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HG Dyneema Fiber Dry Bags



HG Dyneema Fiber Roll Top Dry Bags

Made from 0.8 oz. per square yard Undyed Dyneema Fiber, our Roll Top Dry Bags will help keep your gear dry when out on the trail or on.  The bag itself is made with taped seams rather than sewing to avoid leakage.  The stiff velcro and clip top can help to compress gear in it and keep everything sealed up and water proof.  Avoid completely submerging your gear if at all possible.




Small Dry Bags are good for miscellaneous loose items and articles of clothing.

Medium Dry Bags will fit one of your Hammock Gear Quilts.

Large Dry Bags will fit 2 of your Hammock Gear Quilts, depending on temperature ratings. 

There are 1 review(s) for HG Dyneema Fiber Dry Bags

  • Awesome bag!

    by Eric Taylor – 2nd Mar 2017

    I ordered the large dry bag the day they announced them on hammock forums. When I got it in I will admit I was a little nervous when the description said the large bag would fit 2 quilts depending on the degree of bag. I have two 20° quilts from HG with an ounce of overstuff in the incubator and 2 ounces of overstuff in the foot box and 1 ounce of overstuff in the rest of my borrow. I finally got around to stuffing my quilts in the large dry bag today and not only did the two quilts fit in the bag and was able to roll the top 2-3 times but I was able to put in my HG pillow also. Very happy with this bag