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Hammock Gear Whoopie Sling (Single)



Whoopie Sling (Single)

Highly adjustable, extremely strong and lightweight, whoopie slings are one of the best options for hammock suspension. Individually sold, so don't forget to order one for each end of your hammock!

Colors Available: Black, Green, Orange, Blue, Grey, and Yellow

Length: 72 inches

There are 10 review(s) for Hammock Gear Whoopie Sling (Single)

  • New Territory

    by Tim R – 16th Apr 2018

    I had never used whoopie slings until about a month ago, I am sold on them now. Thank you guys (and Dutch) for the knowledge and quality products.

  • great value. these whoopie slings are very well made and in attractive colors. they are of better quality than other whoopies I have rcvd. l

    by Barbara – 11th Mar 2018

    they are of better quality than other whoopies I have rcvd. like that they don,'t have a lot of extra length because I use them to hang between relatively short spaces.

  • Must Have

    by Steve – 12th Feb 2018

    The whoopie slings are a must have for any backpacker. The adjust so easily and quickly when setting up your hammock for the night. I have a 2 person hammock and love them. Hammock Gear is quick on shipping and customer service is exceptional.

  • favorite way to hang

    by Unknown – 26th Dec 2017

    I’ve looked around and these are the best value for a good product. I’ve used them for my hammock for a few months now and there are no signs of wear. I sleep in my hammock at least 2-3 nights every week.

  • Great Product

    by Unknown – 7th Jun 2017

    This made setting my hammock up easier and faster.

  • Great Whoopie Sling

    by Hiking Preacher – 15th May 2017

    I put them on my Bear Butt hammock and oh what a difference in how on a tree thanks

  • Great whoopie slings!

    by slider1 – 8th Dec 2015

    These are the first ones I've owned and they work very well. What you would expect from Dutch...quality.

  • Great item - great price

    by Michael Frueh – 11th Mar 2015

    Great item - I just wish they would list the rating of these slings. I have a 2 person hammock, and I'm not sure what load these are designed for...

  • Super easy adjustment

    by Seant456s – 12th Jun 2014

    These come very long (7 to 8 feet), I cut mine to two feet and replaced the rope at each end of my ENO Hammock with these Whoopie Slings. The weight and bulk of the Hammock is about the same as it was before, but I have two more feet on each end to reach out further for trees.... and I can adjust it and set-up way easier. With two more feet on each end I was confident enough to cut one foot off of each Tree Hugger to save weight and bulk. All together I added adjust ability, two feet of length, an easier set-up for a lighter and smaller package. Can't beat that!

  • fantastic

    by Josh – 28th May 2014

    these are awesome. There's no other way of putting it. light and versatile as anything, and I now can hang just about anywhere and all my suspension fits in the bag my hammock came in. These rule, and if you're on the fence about buying them do it. You won't regret it,

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