Dyneema Fiber Standard Tarp with Doors

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Hammock Gear Dyneema (Cuben) Fiber Tarps

Lead time to ship out new tarps is approximately 1-2 weeks at the moment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Dyneema® Fiber (also known as Cuben Fiber), a high-performance base non-woven fabric, is quickly gaining popularity in the hiking community. Known for its ultralightweight and durability, the 4-Season catenary cut Dyneema Fiber tarp includes 2 Ridgeline tie outs, 4 panel pull outs and 8 perimeter tie outs. We use 1/2 inch D-Rings on all tie outs except the ridgeline tie outs which use 3/4 inch Beastee D-Rings.  Our tarps ship with a Dyneema Fiber stuff sack and repair kit for in field repairs.  Guylines are not standard with our tarps and should be purchased separately.



  • .50oz/sqyd (.60 for camo print)
  • 8' 6" wide
  • No sewn ridgeline means no seam sealing required...ever.
  • All guyline reinforcements are bonded and sewn for maximum strength.




* All listed weights are averages and do not include the provided stuff sack and patch kit.  Deviations of +/- 0.50 ounces are within specifications


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  • 5
    Can't believe I waited this long...

    Posted by ZWag on 18th Sep 2018

    More coverage, half the weight, plus doors to seal out bad weather/wind. Dialing in my goal hammock setup and received this tarp as a gift from my family this year... all I can say is that now I wish I would have ordered one for myself years ago!!

  • 5
    Green dyneema tarp with doors

    Posted by Jay - Indianapolis on 19th Aug 2018

    Firstly, customer service with this company is top-notch. Great communication and willingness to please the customer. The tarp so far has been outstanding. I used it for a week in the North Carolina mountains and it protected me and 3 companions from several hard, hourlong downpours with strong winds. Paired with a dutchware continuous ridgeline (wasp) and 4 hookworms, this was relatively easy to pitch after a little bit of practice. I still have yet to set up the doors for use, but I am excited that the tarp is so light even with them. I also purchased the mesh sleeve from hammockgear, which made it quite easy to put away my tarp. This took a little bit of practice as well, but I am able to roll it up in the sleeve to the size of a grapefruit.

  • 5
    Well made tarp

    Posted by Joe S on 30th Jul 2018

    Excellent construction and design. I'm very impressed with the lack of a sewn ridge seam. Nothing to worry about leaking later. No complaints.

  • 5
    new cuben fiber tarp - awesome

    Posted by Mike Bowman on 10th Jul 2018

    Just finished a 3 day 2 night backpacking trip on the Art Loeb Trail in NC. My new cubes fiber tarp was great. Light weight and with the doors closed I was warm and dry during an all night storm the first night. Setup and take down was quick and easy. If your looking for high quality and ultralight this is your tarp. I’ll be using mine next year on my AT thru hike.

  • 5
    works great

    Posted by Unknown on 2nd Jun 2018

    Using this on my AT hike. I love it but added door toggles and another attachment point in middle on both sides to use in high winds.

  • 5
    So happy!

    Posted by Skiei Thorne on 29th May 2018

    I got the opportunity to use my tarp this past weekend and can not be happier. Did exactly what it was supposed to do and is super light weight. Thanks for making such a great product.

  • 5
    works great

    Posted by Unknown on 21st May 2018

    We went on a week long hike in Shenandoah National Park last week. It thunder stormed 2 night like crazy and we had steady rain 2 other nights. The tarp kept me dry all nights and didn’t absorb any water so clean up was a breeze. Very light weight and easy to use. Highly recommend cubic fiber.
    Thanks HG.
    The Goat

  • 5
    How can it be?

    Posted by HikeNPaddleBoy on 3rd May 2018

    How can it be that this tarp is so light, durable, translucent, and protect you from the elements? I think there is some sorcery to this fabric! In all seriousness though, this Cuban fiber tarp is out of this world! Well worth the money!

  • 5
    Home Sweet Home!

    Posted by Theoryofahiker on 1st May 2018

    The cornerstone of my camping system. This things is great, very versatile piece of gear. With strong tie out points pulling out the walls is a piece of cake. I use the hiking pole hack. Tarp can also be pitched on the ground with hiking poles. Tarp provides excellent coverage to keep you and your gear protected from the elements.

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