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Dyneema Fiber Palace Tarp



Hammock Gear Dyneema (Cuben) Fiber Tarps

Lead time to ship out new tarps is approximately 1-2 weeks at the moment.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Dyneema® Fiber (also known as Cuben Fiber), a high-performance base non-woven fabric, is quickly gaining popularity in the hiking community. The Palace is a catenary cut tarp with doors including 2 ridge line tie outs, 4 panel pull outs, and 10 perimeter tie outs. We use 1/2 inch D-Rings on all tie outs except for the ridgeline tie out points which use 3/4 inch Beastee D-Rings.  Our tarps are shipped with a stuff sack and patch kit for in field repairs.  Guylines are not standard with our tarps and should be purchased separately.



  • .50oz/sqyd (.60 for camo print)
  • 10' 4" wide
  • No sewn ridgeline means no seal sealing required...ever.
  • All guy line reinforcements are bonded and sewn for maximum strength.



* All listed weights are averages and do not include the provided stuff sack and patch kit.  Deviations of +/- 0.5 ounces are within specifications.


There are 26 review(s) for Dyneema Fiber Palace Tarp

  • Worth it, no regrets

    by Barbara – 8th Sep 2018

    I have been eyeing one of these tarps for a long time. I had been saving and got a bit impatient and almost went with the standard with doors version. I had a few back and forth emails with Harry about what I needed and wanted in my tarp, full coverage and providing some privacy. His advice was from the perspective of having a happy customer, not just to make a sale, which was greatly appreciated. I decided to be patient and save some more.

    I have now had my winter palace in camo out on a few hangs and am so glad I waited. First and foremost, it is a well constructed high quality tarp. It is great to use in porch mode on a hot summer night yet still button it down during a windy thunderstorm. The camo pattern affords privacy but still allows light through. If a little more privacy is important to you, I highly recommend going with the camo option. I chose to rig my own lines so no review on that option. I did however decide to go with the door tie backs. They are simple and effective.

    The Superfly was my tarp of choice before this purchase (don't get me wrong, that is still a great tarp). The Winter Palace is very close in size and functions similarly. I was happy to see an additional tie down point midway along the bottom of each side. Rarely needed, but when conditions were really bad in the past, I had wished that had been an option with my old tarp. I already had a gear sleeve from HG, it is a great way to make set up and take down fast and easy with this tarp. Overall, I am very happy with my purchase and it was well worth the wait while I saved up for it.

  • Amazing Tarp

    by Stuart Finkelson – 1st Jun 2018

    I asked for a custom order 12X12 Camo Palace tarp with the doors and I was amazed by what a great product it is. In my search for a good dyneema tarp, it is difficult to find one with doors and is larger. This large tarp is super strong, super light and is easy to set-up to handle the elements including strong wind and rain conditions. Hammock Gear as well is amazing with their customer service, so while the dyneema tarp is a little bit more expensive I have been very happy with the purchase.

  • Spacious and light weight

    by Ken Finzer – 7th May 2018

    I used my Winter Palace this past weekend and it stormed heavily. The cuben fiber held up nicely. This is a great addition to my gear. I won't be going back to silnylon. When you touch the tarp, no water weeps through, and it dried out very quickly.

  • Well Worth The Money

    by "Woodsmen 348" – 5th Apr 2018

    Let me start by saying I own other Cuben Fiber Products so I am familiar with this material. I have always slept on the ground in the past and while getting older, I found it harder getting in and out of my tent. I did my research and went to the trees in a Hammock. Like so many others have said..."I will never go back to the Ground" Well this is true for me also as long as the Terrain I am hiking in will allow me to use my Hammock Set Up. With that being said.....I chose Hammock Gears Dyneema Fiber Palace Tarp. This thing is GREAT! I custom built my own Ridge and Guy Lines to fit my needs. Last week I went out on a Gear Test with my new set up, knowing the forecast was HEAVEY Rain and Wind for the trip. I set my Palace up in porch mode and this thing Held up Perfectly! It was raining so hard at one point I lowered it down and closed the doors for a Perfectly Dry and Wind free night! As you all know keeping dry is a must on rainy cold nights. People complain about the price.....It all goes back to the old saying...."You get what you pay for" and this thing is worth every penny to me. Hammock Gears Craftsman Ship is second to none! A big thank you to Harry for being so helpful in all my questions I had before I made my investment. Yes Investment, I expect to have this along time, as long as my body don't break first.
    Gary ("Woodsmen 348")

  • Happy Upgrade

    by GTC – 6th Dec 2017

    Only had it out twice but both were in the rain and I stayed perfectly dry. Go for the 12ft if you're using an 11ft hammock. I also suggest rigging the side panel pulls in such a way that the walls are pulled "up" rather than "out". I use my trekking poles across the ridge and it works great. One thing that the pictures don't show is that this tarp does have cat cuts. The ridge cut is minor but the edge cuts are substantial and overall reduce the coverage some. As always with HG, craftsmanship is fantastic and if I ever have issues, I expect the customer support to be great too.

  • Must Have - Storm Protection

    by Slooter – 28th Nov 2017

    Must have for full coverage - super lightweight - tough and plenty of guy-out points. Very needed upgrade for my load out for wet weather conditions and driving winds/rain while hanging in the mock...

  • not big enough

    by Tommy – 8th Aug 2017

    Very tight fit on the palace tarp. Would suggest another vendor

  • best tarp I have ever owned

    by Tommy B – 8th Aug 2017

    Came as promised. I ordered the palace with door tie backs. I was disappointed with the tie backs. They were glued on wrong, and I had to cut them and reinstall them. That should not occur on such an expensive, guality piece.

  • Winter Palace Tarp

    by Michael R. – 24th Feb 2017

    Prior to making this purchase I contacted sales to answer some questions I had around using Cuben Fiber and hammock camping with dogs that I just wasn't able to get answered in forums. I must say Harry did an excellent job addressing all of my concerns! As for the tarp; on the first trip out to test setting it up, it rained the entire next day and my dog and I were able to stay perfectly dry under this thing! I can't wait to hit the trail with it!

  • Thus far Great

    by Drew Wooten – 8th Feb 2017

    I have been putting off writing this review till I could test in rain. Unfortunately a torn meniscus in knee has slowed me down for a bit. My only time to really try out this tarp was in a national forest in mid 30's temps. It provided the room I was seeking and kept the wind out. I did have a little condensation on the inside but that didn't surprise me. As soon as I get over knee and get a chance to really try out my tarp I will edit further.
    12' palace. Ordered on Monday, received on Friday. Great service.

  • 98% perfect

    by Marty – 6th Feb 2017

    Really this should be 4.75 stars, but here goes: First of all I am a tall woman and I like my tarp to give me some privacy when I'm hammocking/backpacking. So I wanted something that I could suspend high enough to almost stand under and that would extend to the ground or at least be a shin height. Check. The Palace is perfect for that and the camo pattern is not as transparent as the white. I also wanted a tarp with doors to be my winter tarp since I really like my sil nylon for warmer weather. Check. The Palace has doors. But of course I don't want the doors closed all the time, so I added the tie backs to the build...I thought they would be little clips or the like, but they are just a couple strips of the cuben fiber inside the tarp that you could roll the door and tie it off I guess...I have not figured out how to use them. So I don't recommend the tie backs. Also, I've only used the tarp twice so I still have some tweeking, but it seems that the doors could over lap each other when they are closed so there is not a gap in the middle. I'm going to work on that with different angle and tension on the guy lines. There are plenty of guy out points along the edges and integrated into the outside walls of the tarp so you have options as to how to guy it out. With regard to the weight: what weight? These are sooo light and rolled up nice and neat in my mesh snake skins from another maker. Now about customer service: 100% perfect! Harry called me back after I left a message and helped me make the right decisions (I bought a UQ also) and got them both to me in time for a weekend trip I was taking very soon. 28 degrees F never felt so toasty.

  • Winter Palace to the Max

    by Scott A. Beauchamp – 10th Dec 2016

    I asked Hammock Gear if they could extend the sides of the winter palace and add a few more tie outs so I could hang it high and not have to duck while standing underneath all the while maintaining protection from sideways wind/rain/snow. The result is absolutely perfect. With a 12' ridgeline and 12' of width, I can pitch this thing high enough to walk under and still have plenty of coverage down the sides without crowding myself. It's exactly what I've been wanting. Thanks Hammock Gear!

  • No wind or rain problems with this tarp!

    by Perry Rush – 24th Oct 2016

    I bought the Winter Palace and added a foot and doors on both ends because I do not want a windy rain to ruin my fun. My other tarp is great quality and expensive BUT the windy rain can get you wet and I dislike wet when my down quilts are concerned! Hurricane Mathew rained on us for 15 hours but everything stayed dry. I did not have the sleeve at the time and ordered it right away for my 76 mile hike. Get the sleeve when you order your tarp !

  • Great tarp

    by Shaka Zulu – 27th Sep 2016

    Very Light great tarp. Thanks for the speedy delivery

  • best tarp ever

    by Unknown – 8th Apr 2016

    Just put it up for the first time,extremely well made . I will use it next week, can't wait!

  • Not a palace a home!

    by David Lewis, Wales, UK – 7th Apr 2016

    Hi all, everything I want in one package. I have used it three times, first time no test just cold and still, second time strong wind and very heavy rain hardly woke up and the third time I used as a tent then it was a palace. I have the camouflage model so waking up is a delight as the light shines through showing up the woodland pattern. Certainly nicer to get up. Nearly forgot the cuban sleeve is a must have item.

  • Best Tarp Ever!

    by Steven Wise – 5th Apr 2016

    Upgraded from a Sil cat cut to potentially the best tarp ever! I opted for the Camo pattern because you only live once and should get exactly what you want. This tarp in its first outing stood up to 40 mph winds, and rain one night, then a below freezing night its second. Didn't miss a beat. All Connections held with a little Bling added. Could not be happier, and plan to use for All seasons. Paired with Cuban Sleeve for ease of setup.

  • Awesome Tarp Super Lightweight

    by Eagle – 25th Jan 2016

    This is the best tarp I have owned. Super light and 100% waterproof. The green color is somewhat stealth but doesn't scream it. Thank you ⛺️

  • High Quality Product

    by Steve Skinner, (Mule) – 24th Nov 2015

    As usual, the quality from Hammock Gear is unbeatable. There is nothing else like this tarp out there. A1.

  • Best Tarp for Hiking

    by Unknown – 5th Oct 2015

    I just hiked 50 miles in 5 days and 4 nights in the Flat Tops of White River National Forest Colorado. The light weight tarp help cut down my pack weight. A night of rain and everything stayed dry. I really like this tarp!

  • Butter Baby!

    by Sue from N.C. – 16th Sep 2015

    Bought for my husband for Christmas. Arrived much sooner than I thought it would. Thanks guys. Also super impressed with the product. Had one before that I sold and never got to use. This makes my heart warm!!!!! Great stuff.

  • Winter Palace, truly a winter palace

    by Tor Magnus – 4th Mar 2015

    Thanks to advice HG's amazing customer service I was quickly able to order this massive tarp in a lovely blue color. The weight is ridiculously low and the space inside is cavernous.
    This weekend I set it up in the snow and closed it up snugly with snow piled up the sides to keep the air from escaping. I had my hammock strung up, my pulk to one side and a foam mattress on the other where I sat down to do some cooking. With the doors closed I could really feel the temperature rising as soon as I fired up the white gas stove. I'm pretty sure I could dry clothes in there if I ran the stove for a while.
    To be fair, this tarp isn't cheap, but you definitely get what you pay for. And then some.

  • light as a feather

    by don windsor – 21st Nov 2014

    The tarp works wonderfully. The camo is so good that on my trip on Nov. 10 to15th I had trouble finding my way back to my hammock after sitting by the shelter fire for awhile. Sets up quick, stays taut and is easy to break down with the cuben sleeves. The only cons are that it takes up a little more packing space than my same size silnylon tarp. Also the tarp came with only one side of the door tieouts finished, however with the supplied camo tape all was made good in a jiffy. Great product and I would surely buy again.

  • Purchase one and be satisfied for years...

    by Joe Kelly - Ironman – 28th Aug 2014

    I've owned this tarp since the summer of 2011 and actually purchased the first one Stormcrow created ...yes... that is me in the photo. I should have reviewed it after my first few times using it, but finally now 3 years later (2014) I can give a "well used" review. Ok.. let's cut to the chase... it's an amazing tarp and I couldn't imagine being in my hammock, or outside without it. Since the Winter Palace is wide you can hang it low and still have plenty of room to keep your hammock well above the ground and be able to stand without much of a lean (I'm 5'11").

    The 2nd time I used it was on the A.T. on Springer Mt. in an all night heavy rain storm and hung it low so I had no splash back and no misting since it's impervious to rain. It was also nice and dry while I ate my meals and packed my gear under it. It's slightly translucent and gives a great feeling of not being claustrophobic while still keeping you private from the outside world. It has 5 perimeter tie outs on each side and if I want to close the ends to use as doors I just cross each of the end tie outs over to the opposite sides and still have plenty of room at each end to cover my hammock that has a 101" ridgeline.

    Now 3 years later when I slip it out of my snakeskins it still performs just as it did when I first purchased it. If you think the price may be a little high just remember that you may never have any reason to "upgrade" to another tarp as this is the ultimate tarp for all needs in my opinion. Also don't be fooled by the name "Winter Tarp" ....as you can see from the photos it works beautifully under the Florida sun, especially in "porch" mode and is perfect for all seasons.

  • A quality piece of equipment

    by Fredrick Pieper – 28th Apr 2014

    This was my Christmas present from my wife. Of course I bought it and she gave it to me. The price can be hard for a lot of people to swallow, including my wife! However, This tarp has been put to the test. It held up in a crazy storm with 50+ mph winds. The winds were blowing so hard they were dropping the large tufts of snow off of the tree boughs 30 ft. high and dropping them on this tarp. I couldn't believe how well this thing held up. I have had it in 2 other snow storms and a rainstorm. I stay dry and comfy every time. For me, the price has been well worth it. I can't imagine being without this tarp! Just as an aside, this tarp can use up to 14 stakes, thereby negating some of the weight savings.

  • Custom Winter Palace

    by Grey Eagle – 25th Jun 2013

    This review if for my custom winter palace which is very similar to the CF3. It is slightly longer and has additional tie out points and mine is in the new camo pattern. I used it on a recent hang and was very pleased. It weighs only about 8 ozs. and fits in a snake skin perfectly. I rigged it in a porch mode to watch the sunrise over the lake. It did rain overnight and I noted that the cuben fiber seems just a bit noisier than a silnylon tarp but still was not objectionable. I have a metal roof on my house and enjoy the sound of rain so felt right at home. There was no wind so didn't need to secure the end flaps/doors. I highly recommend this material as a tarp as it very lite weight and easily fits into the snake skins. Excellent service from HG too!