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Custom Work/Repair

Maximum Purchase:
15 unit(s)


Are you in need of a repair or modification of one of our products ? Contact us though email or a phone call and we will see if we can customize or breathe new life into your gear. Once you have contacted us and we agree to the cost or your project/repair, just enter in the agreed upon amount and a brief description of the work to be done.  

There are 44 review(s) for Custom Work/Repair

  • Great Custom Work

    by Ed Hodgens – 4th Sep 2018

    I know, not a big job but custom addition of perimeter and panel tie outs on a dyneema hex tarp done professionally and quickly. Great communication and support. Hammock Gear has always treated us right!’

  • Custom made tarp

    by Ed – 28th Jul 2018

    Very pleased with my new tarp. Hammock Gear typically does not make rectangular tarps, but went ahead and made one for me and in time for my AT section hike. Very high quality. Exactly what I asked for. Would highly recommend Hammock Gear

  • Amazing Service

    by Stuart Finkelson – 1st Jun 2018

    I had custom ordered the Palace tarp to be a little bit bigger than its original configuration asking that it be a 12X12 tarp. in my experience with Hammock Gear they want the customer to be 110% satisfied with your custom request, and if you are not, they will make it right. They have not only made me a lifetime customer but one who will recommend their products. I was very happy with my custom tarp and couldn't be more pleased with the purchase.

  • Custom Tarp

    by Steve G – 11th Apr 2018

    Hammock Gear, again, delivered precisely what I was looking for. I wanted a custom tarp I could stake out in any weather, I emailed a good description with a few dimension and they did it simple, light and inexpensive. It works perfectly and the craftsmanship is superb. As always.

  • Great Customer Service, quality Product

    by Ed Hajduk – 29th Mar 2018

    Working with Harry to get my custom Burrow 30 quilt was a joy and a breeze. He sewed on my custom name tags for my kids quilts that I send to him. I can't recommend HammockGear enough. Great company and people.

  • 3/4 Phoenix Under quilt 950 fill, nice quilt after a few iterations

    by Chris Guynn – 23rd Jan 2018

    I recently purchased my third under quilt from hammock gear. I have a full length 20F and 40F and decided to go with the 3/4 20F to save some weight. Let me preface this review with saying I am a hiker and have used hammock gear quilts for thousands of miles and would buy from them again and have no plans to get rid of any of the three quilts I have. My experience with custom work was a bit shaky. I ordered a 3/4 pheonix with 950 down to save weight for hiking. When this quilt arrived after putting it on the scale I was surprised to find it weighed the same as an 850 quilt. I suspect the wrong down was used but the issue was they filled the quilt to the 850 weight spec with extra 950 down. I asked the quilt be sent back and corrected since the reason I got the 950 down was to save weight and I had to pay extra for the better down. The quilt was sent back in a timely manner but when I opened the box that was a small amount of down collected in the bag that worried me. After I looked at the quilt one of the baffles had not been sewed back up after some of the down was removed. Again, I sent the quilt back to be repaired. After I received the quilt back I was able to take it camping and have it down to 25F and it did great. All the customer service folks at hammock gear did a great job resolving the issues but based on my prior experience I didn't expect all the issues. As stated before I have many hammock gear products and will most likely purchase others as the need arrises but will be more cautious with custom orders.

  • Amazing custom length -10° Burrow and custom -10° Incubator

    by Marshall "Chesapeake " Moore – 24th Oct 2017

    I was beyond happy with my previous 0° Burrow and 0° Dutch edition Incubator, but had to sell them unfortunately. So when it came time to get a new deep winter set, HG was my first choice. I emailed Harry with some ideas and he took time out of his family vacation to help me design my new quilts. I decided to go with a custom 60" short , minus 10° Burrow, A67 dark olive outer A67 black taffeta inner, 5" baffle height with 19.3 oz of down and a short Incubator, A67 dark olive outer A67 black inner, 5" baffle height with 19.2oz of down. As far as custom alterations, I had them shorten the Burrow to 60", delete the pad attachment points on the Burrow , as well as the Beastie D's along the length of the Incubator and add a tab w/ small Beastie D on each side of the Incubator to match my XLC's net tie back ribbon and head side pull out mitten hook to keep it locked in place on those frigid 10 and 20 below nights. I am beyond happy with how flawlessly they turned out. The work that HG does is absolutely amazing, and if you're thinking of ordering, you won't be disappointed!!!!! Another lifelong customer and win for HG !

  • Very Happy With Custom Tarp

    by Morgan Clements – 10th Sep 2017

    I wanted a very large flat tarp for a thru-hike of the 2650 mile Pacific Crest Trail. HG had a 12x12 cat-cut tarp but I wanted a flat tarp for my purposes. I was unable to find a similar flat tarp in cuben fiber anywhere else and the closest was HG's hammock tarp. I contacted HG and they made it easy - I told them what I wanted and they promptly responded with design drawings, precisely matching what I wanted. They answered any questions I had immediately. The tarp is fantastic, exactly as expected, showed up earlier than promised, and I could not be happier with the service I received. My hike starts March 2018 please feel free to follow along at www.morgansmisadventures.com

  • Great Customer Service

    by Jim – 26th Mar 2017

    I purchased my under quilt from a second party.. I was not happy with the way the quilt looked.. I sent my quilt back to HG to have extra down added... While it was there i wanted to them to look it over and tell me which quilt i had, because there was no label of the degree it would handle.. It was a 0 Degree and they added the tab at not cost. Also they added the new suspension at no cost. Sent me my quilt back in super fast time with a beautiful stuff sack to store it in... Thank you Hammock Gear. I won't do business with anyone else. These folks took very good care of my quilt and answered all my question immediately... Treated me like an old friend

  • added 4oz to my TQ

    by Austin Smith – 7th Feb 2017

    Wow, I was thinking of doing this my self. But out was so affordable and done right and zero mess with the feathers on my end. Turned my 20F burrow into a near 0F.
    Awesome job.

  • HG goes above and beyond

    by Unknown – 26th Jan 2017

    HG made good on a special request I had. Beautiful products and great people. I wish all businesses sold such quality.

  • Worked Perfectly!

    by Alec – 25th Jan 2017

    I had ordered a -20 degree Inferno custom under quilt for a Winter Survival Weekend near Bemidji MN in late January 2017. Unfortunately we had unseasonably warm weather, but I hadn't been feeling the greatest and was running cold to begin with. For the weekend we normally expect below zero Fahrenheit for the high, this time we hovered around 30-35 with wet damp snow and fog. I was able to clock my sleep system at a very warm 98 degrees, then adjust it for more comfortable sleep. I was running with a -30 sleeping bag up top as I have not fully re-equipped from ground to hammock.

    All that said, the customer service was amazing! I made one call and sent two emails and they were able to let me put my order in by 30 December 2016 and I had it less than 3 weeks later for my trip on 20 January 2017! Such a pleasure to deal with and awesome speed. I will be coming back when I scoop up enough for a TQ for sure!

  • excellent customer service

    by Arlette Eddy – 4th Jan 2017

    I bought this as a gift so I am not really sure about the quality of the product. The service was superb tho'. Harry Carlson was very helpful over the phone and promptly responded to emails with great recommendations. I was amazed at how nice, courteous, and helpful he was. Great buying experience.

  • Above and beyond

    by Richard Webster – 18th Nov 2016

    My stupid roommate let my stupid cat into my room, where he proceeded to get comfortable in my underquilt/topquilt (in the closet), and then tore it all up when he couldn't get out.

    What a complete mess!

    Adam had my gear repairs and extra down added for an extremely reasonable price. In addition, he gave me some canvas bags to store my quilts in so that it doesn't happen again!

    Seriously, above and beyond is the only way to describe it. He really stands by his products and I will continue purchasing gear from him.

  • Custom Cuben Fiber Hammock Fly

    by Taz – 28th Oct 2016

    Nothing but 'attaboys' to Harry and the crew. My Warbonnet Ridgerunner hammock with spreader bars was challenging to keep in the dry during blowing rain storms. What is considered standard 11' L x 8'W just didn't cut it. Hammock Gear was the only company that showed any interest in solving the issue. I emailed Harry a sketch of what I wanted (13x10) and he delivered, even improved a little on the corner 'rock pockets'. WHOO HOO.

  • Custom Incubator 0

    by CPCombine – 20th Jul 2016

    I just got a custom width Incubator 0 and love it. I also own an Incubator 20 and was happy to purchase from HG again. The item was made and shipped much faster than I expected and I couldn't be happier. I have not gotten to test it in very cold weather yet, but just the UQ with my Burrow 40 only covering my legs kept me plenty warm during my late June backyard test. I can't wait to take it out for real during the colder fall and winter months!

  • Custom Length Phoenix

    by skiwag – 15th Jul 2016

    I recently had HammockGear make me a 60", 40* Phoenix on a rush order. I emailed Harry to get the price and order the underquilt and he responded quickly and with a great price on custom work. I then emailed him to get the quilt ASAP for a hang the following weekend. He emailed me back that they would get the quilt out the next day so that it shipped over the July 4th weekend and got to me in time for my outing. Great quilt - fantastic workmanship -- and unbelievably good customer service.

  • Overstuffed Burrow

    by Sigmund1 – 1st Jul 2016

    Super fast turn around and they did great work. I can not even tell how they got more down into this quilt... xD I really can not say enough good things about Hammockgear and their customer service.

  • Extra fill for foot box

    by El Gordo – 11th May 2016

    I decided I needed a little more insulation added to the foot box of my Burrow. I got the quilt back just nine days after I mailed to HG! Great craftsmanship, too, of course.

  • Had an UQ made to accommodate two people.

    by John – 15th Mar 2016

    I had a custom underquilt made it is th 20 degree incubator with 2 oz over stuff made wider so my wife and I can sleep in it together. Just took it out in 30 degree weather with some wind by myself for a back yard test. I must say I stayed real cozy, actually extremely warm. I ended up taking an hour nap. (woops!) with only a 40 degree rated suisse sport mummy bag unzipped on top of me, while I was only wearing a long john shirt under my clothes and a light spring down jacket. Well worth the extra money, cant wait to try it out in even colder conditions! Also, both of us did lay in it and it covers up our sides not too narrow at all. Plenty of room still. I am extremely happy with me new Hammock Gear Quilt! It has been my first purchase with them, and I will come back for an over quilt sometime.

  • Snap Repair and Extra Filling

    by Ryan L. – 4th Feb 2016

    Who says you can't bake your cake and eat it too? Hammock Gear provides a great product with great customer service. This is a rarity and Hammock Gear has both!

    My work order was fulfilled timely and with email updates (no tracking). I got exactly what I need with excellent, personable email correspondence and, of course, fantastic workmanship.

    This is my first work order for my first purchase and I have been happy the while time. I definitely look forward to sticking with Hammock Gear for my next, exciting hammock purchase!

  • Custom work on top quilt

    by Doug – 21st Jan 2016

    Outstanding customer support and outstanding quality.

  • Not sure, but....

    by John – 27th Oct 2015

    Not sure I wanted to return quilt for some custom work but i did and HG was great. I emailed HG several times during shipping and they always replied. When they had my quilt they emailed me asking a few questions to make sure they understood what work i wanted done. HG you are the best. Thanks!

  • Down added to Custom 30 degree Burrow

    by Fred Lorf – 7th Oct 2015

    I contacted Hammock Gear about adding down to my Custom 30 degree Burrow and spoke to Harry. After a few emails, I sent it in on a Friday and received it back the following Thursday!

    Nobody gives you better customer service or a better product!

  • Excellant quality and perfect fit for a tall guy.

    by Brad L. – 13th Jul 2015

    Being a 6' 8" tall and weighing 290#, one size fits all does not apply to me, EVER! Having this custom Under Quilt was a blessing. It fits perfect and the quality is amazing! Thank you!

  • Custom Burrow

    by Henrik J. – 3rd Jul 2015

    I have been looking at the different borrows for a long time but could not decide the model and size.
    After some investigation I decided to order a custom model.
    30°F (approx -1°C)
    76” long. (standard +2”) I had doubts I would be happy with the standard length and today I am very happy I did order it a bit longer. This is about personal preference.
    The quality and craftsmanship is as I expected absolutely top class!
    I haven’t used it in the lower range yet but I am sure it will perform as expected.
    Keep up the good work guys n girls.
    It’s not my first purchase from HG. Happy customers like me will come again.

    Greetings from DK

  • Wow

    by Unknown – 24th Jun 2015

    Phenominal human beings and exceptional work.

  • Custom made Cuben Fiber Stuff Sacks

    by Gary G. (hiker63 facebook and youtube) – 26th May 2015

    I asked Adam to make me two custom Cuben Fiber Stuff Sacks for my HG top and bottom quilts. Why? I want to shave grams and keep my quilts from getting wet. The stuff sacks that came with my quilts are fine but since all of my items are wrapped in Cuben Fiber it only made sense. HG products are top notch. In this case the fit is perfect! If you are going to spend the money on custom gear, don't cut corners.

  • Stake stuff sack.

    by Stephen Escallier – 9th Apr 2015

    Requested a stuff sack for my stakes and guy lines. Its perfect and made from a much thicker Cuben than their normal products which should really help with the pokey stakes enclosed in it.

  • Awesome custom work!

    by Don Milligan – 4th Apr 2015

    I'm a ground dweller with claustrophobic tenancies so top quilts are it for me, warm & free. :D
    My legs trend to get cold so I asked HG to add 2 more oz to the legs of my 2013 40F quilt, my first ever purchase from them.
    Since 2013 they have improved by adding a bungee in the collar which I love on my other quilts, so I asked for it custom, they also added a new tag to show it is 40F.

    Thanks! HG team, you guys n girls rock!

    P.s. just say'n I volunteer to be your first customer for down hoods...... ;)

  • Awesome custom work!

    by Don Milligan – 4th Apr 2015

    I'm a ground dweller with claustrophobic tenancies so top quilts are it for me, warm & free. :D
    My legs trend to get cold so I asked HG to add 2 more oz to the legs of my 2013 40F quilt, my first ever purchase from them.
    Since 2013 they have improved by adding a bungee in the collar which I love on my other quilts, so I asked for it custom, they also added a new tag to show it is 40F.

    Thanks! HG team, you guys n girls rock!

    P.s. just say'n I volunteer to be your first customer for down hoods...... ;)

  • custom down half bag- terrific!

    by bigskyrunner – 15th Mar 2015

    I chatted w/ Adam about a custom down half bag and although he hadn't built one before, he was confident he could do it. We discussed specs and he gave some great feedback on sizing. When the bag arrived, I was tickled- everything was exactly to spec (even came in an ounce lighter than we thought!). Fit/finish was excellent. Got to test it out this weekend and in conjunction w/ my down parka- worked great!



  • Perfect Fit

    by Grant Stanley – 10th Feb 2015

    I was having trouble finding a sleeping bag that would fit. I have a 60" chest and that makes it really hard to find a sleeping bag that lofts properly. HG was able to build the perfect quilt. It fits and lofts properly even with a down jacket and pants. This allows me to push my 20 Burrow down to 0F. Also, they made the footbox extra big. This is great for sleeping with cloths, electronics, and a nalgene of hot water in the footbox.

    I highly recommend Hammock Gear!

  • Great Custom Sized Camo Cuben Fiber Tarp

    by John Walkington – 22nd Jan 2015

    Recently received my custom sized (square) Cuben Fiber tarp in camo. This thing is ultra light, well made, and above and beyond what i asked for. Shipping time was great, dealing with Jenny (customer serivce) had all my questions answered in a timely fasion, and the overall fit and finish of the tarp is second to none. Thanks for another great product!!!

  • Extra Long & Extra Wide Burrow 30 degree Custom

    by Wayne Bennett – 21st Dec 2014

    After various emails back and two and one international phone call to Adam from the UK, i placed my order for a custom Burrow. I wanted it 83" long and 63" wide and needed it to have a comfort rating down to just below freezing, so a 40 degree with 2oz overstuff was ordered in April 2014. 4 weeks later it arrived safely in the UK and i was highly sceptical when i opened the box to see such a small stuffsack, no way could that contain a quilt warm enough to keep me warm at 30 degrees.

    Fast forward to to December 2014 and after a few nights out through the autumn months and a week in the woods with temperatures hovering around freezing, i can honestly say that not once did i feel any chill during the night, i'm amazed at how small the quilt packs, how well made it is, how soft the material feels and how much loft there is.
    Don't think twice about getting a HG product, just order it, you wont be dissapointed.

  • great quality ultralight tarp!

    by trent dollyhigh – 9th Oct 2014

    I ordered a custom tarp and hammock gear delivered from beginning to end. I talked to the owner on the first call. He treated me like a friend and gave me a price I couldn't refuse. I received my 8.5x10 tarp in .74 cuben ahead of schedule. The tarp is outstanding. Great attention to detail and great craftsmanship. Oh my, why did I wait so long to go cuben!? This thing is stupid light and super strong! It's not often you get unmatched customer service and high quality in one transaction. Buy from Hammock Gear, you'll be glad you did.

  • Fantastic UQ

    by messijoez – 8th Aug 2014

    I was lucky enough to score a Burrow 20 that was in stock; received promptly, and the quality of work is just outstanding. It is only matched by the quality of service I received from you guys. All around just a superlative experience!

  • small, light, comfy & durable

    by jolie – 31st Jul 2014

    I'll begin with the customer service (since yet are really where it all starts anyway)... It was amazing. Jenny Hurst is to be accredited for that. Quick, thorough, personable & even humorous communication! It helped me & put me at ease.

    The product was as she stipulated. I am 5'3, 114lbs & I purchased a 20degree burrow, camo & brown colored with an extra ounce of insulation for my petite build. I have used it once & it was great. I was in a bivy and it sprinkled throuout the night. Thankfully we had a tarp to put over us as well. I will use it this weekend while on my Mt. Whitney backpacking Trip.

  • good work!

    by trey kilgore – 14th Jul 2014

    Very good work on my custom pull outs and cuben sleeves. Still waitn on my ridgeline organizer i paid for but everything else was great.

  • Custom Incubator 30

    by 1 2 Try Something – 19th Mar 2014

    This is a review within a review so to speak. In March of 2013 I spoke with Team HG and shared my desire for an UQ. Adam asked me many questions regarding my typical backpacking trips and then made the recommendation for a 30* Incubator. Here is where the review within a review starts...during 2013 my hiking partner, who uses a pad, kept trying out my Incubator and commenting how much he liked it. Finally, January of 2014, on a February trip, I let him use it for the entire night (due to the fact I had purchased a 0* Incubator in November.) Upon waking up the first morning he stated the Incubator he was using was his and that I would need to replace it. I laughed, he stated there was nothing funny...apparently the UQ sells itself. Upon arriving home, I once again spoke to Adam and told him the story and that I needed a replacement. The quilt is incredible, quality is top notch American made and the service was friendly and crisp. I am a 100% fan of the HG brand...just be careful not to lend your gear....you might not get it back! Thanks Team Hammock Gear! A review within a review.

  • extremey warm for the weight!

    by Jehiah Longoria – 18th Mar 2014

    When I called Adam from HammockGear and asked him some questions about a down quilt he was more than happy to explain the entire quilt making process to me. After ordering and receiving a 20* quilt (it cam in record time) I took it out for an over nighter. The temp without the wind was 10* real feel was probably closer to 0*. I used a 1" air mattress and a bivy sac. I had a tarp/plastic shelter (no tent) and a hot water bottle at my feet. I know I had some extra things for warmth but this quilt was comfortably warm during the entire night. I figure the other things I had made up for the near 0* real feel temps. I would highly recommend a quilt from Hammockgear. It is a little pricy but it is about the de price you could make one yourself and you don't have to do any of the work. Thanks again Adam! I and the other guys I ordered one for will spread the word on your quality quilts!

  • Down added to 20 degree Burrow

    by Alan Barker – 12th Feb 2014

    After owning the quilt for 9 months, I decided to add a couple of ounces of down for my upcoming AT hike. Adam did this for me immediately, and it looks brand new! Thank you. I also own his $300 tarp, and love it. Great investment.

  • top class work and service

    by tecdiverdude – 6th Feb 2014

    Im a return customer for a reason. Hammock gear make the best kit, how I want it made and back it up with great service.

  • The Warmest Cold Weather Custom UQ

    by CryOTheWild – 17th Jan 2014

    While sitting by the campfire on a recent trip at sub zero temps, the other guys with me said they could here their hammocks calling them to bed. I looked at them and said "I don't think mine has a very loud voice, if it has one at all."I sat by the fire a bit longer. They each had HG quilts whereas I have been winter camping quilt less for years. My custom UQ took over a month to arrive but when I was finally able to take it to the woods this January, it was amazing! For the first time, my hammock had a voice and it called me to bed each night. The warm downy goodness gave me the most comfortable sleep I have ever had in cold weather. In fact, the voice was so strong, the hammock almost didn't let me get up in the morning. It was like falling in love with hammocks all over again. A bit much? I think not! :)