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Hammock Gear Ridgeline Organizer



Our unique cuben fiber ridgeline organizer works well as an ultralight gear storage above your hammock.  At .57 oz (.75 oz in Argon), the organizer utilizes strong velcro to hang from your ridgeline and boasts generous pockets without compromising weight.  The front side is constructed with a mesh, one-pocket design to allow room for various items.  The back side introduces 3 cuben pockets to hold small items while maintaining resilience.  The middle is available as a compartment for shoving last minute gear or quick access in the dark.  It's built to last through many trips on the trail.




Weight:  .57oz (Cuben Fiber)

            .75oz (Argon)

Length: 15.75"

Height: 7.25"

There are 25 review(s) for Hammock Gear Ridgeline Organizer

  • Great Addition

    by Chris G. – 14th Mar 2017

    This is a great add on if your hammock didnt come with one. I really like the hammock gear one over others because you can put stuff on either side or it has a middle section. If you put heavy things on the sides it will bunch up but this doesnt happen when you put those items in the middle. I will definitely get another one of these when I buy other hammocks that dont have them.

  • Very versatile, insanely light

    by Unknown – 10th Oct 2016

    This thing is so small and light you won't even notice it in your stuff sack, but it has a ton of different sized pockets. Perfect for holding whatever you've got in your pockets, plus it can hold a beer perfectly upright!

  • Ridge line organizer to rule them all

    by Joe Andrews – 28th Jul 2016

    I started with typical "national brand" equipment and purchased their organizer as well. After my first few outings I realized weight is a big factor now. So toss the organizer. In an effort to extend my season beyond what my Phoenix 40 provides I took a chance on the Hammock Gear Ridgeline Organizer. Impressive!

    Hanging around camp I use it to store my Galaxy Note A and my smartphone on large pocket side. The other side has my Smartwater bottle in the center pocket, headlamp in a side pocket and loose pocket items in the final pocket.

    When it's time to pack up I leave it on the structural ridge line and stuff the fronkey style bug net, 11 ft Dutch hammock and Phoenix 40 all into a Dutch double ended stuff sack. The organizer adds nothing to that mix.


  • BOMB.COM!!!

    by Jason D. – 7th Jul 2016

    This thing is so legit! i bought a half-wit hammock from Dutch last year and fell in love with it. The only thing i wasn't a fan of, is that there's no where to put your stuff! (phone, headlamp, Bible, watch) So i bought this 2 weeks ago and have spent the last two weekends in the woods and can say that it's perfect. Super light weight, yet it holds all of the things i listed above. I couldn't be more happy with it. I'm going to buy one for my wife!

  • Not only an organizer but piece of mind

    by Paul C (Skeet) – 24th Jun 2016

    I bought this Ridgeline organizer for my girlfriend who is Type 1 Diabetic. The pockets are perfect for her supplies and emergency glucose so that she is not in danger in the middle of night and providing the access she needs in a diabetic emergency.

    Thank you Adam and the entire HG team for not only providing a lightweight ridge line organizer but a lifesaver.

    This piece of gear is very well made and is absolutely essential!

    All the best,


  • Perfect

    by Derek – 20th Jun 2016

    Not sure how I could improve this. Cuben Fiber is the lightest material I know. Has 4 good pockets to hold alot of stuff. The loops that afix to the ridge line have Velcro which makes it easy to attach and detach. Not sure what could be improved.

  • Perfect Organizer

    by Backpkmn – 13th Jun 2016

    As long as you have a ridgeline, you need this organizer! Great place to put your headlamp, phone, knife, whatever else you have with you. Easy to attach to the ridgeline. Double sided, and extremely useful! If you have a hammock with a ridgeline, buy this!

  • Just what I was looking for!

    by Kyle N. – 10th May 2016

    This organizer is perfect! Super lightweight, I just leave it attached to my ridgeline and pack it away with my hammock when I am done. Great for quick and easy access to essential gear (especially in the middle of the night). Thanks Hammock Gear!

  • light and out of the way

    by Ed – 10th May 2016

    Weight wise, the organizer is very light and sturdy. I am stashing those things I want close at hand with when hammocking down for the night. Items are easy to get to. In the past, I hate to find my phone, wallet, keys, lip balm , etc . missing in my hammock when I need them. My knife has always had the potential to damage the hammock sliding around on the Warbonett built in shelf. Now it is stashed in the ridgeline organizer and easy to retrieved in case of a bear attack.

  • Essential, light weight ridgeline organizer

    by Daniel R – 3rd Apr 2016

    This is one of my "essential" hammock pieces of equipment. It helps organize my needed gear and helps me feel at home in when I backpack.

    Well made and only $20!

  • great little organizer

    by Jeff – 13th Mar 2016

    This organizer is very light, well made and offers enough storage for all the essentials. The price is right and I couldn't be happier.

  • Plenty of room and light!

    by Steve – 23rd Feb 2016

    There is room for all the essentials, and it's very light.

  • Great Light Organizer

    by James M – 9th Feb 2016

    This is a very cool light weight ridge line organizer many pockets perfect for hold my phone, light, snack, IPad, book and other this and that good price and shipped out fast.

  • Great product

    by Phil – 1st Feb 2016

    Bought this as an after thought after ordering an UQ and I was surprised what a great little piece of gear this will be. I can interchange it with any of my hammocks and put the things I want in there. My blackbird and Netty have no organizers so this will be a great addition to my gear

  • Intro to Cuben fiber

    by Sean – 25th Jan 2016

    I bought this as a test to check out Cuben fiber and see if Cuben was my next step for upgraded tarp. I couldn't believe how light it was. I am extremely pleased with Cuben fiber and this organizer in general so the answer is yes, I will be ordering Cuben for my next tarp.

  • Great Ridgeline Organizer

    by Yoda – 18th Jan 2016

    Purchased this to replace/upgrade a smaller "free" organizer I picked up somewhere. The HG product is really light and really well made. Have had it in the field and it works exactly as advertised. Great buy.

  • Love it!

    by T.J. – 5th Jan 2016

    This organizer is just the right size, light weight, plenty of space and great quality.

  • Looked at them all...

    by Mike – 22nd Oct 2015

    I looked at so many organizers that seemed just wrong for my needs, then I came across the cuben organizer by HG. It is perfect for my needs, lightweight, roomy, and with small enough pockets for those little things.And as always, great pricing. Thanks guys!

  • perfect size

    by Unknown – 22nd Oct 2015

    This is the second organizer I've purchased from HG. Excellent quality.

  • Perfect!

    by unshavenman – 13th Oct 2015

    After researching organizers offered by various venders I pulled the trigger on the HG cuben fiber organizer, and it's absolutely perfect for my needs. As expected, the quality is excellent and the design is well thought out. Another great HG product and highly recommended!

  • Didn't know i needed one until i got one

    by James Anderson – 17th Aug 2015

    Up to now I have always just draped things over my ridgeline - headlight, socks, iPad, etc. I didn't think too much about actually organizing things until I came across the HG ridgeline organizer while ordering my TQ/UQ combo. While $20 may seem like a lot for a little added convenience, it is well worth it in terms of utility. Everything stays pit in one place rather than sliding around or falling off the ridgeline. The organizer compacts so small that I just leave it attached and cram it into the stuff sack along with the hammock. An awesome piece of kit that you don't know you need until you get one.

  • great piece of kit

    by Zane – 30th Jul 2015

    Light, functional, best on the market as far as I could find.

  • Super-light, well thought out, buy it!

    by Beast – 7th Jun 2015

    I looked at most of the ridgeline organizers available online - I liked the idea of velcro tabs, a horizontal water bottle pocket, mesh and solid pockets and lightweight. Oh, and a reasonable price. This organizer has it all, is priced better than anything similar for what it provides, is ultralight and works great. Took this out on the AT and it was the perfect way to keep stuff close at hand. Versatile and compact, your search is over! Buy this now!

  • This is the best ridgeline organizer I've used!

    by Ian D. – 30th Apr 2015

    This ridgeline organizer is easy to attach and the pockets are nice and big. I also love the middle / center pocket. Its great for storing a water bottle or sliding my fixed blade knife into. I've tried two other mesh style organizers from other companies but this one blows them all away and it's lighter too. I wish I'd just bought this organizer to begin with! Best $20 I ever spent on hammock gear!

  • Perfect, lightweight organizer!

    by Stephen Escallier – 28th Mar 2015

    Really nice piece of kit. Featherweight! Surprisingly spacious, the inner pocket can hold a large coke bottle sized object. A real steal at $20!