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Cuben Fiber Hammock Hex Tarp



Cuben Fiber, a high-performance base non-woven fabric is quickly gaining popularity in the hiking community. The Hex Cat-Cut is a dedicated shelter designed without doors. The tarp weighs in at 5.2 ounces for 4 panel pull outs, 4 perimeter tie-outs, and 2 ridgeline tie outs. We use 1/2 inch D-Rings on all tie outs. 

SPECS: CT1K.08 (.5 ounces per square yard) 

10' 10" ridgeline
8.5 feet wide

Hex tarps are available - Please call for more information - 740-445-4327
~No sewn ridgeline (which means no seam sealing needed)
~All guyline reinforcements are bonded and sewn for maximum strength.

*All tarps are made to custom order - Please allow 2-4 weeks for tarp orders to be processed.


There are 1 review(s) for Cuben Fiber Hammock Hex Tarp

  • Like a feather

    by Jackpine German – 19th Apr 2014

    Very light, very strong and good coverage on my traveler using the standard size tarp. Can't ask for any thing more.
    I'm really going to enjoy this during my summertime treks.
    Its very translucent, last night I could see the moon and stars thru it, as there are no leaves on the trees yet.