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Burrow Econ 20



Hammock Gear Top Quilts

Hammock Gear makes some of the highest quality lightweight down top quilts for hammockers and ground dwellers available anywhere. We take pride in our materials, craftsmanship and customer service.  


All quilts are made to order.  Please inquire with sales@hammockgear.com for current lead times.

All of our quilts ship with a 24" x 36" Storage Sack and Stuff Sack for backpacking.


 About the Burrow Econ 20˚

The Burrow works for both hammockers and ground-dwellers alike. It is a lightweight sleeping quilt that takes the insulation of a traditional sleeping bag and puts it all on the top and sides, leaving the back (which insulation is compressed and unusable anyway) open. Many hammockers use top quilts in lieu of a traditional sleeping bag because they are easier to slide into when it's time to sleep.The Burrow is designed with a half taper, foot box and a cinched top. Comes complete with a stuff sack and storage sack.

The 20° Burrow Econ is the perfect solution for staying warm in a hammock or on the ground. With a conservative rating of 20°F, and filled with premium quality, water resistant, 800 fill-power Grey Duck Down, it will keep you warm during colder seasons.


Top Quilt Advantages

Having found the Hammock Gear website, chances are you are aware of some of the advantages of top quilts. Their growing popularity, with both the hammock crowd and ground dwellers alike, is due to their function and versatility, especially as compared to traditional mummy-style sleeping bags. Some of these advantages include: 

  • ease of entry and exit
  • ease of movement once inside
  • ease of adjustment
  • no wasted insulation under the body
  • no undesired hood-on-the-face
  • no zipper issues
  • no claustrophobia effect
  • weight savings
  • volume savings
Burrow Econ 20˚ShortStandardLongWide-ShortWide-StandardWide-Long
Fill Weight12.6 oz13.44 oz14.28 oz13.8 oz14.72 oz15.64 oz
Total Weight21.5 oz23 oz24.5 oz23.7 oz25.3 oz26.95 oz

*Indicated lengths are for Snap closure Burrows when they are snapped and cinched closed. Burrows that are unsnapped and open are approximately 4" longer than above. Burrows with sewn footboxes are approximately the same length as shown. The standard model is designed to fit persons up to 6' tall.



We utilize the finest 800 fill power, water-resistant duck down on the market in our Econ Quilts. It is tested and certified by the International Down and Feather Testing Laboratory.



All Hammock Gear Econ quilts are made of Ion fabric. All Ion fabric is specifically designed nylon taffeta which is manufactured for Hammock Gear. This material is a 20 Denier nylon taffeta with a DWR (durable water resistant) coating, which makes it great fabric for lightweight quilts. Weight is 1.1 oz / yd²


All of our quilts (except the Burrow 50) make use of baffle (also known as "box baffle") construction. This means that the seams between the down-filled chambers are not sewn through, but instead consist of a fabric wall about .75 to 3 inches tall, depending on the model. The Burrow 50, the lightest of our Top Quilts, uses sewn-through construction.


Temperature Ratings

At Hammock Gear, we use temperature ratings which are very conservative. Compare them in the marketplace and you will agree. Here is a point we wish to emphasize: the first and most important step you must take when choosing a quilt by temperature is to Know Thyself. Are you a Cold sleeper, a Warm sleeper, or maybe a Really Warm sleeper? Factor this into your selection process and you will be much better off.



Two options are available: Sewn footbox or Snap Footbox. The sewn option is a permanent footbox approximately 20 inches long, measured from the bottom. A sewn footbox is fully enclosed/fully insulated, and thus allows no cold spots. It is recommended for 0° - 20° temps. The Snap version allows the quilt to be fully opened and to lie flat. 5 snaps are used. It is recommended for temps above 20°. When closed the snap version, which has a drawcord closure, has an opening of approximately one inch. Some users, depending on conditions/temps, will use a clothing item or small piece of foam pad to plug this hole. Many HG customers enjoy using their quilts in the home, and love the versatility of using the quilt “blanket style” or as a “throw”, and the snap version fits the bill.



Select your choice of exterior color from our current stock. The color of the interior fabric is limited to Black Ion.



Our top quilts are built with a standard Half-Taper design.


Cord Loops

Quilts come standard with attachment cord loops (these can be omitted by request).

There are 24 review(s) for Burrow Econ 20

  • Great Quilt at a Great Value

    by Unknown – 19th Jul 2017

    I've been slowly accumulating a new set of lighter gear, and decided on a quilt to help shed some ounces. After hearing so many good things about hammock gear and their products, I decided on the HG Burrow Econ 20. It's loft has been great since the start, it's toasty warm, and is made very well in my books. I don't have any complaints as of yet.

  • So far I absolutely love this quilt

    by James – 19th Jul 2017

    Extremely light, warm, packable, and comfortable. Everything I have been looking for.

  • awesome!

    by Tracy – 13th Jul 2017

    The burrow econ 20 is a awesome piece of gear. Lightweight, warm, and compact. Everything you need for 3 season backpacking. So glad I heard about this product!

  • Philmont Trip

    by Mark H. – 5th Jul 2017

    I purchased this quilt for use at Philmont Scout Reservation in New Mexico. After researching numerous products, I chose the Burrow Econ 20. What sold me on this product was the cost compared to other quilts on the market. It is a true value not only in cost, but in how light and packable this quilt is. Our trip is not until mid-July, but I have slept several times using the quilt and my ground pad and was very comfortable thoughout the night (mid 60's) When ever I started to feel to warm, it was easy to lift the side of the quilt and regulate the temperature. It is does not have theat constricting feel like a mummy bag has.

    I am truly looking forward to hiking the trails at Philmont and will write a follow-up review after the trip to let you know how it performed.

  • Best Value out there

    by Sam – 30th Jun 2017

    For the price you cannot beat this. I wouldnt hesitate to recommend this to anyone who is looking for their first quilt, or is looking for another quilt to add to their collection. I havent used it in colder temps yet so this is more of a first look, but everything came just as described and I am really happy this this purchase. You wouldnt know just looking at this thing that it is any form of "lower quality", it looks top of the line. The listed weight was accurate to about .5 and oz. Thanks HammockGear!

  • Fantastic warmth, functionality, and value

    by jswright2005 – 8th Jun 2017

    I will start by saying that I am a cold sleeper. I had a HG Incubator 0 underquilt already, and I still used it on a 40 degree campout this past first weekend in June and didn't even have to vent it. I figured that since I had a 0 degree UQ, pairing it with a 20 degree TQ would be a wise decision. I went with the sewn footbox, as I have read that really for quilts at this temp rating, you really don't generally want to sacrifice the heat you will lose by using snaps.

    I just have to say after my first two trips with this that I am blown away by it. The snap and shock cord at the head end that allow you to cinch it up around you and tuck it around your shoulders just like a sleeping bag are perfect. The shock cord snugs it up perfectly and tightly around your neck, trapping all the heat that you want.

    The quilt is stuffed with a generous amount of down. I frequently find myself just staring down at it in disbelief, because I can't believe the amount of loft and down that I received for this price. Hammock Gear really changed the game with this Econ line, and I hope they can keep it around at these prices for as long as possible, as this really is the best value out there. The quality is nothing short of my standard goose down Incubator. The Ion fabric feels wonderful against skin or cloths, and the sewn footbox is super comfortable and warm.

    All in all, this is my new favorite piece of gear. I will baby this thing until I ultimately wear it completely out - and I will promptly buy another quilt from Hammock Gear, as they have earned my business as a loyal customer for life!

  • Great top quilt

    by Will – 6th Jun 2017

    Three windy nights in BWCA temp in high 30s. Nice and warm for this cold sleeper, Highly recommend and matches well with my Incubator 20.

  • Great value couldnt be happier

    by Adam K. – 2nd Jun 2017

    Not very often do you buy something and think "this should have cost more"! I sure did with my econ Burrow as it's a fantastic over quilt and very reasonably priced. Heck ya i'm happy and highly recommend to anyone.

  • Lives up to all expectations you expect in a top quilt

    by Schooner – 1st Jun 2017

    I purchased this quilt specifically for use with my hammock, for a 17-day AT section hike. This quilt provided all the warmth and comfort as advertised. Not once was I cold, and even after tucking the quilt around my side, I still had plenty of room and not feel confined. A great buy!

  • first actual tooquilt

    by Unknown – 30th May 2017

    After I saw the Econ line I knew it was time to finally pick up an actual topquilt. Im 5'11 and ordered the 20 degree long/wide version with snap footbox. I don't plan on pushing the temps too far on it so I figured snaps offer better versatility. The quilt is made very well and is very warm. i did feel like the first time I unsnapped the footbox I was going to rip it, so I will just keep it snapped for the most part and not worry about it.

  • Everything I Wanted

    by Austin W. – 29th May 2017

    And for the right price! I'm in college so money is a little tight. The Econ 20 was exactly what I wanted in a quilt. Warm, lightweight, versatile, and it cost a fraction of competitors at no loss in quality. It's incredibly warm, and the Morroccan Blue ion is beautiful. I'm 5'10 and about 215lbs, and the standard length wide width is great for me.

  • My favorite quilt

    by Kory Hendershot – 26th May 2017

    I didn't know what to expect when ordering the Econ 20. So when I received this quilt, I was shocked by it's lightness and softness. After testing it out, I can say that it is impressively warm and comfortable.

  • What you have come to expect.

    by Chad Hamby – 22nd May 2017

    This top quilt is just what you have come to expect from Hammock Gear. It is beautiful, wonderfully made, and very warm. I have ordered several items from these guys and will order more in the future. Outstanding top quilt.

  • So very warm

    by Matt – 16th May 2017

    I have a 2year old Burrow 40 which I love. But there's a new Burrow in town, the Burrow Econ 20, damn this bugger is so warm.
    The whole package - printed stuff sack, printed storage sack and quilt scream high quality and value for money.

    The Ion fabric I'd say is my fav, so soft to the touch making comfortable. I actually prefer the Ion fabric here to the ripstop on my Burrow 40. It is heading into winter here in OZ and I have taken to using it on the couch on our cold night, dead useful.

    I think for me the ECON range is the best value here and the place I will go 1st in the future.

    Hammock Gear, you continue to up the quality each time I come back.

  • Best deal in quilts or sleeping bags

    by Mike – 16th May 2017

    You will pay this much for a down sleeping bag that weighs a pound more and doesn't keep you warm to the rating. Mine was 22oz without the stuff sack and kept my wife warm on the ground in the low 30s. My wife is such a cold sleeper and she said she was too warm at times. If you need a quilt and don't want to spend well over $200 this is the one.

  • Amazing

    by Brian – 12th May 2017

    I just spent two night in the boundary waters, I had temps around 30, and I stayed toasty warm both nights. The build quality is great, and I love how small it packs down. Customer service was top notch as well. Keep up the good work!

  • Great Price, Great Performance, Excellent Service!

    by Gerry – 8th May 2017

    Purchased two 20Deg Econ with snap footbox. I used mine in early April down to 30Deg in the snow and was perfectly warm. HG then rushed out one for my wife so we could make a trip two weeks later in 35Deg temps. She was nice and warm and she is typically a very cold sleeper. I used a 20deg underquilt and she used a 0deg underquilt both from HG. I cannot say enough good things, in fact we have four more quilts on order for my daughters!!

  • excellent service and quilt

    by Ryan – 29th Apr 2017

    I am a ground sleeper who was recently looking to upgrade my sleeping bag to something lighter and warmer. After doing some research, I decided that the burrow econ line of quilts was the best value I could find anywhere, so I ordered an econ 20. I was then amazed by the customer service---HG gave me helpful feedback over the phone, followed by extremely fast delivery so that I would receive my quilt in time for my spring backpacking trip. I never pushed its limits on my trip (lowest temps were in the upper 30s), but my econ 20 was plenty warm at those temps, and I generally sleep cold, so I am pleased with the quilt so far. In hindsight I wish I hadn't gotten the attachment cords (which I think were only $5 or so), as I doubt I'll ever use them.

  • Qualité, excellent prix et service.

    by C. St-Pierre – 28th Apr 2017

    Je savais que Hammock Gear fabriquait du matériel de qualité, mais là sa dépasse toutes mes attentes, quel beau travail. I will do buisness with Hammock Gear again.

  • Pefect "entry-level" TQ!

    by Dave G – 28th Apr 2017

    With the Econ line, HG has made it easy to enter the "specialized" gear sector of hammock camping. The wide TQ I ordered is so warm, comfortable and high quality that my girlfriend wants to use it as her everyday sofa throw blanket!

  • Simply stated - you need a set of quilts!

    by Sister barb – 25th Apr 2017

    This is my second quilt purchased from Hammock Gear... the first was the Incubator 20 under quilt,which I absolutely love and have used a number of times already. Most recently I purchased the Burrow Econ 20 to complete my quilt set. i am thrilled to bits with both pieces. I recently went hammock camping with my nephew, and had to borrow a quilt set from a friend who had them made by another competitor. As we pulled those quilts out of their stuff sacks tiny feathers came floating out too. This was not an issue with my Hammock Gear. Not a single feather fluttered free. Because of the drastic difference in price I did worry the top quilt might not meet the same standard of quality that I experienced with the under quilt. Let's address that right now... it is super soft, durable, craftsmanship is impeccable AND its super affordable! What are you waiting for? Order yours today and enjoy time away - communing with nature! It's an investment in self.

  • Great performance at a great price

    by Mark – 24th Apr 2017

    I own several other more expensive quilts and this one performs equally well in terms of size and feel

  • Highest Quality

    by JB – 20th Apr 2017

    This is a high quality product. It is very soft. It just feels agile. Very warm.

  • Great TQ at an Awesome Price!

    by Bryan – 19th Apr 2017

    This is a GREAT Top Quit at an awesome price! We purchased
    2 of these just prior to a spring trip and are VERY pleased with the quality and warmth. My wife is a cold sleeper and was very comfortable with this TQ and the Econ 20 UQ in low 20's with a fair amount of wind as well. Customer service was GREAT. Thank you Hammock Gear for a fantastic product! We will be purchasing additional quilts for our kids.