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Burrow Econ 10



Hammock Gear Econ Top Quilts


Frequently Asked Questions


Our Burrow Econ series utilizes durable 1.1 oz / yd² Calendered Nylon Taffeta fabric and 800 fill power DWR (Durable Water Resistant) Duck Down to achieve impeccable loft and weather resistance, while still remaining light and packable.  A great top quilt for hammock campers and ground sleepers alike, the Burrow Econ series will keep you warm while not breaking your bank account.


Current Lead Times

At the moment our lead time is approximately 5-6 weeks, from your purchase date, to ship out new made to order quilts.  Please plan accordingly, or visit our In Stock Page should you need something sooner.


About the Burrow Econ 10°

The Burrow Econ top quilt works well for ground sleepers (make sure you order the wide width) and hammock sleepers alike.  With a comfort rating of 10° you can rest assured that when those temperatures plummet, you will remain toasty warm.  Our top quilts feature a half taper design, which helps to make sure you have proper side coverage to your hips, while also saving a little bit of weight due to the tapered footbox.  We have two options for foot boxes, snap and sewn.  The snap footbox is more versatile, allowing you to unsnap and lay the quilt out flat.  The sewn footbox should be utilized if you only camp in cold weather, and don’t need to vent the top quilt.  Each top quilt comes standard with grosgrain loops along the sides of the quilt to allow ease of attaching our Ground Pad Attachment Kit, which comes in handy if you sleep on an insulated pad.


Compression / Pack Size

The Stuff Sack we ship with this quilt is approximately 8.5 liters in volume, but due to the nature of duck down, it can be compressed further with an aftermarket compression sack.  We do not recommend keeping the quilt compressed for more than 24 hours, and should be stored in the provided cotton storage bag, when not in use.


Top Quilt Advantages

Having found the Hammock Gear website, chances are you are aware of some of the advantages of top quilts. Their growing popularity, with both the hammock crowd and ground dwellers alike, is due to their function and versatility, especially as compared to traditional mummy-style sleeping bags. Some of these advantages include:

  • ease of entry and exit

  • ease of movement once inside

  • ease of adjustment

  • no wasted insulation under the body

  • no undesired hood-on-the-face

  • no zipper issues

  • no claustrophobia effect

  • weight savings

  • volume savings

Burrow Econ 10˚ShortStandardLongWide-ShortWide-StandardWide-Long
Fill Weight14.4 oz15.4 oz16.32 oz15.84 oz16.96 oz18.02 oz
Total Weight23.3 oz24.96 oz26.54 oz25.74 oz27.54 oz29.33 oz

*Indicated lengths are for Snap closure Burrows when they are snapped and cinched closed. Burrows that are unsnapped and open are approximately 4" longer than above. Burrows with sewn footboxes are approximately the same length as shown. The standard model is designed to fit persons up to 6' tall.



We utilize the finest 800 fill power, water-resistant duck down on the market in our Econ Quilts. It is tested and certified by the International Down and Feather Testing Laboratory.



All Hammock Gear Econ quilts are made of Ion fabric. All Ion fabric is specifically designed nylon taffeta which is manufactured for Hammock Gear. This material is a 20 Denier nylon taffeta with a DWR (durable water resistant) coating, which makes it great fabric for lightweight quilts. Weight is 1.1 oz / yd²


All of our quilts (except the Burrow 50) make use of baffle (also known as "box baffle") construction. This means that the seams between the down-filled chambers are not sewn through, but instead consist of a fabric wall about .75 to 3 inches tall, depending on the model. The Burrow 50, the lightest of our Top Quilts, uses sewn-through construction.


Temperature Ratings

At Hammock Gear, we use temperature ratings which are very conservative. Compare them in the marketplace and you will agree. Here is a point we wish to emphasize: the first and most important step you must take when choosing a quilt by temperature is to Know Thyself. Are you a Cold sleeper, a Warm sleeper, or maybe a Really Warm sleeper? Factor this into your selection process and you will be much better off.



Two options are available: Sewn footbox or Snap Footbox. The sewn option is a permanent footbox approximately 20 inches long, measured from the bottom. A sewn footbox is fully enclosed/fully insulated, and thus allows no cold spots. It is recommended for 0° - 20° temps. The Snap version allows the quilt to be fully opened and to lie flat. 5 snaps are used. It is recommended for temps above 20°. When closed the snap version, which has a drawcord closure, has an opening of approximately one inch. Some users, depending on conditions/temps, will use a clothing item or small piece of foam pad to plug this hole. Many HG customers enjoy using their quilts in the home, and love the versatility of using the quilt “blanket style” or as a “throw”, and the snap version fits the bill.



Select your choice of exterior color from our current stock. The color of the interior fabric is limited to Black Ion.



Our top quilts are built with a standard Half-Taper design.


Cord Loops

Quilts come standard with attachment cord loops (these can be omitted by request).

There are 13 review(s) for Burrow Econ 10

  • good for "ground dwellers" too

    by Todd A – 1st Jan 2018

    This is my first experience using a quilt instead of a sleeping bag.
    I am not a hammock user so I had some reservations about ordering a quilt made with hammock users in mind. I emailed a few questions to HG and received a quick and detailed answer from Harry.
    Received my quilt in the time frame that was stated when I ordered it.
    Last night I camped out (Happy New Year) and tested the quilt.
    The temp outside was in the low single digits and the quilt kept me VERY comfortable, I would say it could be rated lower than 10 degrees that is stated.
    The information I received from Harry was correct and I had no issues with the quilt being too narrow even when sleeping on my side.
    The quilt is well made, the material is comfortable and appears to be durable.
    I use a thermarest pad and did not have any need for straps to hold the quilt in place.
    Very happy with the purchase.

  • Excellent Value!

    by Eric S – 13th Dec 2017

    This thing is great. It’s light and very warm. For me, the Econ line was a great way to enter into the superior world of down quilts from the synthetic bags without a massive price tag.


    by Jamey – 24th Nov 2017

    I just had my first true test of the Econ Burrow 10. 3 day trip in Red . River Gorge, KY. The first night was a low of 25 and felt like 19 with windchill. Combined with the Incubator 0 , I was as comfy as if I were in my own bed. I would feel comfortable going lower and hope to go down to 15 for my next test.
    If you are on the fence about buying this , then you need to hop off the fence and get this ordered. You won't regret it.......

  • Great

    by Sarah – 7th Nov 2017

    First quilt purchase (for tent camping). This quilt is very warm, very soft. The short, wide quilt is perfect for me (5'8" female) with an air mattress. Got the snaps and it kept my feet warm and toasty. Very high quality, packs nice and small, especially compared to a sleeping bag. Turned out to even be wide enough to sleep with my 70lb dog under the quilt (he woke me up shivering in the middle of the night in spite of his two blankets, poor guy). Have only used it car camping so far, but definitely looking forward to taking it on my next backpacking trip. The weight and space savings is going to be awesome.

    The most amazing part was how it somehow stays put even though I'm a side and stomach sleeper and tend to flail around a lot in my sleep (my bed at home tends to look like someone had a wrestling match in it when I wake up every morning). Mummy bags have always been annoying because I have to wake up enough to pull it around with me. This thing just magically stays in place and I sleep soundly through the night. I'm in love.

  • Wow

    by Bjørn – 25th Oct 2017

    We ordered 2 ex all the way from Norway and went for a hike in the mountains. We combined with a size L thermarest xtherm matress, an inflatable pillow and the big agnes copper spur tent. The temperature was down to 0 C, and we slept nice and warm and more comfortable than in any 5 star hotel. Way to go hiking!

  • See below why you should get a hammock gear quilt!

    by Casey – 22nd Oct 2017

    I am thoroughly pleased with my top quilt. It is well crafted and super warm. I chose the snaps to be able to open it up and all the hardware is well done. Materials are comfortable against you and the down is super warm and lightweight. Customer service was phenomenal. All questions were quickly answered. Quilt came with a stuff sack while backpacking and a storage sack. The price, based on my research is beyond reasonable. To top it all off, this product is made in my very own state of Ohio. Will definitely be using them in the future!!!

  • Wonderful Top Quilt

    by Tim Holtzclaw – 24th Jul 2017

    Just what I needed. Will be using this on a Linville Gorge/Appalachian Trail trip this fall and winter. I love to winter camp and I know the Econ 10 top quilt will do me justice. Very light weight and packs small, great price. Have used their under quilts before and no complaints here. The products made by HG are top quality, and are made extremely well. Will be purchasing more products in the future.

  • Great Product and Superior Service

    by Some Fat Old Guy – 28th Jun 2017

    I used this quilt on Mt. Whitney last weekend and I was extremely pleased. It was comfortable and warm. And best of all it was compact and light. Buying this was a leap of faith and it paid off. I am looking forward to getting good use out of this quilt on my upcoming trips.

    But as good as the quilt is the service was outstanding. I delayed too long in ordering and realized it would probably arrive after this last hike. I emailed the company and the production supervisor responded and let me know when it was due to arrive, I responded that I was hoping to use it last weekend and by God he got it to me in time. I was very pleased and impressed that he did that and very grateful. Based on that one experience I cannot recommend Hammock Gear highly enough and will look here first for gear in the future.

  • LOVE IT!

    by Jordan – 13th Jun 2017

    My girlfriend and I each recently got the Burrow Econ 10 (wide) quilts (hers with a sewn bottom; mine with snaps) to use on the ground in place of a traditional sleeping bag. Right when we received out quilts, we could tell that they are super high quality, with amazingly soft, luxurious feeling materials and lot of loft.

    As these were our first quilts, we were both a bit nervous that they would be drafty. However, they were super warm (and that's from someone from SoCal who typically thinks 50 degrees F is cold)! It only got down to about 38F or so degrees when we used them on the first night and when we were completely "burritoed" (scientific term, I believe) and wearing long johns, base layer shirt and beanie, we were sweating. However, I'd rather be too warm than too cold. On the second night, after I had much more faith in the warmth of my quilt, I loosened the the draw string bottom of my snapped quilt to let a bit of air in and vented the quilt a bit on each side, and I was very comfortable all night :)

    Also, the quilts can be compacted down to a super small size, which made packing a lot easier.


  • exactly what wanted

    by chason – 31st May 2017

    This item arrived on time. I used it on a hike on the first day, and it kept me very warm. It is very light and compactable. It came with a stuff sack and a storage sac. The quality seems very good. Thank you hammock gear!

  • Great Quility and perfect for backpaging.

    by GMune – 16th May 2017

    I purchased the under quilt last fall and decided to get the matching set after a couple of hangs with the under quilt. I was a bit shy spending the money at first but I have no regrets as I know this product will
    Last me years to come. I hike and hang in northern Wi,MN and the UP so this is much needed for me and since then my friends have ditched their homemade or cheap Amazon under quilts for one of these. I have not given the full single didget test I do every year but I did sleep in just underwear and a T shirt a couple weekends ago and it got down to 30 degrees at night and I was plenty comfey. I recommend to anyone thinking of
    Buying a top quilt and or a under quilt. You will not regret it!

  • Unicorn Feathers

    by John & Liz – 25th Apr 2017

    Ok, this was down right magical. We had a hike planned where we had to carry in crampons, snow shoes and other gear. The trusty 0F synthetic mummy bags were just going to be to heavy. Invested in these new Econ Top Quilts. First off these are new for HG. When I saw them it was going to be tight schedule wise. But they made it - FedEx truck pulling up just as we were leaving. Saved the day. Secondly, I am not sure what is 'econ' about these. Top notch workmanship, great insulation, amazing warmth. We especially appreciated the snap enclosure behind the neck which allowed us to mimic our mummies. And now my full shelter kit - tarp, hammock, TQ and UQ fit in the sleeping bag area of my pack. And teh combined weight of all of them is less than any one of the items they are replacing (tent, sleeping bag, mat, etc). The fabric is extremely soft, no allergic reaction to the down and the colors (one orange and one blue) are stunning. Thanks for quality gear.

  • So surprised by the loft and the fine fit and finish.

    by Happy Hammocker – 23rd Apr 2017

    We were really surprised by the fluff and loft of this 10 degree. It has the 3 inch baffles and they are stuffed to the max. What a wonderful quilt! The Ion fabric is so nice. There is no compromise, other than weight, by using the Ion. The feel of the Ion is superb.. I really think this 10 degree rating is a modest estimate of how warm this thing will keep you. Our customer service experience couldn't have been better. Overall just Very satisfied. Thank you, HG. You've added a loyal customer.