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Dyneema Fiber Standard Tarp with Doors



Hammock Gear Dyneema (Cuben) Fiber Tarps

Frequently Asked Questions

Dyneema® Fiber (also known as Cuben Fiber), a high-performance base non-woven fabric, is quickly gaining popularity in the hiking community. Known for its ultralightweight and durability, the 4-Season catenary cut Dyneema Fiber tarp includes 2 Ridgeline tie outs, 4 panel pull outs and 8 perimeter tie outs. We use 1/2 inch D-Rings on all tie outs except the ridgeline tie outs which use 3/4 inch Beastee D-Rings.  Our tarps ship with a Dyneema Fiber stuff sack and repair kit for in field repairs.  Guylines are not standard with our tarps and should be purchased separately.  At the moment our lead time is approximately 2-3 weeks, from your purchase date, to ship out new made to order tarps.



  • .50oz/sqyd (.60 for camo print)
  • 8' 6" wide
  • No sewn ridgeline means no seam sealing required...ever.
  • All guyline reinforcements are bonded and sewn for maximum strength.




* All listed weights are averages and do not include the provided stuff sack and patch kit.  Deviations of +/- 0.50 ounces are within specifications


There are 119 review(s) for Dyneema Fiber Standard Tarp with Doors

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  • Wonderful!

    by Kanguru – 26th Nov 2013

    My first cuban tarp. Glad I chose this one. First quality workmanship just like the other HG products I have purchased. Jenny and Adam are great to deal with.

  • Works well in New Zealand

    by Iain Brown (email: eonbrown@gmail.com) – 17th Nov 2013

    I guess II will add another superlative to the pile already listed here. I am a Mountain Safety Instructor, Back Country Fly Fisherman and Hunter from NZ. This tarp is absolutely perfect for my needs over here. I have used it on four trips in the last month and a half with a total of nine nights sleeping under it. There's heaps of coverage plus the ability to have a wrap around protection while still having a side out in porch mode.
    I love it and highly recommend Hammock Gear product.

  • best tarp on market!

    by keninct – 14th Nov 2013

    DO NOT BUY THIS TARP! unless you want the highest quality tarp available. after purchasing my quilts, it was a no brainer to order this tarp. first time out it rained & snowed w/high winds and i stayed dry & comfortable. again adams work is second to none! thanks , ken c (keninct)

  • Awesome Tarp!

    by Bill (Pi) Murphy – 30th Oct 2013

    Light as can be, dry as the desert, big as the sky. My regret? Why didn't I have this on the AT in '06? Color neutral, so even if I spend a full day under it, will not feel weird. I can't yet comment on durability or if it flaps loudly in big winds. If I end up on a thru in 2014, I'll report back in the fall. If I don't, I'll loan it to a friend, as this is too nice a bit of kit to spend the year in my closet.

  • Great. Light. Tarp,

    by lostagain – 24th Oct 2013

    Love the tarp. Used it to cover my hammock on a recent hang and it woked great. I was unfortunate to have a night of wind which caused problems with stakes and guylines, but the tarp held up to a lot of strong wind gusts. Be warned though...cuben fiber is loud in the wind. Small price to pay for a great piece of equipment. The weight savings are incredible. Everyone I handed the tarp too couldn't believe how light it was. "You could pack that all day and never notice it!" is how one put it.

    HG did a great job and I'm exceptionally pleased. Thanks guys! Adam and Jenny are the best!

  • Best Cuben Fiber Tarp

    by KYMike – 12th Aug 2013

    Thanks for providing an excellent product. I appreciate the advice. I would not hesitate to purchase for Hammock Gear again.

  • Wow, best tarp ever!

    by Michael Browers – 26th Jun 2013

    What can I say...standard HammockGear.com top notch quality . This tarp is amazingly light yet offers so much protection. Well worth the investment in weight savings. Love the doors!

  • "Terrific Tarp!"

    by Charlie – 24th Jun 2013

    Just got around to doing this. I'm from the U.K. and was headed out to Seattle, to do a hike up the Chuckanut Trail, yes, Chuckanut! (we don't have names like that over here, we have Pratts Bottom! etc.) I didn't have much time to order, I wanted the Burrow 20° too, and both were sent to our friends house in Seattle for when we got there. Great service and Adam and Jen are the kindest people and extremely helpful. Adam was off on his Appalachian Trail that day and Jen still got these items to me in less than two weeks. So that's the service, above and beyond!
    The Tarp is beautiful, and extremely well made, I love being able to see the halo of the moon through it, and now my pack is a lot lighter. Straight away I used it in the field and there were no hang-ups, so you could basically take it on your first trip without opening the packet and trust it'll be ok (like I did) the quality's that good, although you may want a dry run yourself, which is wiser. You should be patient with opening it and gentle too, till you get used to this new material as I would say it's not your usual tarp material. But if you look after it, it should reward you with many memorable trips. If you're heavy handed, stick to a heavier tarp. But this one's great for me and I like the translucent olive drab. All fittings look and feel secure too. I'm really happy with this. Thanks Adam and Jen and co. Happy trails Adam.

  • All this and LIGHTWEIGHT !!!

    by KirkH – 4th Jun 2013

    I've waited a while to review this tarp until I had a chance to use it more. The verdict is in.........WOW !! Just the fact that you get all that coverage at under 7 ounces is amazing. The craftsmanship is superb and the service is great. Worth the money......buy it !!!!

  • great tarp

    by Gavin – 3rd Jun 2013

    I purchased this tarp as an upgrade for my Hennessey Hyperlite Hammock. The tarp provides ample room for me and two or three other people to sit out of the rain and cook before hitting the hammock. It's lighter than the fly that came with the hyperlite and provides far more rain protection and room.

  • How is it so light!?

    by Will – 23rd May 2013

    1/3 the weight of my old tarp. And bigger. And it has doors! Utterly fantastic. As an UL'er I've always debated the weather before hitting the trailhead. Trying to save that pound and change, I would often leave it behind. Now I feel 'guilt' free keeping this baby in my pack. The coverage is so much better, looking forward to more winter hang camping. Time will tell how it holds up, but I am optimistic.

  • Awesome tarp

    by Pizza – 2nd May 2013

    Great tarp, excellent design, extremely lightweight! The workmanship is outstanding and the customer service top notch. If you're on the fence about upgrading to cuben fiber from silnylon just do it! The weight savings alone make it worth it!

  • Great Tarp!

    by LSinor – 17th Apr 2013

    This is by far the best tarp I have ever owned. The tarp served well on a rainy weekend hammock trip with howling winds and rain. The doors really helped protect my hammock and top quilt. All my hammock using friends want one!

  • Holy Cow this is fine!

    by Hawk-eye – 6th Apr 2013

    This one sweet piece of finely made tarp goodness!


  • Top Quality / Amazingly Light!

    by sbeauchamp – 5th Apr 2013

    I just can't believe how light this tarp is. Adam and team did a first class quality job and I'm thrilled with their work! Definitely worth the money to save weight and stay dry.

  • Exceeds Expectations

    by Sam F – 26th Dec 2012

    I received this for xmas from my parents, it was the first item on my wish list. I set it up in the backyard in the rain. It definitely repels rain - and I love that it is semi-transparent. I cannot wait to take it backpacking with me and my hammock! The other boyscouts will certainly be envious! I love how lightweight it is - thank you for a great product!

  • Awesome Tarp

    by Pig.Slayer – 27th Nov 2012

    This tarp is awesome. I've owned a few tarps now and plenty of other gear in cuben. Stormcrows workmanship is second to none and the construction methods used are excellent. The tarp functions perfectly and the geometry is spot on for a perfect pitch with the doors closed leaving almost no gap. Down to the finest detail this is the ultimate hammocking tarp IMO.

  • Awesome tarp!!!

    by Jon (Dangerous) – 26th Nov 2012

    This is an excellent tarp with great attention to detail and superb fit and finish. I love the extra weather protection the doors provide or I can just fold them back and put up the porch to enjoy the view. This tarp feels like it weights nothing, and if I had to choose again, I would definitely buy this tarp. These products are made by people that use them and it shows. Thanks.

  • 6.5 OUNCES !

    by MrGreen – 23rd Nov 2012

    6.5 ounces w/o suspension ! More coverage than some three man tents ! 6.5 OUNCES !!!

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