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Ground Pad Attachment Kit



Going to ground?  Use our attachment system to get a good night's sleep.  

The included 3 mini-cordlocks, 6 mitton hooks, and 3 - 65" shockcord will work with your pad by attaching it to our standard loops on the Burrow (topquilt).  Slide your pad inside the cords, and the quilt will be secured for a good seal against the chill.  


.95 ounce

There are 4 review(s) for Ground Pad Attachment Kit

  • Lightweight and small package

    by Downhill n Quincy – 24th Aug 2016

    Haven't used it yet. However, I ordered it along with my extra wide quilt just in case I was unable to hang off the ground due to being above tree line. I took it out of it's bag, made the adjustments to the cords and placed it back in it's bag being ready if it's needed. The ground pad attachments are so light and small I plan on packing it every time I go backpacking, just in case it's needed.

  • It's those Little things that help make Perfection

    by Chris "Cochise231" Self – 15th Jul 2015

    Recently purchased a 20* Burrow & while looking at all the other swag at Hammock Gear came across the Ground Pad Kit & I tell you the idea at first struck me as constrictive and not really needed When discussing what I thought with my girlfriend she thought it would be a good idea as l have a tendency to kick the blankets off and if I was using the Burrow on the ground without the Footbox when I was to kick off the Burrow it won't go flying off in to the Poison Oak or Black Berry bushes (California drought is a boom for the Poison Oak this year) and My beautiful new Top Quilt is a casualty on the Trail My reason for only four stars is that no suggestions on the best way to setup and use the kit while I figured out how to make it work I would have been very appreciative of a diagram or a short sentence on what seems to work the best All in all this Ground Pad attachment kit is one of those Little things that go into making the use of a Top Quilt on ground as perfect as it is to use in a Hammock Once again Hammock Gear reaches Perfection

  • Best Attachment System

    by gbolt – 30th May 2015

    The mitten hooks are the best method for top quilt attachment. While this Kit works on all TQ's, not all Ground pad attachments are universal. Save yourself time, money, and aggravation and simply order your kit from HG!

  • Simple and Light

    by Tyler – 3rd Apr 2015

    This ground pad attachment system comes with everything needed to secure your top quilt nice and snug when using a pad. Perfect for people like me who toss and turn but like to stay covered. If you use or plan to use a pad, this small product will make a big difference.