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Hammock Gear Mesh Sleeve

Original Price:
$19.95 (You save $9.05)


The Hammock Gear Mesh Sleeve is 12 ft long, features a 1 piece design, and will cover your entire tarp up to 12 ft in length.  Whether it be Dyneema Fiber or Sil tarps, this sleeve will fit them all.

Materials available:  Mesh Material in Black


If you are looking for a quick, sleek way to deploy and store your tarp, you have found it!  Our Mesh Sleeve offers a great way to help dry out your wet tarp while out on the trail.  A sleeve also allows your tarp to be suspended above your hammock on those beautiful clear nights.  Should you feel a sprinkle or two, simply slide the sleeve off and deploy your tarp quickly before a potential downpour.





There are 22 review(s) for Hammock Gear Mesh Sleeve

  • Super light and works like a champ

    by Ron M – 17th Apr 2018

    This is really slick for setting up and taking down my 12' Warbonnet tarp. The mesh allows the tarp to air out if still damp, and once it is all in the skin, it still fits inside the original stuffsack. Love it.

  • Fantastic!

    by dmcelvy – 16th Apr 2018

    Perfect! Love my Mesh sleeve and prefer it over traditional snake skins.

  • Fantastically Fantastic

    by Davey baby – 12th Apr 2018

    Great snake skins that fit over my large kelty Noah tarp 12. Would highly recommend these and I like the mesh so it let's my tarp breath a bit. Thanks!

  • Just about perfect

    by Richard Bryan – 5th Apr 2018

    I like the mesh better than the silnylon skins, although they have their use as well. Most definitely these mesh sleeves make setup much, much easier. One aspect I haven't learned to love yet is that one end has a very narrow opening: perhaps one inch in diameter. For me this has limited the direction in which I can slide the sleeve and unfurl the tarp. I'd like the ability to pull the skins off the tarp in whichever direction is needed for my particular circumstance.

  • Awesome!

    by Will – 29th Mar 2018

    This tarp sleeve is awesome and lightweight! The one piece design is much easier to use than 2 piece options and eliminates that weird bulge you get in the middle of your tarp.

  • love it !!!

    by Unknown – 22nd Mar 2018

    I got 2 one for my hammock and the other for my tarp. Super slick it just slides with no issues and makes packing and unpacking easy.

  • Awesome product , you gotta have one !

    by Doug Day – 2nd Mar 2018

    Wow , so much better than a 2 piece sleeve, light and fast to cover my warbonnet superfly, my original 2 piece sleeve takes 2× as long to cover my tarp and then usually have the "belly" band in the middle ! Excellent craftsmanship , well worth every penny !

  • Love it!

    by Dutch McElvy – 1st Mar 2018

    The mesh sleeve works great. I like this so much better than the standard snake skins and really prefer the once piece design.

  • Works great on my 12 foot ridgeline tarp

    by Manhattan – 27th Feb 2018

    This is a great addition to my dyneema tarp with 12 foot ridgeline. I just roll it up and can still store it in the cuben fiber bag it cam in.


    by David Y – 26th Feb 2018

    This was so much better than my two piece. I have a Warbonnet super fly and it if it’s great. This was much faster to put away the tarp. I’m to clumsy to work a two piece quickly. I definitely recommend this sleeve.

  • Perfect for my HG quest tarp

    by cquist – 26th Feb 2018

    Forget the snake skins with the tarp bunching in the middle. This one piece sleeve is PERFECT. i love packing up in the morning with one fluid motion. You'll have just a bit of guyline hanging out, just stuff that thing in there. I then fold mine up a few times and pack it up with my dutch ridgeline. I will never have a regular tarp stuffsack again.

  • Mesh Tarp Sleeve

    by Unknown – 26th Feb 2018

    Just picked up this sleeve to pair with my warbonnet edge tarp. Simple enough to get the sleeve on when your tarp is hanging. Looking forward to using this in the BWCA this summer!

  • nice sleeve

    by Unknown – 8th Feb 2018

    Works great for my Superfly.

  • works even for hSeavier tarps

    by cam – 26th Dec 2017

    After ordering a less expensive (translation heavier) tarp, I didn't think I'd be able to find a snake skin that would work . Shug brought me here. I'm happy to report the snakeskin has more than enough room for my larger tarp. I'm excited to use it in the field!

  • super light weight

    by Unknown – 20th Dec 2017

    Having this makes putting and taking down your tarp super fast!!

  • A wonderful piece of Gear

    by gbolt on the trail. – 3rd Dec 2017

    I originally purchased the CF Sleeve for my Palace Tarp; however, I wanted the Mesh Material for use in more wet conditions. The mesh is my choice for a 2018 AT Thru Hike Attempt. This sleeve is very well constructed with one end tapered and the other end a Cinch method. This creates a unique and easy method to slip on or off the sleeve. This end is the reason why I only use Hammock gear Sleeves versus other “skins”. I love the sleeves no matter which material I decide to take on a trip.

  • Great addition

    by Dean – 12th Nov 2017

    I added this to my gear to contain a silpoly tarp I had. It works easily and really makes a nice improvement to handling and deployment of my tarp. Highly recommend this product.

  • good fit for any tarp

    by donzo – 24th Oct 2017

    One piece sleeve with ampeal size for tarp and all your lines just slide to one side and stake out just as easy to stole away remove stakes slide to side easy breezy

  • best tarp sleeve I have used

    by Josh Herod – 23rd Oct 2017

    This is a great piece of gear. Makes setting up and tear down a breeze. I would highly recommend this sleeve. I have used other sleeves in the past and never really liked them. This one is done right with the one end being smaller.

  • AwesomeUpgrade

    by Mike – 23rd Oct 2017

    Just received my mesh sleeve and after checking it out it is very well made.
    My tarp I’m using is a warbonnet mamajamba which I haven’t actually set up yet in the field but viewed allot of blogs and read reviews on using snake skin or mesh and just wanted to get prepared for my AT trip next month.
    The mesh sleeve went over tarp very easily even with the guy lines attached and rolled up. It Stuffed nicely inside the gear bag that came with the tarp. Still very light weight.
    Set up will definitely be easier in this configuration especially in windy conditions.

    Also Kudos to HG’s customer service when I had questions about this product. Thanks for an awesome product, definitely a great choice.

  • Works great

    by Paw_Paw_Drew – 12th Oct 2017

    Just came in today. I was hoping it wouldn't be oversized fit like a silnylon snake skin I have on a House Fly tarp I own. Upon arrival today I had to go out and string up my 12' Winter Palace. It fits perfectly. My only problem is I can't fit it back into the CF bag I was storing it in but I will trade that for a quick take down

  • Shed the skin... Mesh is great

    by Dabrains – 12th Oct 2017

    I have been using a snake skins in pairs (L and R) for my tarp management. There's always that point in the middle when the tarp bunches and you find yourself tucking line and tarp in the skins. Well get ready for a better idea. With this product you simply pull one tapered mesh sleeve from one end to the other and presto, tarp and lines are sorted. The mesh also eliminates the air pockets that have to be burped or milked out of airtight skins. This is a great product that just saves a little time and aggravation on the trail. Thanks HG.