the USA! Second, I didn't get to test the full temperature rating, but it did get in the low 40's/high 30's and I never once felt cold or uncomfortable. It would have a been a very cold night without them as I pulled my under quilt to the side to see what a difference it would make. Lastly, I'm 6'2" & 200 lbs... I ordered the Phoenix under quilt and Borrow standard length and width top quilt... the overlap between the 3/4 length bottom quilt and the top quilt with the buttons snapped was perfect. I'm so excited and happy with this purchase, I just order a full set for the wife.

  • ideal

    by Codey – 8th Apr 2016

    Excellent product exactly what I expected. It is lightweight warm and very compressible. I give it a 4 because my sleeping pad is wider than the narrow foot box.

  • Fantastic Product and Service

    by CJR – 6th Apr 2016

    Initially, I purchased a 20* Incubator from Hammock Gear. It was so warm, so well-made, and customer service was so amazing that I didn't give it a second thought when I came time to purchase a top quilt. I purchased the wide version of the Burrow 20* with 3oz of over-stuff, and snaps instead of the sewn footbox. I choose Brick Red momentum 90 for the exterior and and charcoal grey momentum 90 interior. It feels fantastic. It took a few weeks to fulfill my order (although customer service offered to expedite the order if I needed it sooner for a trip). When the quilt arrived I was surprised by how small and light the package was. I removed the quilt and allowed it to loft for about 15 minutes. It fluffed up to about 3 to 3.5 inches in height. This sucker is WARM! The stitching is phenomenal. I am glad I got the WIDE version. I am not a huge guy, but my shoulders are wide and I like the extra room the WIDE offers. I feel that the wide version allows me to sleep on my side easier, without causing gaps or cold spots.
    Overall, I am extremely pleased with the product, the service and the craftsmanship. Thank you, HG!!!

  • Nice!

    by Jim Stadler – 5th Apr 2016

    Full disclosure. I haven't camped with this yet. I hung my hammock under my back porch for two nights though. So the Burrow 20 and a JrB 0 degree under quilt and I was golden. Of course the temp never dropped below 40 so proof of low temp warmth will have to wait till next winter. The materials and construction are outstanding. Nice to the touch. After receiving this I think a HG under quilt is in my near future.

  • Burrow 20

    by Larry Miller – 2nd Apr 2016

    Very pleased with my Burrow 20, workmanship is excellent. Haven't had a chance to really use it yet. I could not believe how quickly I received it.

  • warm as a bug in a rug.

    by Unknown – 23rd Mar 2016

    Incubator 20 & Burrow 20 / March 19, 20, 2016 . The high was 56, the low was 22 reaching in the low teens with winds up to 10 miles per hour , location, Harriman State Park NY. Elevation was 1300 feet. As the title say's: warm as a bug in a rug. The best decision I have made to upgrade my backpacking gear. It's true what they say and In this case , you do get what you pay for, thanks to Guys and Gals at hammock gear, they know there stuff. Thanks again.

  • AMAZING!!!

    by Unknown – 23rd Mar 2016

    My wife and I got into hammocking last year. We first got the ENO quilts and in two out of three trips in only got to 45 and my wife froze!! I saved and purchased two incubator 20's and two burrow 20,s. We took them down to Escalante Utah for two nights last week. I lied to my wife and said the low was only going to be 40 to get her to go. Truth is it got down to 15!! She didn't believe me it got that cold because she was so warm!!! These quilts are amazing!!! The customer service is top notch!!! Thank you Hammock Gear! My wife loves them even more and wants to go again this weekend!!

  • Great Quilt!

    by Unknown – 17th Mar 2016

    I love my burrow 20. I spent last weekend on the SHT where we had at least a foot of snow on the ground. My tarp wound up blowing down and I still stayed warm. I ordered the standard length with standard fill and stayed warm in 28 degrees.


    by reid – 15th Mar 2016

    burrow 20 degree, argon 90 inside and outside,standard length, wide width,2 oz overfill, 1 oz in sewn footbox,I told them to put the other oz where they thought best.i'm 5'10''tall and 150 lbs,i like a little extra to pull around me. talked to Harry and he was great.. all i can say is JOLLY FEATHER GOODNESS

  • Great Quilt

    by Armond – 22nd Feb 2016

    recently purchased this quilt, after a lot of internal debate and back-and-forth on a quilt vs a down sleeping bag. Glad I went with the Burrow.
    bought the large-wide version (bigger guy) so I have plenty of extra material. Crawling into it immediately warms me up very well. It wraps and tucks plenty, and the quality is top-notch. The small things - such as the reinforced "V" where it opens up, and the clips to keep it attached to a airmat - are really nice touches that show the design is thought out and shaped by actual use
    This matches perfectly with my underquilt - an Incubator 20.
    color selection was spot on
    zero negative about this quilt - another great product. Sort of expected it from the quality of my Incubator - was definitely pleasantly surprised when the Burrow arrived as good as the previous quilt.

  • Quality Product

    by Paul and Kate – 22nd Feb 2016

    My wife and I ordered two Burrow 20's with an extra ounce of fill. One in burnt orange and the other in bright yellow. Both colours are great. We were swayed to go with HG due to all the rave reviews and I have to agree with them all. The quality is exceptional. We won't be trying our quilts out for a few weeks yet. Our first outing will be a 2 week hike in the central Australian desert. We were very impressed with the service. Our quilts arrived in 3 and a half weeks to Tasmania which is pretty good going. Nice work HG.
    Paul and Kate Tormey (Tasmania)

  • havent used it yet but

    by Unknown – 17th Feb 2016

    Its started to warm up now where I live. I have a trip coming up soon though. It looks great and so light

  • Standing Behind Great Products

    by M ike Taylor – 10th Feb 2016

    I have 4 quilts from HG, which should tell you something. They are fantastic quilts. My focus here is on the other end of the product....service. In a nutshell, my daughter did not like the 'feel' of the fabric. of all things. The kind folks at HG allowed me to reorder with the 'smoooooooooooth' fabric and gave me a full refund on the exchange. Now my daughter has a smile from ear-to-ear as she absolutely loves the warmth, comfort, functionality and especially the feel of the quilt. Great products, great service...why buy elsewhere?

  • Warm, warm, warm

    by Ross – 10th Feb 2016

    The Burrow 20 works great with my Incubator. It took me a while to realize that I need to snug up the Incubator's secondary suspension nice and tight. Once I did that, the Burrow seals off cold from above and the sides. I've had it out to 24 degrees and feel certain it can go colder. I like the snap at the head end. I wonder about the placement of the drawstring, though; it always seems to dangle across my face. Still, I am glad I went with HG and would never consider anything else.

  • awesome down softness

    by Mix – 7th Feb 2016

    This is the 2nd burrow I have now. This one I chose long and wide with an ounce of overfill to take me to approx 15°. I have used this nightly for a couple of months now and simply love it
    I also have a burrow 40 for summer that I have used nightly for over a year. I have been sleeping in a hammock now since August 2014, and have no desire to go back to my king size bed.
    Hammock Gear is simply the best in materials, stitching, and overall quality as I believe I have looked at every tq, uq in the market available.

  • Warm and cozy

    by T.J. – 5th Feb 2016

    After several cold weather trips into the back country with my My wife who already had the burrow 20 and never complained about the cold I finally ordered my own and after the first night I was so happy I did the quality of the product is top notch, wish I would have had it years ago. Highly recommend. Thanks again

  • Burrow 20

    by Adlai – 30th Jan 2016

    The Burrow 20 was the last piece of my hammock “kit” to arrive last week. It was added to an Incubator 40 with 2 oz. of overfill which should bring it down to about 30 degrees. The day that it arrived the predicted lows here was 21 degrees so why not test it right off the bat. I loaded the UQ and TQ on and in a Dream Hammock Dangerbird with the over cover in place. I do have but did not use an UQ protector during the test. I was sleeping in a alpaca cap and socks and a waffle top and waffle bottom. The wind was about 5 mph from the northeast. The quilts did their job as expected. I could feel a general coolness on my back until the wind went calm about 2:30. I suspect that the UQ protector would have taken care of that because as soon as the wind calmed I was comfortable the rest of the night. An incubator 20 would have also taken care of the coolness. It stayed 21 degrees for about 5 hours. Topsides were very comfortable and I expect the Burrow 20 would have handled temps to the teens with no problem. Several years ago, I picked up a Big Agnes Horse Thief for an over bag. It will be interesting to see how the Borrow 20 does in that for ground camping. Fit and finish on both quilts is excellent and communication from the folks at hammock gear was right on. Thanks for the great service.

  • Always the best!

    by Bill Yarborough – 29th Jan 2016

    After using HG under quilts and my first burrow 20 for a year now, I knew I had to buy another for my wife. She loves it. Warm and easy to move around in. Packs down to nothing. Excellent quality product. On line Order to house in less than 2 weeks!

  • Worth every penny

    by Joseph Roberts – 25th Jan 2016

    I purchased the burrow 20 along with the incubator 20. I finally had a chance to give them a go this weekend. The temps were about 22 degrees with a wind chill of 17. These quilts performed amazingly well. I woke up a couple of times during the night because i got to hot and had to actually let some cool air in. I think the rating is as others have said, to be actually on the conservative side. i can't wait to push these quilts to the limit!!!

  • So Much WARM

    by Kyle – 25th Jan 2016

    Took my Incubator 20 and Burrow 20, each w/ 2 oz. Overstuff, out this weekend and was toasty and warm down to the -8°F temps we experienced. VERY happy with my purchase!!


    by M.C. Eli – 23rd Jan 2016

    I didn't plan appropriately, asked them to have it to me in 7 days and they delivered with a smile, at no extra cost. I still have trouble processing the awesome. The quilt is very well made, and warm, I used it three nights in 30-20 degree temps in my 3 season tent. I was warm and comfortable. I had the foot box sewn, and the drawstring at the neck works well to hold the heat in. I'm 6'2" and I went with the regular length and don't regret it, I saved a few oz, and I don't sleep with it over my head anyway.

  • Slept like a baby

    by Chuck – 20th Jan 2016

    Camped on Winding Stair mtn. mid January on the Ouachita Trail, temperature down to 15 degrees with blowing sleet and snow. Stayed nice and toasty. Slept like a baby. Have the Burrow 20 with 4 extra ounces and the Incubator Zero. Would highly recommend these products to anyone. Even my toes stayed warm. Love it, Love it, Love it.!

  • Very Toasty

    by Hiker Mike – 20th Jan 2016

    Paired with the Phoenix 20 UQ, first night staying in 27 degree weather with snow falling. I kept my base layer on which was a mistake. I woke up sweating it was so warm. The only issues I have are needing to find better socks (where the Phoenix isn't full length and that was expected) and concern about the snaps. The snaps are so hard to separate I worry about tearing the material if I use them too much. As some one who lives out of his car and moves often packing light for both the trail and in life using the quilt as blanket at home was the reason for the snap option.

  • Toasty Warm

    by Max Grow – 13th Jan 2016

    I had initially ordered the Incubator 20 Bottom Quilt and when it came in I loved it so much I had to order a top quilt to go with it. I decided on the Burrow 20 wide and long with 2 oz of over fill to ensure it would keep me warm in the colder nights. I went out over New Years and got a few nights to bring in the New Year hanging and let me tell you, I was so nice and toasty warm, not stuck the way i was used to being in a dummy bag. Everything worked perfectly. Weather called for a low of 21 both nights and I would say it was every bit that cold until I climbed in my gear. Amazing product, amazing workmanship, amazing customer service. They will get all of my business if I ever need anything else. Good Work Guys!!

  • Great, exceeded expectations!

    by Allan – 9th Jan 2016

    Have had the chance to spend a few nights out in the low 20s. Kept nice and toasty warm. The loft on this quilt is amazing.if I spring for a lighter bag, 40 or 50 degree... It will be HG Burrow. Great product and customer service.

  • Excelent Quality

    by OlcountryGal – 23rd Dec 2015

    Wonderful customer service, helped me get the right product. This is my first top quilt I have used it once and it preformed better than expected. Ya'll keep doing what your doing.

  • warm and snug

    by patrick – 18th Dec 2015

    First night near freezing in a hammock and this quilt was great. FIVE STARS WILL BUY AGAIN A++++

  • Great Quilt

    by Tyler Condon – 14th Dec 2015

    Excellent quality on the craftsmanship. I did notice the goose/wild bird smell to it, but airing it out in the drier on no heat with some tennis balls seems to have helped. If not I will try washing it.

    Can't argue with the warmth and the light weight of a down quilt though! Overall I love it!

  • quality quilt

    by Walter Ross – 2nd Dec 2015

    Very good quality, well made, cant wait to try it out.

  • New quilts!

    by GTaylor – 1st Dec 2015

    I've recently purchased several items from HG - Cuben tarp with doors, 0 degree bottom quilt, and 20 degree top quilt with 1oz overstuff... Adam was very helpful on the phone, taking the time to discuss decisions and options with me. I delayed ordering a few days, and needed the quilts before visiting the AT. HG got the quilts to me in time (one in stock, and the burrow was custom). I stuffed them in the bottom of my pack and went. Very nice quilts! Conditions were chilly and rainy, but I was nice and toasty! No CBS even though I'd not set them up before camp. Conditions were cool enough that if I pulled the bottom quilt away it was instantly obvious.

    I'm just a touch over 6' and found the standard top quilt with a sewn footbox to be a good fit. I had plenty of room without feeling like there was too much quilt, and just enough length.

    And IMHO, a cuben tarp sounds nice in the rain.

  • great!

    by patfiveshot – 29th Nov 2015

    I'm 6'1 and the regular length Burrow 20 with snap foot box closure fits like a glove. Lightweight and effective. I definitely recommend. Construction is top notch!

  • There is no Cold

    by Eric J Owens – 28th Nov 2015

    This is my 3rd quilt from Hammock Gear, and for good reason. Performance, light weight, and high quality. This cold sleeper has taken the 20* w/ 1oz overfill to 15* so far (woke up with ice on everything due to humidity of previous day, at that) and I will have no problem going to 10* from what I can tell so far.

    These. Are. Exceptional. Quilts.

  • Love it

    by Unknown – 28th Nov 2015

    Camped in it in temperatures in the high 20's with high winds, slept great, loved it.

  • Top Shelf Gear

    by Unknown – 20th Nov 2015

    This is my first down top quilt and I couldn't be happier with the quality of the workmanship. Every stitch is flawless. Tested it one night down to freezing and was very pleased with the comfort it provided. I was using a kelty cosmic 20 down bag as a top quilt and this packs so much smaller and lighter it is well worth the extra cost and the performance is great.

  • Awesome Top Quilt!

    by Mark T – 18th Nov 2015

    Use this for my ground dweller set-up. Really warm, really well made and really light weight! Colors look awesome too! Used it on a couple trips and it hasn't disappointed!

  • awesome products, great customer service

    by Trey – 18th Nov 2015

    Most recent purchase was a 20deg burrow top quilt. I've already got the 20 deg HG incubator and together they are fantastic. Went for three days in the Arkansas mountains where it got down to about 36 at night. I could not have been more comfortable. I did have to push the top quilt back a bit a couple times at night because I was too warm. I would highly recommend Hammock Gear products, exceptionally well made.

  • Burrow 20

    by Unknown – 17th Nov 2015

    Great product, great customer service and support. If you're in the market for anything that HG has you can't go wrong here. I purchased the long and wide borrow 20. I'm 6' 215lb. this has enough material to let me tuck it in around my shoulders and snuggle in. Stayed toasty at 23° my first night out using it, slept in shorts and t-shirt with an HG UQ. A true fan of HG. Thanks guys.

  • Toasty warm and weighs nothing!

    by Adrian P. – 14th Nov 2015

    I love the burrow 20! I ordered a short because I'm 5"4 and had a extra ounce of down added to the sewn foot box area because my feet are always cold when backpacking. I used the burrow for the first time in low 30 temps (in a hammock) and I was toasty warm. Even my feet. The short was perfect for my height. It packs down to about the size of a Nalgene bottle and weighs a little more then a pound! Could not be happier!

  • Total Comfort

    by T. Fields – 4th Nov 2015

    Love it. Top quality work, total comfort.... what more do you want?

  • Does it smell....

    by Chuck Carter – 30th Oct 2015

    5 Stars as this is everything I was expecting. I got a standard Burrow 20 with woodland camo on the outside and hunter orange on the inside. Snaps cause I knew I'd like it so much that I would want to lounge around the house with it plus I'll more than likely never approach hiking in 20 degree weather.
    First night I used it outside, it was VERY humid / foggy. Noticed a down smell after unpacking when I got back home - I was worried it was going to stink and may have been looking for the smell more as I had seen posts about a smell. Put it in the dryer on AIR with some tennis balls and let it air out - no problem.
    My favorite piece of gear!

  • Great OQ, better customer service!

    by Jon J. – 28th Oct 2015

    I am 6' tall 195lbs. I purchased a 20° Burrow with 2oz overfill and a sewn footbox, long and wide. I asked for an expedited shipment so I could have it in time for a hunting trip. Burrow showed up 1 week after ordering; just in time for my trip. The first night, I slept in it down to 24° and was very comfortable, almost too warm wearing a long sleeve t-shirt and sweat pants. Length is great, just long enough to tuck my head under if it gets too chilly. Width, I probably could have ordered a standard because it gets bunched under me a little, but not enough to be an issue. I have only used it two weekends so far, but I love it and it pairs very nicely with my 20° 2oz overfill Incubator.

  • Worth it.

    by toronto ontario – 26th Oct 2015

    I originally ordered a purple burrow 20 with charcoal grey inner lining and later decided to change the outer colour to yellow. About 2 weeks after placing the order, i put in my request for the colour change and they got back to me stating that my purple quilt was already being stitched but gave me the option of waiting an extra week if i wanted them to stitch a new one together. Amazing customer service.
    The product itself was everything they advertised it to be and all the reviews i had read beforehand was right. It is extremely lightweight, fits perfectly in our eno doublenest hammock and packs easy. When used with an underquilt, you could definately feel the heat as soon as you get set up under the topquilt. It is warm, yet breathable. I had given it to my boyfriend as a gift and his exact words were "wow. this is what a fetus must feel like!" Haha

  • Yup!

    by Mike – 22nd Oct 2015

    So, I have had my 20* Burrow for a couple of weeks now and have had the opportunity to test it a couple of times and it is great! It is partnered with a 20* Incubator and I have slept warm down to 30* at this point. I am looking forward to testing this equipment at its limits or below!! I got the regular length and width with no overstuff, I am 6'-0" and 240# and a warn sleeper, the quilt fits well and has kept me toasty. The quality is top notch and the colors are great...brick red outer and charcoal grey inner. So happy with my purchase, thank you HG!!!

  • Exactly as I have come to expect from Hammock Gear!

    by Graham – 19th Oct 2015

    Much lighter weight and more compressible than the 650 fill 20 deg down bag I had been using as a top quilt. It is a great compliment to my Incubator 20. First trip out was in the low 40's and I was perfectly comfortable sleeping in only a very lightweight base layer top and bottoms. Looking forward to pushing the temps a bit lower! At 6'4" I got the long (+1oz) and it is the perfect length to allow me to pull it up around my head if need be.

  • the best part of hammocking

    by Cathy – 10th Oct 2015

    First use in the fall Carolina mountains. Super lightweight, compact and well made. So many nice details like the drawstring around the head, roomy foot end, soft, smooth fabric, vibrant blue color. Exceeded expectations for warmth-definitely a cold night cover that snugged up well. Had already purchased and used the HG underquilt and with the addition to the top quilt (vs. the light weight summer sleepingbag previously used) was quite cozy in breezy 40-50 degree mountain nights. Very happy with the order date to delivery in 10 days and the communication was excellent. A pricey piece of equipment but comparable to upper end sleeping bags on the market and very happy with this product.

  • This is legit!

    by Jason D. – 28th Sep 2015

    This is my second purchase from Hammock Gear. And just like the first, it's perfect! Not only is it extremely warm, it basically weighs nothing. However, lets forget about the product for a minute, because you can read about how amazing their attention to detail is in every other review. The thing that attracts me most to this company is the Customer Service they provide. Not only are they incredibly nice, they went out of their way to get me my quilt in 5 days! That's a custom made quilt, long and wide, with 2 extra ounces of down in 5 days. That's shipping and everything. I will be a life long customer, no questions asked!

  • Do believe the hype! the burrow is the quilt you were looking for

    by Steve wolfsburg armstrong (United Kingdom) – 25th Sep 2015

    After much research and general knosing around I decided to order the burrow 20 from hammock gear all the reviews had me more excited than a kid before Christmas but until you actually lay in one you will never know the true bliss of its downy goodness! Also can I just say the hammock gears sales team are some of the nicest people I've ever had the pleasure to deal with nothing was too much trouble and the turn around for a custom quilt was almost super human thanks Hammock gear!

  • love it!

    by Unknown – 20th Sep 2015

    lightweight and compact

  • Beautiful!

    by David Howie – 13th Aug 2015

    My impressions:
    1. Top notch construction - No loose threads. Straight stitching. Flawless fabric.
    2. Super soft hand (the fabric!) - Feels great against my skin.
    3. Snap footbox with draw cord - Works smoothly. I love the versatility this offers. Even easy to adjust in the dark.
    4. So cozy that I look forward to getting in it much earlier in the day than I should.
    5. Super light and compact.
    6. Customer service. Harry is outstanding to deal with. He took care of me from pre-sale to post. He's very responsive, knowledgable, and made me feel like he and HG truly care about me as a customer. Adam is an enthusiastic hammock gear (see what I did there?) fanatic and a wealth of information. I visited their shop prior to buying and at once found everyone to be extremely welcoming, knowledgeable and helpful. The place has a very positive vibe about it. Adam spent considerable time with me demonstrating how different components work together on the trail, and suggested tweaks and modifications for my particular need. At no time did I feel like he was trying to sell me things I didn't need or want. In addition to my Burrow, I ended up buying a Phoenix UQ and a Standard CF tarp.

    Ultimately, the deciding factor for buying HG was the manner in which I was treated by everyone (you, too, Jenny!) at HG. My satisfaction with the finished product confirms my decision.

    Thanks, Hammock Gear. You'll have a very vocal fan on the AT next year.

    Dave Howie

  • Ground dwellers- bet you can't go back to a regular bag

    by Patrick – 27th Jul 2015

    After researching possible replacements for my Kelty Lightyear sleeping bag, I decided to try something new with a quilt. I'm a dedicated ground dweller and thought this was a bit of a risk, but this was cheaper than most 20 degree bags in my price range and far lighter.

    Boy did that ever pay off!

    I haven't had the opportunity to take this baby below 40 degrees yet, but have no doubt it will perform admirably. The comfort was unparalleled by any bag I have tried, and I slept better than I ever have on the trail. Just being able to arrange the quilt however I like to change the temperature was a blessing.

    On a recent trip to Olympic National Park, I swapped bags for a night with a trail buddy who wanted to try out the quilt. She slept great, but I found the regular sleeping bag too confining after being used to the freedom afforded by the burrow!

    I'm a side sleeper, and the wide quilt covers me perfectly.

  • perfect ! just perfect,

    by Jack Australia – 24th Jul 2015

    Thank u HG. I can't believe some clever people have re-invented the Sleeping Bag I have owned some of the Best Down Bags, over 40 years Bushwalking / hiking multi day trips around Australia. Nothing can compare to a better design, lighter, more efficient sleeping cocoon, GREAT Work H.G. Will own more of your brilliant gear soon. Love your products, best 'custy' service, well done.

  • Incredible

    by Grant in MS – 10th Jul 2015

    I've been using this top quilt for a year now. I've had it at 13k ft in New Mexico and early winter in Indiana, both dipped below 20F and I slept like a baby (no under quilt, but I did have sleeping pad for increased loft). Top quality in every way. I even called and spoke with a few people on different occasions for different questions. Each person extremely helpful and nice. Such wonderful people and company!

  • Just superb

    by Jim – 1st Jul 2015

    Great service and a great product. I've only had my Burrow 20 a couple of weeks and have only had a chance to use it a couple of times but I love it already. I've used it in my hammock (with my Phoenix 20) and was so warm and toasty in sub 10 celsius. I used it on the ground in similar temperatures and was equally warm. Great blanket for 3-4 seasons in the UK, probably too hot for summer (if we get one) but I just don't want to leave it at home. First thing in my pack.

  • I love mine so much, I had to get one for my boyfriend!

    by Fibby – 30th Jun 2015

    I've had my hanging system pretty dialed in for a while and my boyfriend is a newly converted hammocker. He needed a top quilt and I figured he should get the best! He loves it.

  • AMAZING! Ultralight & warm

    by Billy K. – 18th Jun 2015

    Prior to purchasing the HG Burrow 20, I researched the market extensively. I checked multiple forums for recommendations. The consistent top quilt recommendations was the HG Burrow 20. After weighing all the options, I chose the order one and couldn't be happier. Ultralight, top quality and high performance. You can't go wrong with this product. I highly recommend the HG Burrow 20.

  • HG

    by Jason Hribik – 16th Jun 2015

    Perfect service as always from Hammock Gear. Can not ask for a better product.

  • No you can't borrow my burrow!

    by Johan / born2roam – 15th Jun 2015

    I bought my burrow in 2013, after more then 2 years of great service, I finally took the time to write this review. First of all because I promised to leave a review, but most important of all, because the people at HG deserve big BIG complements for creating such a fine product.

    With custom (signal) orange on the inside {just in case] and black on the outside this has been the centre of attention on many a hang! It packs small, is super warm and of great quality.

    Highly recommended! No you can't borrow my burrow!

    Grtz Johan aka Born2Roam

  • Great Quilt on recent 12 day trip!

    by Robert Spahr – 7th Jun 2015

    Recently took this quilt on a 12 day trip on the River to River Trail from the Ohio to the Mississippi across Illinois. This quilt is well made, and was a comfortable addition to my gear. I highly reccomend this quilt. Love the snaps on the foot box,. I feel I have given it a fair test, and I absolutely love it.

  • Should have ordered a year ago!

    by Cody – 2nd Jun 2015

    I had been using my mummy bag as a topquilt ever since I started hammock camping, thinking it was "good enough". After the zipper wore a hole in my first hammock then combined with having to deal with the hood in the face, I decided it was time to get a proper top quilt. I ordered mine in Blue/Orange and it looks great! I was amazed at how light/small it was, compared to my sleeping bag I had been using. I took it out of the stuff sack, gave it a few good shakes to fluff it up then wrapped it around me. I was quite surprised how quickly I felt my warmth reflected back to me. I got to try it out this past memorial day weekend and I will never go back to a sleeping bag! So warm, so comfortable, so light, so... perfect! The temps dipped into the 30's and I was way too warm, I had to open the footbox a bit and vent the top. I feel confident I could take this to 20 degrees and perhaps a bit below.

    So if you are thinking about getting this but feel your sleeping bag is good enough, I urge you to place your order today! It was love at first sight for me!

  • My new Burrow 20

    by Unknown – 17th May 2015

    I haven't had a chance to use my new Burrow 20 yet so I can't give a very intelligent review. I can say that it looks great and the construction looks first rate. I'll be curious to see if it meets it's temperature rating as it is not as lofty as I had envisioned, but the high quality 850 fill down will probably do it's job as advertised. We'll see....

  • The Best 20º Top Quilt

    by gbolt – 16th May 2015

    When researching a product, everyone asks for "What is the Best...."; followed by multiple posts stating various opinions. To me, the Best is the product that rises to the top after waiting, researching and finalizing the entire purchase from beginning to finally using the item on the trail. Included in this experience is the customer service provided when a decision of what product will be bought, has not been made. Adam, Jenny, Harry and the entire operation work to answer questions and help "Backpackers" prior to becoming customers. They are passionate about what they do, and the role they play in providing quality gear for the industry. The 1st thing I heard about HG was positive, my 1st email questions were handled positively, and every time I stopped by the Website, it was a positive experience. After awhile, I was positive that HG would get my business. Now that I have used my Burrow, I am positive that it is the "Best" 20º TQ on the market.

  • Beautiful and versatile

    by Joshua Arnold – 10th May 2015

    First off my burrow 20 is gorgeous. I was expecting loose threads, frayed edges or something flawed with this quilt. To my surprise it looked better than anything you could buy at a retailer. The work on it is absolutely incredible. I got the 20 degree because I wanted to use it during cool GA winters and warmer summers because I don't have the money for more than one. I just used it on a night that probably got in the 60s and it performed beautifully of course. Can't wait to see how it does in the 20s with that extra ounce of down. Don't have any doubts when shopping here. The wait was about 3 weeks I believe but worth it! You have to be patient for such a beautiful piece.

  • cant be beat

    by craig E. – 5th May 2015

    I first ordered my under quilt deciding to hold off on the additional investment of the top quilt. After seeing the tremendous quality of the under quilt I knew I had to order my top quilt. I got the incubator and burrow. They are both unbelievable! Great craftmanship, attention to even the littlest detail down to the last thread. All I can say is I'm glad I ordered both. As a matter of fact when I placed my second order for the top quilt, I ordered a pillow. Even the pillow was extremely well made. My first hang was during cold temps. It must have been the final cold snap of winter because the temps dipped down to the low 20's. I didn't know it till I got out of my hammock. I was nice and warm and toasty. I would definitely recommend hammock gear for their great customer service as well as their products for the great quality and truly professional craftmanship.

  • Outstanding product and Customer Service

    by Bob – 27th Apr 2015

    I did a lot of research for several months before deciding on the quilt I wanted. It came down to a couple of companies but the price and the outstanding customer service made it an easy decision. Not only that but compared to other companies with similar products I was told a 4-8 week wait for an order from several companies. HG told me no more than 2 weeks and when I ordered it I got it in 1 week from placing my order for 2 quilts. The Burrow 20 is really nice and the quality is fantastic. I would highly recommend the quilt and the company. Seriously though the customer service puts everyone else to shame. They will bend over backwards to answer questions quickly and get your needs met. Great job HG

  • Performed great!!

    by Bryan – 22nd Apr 2015

    Used with NX-250 Clark Jungle Hammock with a slightly deflated air pad. We hit 24 degrees one night and 22 the next. No chill at all. This is my first quilt. I love the freedom of movement the quilt provides. Slept great. Also, unbelievably light. I will not be going back to a sleeping bag.

  • well worth the money

    by Bill – 19th Apr 2015

    Just used it for the first time. Super lightweight and very warm, it was only 36 but very windy, I was toastie and slept in lol.Great quality, and a super value. I'll defenitely buy again.

  • Wonderful, Well-Made Quilt

    by Brian – 15th Apr 2015

    I ordered the Burrow 20 + 1 oz of overstuff in a Long/Wide. It is now my favorite bit of gear. It is beautifully made, not a stitch out of place. The down is evenly dispersed and thus far on nights that have hovered in the low twenties I was maybe a little too warm--not complaining. Adam and Jenny are great people to work with. I own bags from Feathered Friends and Western Mountaineering and the workmanship on my Burrow is just as good, if not better. I also have an Incubator 20 and I will soon add a Burrow 40 (+overfill). I could not be happier.

  • pretty sweet!

    by Parker Davis – 15th Apr 2015

    Quality construction, great customer service, quick turnaround and fast shipment. I'll be a returning customer for certain. The only thing I would suggest is they include a cinch cord for the d-rings in the back opening...and maybe some instruction as to how they are intended to be used. Also, why not offer a zipper for an additional cost? Could be a cool option for people not so sure about the quilt format, and would make for some serious competition for the zpacks sleeping bags. Thanks again though! I love my quilt and will be recommending it to friends and fellow backpackers.

  • Worth it!

    by lev – 12th Apr 2015

    Exceeds expectations. When i first got it, it didn't look like much. I thought maybe i got the wrong item. It was too light and flimsy to be warm.

    I upgraded from a cheap synthetic closeout sleeping bag. What a difference. I got the Burrow 20 with 2oz of overstuff. I've had this out in damp, rainy, 40 degree weather and was snuggly warm. I am sure it would be cozy down to 20 just like it claims to be.

    I appreciate the attachment points for lashing it down to a sleeping pad if you need to go to ground. I use a length of small-gauge shock cord to lace the back up around a sleeping pad. Quilts work better than bags for side sleepers anyway. Breathing into the side of a bag's hood was always awkward.

    I recommend getting a Long even if you don't need the extra height. It provides more ruffle to get around your shoulders. I also recommend getting a bright color for the interior so you can see which is which in the dark.

  • Just got it

    by Canaduck – 9th Apr 2015

    Package just arrived in the mail. At first, I thought it was a mistake and that the box was empty since it was so light. It seems warmer than expected too

    Super happy

  • 20F Burrow TQ +4oz Toasty Warm

    by Don Milligan – 4th Apr 2015

    I must say Hammock gear is a very pleasant shop to order from, even during their busy times, communication was excellent, and everyone knows the pricing is very fair.
    This quilt: camo out, black in, standard length, wide, with 4 oz of extra down is very warm I'm guessing it's more of a 10-15F and I use it as a ground dweller on a TAR x-lite.

    My wishing HG would make: hoods that I could wear with the TQ, so HG if you need a test dummy you know where to reach me.


  • Repeat Excellence!

    by Sardog1 – 2nd Apr 2015

    Yup, they did it again... Outstanding design, trademark supurb quality and reasonable turnaround time. Minutes after I opened the Incubator and saw how nice it was, I ordered the Burrow. The woodland camo and burnt orange combination is a winner in my book. They just naturally go well together. Looking forward to my first hang surrounded by downy goodness!

    Would be nice if HG offered cotton storage sacks for their quilts... Hint, hint.

  • Perfect

    by Kurt – 31st Mar 2015

    I received my quilt (Titanium Gray outer, Burnt Orange inner 1 oz overstuff) and immediately put it to use. I fluffed it up from the compression of shipping, layed it out on the hammock in basement, turned on the Penguins game, and quickly was enveloped by my body's heat being efficiently trapped and radiated back at me. It wasn't long until I was sound asleep (the game was a 0-0 tie heading into the 3rd period... kinda boring). Thanks Hammock Gear for another great quality item.

  • I'm a quilt convert!

    by Todd Shaver – 26th Mar 2015

    Looking for a lighter more packable option when my 3-season synthetic bag wore out, I researched a lot of down sleeping bag options. I finally decided on a quilt, and after lots of research I found the Hammock Gear quilt. This quilt has SPECTACULAR features for its price point! No where else can you find a 20F bag with 850 hydrophobic down for less than $350+. As far as quality, I've taken it out now for a few weekend trips and I love it! It seems kind of flat when first unstuffed, but given a bit of time, it is incredibly voluminous. I've cowboy camped with a few times also, and in the morning the bag is just COVERED with dew, but the bag doesn't flatten or get soggy, and dries out in minutes once the sun's out. It packs SO SMALL and is SO LIGHT. The fabric is very lightweight, but I am careful with my gear, so we'll see how it holds up.

  • Excellent choice for all around quilt

    by Paul – 20th Mar 2015

    This is my second 20 degree Burrow - the first becoming a present to my housemate so she can leave the bulky sleeping bag at home.

    I got the Wide option (large shoulders) and just that extra makes it easy to tuck in, with no gaps, and stay covered with usual position adjustment.

    The temperature range allows it be used from early spring to all but the warmest summer nights, to late fall. With the addition of a down sweater it could serve well into winter.

    If I were to add one feature, it would be a little pocket (just a layer of fabric) to stuff the head draw cord into.

    Though I have a HG TQ for all three temperature ranges (0/20/40), if I had to pick just one, it would be a Burrow 20.

  • Very Pleased!

    by Shabazz – 19th Mar 2015

    I cannot be more happy with my Burrow 20. I have used it in combination with Phoenix 20 And it has been amazing. Top quality all the way! Used them down to mid 20s and was HOT! I usually sleep cold, but not anymore. Thanks Hammock Gear!

  • Top-notch quality!

    by Jason from South Jersey – 19th Mar 2015

    Had the pleasure of purchasing a few things from Hammock Gear over the years, and every experience I've ever had with them has been perfect. From their customer service, to their communication, to their FANTASTIC quality work on their products themselves, I have only positive things to say about them.

    I recently purchased a Burrow 20* top quilt with an ounce of overstuff, and the sewn footbox. Amazing quality! I got stuck out in a snow storm in the Linville Gorge about a month ago in which the temperature unexpectedly dropped into the teens and dumped 6 inches of snow on me. My Burrow 20* and Incubator 20* kept me toasty warm all night. In my humble opinion, they are the best under quilt and top quilt you can buy; no joke. If you're on the fence, pull the trigger; you won't be disappointed, I assure you.

  • get the SNAPS

    by Unknown – 19th Mar 2015

    My first top quilt. I am coming from 15+ years of mummy bags, and I am loving the Burrow. It is super warm very light weight, very well built. After measuring and re-measuring I ordered the short. The fit is great. The sizes are true to the website. It was 2 ounces heavier 19 oz. (I don mind) I also ordered the snaps and I am really glad I did. The foot end bunches up super tight. Right now it is actually warmer than I need and it is nice to open it up and cool off. I have no fear of the snaps tearing out. It really is working out better than I had thought.
    I am excited to get more field time in with the new quilt.

  • first quilt

    by Gavin – 11th Mar 2015

    Just getting into Hammock camping in the PNW. In 25 deg i was as warm as toast and slept like a baby. Can not say enough good about hammock gear and their products. I now own a tarp and under quilt from Adam. Thanks to you all

  • So cozy

    by Lindsey – 10th Mar 2015

    I've been using this quilt for a bit less than a year, and have thus far gotten to use it on several backcountry trips in differing conditions. Most recently, I used it on an overnight to Joshua Tree National Park here in California, where there was a nice cold wind that picked up late in the evening. Since we ere camping on stone, and since it was a clear night, we had opted not to use the rain fly on your tent. I found that even while sleeping in a tent that was mostly mesh, that I didn't even notice the breeze through the burrow 20 AND I stayed nice and cozy the entire night. One piece of advice I would give people is to absolutely utilize the attachment points to keep the quilt securely fastened over the pad. When it starts to actually get cold out, there's nothing more unpleasant than shifting around and letting a nice draft of cold air into your quilt. Using the attachments with straps (either the ones they sell, or just make your own) you can shift around while still keeping the sides of the quilt secure. One thing I dislike about this quilt: the string used to cinch the top collar hangs directly in your face sometimes, if you choose to pull the top over your head on cold nights.

  • Another A+ Product from Hammock Gear

    by Bodge81 – 9th Mar 2015

    This is my second quilt from Adam and Co. I am quite impressed with their customer service and product excellence. Each time I've made a purchase, the quilt has arrived earlier than expected. The build quality is first-rate and the functionality of the quilt is nearly flawless. I just took the Burrow out for an overnighter and it kept me toasty at temps near or below the rating of 20 degrees. The quilt is very comfortable and the fabric seems capable of withstanding quite a bit of use. I look forward to my next purchase, a cuben fiber tarp. I know it will be an exceptional bargain like everything else produced by these folks. I cannot recommend a company any higher!

  • "The standard by which all others should be judged"

    by Paul Shepherd – 6th Mar 2015

    Purchased: Burrow 20 long/wide w/no taper, Incubator 0+4oz, pillow

    These items are not only exactly what I ordered but also all I hoped them to be. They are PERFECT. I am now trying to decide what to buy next as a result...probably a summer UQ. The Customer Service was excellent, as expected. I love how I was able to order what I wanted....materials, shape of TQ, extra draft tube for foot box cinch...

    Thanks for a great product!!

  • Best in class quilt

    by Bigfoot – 3rd Mar 2015

    This has to be one of the best quilts on the market, with as many options that come with on how you want to secure it to you. I decided to purchase a 20 degree burrow with one ounce of overstuff and a button up foot box. This is a very warm quilt and i highly recommend this one over any other. So if you're in the market and need a quilt this is the one go get.

  • Perfect for backpacking!

    by Aaron – 26th Feb 2015

    Once I received my Burrow 20 I was elated to feel how durable and light weight it was even with the 4 ounce extra fill. I was using synthetic sleeping bags for a number of years; they are cumbersome, and do not compress well at all. This quilt is the best purchase for my gear set yet! How well it compresses is simply amazing! I will be back to purchase from Hammock Gear in the near future!

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