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Hammock Gear Argon Pillow

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$25.00 (You save $4.00)


Our hammock specific pillow is designed to make your already comfortable nights in the hammock...just that much cozier! Just the right amount of 850 fill power goose down to support your head while insulating it at the same time.

3 ounces - (with shock cord attachment)


There are 61 review(s) for Hammock Gear Argon Pillow

  • Soft and perfect size

    by E-class – 29th May 2018

    This pillow feels awesome and is just the right size for me as I just need a little support on my neck while in my hammock. The down is great feeling compared to any air pillows or clothes shoved in sack. I recommend this to anyone looking for a pillow solution that wont take up too much space!

  • Simple yet fantastic

    by Unknown – 3rd Apr 2018

    This is for hammock use. And this pillow is great in the hammock. I am picky about pillows a.d this one does the trick. It's small, which is all I need while hanging. Saves about 5 oz. Soft and warm.

  • Warm and Cozy

    by Alex – 27th Feb 2018

    The pillow is great. It fits perfectly under my neck while I'm in the hammock, It is a good trade off of weight and loft. One issue I had was with the shock cord. I did not realize it came "with" the shock cord (though not an issue). however, the placement of the shock cord attachment on the pillow posed a most uncomfortable situation for my Head as the knot was directly on the nub of my skull. I am looking into ways of modifying it so the cord attaches on the tips of the pillow instead of in the middle.

  • Comfy!

    by Pinestraw – 30th Jan 2018

    I enjoy using the Hammock Gear pillow...it is very well-made and the lanyard keeps it from falling on the ground out of my hammock!

  • exceeds expectations

    by J-fish – 21st Jan 2018

    I spent years hammock camping just using a jacket or anything soft I could find as a pillow with mixed results. Then I tried an inflatable pillow. It was pretty good but the pros just barely outweighed the cons. Then I came across these down pillows and I knew I had to give it a try. I swear I sleep better on this small down filled wonder than I do on my pillow at home. It has just enough loft to support and insulate your head and still be able to pack down (no pun intended) to the size of a softball. Also I am a stomach/side sleeper in a bridge hammock and it didn’t bend my neck back too far or hurt my ears like the inflatable pillow did. At just 3 oz you really won’t find any other pillow with this level of comfort and packability, and honestly once you try this pillow you won’t care about trying to find anything different.

  • Same weight and way more comfortable

    by Keenan – 25th Dec 2017

    Ive tried a few pillows looking for the right fit in a hammock and surprise the hammock gurus have the perfect answer. Same weight and dimensions as other pillows but with a distinct advantage... its goose down and amazing.

  • Quality

    by Uptrailseeker – 23rd Dec 2017

    I recently purchased the hammock gear down pillow. This product is very well made. About 2 years ago I purchased the hammock gear incubator 20 and the burrow 40 for my warbonnet blackbird xlc. I couldn’t be happier with the quality of these quilts. They are light weight and work perfectly with my hammock. So buying the hammock gear down pillow was a no brained for me. I was using a cacoon inflatable pillow for my tent days but it would always end up moving around in my hammock. With the attached shock cord on the hammock gear pillow it stays perfectly in place. I’m definitely a happy camper. Thank you Hammock gear for your quality products and fast delivery.

  • High Quality, Great Design

    by TRBE – 1st Dec 2017

    Good quality. Soft and warm against my face. Good adjustable tether holds it in place very well. If you require a firm pillow for side sleeping, this works great as a topper over a jacket or something firmer.

  • Worth the Weight and Cost

    by Gregori – 11th Nov 2017

    Better than I expected ~ quality, craftsmanship, warmth. I use primarily as a neck pillow and it is always going to be packed when I go hammocking in the future....

    Thanks HG!!

  • Just what I have been looking for

    by Randy G - Clovis, CA – 4th Sep 2017

    I have tried the inflatables; too noisy, uncomfortable.
    I have tried the "packables"; too thin to sleep on yet don't compress small enough to really pack. This pillow is perfect! The size, loft, pack-ability, comfort, and quality are absolutely perfect for me. The addition of the keeper bungee is the icing on the cake, no more waking up to "were the heck did my pillow go?" Highly recommend!

  • Comdfy and light

    by Iskander – 31st Jul 2017

    Soft, comfortable and light. It doesnt fall under my under my head.

  • Great Pillow

    by Bob – 26th Jul 2017

    Used it last week and it was not only comfortable, but stayed in place with the cord attachment. Very light and soft.

  • Nice little pillow!

    by Derek Desplinter – 10th Jun 2017

    I got this in my favorite color(cinnamon), so it goes well with my other 'earthy' colored stuff. It is super soft and light (just like their quilts)! Like many others, I thought it was going to be too small at first, but it ended up being the perfect size. Regular sized pillows are uncomfortable in a hammock and don't stay in well if you don't have the bug net on. It's nice having the pillow on the cord- can't lose it and it doesn't hit the ground if it falls out; and if it falls out while I'm in the hammock, I can just reach back for the cord and get my pillow back while hardly moving.

  • Hammock Pillow Comfort. Get one.

    by BlackScoutWinter – 18th May 2017

    Great pillow for the money. I figured it would be way to small until I tried it in the hammock. It's about perfect. Not to big and not to small. It's not to thick nor to thin. And the best parts besides comfortable and warm are.. You can cram this pillow down to the size of a beer can maybe smaller and at only a couple ounces.. You can't go wrong. Even if you don't hammock sleep a lot.. You can take it with you in the car, at the beach or picnics. Or just about anywhere you think you might need head support or a nap. Happy camping.

  • Perfect Hammock Pillow

    by Ben – 12th May 2017

    When I first opened the box when this little pillow came in, I thought it was going to be too small. I used the pillow for the first time (all night) a couple of nights ago and it was great! I was sleeping in a Warbonnet XLC and clipped the shock cord to my ridgeline, which kept it in place all night. It also kept it from hitting the ground when I got out of the hammock... pretty convenient! This pillow ended up having just the right amount of loft and being just the right size. It also packs up very small. I actually just left it attached to my hammock and stuffed it in the stuff sack with the hammock when I packed everything up. I highly recommend this pillow!

  • Excellent light-weight pillow

    by DT – 26th Apr 2017

    The product quality is very good (as with all HG products) and it is very light-weight. It held up well through my recent rainy nights in the NC mountains. My only recommendation would be that more fill is added to the pillow. I use an asymmetric hammock and there is just not enough padding in this pillow to provide for a comfortable nights sleep.

  • No complaints

    by Tony – 21st Apr 2017

    Ive tried several other pillows in the hammock, and this has been the best for me, hands down. It's light, and compresses down small, which I like. It cradles my head perfectly, much like a feather pillow.

  • great pillow

    by Ryan – 20th Apr 2017

    the pillow is amazing and the customer service is was more than you could ever ask for

  • Comfortable pillow but don't get it wet...

    by Todd – 23rd Feb 2017

    I was hanging in some warmer weather and was sweating a bit, fell asleep in my hammock and awoke to a pretty nasty smell coming from the pillow. I noticed it was a bit wet with dew and sweat and boy did it stink. After it dried out it was fine. The shock cord is awesome and the stuff is about right, could use a little bit more, otherwise nice pillow.

  • lofty little fella...

    by Stephen Poole – 21st Feb 2017

    The perfect amount of Loft and support in a compact package. HG pillow has a great balance between size weight and fill making it first choice to nest harmoniously in my new Chameleon! Thanks, Hammock Gear!

  • Yes, Perfection!

    by Tommy M – 21st Feb 2017

    Nothing but praise for this awesome little pillow! Another product from Hammock Gear that is perfectly done and well made. Super soft, super light, super packable, supremely comfortable and with the extra feature of the removable attachment cord, well, PERFECT! I made an excuse to buy another one in a different color! :)

  • Perfection

    by Rick – 14th Feb 2017

    Just received my HG Pillow and the craftsmanship is perfect! I was surprised with how soft the fabric is. Haven't had it in the woods yet, but looking forward to trying it out soon!

  • Comfy Pillow

    by Chris G. – 7th Feb 2017

    I really like this pillow its super light and provides just the right amount of support for you neck while laying in your hammock.

  • Light, comfy and great price

    by Jeremy – 7th Feb 2017

    I was very impressed with this pillow due to its light weight and pack-ability. I leave this hooked to the ridge line in my WBBB XLC hammock and just roll it all up together in the stuff sack.

    The material it is made from is very soft and and the pillow is the perfect size for me. Quality is amazing, as is the norm for HG products!

  • awesome

    by Arthur k – 17th Jan 2017

    It's 100 times better than the one I had before tossed my other one. fits nice in my pack it does the job and won't fall out of your hammock if it does it won't hit the ground if set up write

  • awesome

    by Arthur k – 17th Jan 2017

    It's 100 times better than the one I had before tossed my other one. fits nice in my pack it does the job and won't fall out of your hammock if it does it won't hit the ground if set up write

  • Great addition to my sleep system!

    by Jason Alderman ($w1n6 5h!ft on hammock forums) – 7th Jan 2017

    Perfect hammock pillow! Great size, great loft and warmth, very soft and just enough neck support in the hammock. Shock cord keeps the pillow from migrating or falling to the ground when you get up. Packs down tiny with your top and under quilts, and adds quite a level of comfort to a night's sleep. After trying all the pillow "easy outs" from a thermal layer stuffed into one of its sleeves to a stuff sack full of laundry. This is what does the trick for me. If you don't care for noisy crinkeling sounds coming from your sleep gear this is one is nice and quiet. Nothing has worked for me as well as this little guy. No going back now.

    Thanks for a great product at a great price. Very well thought out and put together.

  • Awesome Pillow

    by Barbara – 23rd Dec 2016

    I love this little pillow. I made a lightweight flannel case for it and it goes everywhere with me. It is the perfect size and shape for hammock users. I also have an underquilt from hammockgear and absolutely love it as well. They truly care about their reputation and quality of work. You can't go wrong with this company. They are top notch! Highly suggest this pillow.

  • great little pillow

    by Unknown – 20th Oct 2016

    Great little pillow. It's small no doubt but just enough to keep weight down for backpack hammock camping. Great quality.

  • Comfy

    by Barry Garibaldi (Cajunracer) – 3rd Oct 2016

    Small but very comfy and light weight. Perfect to use on a backpack trip. I prefer a pillow to using clothes to sleep on. This is perfect for using in my hammock.

  • Completed my set..lol

    by Billy – 28th Sep 2016

    pretty good pillow, but before you take it out spray it with a spray to mask the factory smell. after i got it to smell decent then it worked pretty good, would rather it be stuffed a little more firm but i can throw some extra clothes under it to elevate it to fix that. I also requested camo on one side and orange on the other and they delivered and it looks great and matches my top quilt. I would recommend to anyone looking for one.

  • Comfortable and light

    by Chris – 6th Sep 2016

    This pillow is super light, takes up little room in the pack, and is very comfortable in the hammock. It is just what I needed. The shock cord attachment to keep it from falling out is nice too. Another winner from Hammock Gear!

  • Comfort Plus

    by Downhill n Quincy – 24th Aug 2016

    Since I was purchasing a quilt I thought I'd just buy a pillow as well. With the adjustable elastic cord I was able to place the pillow exactly where I wanted it and it stayed throughout the evening. Wonderful! Then I discovered it also helped me know if my hammock was level. If I was sliding off too high or to low I would know which way to adjust the head or foot of hammock. I enjoyed the pillow ever bit as much as my new quilt. Thank you Hammock Gear.

  • Awesome Pillow

    by Jeff Kincaid – 21st Aug 2016

    This pillow is outstanding. I've even been using it outside the hammock! You won't regret this purchase, and it's more downy goodness!

  • review

    by Unknown – 5th Aug 2016

    The hammock was very high quality something I wouldn't find at any store love the product

  • hammock gear pillow

    by Corie – 19th Jul 2016

    This is the third item I've purchased from hammock gear, I also purchased a under and over quilt in the 40 degree variety. These products are absolutely top notch. It may take a little longer to receive these items once you order them ,then compared to picking something from a store but it's definitely worth the wait.

  • Amazing

    by Mountnman – 15th Jun 2016

    I was hesitant at first and not sure why since all my quilts and tarps are Hammock Gear. I love this pillow! It is perfect! Not to thick, it's just right! I would highly recommend this product!


  • In a few words, please title your review

    by Steve – 19th Jan 2016

    Not too big, not too small. Just right for a hammock pillow.

  • Great pillow

    by Jeff Shelnut – 29th Dec 2015

    I got this pillow after trying many different things from clothes in a stuff sack to a down jacket rolled up. This pillow is perfect for a hammock camper.

  • good multi use

    by frank – 13th Nov 2015

    as a pillow i have to say it's pretty good, but where i feel it shines is as a little extra down where you need it most. the first time i used it i found it didn't really support my head well, but just enough to let you know there's something there. part way through the night i had a draft on my windward side, and just tucked in between myself and the side of my hammock, worked good. would probably work equally as well in the footbox i'm guessing, even though i haven't tried it. it's such a small item you really can't afford to not pack it along.

  • great stuff

    by Unknown – 22nd Oct 2015

    Awesome sauce! Quite comfy in the house and on the trail.

  • Great if you know what you're buying

    by Patrick – 19th Aug 2015

    I give this pillow 5 stars, because it perfectly accomplishes what it was made for. It was superbly comfortable when I napped in my hammock, and served as a great top layer for my ground-dwelling pillow (a bag of clothes). It really made my makeshift "pillow" feel more like what I use at home. Just be aware that this isn't really thick enough to use on it's own as a ground-dwelling pillow- that isn't what it's designed for.

    Great job once again, Hammock Gear!

  • Multi -use pillow perfection

    by Henry Hibbs – 26th Jul 2015

    Pillows are very critical to my sleep when backpacking...so I've become very picky. I have tried many ,many different types and combinations up to this point.I had no special expectations of these little down hammock pillows when I ordered 2 for our hammock packing trips in Alaska. I got them because I trust Hammock Gear's, Adam and team to produce well thought out high quality products. However...these pillows have become something I now use every day. As hammock pillows, they are perfect...they can be bunched up for necks...used flat for side sleep in my Warbonnet Blackbird hammock...and also used as the perfect soft finished top to any pillow . When tent backpacking I use a Sea to Summit Aeros premium pillow. It's super light, small ,and tall enough for side sleeping....but kinda firm and acts like all air pillows in the it's feel and movement. After I got the HG hammock pillow, I tried topping the Aeros with it and Wow!...perfect...the result; a tall firm pillow with a luxury soft top that fit's my ultra light needs. It doesn't get any better back in the woods. After such a great experience backpacking in Alaska with these pillows, my wife and I now sleep every night at home with these little jewels (pillows) on top of our normal bed pillows...it just makes for a super luxury feel when used on top of any pillow. The argon 67 fabric used to build the pillows with the down fill just feels great...that's the bottom line. This really has been the missing piece from my backwoods sleeping comfort. Thank you Adam, Harry and everyone at Hammock Gear for continuing making great gear available to us ! Between your Burrows, Incubators and now these pillows you have given me the most comfortable, luxurious nights in the woods... and at home, I've ever had.

  • Well made product

    by Flatlander – 23rd Jun 2015

    I haven't had a chance to use the pillow yet, but I can tell that it is a well made product. It is well stitched, and has nice loft. I can't wait to try it out on my next backpacking trip.

  • This is a gift

    by Fibby – 19th Jun 2015

    I got this as a gift for my boyfriend and he hasn't used it yet. Great craftsmanship and design. I love the elastic leash!

  • The only comfortable pillow for me

    by Sean P – 17th May 2015

    I've own four other pack able pillows that are a reasonable size to consider using for backpacking with a hammock. They all pack pretty small, most of them being inflatable. I don't hate any of them, but I really like this one. The others all move arounf a bit in the hammock and have to be repositioned multiple times each night. This one didn't require repositioning. Maybe that's because of the shock cord? It is the right amount of cusioning in the hammock for me, but that can be a very personal thing so your mileage may vary. It compresses down very small, being down. Now it wouldn't be of much use to a ground dweller, but is just right for me in a hammock.

  • Just what I needed

    by Stephen – 29th Apr 2015

    I never thought the shock cord would be my favorite part. It stays where it is needed all night. It is not too thick which is why I did not like the last two I tried. Perfect addition to my kit. If I lost it I would order again

  • A great addition to my set up

    by Patches – 12th Apr 2015

    Have used the pillow a few times and am very impressed with the comfort and insulation. I can place it under my neck and the pillow gives good support. Also under my head and the softness and insulation is great. Good stuff from your company. Thank you.

  • Its okay

    by Ashburn – 2nd Apr 2015

    I like to use products thoroughly before I use them, and I've been using this pillow every night for a month or so now in my 'mock. Its a decent pillow, very soft. I thought it was nicer the first night but after using it for a while I feel like its too thin. I would like to see twice as much loft in this as it compresses a lot. (I havent compreseed it at all for storage) Maybe I just have a heavy head idk. I also wish the shock cord was about 6" longer. Overall it seems to be a good quality pillow, but not $30 good.

  • Amazing Pillow

    by Tommy (Eagle) – 30th Mar 2015

    Perfect little pillow for hanging in a hammock. Perfect size and extremely comfortable and lightweight. Love It!!!

  • Just what I was looking for

    by zapatos – 24th Mar 2015

    I was able to test out my new pillow this weekend for use in my DD hammock. It worked great. It compressed to a very small size and is of course very light. It provided exactly the level of loft and comfort I wanted while in a hammock. Just for reference it would have been too small had I been sleeping on the ground, but for a hammock it was perfect. I am completely satisfied with this product.

  • Perfect!

    by hiker63@facebook – 11th Mar 2015

    Light weight, compact and comfortable. It's a perfect addition to my light weight sleep set. It's another quality piece of equipment from HG.

  • Awesome pillow

    by Unknown – 14th Feb 2015

    Nothing much to say. Pillow is awesome. It clips to your ridgeline so it stays in place, its warm and comfortable. They shipped it in woodland camo to match my quilts without me asking. Made everything even better! Thanks Adam!

  • just right

    by phoenixcustoms – 12th Feb 2015

    It's just the right amount of fill and perfect! Not much else to say really.

  • Awesome

    by AJay – 7th Nov 2014

    I don't mind adding 3 oz. of comfort to my pack. This pillow is perfect size and just the right amount of support. Another great product from hammock gear.

  • Soft and cosy

    by Magnus – 29th Oct 2014

    Takes up no pack space, perfect size and does the job very well

  • great comfort and insulation

    by Jeff (Bobwhite) – 28th Oct 2014

    This is a very functional pillow. It serves as good insulation and offers a small amount of support. I personally would like it to have a bit fill for thickness, but that might make it too warm. A removable, washable sleeve would also be a good idea, but that is easy enough to DIY. It comes with an adjustable length shock cord with a glove hook that allows you to attach it to the end of the hammock and adjust it to stay in place.

  • Awesome as usual !!!

    by Jeff (Brohawk) – 14th Aug 2014

    Excellent product like everything Stormcrow sells. The quality is great, Size is perfect, Fill is perfect & weight wont upset the gram weenies.

  • good pillow. great price!

    by fair-n- height – 11th Aug 2014

    I finally used the pillow for the first time last night. The pillow is very over stuffed. Its not gonna go flat on you. It is quite small which is fine. Depending on which way you turn it you can lay it behind your neck or the back of the head.
    Glad I purchased it.

  • Light, small, super-comfy.

    by RobFishMan – 24th Jun 2014

    Great, quality product and just what I was looking for to complete my hammock set-up. Size is great, not too big, not to small. Just the right amount of fill to be firm but comfortable. Comes with a ton of shock cord that needs to be cinched up quite a bit to find the right spot. Love this pillow!

  • nice and comfy

    by mark – 10th Jun 2014

    Used it last weekend, small but very comfy, another quality product from hammock gear .