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Dyneema Fiber Standard Tarp with Doors



Hammock Gear Dyneema (Cuben) Fiber Tarps

Lead time to ship out new tarps is approximately 2 weeks at the moment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Dyneema® Fiber (also known as Cuben Fiber), a high-performance base non-woven fabric, is quickly gaining popularity in the hiking community. Known for its ultralightweight and durability, the 4-Season catenary cut Dyneema Fiber tarp includes 2 Ridgeline tie outs, 4 panel pull outs and 8 perimeter tie outs. We use 1/2 inch D-Rings on all tie outs except the ridgeline tie outs which use 3/4 inch Beastee D-Rings.  Our tarps ship with a Dyneema Fiber stuff sack and repair kit for in field repairs.  Guylines are not standard with our tarps and should be purchased separately.



  • .50oz/sqyd (.60 for camo print)
  • 8' 6" wide
  • No sewn ridgeline means no seam sealing required...ever.
  • All guyline reinforcements are bonded and sewn for maximum strength.




* All listed weights are averages and do not include the provided stuff sack and patch kit.  Deviations of +/- 0.50 ounces are within specifications


There are 136 review(s) for Dyneema Fiber Standard Tarp with Doors

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  • Well made tarp

    by Joe S – 30th Jul 2018

    Excellent construction and design. I'm very impressed with the lack of a sewn ridge seam. Nothing to worry about leaking later. No complaints.

  • new cuben fiber tarp - awesome

    by Mike Bowman – 10th Jul 2018

    Just finished a 3 day 2 night backpacking trip on the Art Loeb Trail in NC. My new cubes fiber tarp was great. Light weight and with the doors closed I was warm and dry during an all night storm the first night. Setup and take down was quick and easy. If your looking for high quality and ultralight this is your tarp. I’ll be using mine next year on my AT thru hike.

  • works great

    by Unknown – 2nd Jun 2018

    Using this on my AT hike. I love it but added door toggles and another attachment point in middle on both sides to use in high winds.

  • So happy!

    by Skiei Thorne – 29th May 2018

    I got the opportunity to use my tarp this past weekend and can not be happier. Did exactly what it was supposed to do and is super light weight. Thanks for making such a great product.

  • works great

    by Unknown – 21st May 2018

    We went on a week long hike in Shenandoah National Park last week. It thunder stormed 2 night like crazy and we had steady rain 2 other nights. The tarp kept me dry all nights and didn’t absorb any water so clean up was a breeze. Very light weight and easy to use. Highly recommend cubic fiber.
    Thanks HG.
    The Goat

  • How can it be?

    by HikeNPaddleBoy – 3rd May 2018

    How can it be that this tarp is so light, durable, translucent, and protect you from the elements? I think there is some sorcery to this fabric! In all seriousness though, this Cuban fiber tarp is out of this world! Well worth the money!

  • Home Sweet Home!

    by Theoryofahiker – 1st May 2018

    The cornerstone of my camping system. This things is great, very versatile piece of gear. With strong tie out points pulling out the walls is a piece of cake. I use the hiking pole hack. Tarp can also be pitched on the ground with hiking poles. Tarp provides excellent coverage to keep you and your gear protected from the elements.

  • I am now the happiest camper west of the Missississippi!

    by Larry – 18th Apr 2018

    The best tarp I've ever had the pleasure of owning! I set it up the first day it arrived and slept well in my hammock in a 45 mph windstorm. I especially loved the doors on each end. I was snug as a bug all night!

  • great tarp

    by Harry Deimel – 11th Apr 2018

    This is the best tarp I ever had. It's very lightweight packs down to almost nothing.
    I like the fact that the strings are on one side with the piece of material for the doors that you slide the string through you can tie it and if it comes untied it kind of stays there.
    I learned about him and gear from watching Sean Emery AKA Shug on YouTube. And I'm glad I did! I have great gear now from a great company.

  • Blown away (literally) with this tarp

    by Richard Bryan – 5th Apr 2018

    I couldn't believe how much lighter and small this tarp was in comparison to my silpoly tarp of similar size. Wow! I'm so, so happy to have spent the money on this item. The first time I set the tarp up was in howling wind, and it took some wrangling to get the tarp setup; almost an hour as it was my first time. One item I wished for was a center tie-out along the bottom edge of the tarp on each side. The corner tie-outs didn't secure the tarp to the ground: the center section was lifting up because the wind was that strong. What I will say though is that when the tarp was finally setup, I had all the tie-outs very, very tightly anchored to the ground, and the wind was incredibly strong. If you search for my name "Rick Bryan" on facebook I put up a short video showing how strong the wind was. My point though I am absolutely certain that tarp is never going to rip apart. If it didn't rip apart in the wind last week, it's never going to do so. I may send the product back to have the tie-outs sewn into the center lower edge of the tarp; I'm not sure.

  • High Quality

    by Coldtrailwillie – 19th Mar 2018

    What more needs to be said that hasn’t already been said by previous reviewers?
    This is a truly high quality product, you can spend more and still not see a better executed product.
    If you’re on the fence considering whether or not this is worth the money, let me save you some time. Buy a better product the first time out and you’ll be satisfied knowing you’ve got the best product available with no need to upgrade any time in the near future.

  • Perfect for a hammock

    by Trekkingbeaver – 8th Mar 2018

    Works great for a hammock. Doors close up and put you inside a "tent" that isolates you from the elements.

  • So far awesome tarp...

    by Richard Mitchell – 7th Mar 2018

    Giving it a 4 star simple cause I haven't taken it out over night yet, I paired it with Dutch bling and couldn't be happier...the weight, or lack of is what makes this tarp so amazing!!! I've seen no flaws in the craftsmanship and customer service is top notch. Can't wait to get the HG dyneema tarp w/doors out in the woods to fully test it out

  • The most money I ever spent on a sheet of plastic

    by KEVIN G NEFF – 20th Feb 2018

    It is everything I expected. I spent 4 nights in wind and rain and stayed dry and protected. The doors work to block the driving rain and pulled out of the way when not needed. Roomy with the pull outs, I habe the 12' but can see an 11' working fine to cover my WBBB XLC 11' hammock. I can't believe it but it's worth the investment.

  • The Best tarp ever

    by Austin g – 19th Feb 2018

    This tarp is awesome! I was hesitant to buy it because of the price but after using it a couple of times I think the price was totally worth it and would totally buy it again if I had to five stars all the way

  • Buy it!

    by Dan B – 29th Jan 2018

    I got the 10ft camo with no options. Added my own lines and riggings. Camo is still translucent but blocks more light than non camo version. Material is shiny but is much less noticeable than non camo versions.

    Tarp itself is well made.

    All stitches were clean and straight, no bunching or loose threads.

    Material had no holes or repaired damage before sent.

    Weight was within tolerance and accurate as advertised.

    Cost was acceptable for the quality given. I would buy again from HG but i would get the normal, not the camo (due to the shiny properties of DCF).

  • Simple yet fantastic

    by Unknown – 29th Jan 2018

    New to hammock camping, i was a vit intimidated buying a top of the line tarp. However, this is very easy to use. I purchased a ridgeline through Dutch. There are many different ways to use this tarp. It takes up a bit of space in my backpack but it's super lightweight, easy to deploy and gather back using the snake skins.

  • Love this tarp

    by Collin H. – 16th Jan 2018

    Finally tested this tarp last weekend for a night out that got down to 0F. It stores great in the mesh sleeve, which is a separate purchase, and worth it, deploys easily from the sleeve and is easy to set up in several configurations. Crazy light, compact enough, it’s not cheap, but I feel you get what you are paying for. An added plus for me is the translucence, it’s not clearly see through, but I like the ambiance when nestled underneath.

  • lightweight and durable

    by Ed – 15th Dec 2017

    This is my first cuben tarp and I'm glad I spoiled myself with this one. The lightweight and durability was significantly more convenience for me than the one I got from Warbonnet (although that was great quality as well). I was able to modify the tarp with different add-ons and the doors work exactly the way I need them to now. I think the total height of this tarp is 8ft.. I think 10ft would've been absolutely perfect and would've been 5-stars for me.

  • UL Tarp Perfect For Long Distance Hikers

    by SlowBro – 28th Nov 2017

    Purchased the HG Dyneema Fiber Standard Tarp with Doors for my upcoming hike of the CDT. It replaces an old Cuben fiber tarp that finally wore out after PCT, CT, and AZT thru-hikes. So I know the dyneema fabric holds up well. I had them make it with Llineloc 3's instead of the D Rings at the pullouts. That change was no problem and no extra cost. Fabrication and delivery took exactly the time they said. And the final weight was in spec at 7.55 oz. the workmanship is first rate as you would expect. This tarp recently spent 14 hours keeping me and all my gear dry on a backpacking trip here in Oregon. HG has one of the best prices for one of the best tarps available. Buy it!

  • Dream Tarp

    by Unknown – 24th Oct 2017

    The Cuban fiber tart to me is the best all around tarp it's lightweight strong and dependable. For all four seasons I would recommend the twelve foot it's worth the few extra bucks. I've been backpacking for over fifty years finally a descent lightweight enjoyment of a tarp.
    Greg Newton

  • Unbelievably Light

    by Greg Eidam – 17th Oct 2017

    I got to try it out on a four-night trip and I love the tarp. The weather was perfect so I didn't get to push it at all, but I see no reason it won't get the job done in just about any condition. And, I can't believe how light it is. I really enjoy being able to see through it as well. Also, thanks to HG for expediting my order so I had it in time for my trip.

  • Great product

    by Unknown – 9th Oct 2017

    This tarp is great and well made

  • Great product, greater customer service

    by #2 – 25th Sep 2017

    I messed up and gave Harry Carlson an impossible delivery date. He did it. I don't recommend doing what I did.
    All my insulation and rain coverage is from this great company.

  • great tarp

    by Unknown – 8th Aug 2017

    great quality and craftsmanship. very light and tough. first night out with it and had some heavy thundetstorms and the tarp proformed great

  • Fantastic craftsmanship-Fast delivery

    by Unknown – 7th Jul 2017

    I can't believe I waited this long to upgrade to a Dyneema tarp. A foot longer than my silnylon (with doors) this tarp weighs-in at ~11 oz. after guylines, hardware, stakes, mesh gear sleeve, and stuff sack; more than a pound lighter than my silnylon.
    All the stitching is perfectly straight, and it was delivered well before the estimate.

    My only complaint is that HG didn't send me a free sticker so I can brag to the world. ;)

  • Happy Camper!!

    by Short Hang – 5th Jul 2017

    Outstanding workmanship, light as a feather, tough as nails. Just got back from a backcountry trip on the Cumberland trail where it got hammered by thunderstorms. Kept me and my gear perfectly dry and sheltered Packed it out still wet and couldn't feel any signicant weight change. Thanks HG!!! You guyz rawk!!

  • Saved a trip!

    by Jim – 1st Jul 2017

    Purchased this tarp before our camp in the Adirondaks of New York. It rained all week we were there .

    This tarp saved the day. We were able to cook eat and get dressed under the tarp while it was in the porch mode.

    Uber light and thought I was not going to like the somewhat opaque color but it was dynomite!

    Totally waterproof and was able to use some guy lines to pull it down tight at night.

    tie downs for doors not needed but some thin shock cord with mitten hooks on the ends will seal the doors up at night or during a storm.

    Not sure about durability but thats another review. Thanks for a great product!

  • Excellent service, fantastic product!

    by Susan – 1st Jul 2017

    I ordered this tarp thinking the lead time was still 1-2 weeks, but unfortunately it had changed to 2-3 weeks while I was saving my money to purchase. I contacted Hammock Gear explaining my dilemma and Harry Carlson responded quickly and took care of my order. I received my tarp in less than 2 weeks in time for my 2 week backpacking trip. On the trip it rained almost every night but I stayed dry, as well as my gear. I'm so glad I ordered the standard version with doors because when the wind was blowing they protected everything inside. The tarp was easy to shake off, absorbed no water and went right back into the stuff sack. I love it!

  • 2nd Review

    by Bob V – 16th Jun 2017

    Just wanted to do a quick update to my previous review titled
    I have a lot more trips on this tarp now and there isnt any sign of wear or damage and I have been through one very windy snow storm that lasted all night on top of a mountain winds between 35mph and 50mph
    I really expected to pack up a shredded rag after that night, I was completely shocked that it survived. I also had a pretty bad thunderstorm with blowing rain managed to stay dry including my under-quilt.
    I did make one modification to the doors, I purchased a set of loops and toggles from Z-Packs to help keep the middle of the doors closed in strong winds, they are self adhesive and seem to be holing up just fine.

    so in short this tarp has exceeded my expectations in some very brutal environments.

    Again I would like to thank Hammock Gear for an awesome product!!!!

  • great tarp

    by Jason – 8th Jun 2017

    Used the tarp a few times so far and it has plenty of coverage. The tarp kept me dry in a heavy thunderstorm with high winds, nice and light too.

  • Top notch quality

    by Dave – 9th May 2017

    After selling off a ton of gear I don't use anymore, I done broke down and got myself a Dyneema tarp. I won't talk to much on the quality because if you are ordering from Hammock Gear, you probably know what to except from them.

    The tarp is barely weighable, I really enjoy being able to look see through it on moon lit nights and the taught pitch is great in windy conditions. If you are looking for something really light with a lot of coverage, this is the tarp. No doubt it will last for many years with some care.

  • it works on the AT

    by Unknown – 3rd May 2017

    Three weeks on the AT it has kept me dry. One of the best features that no one talks about is that the tarp holds almost no water even when it is put away in the rain.

  • Best Tarp Ever!!!

    by Your Name – 12th Apr 2017

    Great service and top quality by HammockGear.com . This tarp is amazingly light and offers so much protection. Check out their underquilts and overquilts also!!!!

  • Take the Plunge!

    by TonyL – 28th Mar 2017

    You may be having some sticker shock, I know I did, but you will not regret taking the plunge if you have a passion for hammock backpacking. HG managed to make this incredibly light without sacrificing durability. I haven't had the chance to test it in a true storm yet, but it has withstood 30+ mph gusts without issue so I'm confident it'll keep me dry when the time comes. Setup is extremely quick once you figure out how you want to do it. After some testing and many, many knots, I now use a continuous Ridgeline with the DW dutch hook on one end and a DW stinger oppositley attached to the tarp itself, all wrapped up with the HG Cuben Sleeve.

  • tarp awesomeness

    by Travis Lane – 27th Mar 2017

    This is by far and away the best piece of kit one could ask for next to their hammock.Ultralight and tough,it has no weight but is tough as nails and zero stretch that I could notice.
    Extremely easy to pack in the snakeskins and simple to deploy once your guyouts are set up.

  • poor craftsmanship

    by Unknown – 23rd Mar 2017

    I bought my tarp with door ties, the door ties were booth on one side (insted of one on each side) making them worthless, cant use them to tie door back. And one of the d rings was melted. This damaged d ring was a manufacturer defect and hammock gear failed to inspect before instalation, and didnt catch it on final inspection. Im disapointed, 300$ and it has 2 major flaws. I will not be buying from this company again

    Response from Hammock Gear:
    Please allow us to make things right for you. There was no name or order number associated with this review, so we cannot contact you directly. If you see this message, please contact us at sales@hammockgear.com. We apologize for your poor experience and hope we can rectify the issues with your tarp.

  • Another Quality Product

    by Ed – 20th Mar 2017

    This tarp is our third product from Hammock Gear including top quilt and bottom quilt so I expected a quality item - and it delivers!! Only an initial setup so far to add hardware including the bungy and clip system for door control (great idea) and we are so impressed with this product. Materials and workmanship are outstanding. Can't wait to give it a try on our next camp. Customer service and responsiveness has always also been outstanding from new orders to questions and alterations of previous purchases.

  • Light and easy!

    by Big Al – 10th Feb 2017

    This tarp is crazy light, with no stretch like silnylon. I got the cuben snakeskin to go with it, and with all the suspension, lines, Dutchware flies, wasps, 4 stakes, etc, it weights about 10oz. I would highly recommend getting the snakeskin, as it makes storing and setting up easy. I set up the doors with side-release clips and shock cord so that I can either clip the doors closed, attached to each opposite tarp corner, or clip them on the inside walls to each other. Quick opening for more air or setting the doors in storm-mode, and I only need 4 stakes. In stormy, rainy weather I can get the tarp set up quick without even taking off my pack, as it lives in an outside mesh pocket, then I have a nice dry place to get my gear in order. I use down quilts, and this is an important thing. Great construction, nice the way the light filters through. I have set it up as a ground tarp, too, with my trekking poles. Expensive piece of gear, but well worth it. Good down quilts and good shelter are essential safety gear throughout most of the year at higher elevations, don't skimp on these items! And if you're trying to really lighten up your pack weight, this tarp will go a long way to helping achieve that. The Hammock Gear guys are great, and we really need to support smaller companies like this! They push the envelope on gear, and give us an alternative to the outdoor industry giants.

  • Winner Winner!

    by Zak – 3rd Feb 2017

    Hello Hammock Gear my name is Zak. I attended Hang Con 2017 at Doe Lake in Ocala Florida. Well I won this tarp in their raffle and would like to thank you very much for donating it. I'm kind kind of a beginner in the hammock game, this is my first piece of super lightweight gear and cant wait to use it on the trail. Again thank you very much for the donation!

  • Nothing comes close.

    by Unknown – 30th Jan 2017

    So light and efficient. Goodbye silnylon.

  • Like carrying air

    by Chuck – 23rd Jan 2017

    This tarp is well worth the money. At 6.5 oz without the suspension it is like carrying air. It is amazing that this tarp is so light even though it has doors. The tie outs are well made and it definitely is rain tight.

  • one word

    by Unknown – 12th Jan 2017


    As long as you understand Cuben Fiber then you will be satisfied with this product. If I had to complain about anything it would be price, but I fully expect Cuben Fiber to be in higher supply in the future which will drive down costs. May have to wait a bit or pay the price of having the latest and greatest.

  • WOW

    by Bob V – 28th Dec 2016

    What can I say except WOW!!!
    I can't get over how light this tarp is. I ordered mine in Camo didn't want it to bright inside but it still allows plenty of light in. The quality is spot on I've only used it a few times but so far its pretty awesome. If the cuben fiber material holds up I will be happy for many years to come. I ordered a 12' to cover my Warbonnet XLC and I have plenty of room the 11' would have fit as well. I also purchased my underquilt incubator 20* from HG also another great product.

    A BIG thanks to HG for their fast turnaround and Awesome products!!
    I look forward to ordering my Top quilt soon.

  • Luxury Item

    by David R – 14th Dec 2016

    It is clear with looking at the price that Cuben Fiber anything is expensive. I got this tarp for the weight and the strength of cuben fiber. However it was when I took it out in high winds I was able to accept the high price point. The tarp is a little more noisy than nylon and when the wind was blowing I was worried that the tarp would rip like wet tissue paper. The construction is well make, the tie outs are reinforced and withstood some pretty tough winds. This is currently my main tarp. I also run dutchgear(wasps-ridgeline, flyz-tie outs, and worms - doors) on my tarp and have not seen any degradation or wear. The cuben fiber holds up well. Once again, it is a well made luxury item if you can swallow the price.

  • Really Great Product!

    by Tim Czapranski – 21st Nov 2016

    Purchased this tarp hoping that it is everything I read about would come true.
    Did a solo through hike of the NPT (Northville Placid Trail) and ran into two really nasty storms. I could not believe how well this tarp worked, So quick and easy to set up and take down makes this a state of the art product. I like the single tapered snakeskin,
    Tough to figure out which is it's best feature - great protection, will not absorb ANY water or super light weight,,,,Thank you for a great product!

  • Amazing!

    by Brett – 5th Nov 2016

    So happy I bit the bullet on this thing. As others have said, if you're worried about price you're looking at the wrong thing. Until cuben fiber comes down in price, the price for this tarp is fair.

    I got the door tie backs, but if I could do it again I wouldn't. I wound up doing a door tie back mod with some shock cord, Google "adventure alan tarp doors" to find it.

    It adds some weight, but it saves weight on 4 extra stakes and guy lines to tie off the doors when in use, so probably a net negative.

    With my ridgeline, door tiebacks, the snake skin (which you really should order too - you're spending $300 on a tarp so just go the extra few bucks for easier setup and takedown), and dutch bling, the whole setup weighs just 11.3oz.

    Also, Hammock Gear got all of my stuff including two quilts to me extremely fast considering it's all custom made. Awesome!

  • exactly as promised

    by dweckster (Dan) – 5th Nov 2016

    Couldn't wait to try it, and it met and exceeded expectations. I purchased the 12 ft. camo version, I wanted the peaceful colors. I'm glad I went with 12 ft, as of course on my first trip with this tarp it rained. I went porch mode on one end (instead of a side) and have plenty of room so sit under the tarp and cook. What a great product. Thank you, Hammock Gear. I'll be back for other needs!

  • Quality and Craftsmanship Superb

    by Greg (Bushrod) – 31st Oct 2016

    I gave this a 5 star based solely on quality, craftsmanship and customer service as I have yet to use it. Upon receipt, I carefully examined the entire tarp for seam sealing, rips, attachments, etc. It was flawless. I set it up with a continuous ridge line and there were no problems noticed. I ordered the cuban fiber tarp with doors to help block the wind and it did a great job at that as it was a windy day. The tarp is also extremely light and compatible which is one of the primary reasons I ordered it. In my dealings with hammock gear they were always courteous and surpassed my expectations. Great product - Great company.

  • Excellent Quality and Super Light Weight

    by Gottabyke – 10th Oct 2016

    If you're worried about the price then you shouldn't be looking at Cuben Fiber. I thought about making my own tarp and discovered that, after purchasing my own Cuben Fiber, it would be almost a wash to just order one. Glad I did too. The quality is second to none. The price is very fair and turnaround was about 2 weeks. I ordered mine with door tiebacks but would probably forgo this option if I could do it over again. They just aren't as convenient as I thought they would be. Otherwise, this is an awesome tarp. Did I mention that it is SUPER light weight?

  • awesome

    by Zach – 26th Sep 2016

    I had a chance to try out the standard tarp the other week and its performance was awesome. We got heavy heavy rain on the last night of the trip but the tarp kept me nice and dry inside.

  • Excellent Craftsmanship

    by Your Name – 21st Sep 2016

    This thing is seriously well made. Ad expected is also very, very light. What wasn't expected, and this is no fault of the manufacturer, was that it sounds like you're sleeping in a snare drum when the rain is really coming down. Guess it's a small price to pay for such a huge weight savings. Took me back to rainy nights at our old tin roof camp. Extra cash for the camouflage print seems worth it to me.

  • Excellent tarp.

    by WrongWay – 30th Aug 2016

    Used it with my hammock as soon as I received it. Works great. I plan to carry it on my 2017 AT tru hike. Excellent tarp. Thanks

  • Excellent tarp.

    by Unknown – 30th Aug 2016


  • WOW

    by Bob – 30th Aug 2016

    Wicked fast turn around!!! The product was delivered just as I had expected. Quality workmanship is evident!!!!

  • Gute Wahl

    by Ralf – 9th Aug 2016

    super light I am very happy to have it at Siebengebirge-Germany
    sehr gut verarbeitet und echt gute Qualität
    der Versand hat auch gut funktioniert
    Vielen Dank

  • Works with hiking poles in a ground set up!

    by Bobby D – 18th Jul 2016

    Despite spending several hundred dollars on "hammock gear" in the last few months, I still haven't made the transition to hammocking. Being a ground sleeper, I was a little worried that this tarp wouldn't completely meet my needs. No need to worry. I was able to get this tarp set up as tight as a drum using my hiking poles. One added benefit was that I was able to stake my ground sheet and tarp with the same stakes...as in, the grommets for my HG tarp lined up perfectly with my ground sheet.

  • Very light tarp

    by Leonard Mills Jr. – 13th Jul 2016

    This tarp is my first piece of cuben fiber gear and it is amazingly light. Hammock Gear did a great job getting the tarp to me by my deadline on my trip. I didn't get any rain on this trip but it was amazing to hang in my hammock and be able to watch fireworks bursting in the sky through the tarp. They are pricey but I think you get what you pay for. Will see how it holds up after several trips and follow up with another review. I did add some mods to the doors for clipping them out of the way with shock cord and side release buckles. This was posted on Hammock Forums. Looking forward to using the doors in the fall when temps start to plunge.

  • You get what you pay for!

    by Frodo Adventure – 7th Jul 2016

    This tarp, and this material is strong, lightweight and well made. A prime example of how you get what you pay for. My only critique is the cost; and much of that is due to material costs.

  • Really nice tarp

    by MarkB – 23rd May 2016

    Great design and workmanship - HG makes a fantastic tarp!

  • Hangout Palace

    by Greenlight – 20th May 2016

    This tarp is unreal, I've had it for the 10 days on the AT so far and have tested it in wind, rain, and even a bit of snow already. The doors are a total game changer (and I highly recommend the door ties), and even fully pinned down make for a spacious enclosure. Packs nicely, doors stash easily with the ties, I just can't say enough about this tarp.

  • lots of nothing!

    by Mr Smokey – 9th May 2016

    I absolutely love this rain tarp. i have the tarp with the doors and love it.

    i have set this up more then a few times and it is a breeze with the sleeve that you can get as well.

    it all packs up in the stuff sack that it comes with and weighs next to nothing and is easy to stuff in your pack anywhere.

    pair this with some Dutchware gear Stingerz with the line and some bungee cord and it works flawlessly.

    i got the soft shackles and love it's easy setup but very strong.

    very durable and strong material even when it's flapping around in the wind.

    thank you all for your great work!!!

  • Awesome tarp, Awesome Service

    by Matt – 11th Apr 2016

    I purchased this tarp for an upcoming trip in Red River Gorge, I put in a special request and received the tarp in very little time and they exceeded my expectations. I was a little nervous the first night out, we had sustained winds in the 20 mph and gusts in the 30-40 range, no issues with the tarp, held up great, excellent craftsmanship. We didn't get any rain during the trip so I can't comment on that, but nothing would lead me to believe that this wouldn't perform extremely well in a rainstorm. The tarp is extremely light and provides excellent coverage. Very happy with the purchase!

  • So light!

    by David – 17th Mar 2016

    When the package came I thought they must have accidentally shipped me an empty box. But the big tarp was in there, it just barely weighs anything! I wish I could get the rest of my gear made of this material.

  • exactly what I was hoping for

    by Unknown – 5th Mar 2016

    I read all the reviews, scoured youtube, and debated over purchasing this tarp. It arrived with a minor delay due to a cuben fiber wholesaler delay. But the quality of the product made the delay seem meaningless. A few minutes after recieving the tarp, I had it rigged with a continuous ridge line made out of zing it, and had it raised between two trees. One would expect it to be fragile after handling it as it seems weightless. But that s not the case. Initial findings seem to show great strength. I was planning n only setting up the tarp, but The urge to sit in my hammck took over, and before long, the hammock was up and i was guazing through the semi transparent tarp at the blue sky above. Cant wait to hit the trails.

  • Tarp Rocks

    by Bike-N-Hike – 4th Mar 2016

    I've had the chance to use this tarp a half a dozen times from summer to winter. Love It. The camo look is great in the woods, very natural and the light coming through is muted and pleasant. The door tie outs are worth it. I rolled the doors up until they reach the tie outs and the doors disappear into the tarp and stay there. Looks like a hex tarp until you need the doors. I bought the CF sleeve and although the sleeve was slightly shorter than then the tarp works great. The sleeve became more supple after multiple uses. If you can afford the price it would make a real nice addition to your gear.

  • Very Pleased

    by Frank – 15th Feb 2016

    I purchased the CF with doors. After receiving it timely, I headed to the hills. The tarp ran the gauntlet the first night. I had a squall come through with 50 mile per hour gusts. Rain was coming sideways. All the tie outs held. I loved the sound of the rain hitting the CF.
    All the sewing looked great and it came on on the specified weight.
    I am so happy with Hammock Gear that I just ordered a Phoenix 20 and CF Tarp Sleeves. I should have just order the sleeves with the tarp.
    Thanks HG!

  • Great Tarp

    by Unknown – 12th Feb 2016

    By far the best tarp money can buy. Worth every cent of the purchase price. Great service from Hammock Gear as well.

  • cuben tarp

    by David Baird (pumkinpete) – 14th Jan 2016

    Received this tarp and I very much please with may choose ,service is the best you could ever want. If you have a question they are fast in any responses, shipping very fast. If you are looking for top of the line cuben fiber tarp look no further the Hammock gear! THANK YOU GUYS ☺

  • Beautiful, Light Small

    by Marshall Righter – 21st Nov 2015

    This is the first piece of gear that I have not made myself, It is a thing of beauty. I ordered mine without bottom cat cuts to max out coverage on my underside. I have not used it yet in blowing rain but I fear I will need some sort of under quilt protection. My wheels are spinning on a Cuban fiber under quilt protector/pack cover.

  • Top notch quality. A bit undersized?

    by Marshal Kline – 13th Nov 2015

    First, I am very experienced with CF products, but new to hammock camping. Secondly, my rating is really something more like 4.8 stars.

    The day after receiving my tarp I began a four day "inaugural hammock camping" trip in what turned out to be nearly constant rain. For this trip I was using an 11' gathered end hammock made by Dutchware. The only reason for 4 stars (instead of 5) is that on the last night I apparently did not have the hammock perfectly centered under the tarp and ended up with dampness extending about 10" down the foot-end of the hammock. While I recognize this was primarily my fault, my "complaint" is that (with my set-up, at least) there is barely an inch of tolerance to get both the head and foot end connection points covered. For what it is worth, I've since replaced my 8" continuous loops wth 6.5" loops hoping this will give me a bit more wiggle room for the next trip.

    Otherwise, the design and build quality of this tarp is absolutely top-notch.

  • Worth the expense

    by Chad Von Dette – 27th Oct 2015

    I am very pleased with the quality of the tarp. I bought mine in camo and love the print. I also bought the sleeve to go with the tarp. I'm happy that I bought both. It is super easy to set up and take down once you have all of your lines pre-tied to the tie outs.

  • Dope!

    by Faison (Learning Curve) – 17th Oct 2015

    First time ever touching CF, i was shocked at how fragile it felt. After setting it up and breaking it down a few nights, i began to realize how strong it actually was. I love this tarp! But it will prob only be for longer distance trips when weight matters... about 2 weeks from order to delivered. great work HG!

  • Sheds Rain and Wind like a boss!

    by Kat – 12th Oct 2015

    Used this is a downpour with sideways rain and not a drop hit my hammock! it's awesome. The manufacturing is superb and I was impressed with the attention to detail. All around a great investment.

  • Greatest tarp ever

    by Mike in MI – 8th Oct 2015

    This is the greatest tarp ever, well constructed and just what I need for full coverage in any elements. Its Cuben and made by Hammock Gear, whats not to love?!

  • Awsome!!!

    by duane – 1st Oct 2015

    Can't say enough good things about this tarp. All pros, no cons, great tarp and worth the cost.

  • Great Tarp

    by John – 25th Sep 2015

    Standard tarp size is perfect for backpacking . Lite, water proof and wind proof. Love it on all my hiking trips.

  • Great product, incredible service

    by Mark A – 11th Sep 2015

    I bought this tarp when the lead time was projected to be 8-10 weeks. I sent an email before placing the order to see if there was any chance that I could get the tarp within 5 weeks for a trip I had coming up. I was told that that shouldn't be a problem. Then about a week after ordering it I had another trip opportunity come up so I emailed again to see if there was any chance I could get it about 10 days earlier than the 5 weeks I had asked for. The tarp shipped out that day and I was able to use it for a trip that happened only 3 weeks after I ordered it. Outstanding customer service- can't recommend the company highly enough.

    The tarp is great as well. Super light, great coverage and the attention to detail is amazing. I bought the tarp with the doors and I love the tie backs for when they aren't needed. I bought this for my own hammocking but also to act as a group tarp on trips when we have more people than can fit in a tent to play cards and hang out at the end of the day. This is light enough that it can be added to someone's pack without having a big impact on the total weight. My old ENO tarp weighs almost two pounds, and this one is a quarter of that. Very impressed

  • Top Notch Customer Service & Material Quality

    by Truong Nguyen – 11th Aug 2015

    I ordered a Phoenix 20°F under quilt and standard CF3 tarp with snake skin from HG knowing that I might have to wait for a long time to receive the tarp and the snake skin due to shortage of CF material. HG gear sent me the under quilt within a few days with a note indicating that the tarp will not arrive for a while. I had trip coming up soon and emailed Harry a few times asking for the status of the tarp. Within a week and a half, realizing that the stand CF material will not be in for a while, Harry did not hesitate to step up and offered me a free upgrade to the Camo CF. I got both the tarp and the snake skin in Camo, $50 or more free upgrade...I brought them out on a backpacking trip and everyone admired the quality of the under quilt as well as the tarp......top notch customer service and material quality....not disappointed to go with HG......thank you, Harry.....

  • So good

    by Yellow Rain – 2nd Jun 2015

    Went from my Warbonnet Mambajamba to this - the drop is weight is amazing.

  • 4 Season CF Camo Tarp

    by Bike-N-Hike – 21st May 2015

    Finally tested the Tarp out in Kentucky's Red River Gorge. No complaints, Tarp looks great in Camo, I think the site needs a better picture for the 4 season camouflage tarp. Love the look, sort of like having a stain glass Tarp the way the light filtered through it. Sets up nice in porch mode with my hiking sticks. Job well done Hammock Gear. Would like to see the Assym camo tarp picture. Thinking of going with summer weight TQ/UG and assym camo tarp next summer.

  • The Best Damn Tarp Ever

    by TAGwinn – 30th Apr 2015

    I received my new tarp on Monday and by Thursday had two nights in the Cuben awesomeness.

    This tarp is everything that I hoped it would be. It has lived up to all of the great reviews and You Tube videos that I so diligently studied before making my purchase. I am looking forward to many good nights sleep under this tarp.

  • Disappointed in service

    by Ann – 26th Apr 2015

    I feel like I've been robbed. I ordered the tarp on Feb. 15, 2015. I had to call and email several times urging them to please send my tarp by a trip on April 7th. The tarp never came. I sent an email again when I returned home to find it still hadn't arrived. It finally arrived on April 19th. It came with no note, no apologies for it taking more than 2 months and then I found that it came with no straps and no tie out lines. I can make these myself, but for $300 for the tarp plus the $250 I spent on an incubator 20 underquilt in the same month, I was expecting more from a small company. Now, I read on here that other's were able to get their tarp in less than 2 weeks, during the same time frame. What's up with that?! Disappointed.

  • great product/great customer care

    by Paul Schonbrun – 17th Apr 2015

    Awesome tarp/well done tie backs

  • Great tarp in the rain

    by Greasedoc – 12th Apr 2015

    I recently spent a night under this tarp during a 5 hour steady rain. I bought it to take weight off my pack.I got more than that. There was no misting like sil. And it dries faster and easier than any piece of gear I own.

  • Perect tarp, amazing customer service

    by Linck – 23rd Mar 2015

    First, I had a few questions about the tarp. I got timely, and thorough replies (including pictures!). I also had a trip coming up and asked if it would be possible to have the tarp by a particular day. They beat my best expectations, and I got the tarp a week before my trip.

    As far as the tarp goes... it is simply the standard by which others should be measured. Wonderful craftsmanship and attention to detail.

  • Lighten your load.

    by Hiker63@facebook – 23rd Mar 2015

    I wanted to switch to a lighter Tarp and decided to go with the Standard in Camo. Cuben Fiber is a big investment. Other companies sell Cuben Fiber Tarps but my decision to purchase from Hammock Gear was based on prior products purchased, the quality, craftsmanship and their service. If you want to drop your base weight without sacrificing quality, then go for it. You're back, legs and feet will thank you.

  • Best tarp and service

    by Glenn – 16th Mar 2015

    I ordered this hammock tarp at the last minute. I talked to Adam. Adam was a big help. I went with the 11 foot tarp with doors. They were out of of the listed color of cuben fiber. Adam said they had gray, which was good. From the time of our phone call to receiving the tarp was about a week. They jumped through hoops for me. I was leaving for the mountains in two weeks. I got the tarp in plenty of time for me to set it up a few times prior to departure. This is a great company to do business with. Can't beat the service. Thanks .

  • Awesome tarp, awesome service!!!

    by Matthew Stenger – 10th Mar 2015

    I bought this tarp for my hammock on my AT thru hike. After finishing, it still looks brand new.

    I am now planning on the CDT next year, and I plan to use it as a ground tarp for that as well.

    I've also had the pleasure on interacting with Adam a couple times and he has always given great customer service, above and beyond my expectations.

    Hammock Gear is a great company and this is a great product!

  • WOW. A Great tarp

    by Roger (NC Patches) – 28th Feb 2015

    Was waiting to get my new hammock to try all out together.
    Last night in NC, got down to 30 degrees, and the tarp was Great. I looked up and was able to see the moon as it went across the sky. That was wonderful.
    Good costruction, tie outs where you need them. Blocked the wind. I had a good night. Thank you for, in my opinion, for a Great product.

  • I wish I had it the entire trail [Appalachian]

    by Train – 8th Jan 2015

    When I set out on the AT I started as a ground dweller and switched to my hammock in Damacus VA. I brought along a hex tarp from another company until MA. In MA I had my 10 point waiting for me. I wish I had it all along. This tarp can go to the ground when needed for complete protection and with the wrap around doors I never worried about wet gear as I had to with the hex. The delicacy of the material is what prevented me from carrying before. Now I am planning to use it for other long distance trails and with out worry.

  • low weight and great coverage

    by coley epperson ( hombre) – 1st Dec 2014

    I have stayed under this tarp 4 nites . I like the space and options on setup. It snowed on me 2nites which has a cool sound. But the coolest thing is being able to see thru it

  • best tarp

    by Whistler – 2nd Nov 2014

    Had to try it , standard tarp did great in 40 mile an hour wind and 35 degree temps. It is my first cuben fiber , looking forward to a lot of use. Covers my Hennesy hammock with room to spare,used six stakes and lite duty twine to hang it .
    Make sure you secure all the tie-outs ,it is loud flapping.

  • Excellent tarp

    by Jeff (Bobwhite) – 28th Oct 2014

    I ordered this tarp with doors and tiebacks. I am amazed at how light it is. It offers great coverage, is versatile, and back down nicely. At this time I am still using my Hennessy snake skins on it, Once rolled up the tarp can me squeezed to a very compact shape. This tarp fits in these skins far easier than the sil-nylon tarp did. Customer service was great. Jenny put forth an extra effort to ensure I had this in time for an upcoming backpacking trip, even though they were short handed. This was a big investment, but you get what you pay for,

  • best tarp i have bought

    by JP – 8th Sep 2014

    Used this tarp for a week in the Smokies. It rained on us every other night, and not once did it let me down. Everything stayed dry and the tarp itself dried quickly. I'll be buying more cuben fiber in the future.

  • AAA+++

    by kristian bartholin – 5th Sep 2014

    Good respons
    Perfekt feedback
    Best kvalitet Off frbric


  • The best, hands down

    by CTinAZ – 27th Aug 2014

    I'll start off by saying I'm a first time Cuben user.
    I did two weeks on the VT Long Trail this past July with this tarp. (And a custom made HG quilt)
    At first I battled with the idea of Cuben over silnylon, but I'm now a believer. This tarp kicked butt!!
    It stood up to torrential rains and storms, it pitched tight, and the camo worked great for those nights in between shelters where I wanted to be discreet.
    The extra coverage from the doors allowed me to hang things at either end and not get soaked.
    The weight advantage speaks for itself.
    The Cuben sleeves worked great as well, I could have my tarp deployed in 2-3 minutes and be dry underneath when the weather closed in quickly.
    So if you're torn between Cuben and silnylon and you can make the stretch, go for it, you won't look back.
    One last thing, Adam was always a pleasure to deal with,
    I'll be acquiring many more products from HG

  • In a few words, please title your review

    by Your Name – 24th Aug 2014

    Ordered June 1st 2014, delivered June 12th 2014

    I've been saving for this tarp for several month, just stashing $50 a paycheck in a PayPal account. My wife never knew a thing, it was flawless.

    Standard 11' ridgeline
    Camo (extra $45)
    Side pullouts came standard
    Front and back doors are standard (no catenary cuts on doors)
    Side walls have the cat cuts, standard
    Plastic "D" rings are very durable, light, standard
    Standard CF door tie-backs
    Ridgeline cat cut is standard
    Ridgeline is all tape/glue so no stitching to seal
    12" of CF tape
    Standard CF stuff sack

    Not 100% transparent and not a dark room; able to privately change clothes without an audience.

    No lines/tie-outs

    Saved 1 full pound of weight after swapping out the hex-fly

    Perfect customer service
    Super Fast
    Flawless website and communication

    I'm ready for a top quilt now!

    If you are asking for any sort of special features for your tarp be sure to communicate that before the purchase. HG is limiting alterations and special orders at the moment, so please contact prior to purchase.

    Will do business with this patient, understanding, flexible, business for years to come.

    Price with military discount was significantly less than other CF distributers.

    A walk around and pictures for CF gear can be found here...

    Thank you again HG!


    by Mark – 16th Jul 2014

    Awesome tarp, so light but yet so durable. I know I will get plenty of use out of it WOOHOOO!!!. And the Hammock Gear folks really went out of thier way to deliver an awesome product.

  • Best Tarp Ive Ever Owned

    by Squawk – 12th Jul 2014

    Best tarp ive ever owned. took it up to the green mountain state for a week backpacking trip and was hit with the aftermath of hurricane alberts fury while on top of bald mountain. needless to saw i was extremely grateful to have this tarp with me. it withstood heavy rains and very high winds all through the night. easily my favorite piece of gear!

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