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Fleaz (Single)



Fleaz can be used for many places on a tarp.  They can be on your D Ring on your tarp, a prussic on your continuous ridgeline, on your tie outs, or even on your stakes.  Each one weighs an unbelievable .89 grams each, yes! less than a gram. 

Fleaz are sold individually.

Dutchware Flyz, Fleaz, Stingerz, and Wasps (02:56)
This shows the difference between tarp suspension devices fro www.dutchwaregear.com
  • Dutchware Flyz...
    This shows the difference between tarp suspension devices fro ...

There are 4 review(s) for Fleaz (Single)

  • love this little bug

    by Unknown – 8th Aug 2018

    Easier than my loop aliens that i just got not too long ago! So easy & quick to set up ridgeline.

  • Best way to tension

    by cole – 1st Aug 2018

    Awesome way to tension your tarps pullouts, a very quick and simple method. I use them on my ridge line pullouts and my 4 corner pullouts. And light weight so I love them.

  • Sweet

    by Matt – 23rd Jan 2018

    Sweet bling from Dutchware. I really like them for my ties outs! Smaller than you think, you'd never notice them in your pack.

  • Great

    by Lachlan – 31st Jul 2017

    I use these tiny things to stake out my tarp and they work perfectly, They are easy to use and light.