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HG Dyneema Fiber Dry Bags



HG Dyneema Fiber Roll Top Dry Bags

Made from 0.8 oz. per square yard Undyed Dyneema Fiber, our Roll Top Dry Bags will help keep your gear dry when out on the trail or on.  The bag itself is made with taped seams rather than sewing to avoid leakage.  The stiff grosgrain and center release buckles can help to compress gear and keep everything sealed up and water proof.  Avoid completely submerging your gear if at all possible.




Small Dry Bags are good for miscellaneous loose items and articles of clothing.

Medium Dry Bags will fit one of your Hammock Gear Quilts.

Large Dry Bags will fit 2 of your Hammock Gear Quilts, depending on temperature ratings. 

There are 10 review(s) for HG Dyneema Fiber Dry Bags

  • light weight

    by Wizard – 27th Jun 2018

    I'm definitely buying a few more.

  • Dry bags - Almost perfect

    by Unknown – 4th Apr 2018

    Super light and surprisingly durable. The HG dry bags are a great lightweight option for keeping your gear dry. I wish the dry bags had a round bottom. The rectangular shape never quite stuffs perfectly as the pointed corners are hard to fill and always left empty. I also found that the roll top strap and buckle (although extremely light), felt cheap and would twist and was difficult to get secure folds to make the bag water tight.

    Great product but I would take the weight penalty to add a better quality buckle and strap design and I would pay extra for the added craftsmanship required to make the bottom of the bag rounded.

    Other than that it performs as advertised. 3 stars!

  • Capacity Description Inaccurate

    by Unknown – 26th Feb 2018

    Ordered a 20° Incubator and matching 20° Burrow both with 1oz overstuff appx 3 years ago and both fit great inside my medium size Sea to Summit EVent Compression Dry Bag with room to spare.
    I was always intrigued by Cuben Fiber and knew I was eventually purchase a Hammock Gear Cuben Fiber(now Dyneema) Tarp w/ doors.
    I made the tarp purchase about a year ago and shortly there after was looking into snake skins.
    Enter this year and I sprung for a Hammock Gear Mesh Tarp Sleeve and also saw the HG Dry Bags.
    When I saw that according to the Specs the storage capacity of the corresponding Dry Bags, I jumped on the size recommendation accordingly, Large.
    While the Specs and description states TWO Quilts will fit (depending on temp rating) in a large, it's a extremely tight fit.
    I'm a little surprised Hammock Gear wouldn't have offered a one size fits all dry bag specifically for their quilts and smaller sizes for various other items and stated this accordingly.
    The two quilts claim is very optimistic, but not accurate.
    While it's doable, the fit is SO tight, the fear of the expansion of the quilts afterwards ripping the seams apart, resulting in failure is very real.
    There really needs to be a single designated dry bag, large enough to handle both a 0° Incubator, Burrow (plus up to at least 3oz overstuff) and pillow,that way the doubt, isn't any longer an issue. No matter what temp rating quilts you own.
    Hopefully a larger One Size Fits All dry bag, more specifically, wider, is in the works.

    Adam and the rest of the Hammock Gear team put out fantastic, top notch quality products, just a little bit more research and testing for the smaller items would be hugely beneficial for both customer and business.

  • Great set of bags!

    by Adam Soldo – 26th Feb 2018

    After using these bags for a few trips I want to report that these bags are amazing. They are extremely lightweight and keep water out. I use them for food, clothes, and some of my more sensitive electronics. Will be purchasing more soon! Very happy with this product.

  • Will definitely buy more

    by J-fish – 24th Jan 2018

    I use the 14L bag to pack my HG burrow20, HG down pillow, and a Warbonnet 20 degree lynx underquilt. They all fit perfectly with just a little bit of room to spare. You have to really compress the down and keep it compressed while you start to roll the top, then once I have a roll or two started it all try’s to expand back out. So then I push down on the top of the bag to fully compress the down while the air exits through one side of the top that I am holding loosely. Then once it is compressed as far as it will go I roll the top several times and clip it. The 8.5L I use for all of my clothing, I am able to fit my silk thermals, extra wool socks and injinji liners, fleece jacket, down vest, fleece beenie, and fleece gloves. Both bags are exactly what I was looking for to keep all of my gear organized and dry, and they weigh next to nothing. Very happy with these bags, I highly recommend them.

  • Best water tight bag

    by Unknown – 23rd Jan 2018

    I'm able to place a zero degree incubator, long length, wide, : and a 20 degree burrow, long and wide into one large dynema bag. It does take a little patience and I spin it like a bread bag in order to get it to stay sealed well and lock. Thumbs up!

  • High Quality - happy, but...

    by TRBE – 1st Dec 2017

    I bought the 14L bag to hold my Incubator 0 and Burrow 20. As the Description section says, "Large Dry Bags will fit 2 of your Hammock Gear Quilts, depending on temperature ratings." I was hesitant to drop $35 on the bag when I wasn't quite sure about the fit, but did it anyway. It's a TIGHT fit. If you don't compress them enough and get at least three folds before clasping the bag, the expanding down will unroll the top and start pushing out the end of the bag. It's work-able, but I wish they offered one larger size in the 18-20 liter range (same diameter as the 14L, but longer). I'm dinging one star because HG could do a little testing and update the Description with a table of what stock products fit well and what doesn't. The other improvement that they offer make would be to sew a stiff band into the roll top. It's just grosgrain - no plastic or fiberglass to help get the roll right or hold it in place.

  • ultralight, strong, waterproof, and a good value

    by JRinGeorgia – 8th Sep 2017

    I got one of these cuben/dyneema dry bags to use for food hang. I looked at several of the shops that make cuben sacks, and most of them were higher priced for a similar volume dry bag. The HG bag is well made and incredibly light.

  • Lightweight and Strong

    by Mike – 30th Jul 2017

    I was surprised by both the weight and strength of these bags. I ordered a small and a medium and so far both have held their own. I packed one with a lot of trail snacks, skittles are heavy!, and the there with clothes. Both did very well on a 4 day hike. Fortunately, I didn’t get to test their ability to withstand rain, but hey, they are dyneema!

  • Awesome bag!

    by Eric Taylor – 2nd Mar 2017

    I ordered the large dry bag the day they announced them on hammock forums. When I got it in I will admit I was a little nervous when the description said the large bag would fit 2 quilts depending on the degree of bag. I have two 20° quilts from HG with an ounce of overstuff in the incubator and 2 ounces of overstuff in the foot box and 1 ounce of overstuff in the rest of my borrow. I finally got around to stuffing my quilts in the large dry bag today and not only did the two quilts fit in the bag and was able to roll the top 2-3 times but I was able to put in my HG pillow also. Very happy with this bag