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Incubator 40°




 73" (185cm)  78" (198cm) 83" (211cm)
 44" (112cm)  44" (112cm)  44" (112cm)
Fill Weight
6.6oz (187g) 7.0oz (198g) 7.4oz (210g)
Total Weight
16.4oz (465g) 16.8oz (476g) 17.2oz (488g)


Product Description

The ULTIMATE underquilt for guaranteed comfort... The Standard length Incubator 40° is long enough to generously cover most hammock campers up to about 6’ 2”.  With premium quality, 850 fill power Hungarian goose down, this underquilt will protect you in temperatures down to 40°! If you are looking for an underquilt that is light weight, hassle free and will allow you to enjoy your hammock on the chilly late spring/early fall nights, you have found it.

The Incubator comes with 9 anatomically contoured, differential cut baffles that run the length of the quilt. One of the things this construction technique does is to greatly reduce the shifting of goose down that is sometimes more noticeable in quilts made with premium goose down.  This is one of the reasons Hammock Gear quilts are always 15-20% overstuffed. The differential cut, contoured baffles also provide the highest level of fit which is critical to keeping warm.  

The Incubator comes complete with our state of the art shock-cord suspension system, Nite-ize #2 plastic "S" biners, and a stuff sack.


There are 11 review(s) for Incubator 40°

  • awesome 40° incubator.

    by Unknown – 2nd Apr 2014

    Didn't get to got on a trip yet. But I did set it up in 30° Weather and took 3 hour nap. Didn't feel cold at all. No cold spots. Very light weight. Very compact.

  • Extremely happy with my Incubator! (And service too)

    by Dave – 22nd Mar 2014

    Also with a Blackbird, I've used a Thermarest pad for 4 years. I live just North of New Orleans, so the coldest I've slept in the hammock was in the mid 20's. I ordered the 40 with an extra ounce as I typically sleep cold, and most of my camping won't be that brutal. Procrastinating 'til the last minute for an upcoming trip, I emailed Adam with a request to have the Incubator shipped within 4 days. No problem. Ordered Monday, had it in hand on Friday. Backpacking Saturday, the first weekend of March. First night in the 60's was quite comfy and almost too warm, second night got down to low 30's. Quilt worked great, lightened my pack, and a better night's sleep, just what I wanted. Thanks again for the great product and customer service.

  • Incubator 40°

    by Phillip – 21st Nov 2013

    WOW! Ordered on 14 Nov, at the door on 20 Nov. Another well crafted product from HG. I can't wait to put it to use. Thank you Adam, for the time you spent on the phone with me.

  • Custom 30 °

    by Jerry – 30th Oct 2013

    I ordered mine to be made as a 30° .Its Coyote brown M50 on the outside with white argon inside. I have used it so far down to 28° I added a couple of clips to kill side drafts it might be from my lay.
    It really is a work of art , warn and light. One of my favorite pieces of gear. I plan on using this for spring and fall. Adam is a pleasure to work with.

  • love my Incubator 40

    by bob wozniak – 7th Aug 2013

    Adam, I can't thank you enough for the quick delivery of 2 incubator 40's, your customer service is awesome. Equally impressive is the product, quality and functionality. I look forward to ordering more things from Hammock Gear

  • very nice

    by Megan – 3rd Jul 2013

    Used this in The Whites in NH and could not be happier. It stuffs down to be very compact. I got a shorter version since I'm only 5'5" and am well covered. I like the different color hooks to remind me which end is which.

  • Another exceptional product from Hammock Gear

    by Skygzr – 18th Jun 2013

    Getting older I am always looking to reduce my backpack weight so I can go further and do more. I had always used 3/4 underquilts including those from HG, but I could never get the orientation just right. I thought I would have to just continue to compromise, but I ordered a 40 degree incubator from HG out of M50 and now I have the best of both worlds. Lightweight and full coverage. Top if off with great customer service and it makes for an unbeatable combination.

  • Sweet warmth

    by Lee W. Oklahoma – 28th Apr 2013

    The 40* incubator is in my opinion a nearly perfect all season quilt. It has been my experience that the actual comfort rating is more like 25* or 30*. But I also use this quilt in warmer weather as well . All spring and into summer, then early fall/winter. 80* is the cutoff point for me unless its very windy. This quilt is a must for anyone who hangs year round and likes to do so in comfort. It's build very well and requires little adjusting. Doesn't sag late into the night, like some other brands, and will probably last my lifetime. You won't regret it...

  • Lightweight and extremely warm!

    by Brandon – 27th Mar 2013

    The incubator weighs virtually nothing. It packs up nicely and doesn't take long at all to decompress after unpacking. The 78"length ensures that your entire body is covered and warm. It attaches easily to my suspension. I love all of the extra d rings that were added to the sides, so that you can modify it to work in any situation. I would definitely recommend the incubator to all of my hanging buddies! An overall outstanding product!

  • Quality!

    by Jim in PA 3/22/13 – 22nd Mar 2013

    Heard nothing but good comments and reviews about Hammockgear, it made my decision to buy my first underquilt easy. The hard part was which to get! I decided on the 40° incubator since most of my camping is around the summer months. I did get 1 oz. overstuff just for a little added warmth, I had already placed my order when I decided on the overstuff so I emailed them and they changed my order no problem! The great customer service and the quality craftsmanship should make Hammockgear an easy choice for anyone!

  • High Quality Quilt

    by WD – 12th Feb 2013

    After a year of cold-butt in my Blackbird, and multiple failures of pads and home-made underquilts, I bit the bullet and purchased this Incubator 40. It fits great, is easy to adjust, and the anatomical shape is perfect - it really fits like a glove. I'm glad I got the full length (no more messing around with a separate pad for my feet that can shift) instead of the 3/4. I've slept a couple of nights that got down into the low 60's, and felt no cold spots. If you have a hammock, do not hesitate to purchase the HG Incubator. It oozes craftsmanship, performs as claimed, and is a great value.