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Incubator 40



Hammock Gear Under Quilts

Frequently Asked Questions

Goose down under quilts have proven to be, without question, the preferred choice for insulating the underside of the hammock. Due to super light weight, compressibility and versatility, they outshine the alternatives by a landslide. Their thermal efficiency has allowed brave campers to push the boundaries of cold weather hammocking. Virtually every hammock camper has experienced - through his or her learning curve, the dreaded CBS, or "Cold Butt Syndrome". And virtually every owner of an under quilt has effectively learned how to avoid it. Once you have experienced a down under quilt, you will "never go back".

Hammock Gear provides a full-length under quilt - the Incubator, and a 3/4-length under quilt - the Phoenix. They are known by many to be the most effective on the market today. One of the primary reasons is this: the Incubator and Phoenix are the only commercial under quilts designed with a contour which mimics the shape a person makes when they are laying in a hammock. One of the added benefits of this construction technique is that it leaves a "flap" of fabric along the top and bottom of every down filled chamber. This extra fabric acts as a "floating baffle" which stabilizes the down and helps prevent its shifting. Another reason our UQ's are popular is this: they contain the ideal amount of down Stability - the down stays put when it should, but the design allows for enough manual shifting of down when necessary.


Quilt orders placed on or after 8/16/2018 have a lead time of approximately 4 weeks to ship.  Lead time is subject to change.

All of our quilts ship with a 24" x 36" Storage Sack and Stuff Sack for backpacking.


About the Incubator 40˚

The ULTIMATE underquilt for guaranteed comfort... The Standard length Incubator 40° is long enough to generously cover most hammock campers up to about 6’ 1”.  With premium quality, 850 fill power DWR Treated Grey Goose Down, this underquilt will protect you in temperatures down to 40°! If you are looking for an underquilt that is light weight, hassle free and will allow you to enjoy your hammock on the chilly late spring/early fall nights, you have found it.

The Incubator comes with 9 anatomically contoured, differential cut baffles that run the length of the quilt. One of the things this construction technique does is to greatly reduce the shifting of goose down that is sometimes more noticeable in quilts made with premium goose down. This is one of the reasons Hammock Gear quilts are always 15-20% overstuffed. The differential cut, contoured baffles also provide the highest level of fit which is critical to keeping warm. The Incubator comes complete with our state of the art shock-cord suspension system, Nite-ize #2 plastic "S" biners, and a stuff sack.

Goose Down

Hammock Gear is committed to providing down products that meet RDS (Responsible Down Standard).  RDS certifies that geese and ducks are treated ethically (no live plucking or force feeding) and the down is traceable back to the source.  Both our Premium and Economy quilts use down that meets the Responsible Down Standard. For more information visit: http://responsibledown.org/


Compression Size


The Stuff Sack we ship with this quilt is approximately 4.5 liters, but due to the nature of goose down, it can be compressed further with an aftermarket compression stuff sack.  We do not recommend keeping the quilt compressed for more than 24 hours.  The quilt should be stored in the cotton storage bag provided, when not in use.


Under Quilt Advantages

Chances are you are already aware of the advantages of goose down under quilts. To summarize: 

  • thermal efficiency
  • weight savings
  • volume savings
  • ease of use & adjustment (especially compared to a pad)
Adjusting a HammockGear Incubator Full Length Underquilt (09:53)
Hammockgear....http://www.hammockgear.com Incubator Underquilt....http://www.hammockgear.com/incubator-20/ I have been wanting to do a video on how to adjust and fit a full length Hammockgear Incubator underquilt. So, I finally got a custom one made so now I can show. It pains me when folks struggle to get the proper fit on a UQ. Hammock camping has a lot of moving pieces and insulation underneath is where most folks fail. My opinion is that UQs are the most difficult part of a hammock system for most people. Hope this gives some helpful insight. Whoooooo Buddy)))) Shug
  • Adjusting a Ha...
    Hammockgear....http://www.hammockgear.com Incubator Underquilt...
  • The Hammock Ge...
    Hammock Gear's underquilt has been insulating hammockers for y...
Incubator 40˚ShortStandardLong
Fill Weight6.0 oz7.0 oz8.0 oz
Total Weight14.7 oz16.15 oz17.49 oz


We utilize the finest 850 fill power, water-resistant goose down on the market in all of our quilts. It is tested and certified by the International Down and Feather Testing Laboratory.



All Premium Hammock Gear quilts are made of ARGON fabric. All ARGON fabric is specifically designed ripstop nylon which is manufactured for Hammock Gear. We offer both 10 and 15 denier weights with certain colors only available in one or the other. ARGON 67 (10d) weighs 0.67oz/square yard while ARGON 90 (15d) weighs 0.90 oz/square yard. If you pick an Argon 90 material, add 0.75 oz per shell to the final weight It has a Durable Water Resistant (DWR) finish. The DWR not only improves the water resistance of ARGON , it also enhances the fabric by improving overall strength, tightening the weave and thus increasing its down-proofness. Calendaring of the fabric further enhances the down-proofness of the quilt.

  • Black - Argon 67 (10 denier)
  • Black - Argon 90 (15 denier)
  • Charcoal Gray - Argon 90 (15 denier)
  • Burnt Orange - Argon 67 (10 denier)
  • Bright Yellow - Argon 90 (15 denier)
  • Purple - Argon 90 (15 denier)
  • Cobalt Blue - Argon 90 (15 denier)
  • Brick Red - Argon 90 (15 denier)
  • Hunter Green - Argon 67 (10 denier)
  • Dark Olive Green - Argon 90 (15 denier)
  • Cinnamon Brown - Argon 67 (10 denier)
  • Coyote Brown - - Argon 90 (15 denier)
  • Woodland Camo - Argon 90 (15 denier)


All of our under quilts make use of baffle (also known as "box baffle") construction. This means that the seams between the down-filled chambers are not sewn through, but instead consist of a fabric wall about .75 to 3 inches tall, depending on the model.


Temperature Ratings

At Hammock Gear, we use temperature ratings which are very conservative. Compare them in the marketplace and you will agree. Here is a point we wish to emphasize: the first and most important step you must take when choosing an under quilt by temperature is to Know Thyself. Are you a Cold sleeper, a Warm sleeper, or maybe a Really Warm sleeper? Factor this into your selection process and you will be much better off. With under quilts, the more you experiment, the more you will dial this in.

There are 71 review(s) for Incubator 40

  • My wilderness brother loves it!

    by Unknown – 16th Jul 2018

    My brother needed a custom insert and asked for this for his birthday. He spends endless times outdoors year round in 30-40 degree nights, and he's extremely difficult to please when it comes to gear. He loves this though, and I won sister of the year award in return. Highly recommend.

  • Warm Warm Warm

    by Rico – 14th Jun 2018

    I used this on the AT approach trail as well as the trek to Neels Gap. The Incubator 40 gave me consistent warmth from night to night and I never had to worry about it. I was able to adjust it according to multiple scenarios to control the warmth levels. It also packed away to make a small footprint in my pack. This thing is just solid from the construction to its performance. I will forever be a Hammock Gear guy!!! Thanks HG for an amazing product!!!

  • love it

    by APRIL MARTIN – 7th May 2018

    Same color I wanted, so soft, I love it, can't wait to test it out!!!!

  • The STAR

    by MelissaDub – 30th Mar 2018

    <a href=https://alitems.com/g/1e8d1144947cf271b95a16525dc3e8/>Aliexpress</a> - your star sales...

  • Perfect for a hammock

    by Trekkingbeaver – 8th Mar 2018

    This is my third incubator. Hammock Gear under quilts, top quilts, and tarps keep my wife, daughter, and self warm and dry.

  • Easy to adjust / great customer support

    by Mike Taylor - TreefrogMT – 6th Jul 2017

    Customer service got this to me quickly and communicated throughout the process and answered all my questions promptly!
    I took the Incubator 40 out of the box and put it to my pack.. Went on a 4day 3night hike in Tennessee on the Appalachian Trail!
    Temps only got down to 50 and I was not cold nor hot. This quilt is so easy to adjust, I hooked it up and adjusted it to stay high and tight on the left side where I put my head (so it always covers my shoulder). I did the same for the foot end on the right.. Warm feet!
    Thanks Hammock Gear for another superior quilt?

  • Super cool

    by Andrew Stammen – 7th Jun 2017

    Awesome design, hugs your body without crushing the down. The materials seem nice, the down too. My first time using it was very wet outside, and it dealt with rain splash like a champ. I want to figure out a way to rig it without the hardware though. I've used it on 6 weekend or longer trips, it has held up fine so far.

  • good

    by Rich – 7th Jun 2017

    The quality of material and manufacturing is very good.
    Setting up is quick and rather simple. It has not been cold enough since its July to run it through its comfort paces. I am expecting to be disappointed.

  • Great product and service

    by Keith – 28th May 2017

    I waited until I thoroughly tested to leave a review. These guys took the time to answer all of my dumb questions before I ordered. I ordered a 40° with 2oz of over stuff. I have a hennessy expidition and had been using a pad. The incubator exceeded all expectations, no more pad for me! Quality is amazing, fits well and is extemely light. Took about 1 week from order to on my front door. Will definitely be ordering a matching top quilt soon.

  • Really comfortable

    by Devin B – 23rd Feb 2017

    I used a pad before buying this underquilt. The difference is amazing. This took less than 2 minutes to adjust, and comes with everything needed. There are no more cold spots and no fiddling in the middle of the night. It also feels like a high quality item, and looks the same.

    I'm 6' 2" and the standard covers my head and feet. I use it under a Hennessy zip.

    I ordered on Sunday and it showed up Saturday the same week. It was well packaged. The stuff sack works well. The storage bag is cool too.

    I'll definitely be getting a matching top quilt at some point.

  • final answer...

    by sdstark49 – 29th Oct 2016

    I've try about a dozen different things to deal with CBS. Each have had marginal success. The incubator 40 I got a couple of weeks ago kept me toasty in Shenandoah National Park on the night it went below freezing and left frost on the ground in the morning. It also worked well the following night when it was a balmy 35 with 20 mph winds. Should have gotten this first and saved myself a lot of hassle and expense.
    Also, it was delivered AHEAD of schedule and allowed me to add a few extra days to my trip.

  • What else can I say?

    by Mark Blanchard – 24th Oct 2016

    ^^^ I agree with them!^^^

  • Well made, great quality quilts!

    by KiwiMark – 17th Oct 2016

    I love my Incubator 20, so warm for winter camping, too warm in summer though. I love my Incubator 40 for summer camping.
    It is so nice to own a good quality underquilt for warmer or colder weather, camping just gets better when you have the right gear!
    Thank you HG for providing the well made gear that makes my life more comfortable!

  • In a few words, please title your review

    by Your Name – 12th Oct 2016

    I practiced slept in my under quilt and top quilt before my 3 day backpacking hike. I will never go back to a sleeping bag in a hammock. The top quilt gave me so much freedom of movement and the under quilt kept me warm on the backside as it contributed to the freedom of movement I want and need in a hammock as I shift around in the night!

  • WARM

    by Dave Gregg – 7th Oct 2016

    Thanks for the Incubator 40 + 1 oz. Over stuff ! Took it out last weekend and slept plenty warm in 40 degrees even in the Cloudcroft, NM. I got the short model, and it"s perfect for me at 5'9". It goes above my head and below my feet for full coverage. I paid the extra cash for the multicam to match my Dutch half wit and SLD asym tarp and it matches perfectly. The workmanship is second to none. It just works so much better than my DIY P.L.U.Q. I'm glad I bought it. Oh and best for last - customer service is GREAT. I had my quilt in a week. I said I was going on a trip they put the rush on at no extra charge. THANKS

  • Missing piece to the hangin puzzle

    by Darin Kramer "Bansai" – 3rd Oct 2016

    Thanks to H.G. For super speedy service and the high quality of product. Just got my incubator 40 in a few weeks ago. Went with 90 den on outer shell and 67 on inside. I'm 6'1" and the standard fits perfectly ( As well got 40 burrow, standard,fits like a glove). Set up hammock with U.Q. and T.Q. and hung out for the night. Temps got to 38 degrees with light wind. With top light weight and bottom med weight base layer, wool socks and beanie I was and stayed absolutely warm and comfy. Had one issue with U.Q. Around 3:30am. Being my first time out and new to hanging I did not secure my quilt properly so it slide down under my shoulder. One quick fix and it was back to counting peaks or sheep. Whatever ales you. Didn't go with any extra stuffing just the basics and it worked out great. Now I know that 40 degree rating DOES get me down to 40 degrees.

  • Perfect

    by Unknown – 27th Sep 2016

    First trip coming up. Looks to be first rate contruction. Excellent materials as well. Can't wait Linville Gorge.

  • Exactly What I Needed!!

    by Justin S – 30th Aug 2016

    i went for an Incubator 40 overstuffed with an extra ounce to get me just above freezing. First off, I wasn't planning on getting an underquilt just yet but my friend with one ended going backpacking the same weekend as I was. I put in the request with less than two weeks and HG got it out to me in 1. Excellent customer service and great to work with! Second, the UQ itself is great quality, comfortable and worked perfectly. I took it out over a three night trip, temperatures got down to low 40's. I was comfortable all night long with nothing but a light blanket on top thanks to the UQ. Held up great, packs great and looks great. Couldn't ask for anything better.

  • Like sleeping in a clound

    by Jeanette – 5th Jul 2016

    I have now purchased two of the underquilts, the first one is a 20 degree and the second is a 40 degree incubator. I love love love my underquilt. the quality is excellent, the ease of setting up makes hammock camping a quick setup, the fit on my Warbonnet Blackbird is perfect. I sleep very comfortable and warm in my hammock not cold butt ;-), On both purchases I had a deadline and the guys at hamnmock gear got them to me timely they are so amazing in there customer service. Highly recommend. I never thought i would like sleeping in a hammock so much.

  • Quality, Quality, Quality

    by Your Name – 28th Apr 2016

    Once again I am thrilled with the outstanding workmanship of Hammock Gear products. My new Incubator is no exception. I used a Phoenix underquilt on my AT thru hike and it saved my butt in some serious weather conditions. This Incubator should prove to be a perfect quilt for less lightweight trips. Paired with my new cuben fiber asym tarp I am ready for new hammock adventures.

  • Light, Warm, Badass

    by Dillon Scherer – 27th Apr 2016

    Went down south just last week. Weather was supposed to be warm at night and I thought about not packing it in my pack...but with how light it was I said what the heck and packed it. I am very glad I did because the temperatures at night dropped a bit and it was very windy, but the incubator did just that. I was warm all night. Im tall so i got the long which was nice for the added warmth at my feet and head. Would and probably will be getting another product from these guys in the future. A+

  • Excellent quality and performance.

    by Jared – 25th Apr 2016

    I've been hammock camping for about 3 years now...I can't believe I have waited this long to purchase an under-quilt. I shopped around quite a bit before pulling the trigger on the Hammock Gear Incubator 40. Although it was priced a bit higher than I wanted to spend...it seems like it is priced very competitive compared to other higher end quilts. After receiving it and getting a chance to use it...all I can say is wow! It's impressive in quality of workmanship, and in performance. The quilt is rated at 40 degrees. This past weekend the temps dipped into the low 40's and quilt kept me very comfortable. I didn't even zip into my sleeping bag...I just used it like a blanket. This is a fantastic under-quilt...and I see a top quilt purchase in my near future.

  • Best I own

    by Big B. aka. Soggy Bottom – 21st Apr 2016

    I used the same subject line for my top quit review and they are spot on! I own this 40 and the 0 degree incubator. They work great on the WBBB XLC and Ridgerunner and all my various travelers.

    I only own one other brand of underquilt, Jacks R Better. My JRBs works good. I didn't realize their downfalls until I got my HG. The JRBs are sewn along the width. This tends to have the down migrate twords the center of the quilt. The HG is sewn along the Length keeping the down in place all night. Keeps warmer and doesn't sag like my JRBs.

  • Absolutely outstanding

    by caverdave – 23rd Mar 2016

    I have purchased 4 overquilts and 4 underquilts from hammock gear. Every one of those purchases has been the highest quality with the best customer service. I am Grateful for their efforts in providing me with such a high quality product. I've also purchased two cuben fiber tarp and again the same is true for that purchase as well.

  • Outstanding

    by Dave NC – 17th Mar 2016

    This is my first under quilt. I chose the incubator 40 because of the reviews on this site. I don't have anything to compare it to but I am very please with my choice. The over all quality of the quilt is outstanding. A couple of things stand out for me. One is the suspension. Two is the immediate warmth. It is unbelievable, as soon as you lay down in your hammock you can feel it.

  • Outstanding workmanship

    by Jeff Creamer – 14th Mar 2016

    I purchased my Incubator 40 under quilt about a year ago and have waited until I put it through plenty of use to leave a review. First of all, this is my 5th under quilt from various cottage manufacturers. It is without question the best quality. This is primarily due to the suspension set up used by hammock gear. The suspension is so customizable that I think it could be used on just about any hammock. I have a blackbird and this quilt fits it like a glove. While it is rated to 40*, I have been comfortable down just below 40 (37*). I am a cold sleeper and was surprised at the level of warmth. I plan on selling some of my other under quilts and purchasing a 20* soon. Thanks guys for excellent work!

  • Top quality underquilt!

    by Steven – 10th Mar 2016

    I haven't had the chance to use it yet. The quality is great. There seems to have been a lot of thought put into this quilt. I will definitely purchase a top quilt from Hammock Gear when I get the money.

    Also military friendly, always a plus!

  • A Work of Art

    by John – 2nd Mar 2016

    The incubator 40 standard with 2 oz overstuff.
    Easy to attach to my lightweight Hummingbird Hammock single+.
    I'm 64 years old and I do like packing light. I've only tested this underquilt down to 38 degrees but with a 5-10 mph breeze. My backside was plenty warm, I'm a cold sleeper, though, so I've ordered a burrow 20 top quilt to hopefully take me down to 25-30 degrees. which is my goal for Colorado high county hanging for late spring through early fall. If the burrow 20 is the same quality as the incubator, then I will be, what they call, a really happy camper. This is a lightweight, well made, my best piece of gear, underquilt.

  • Incubator 40 w/2oz. over fill at 21 degrees

    by Adlai – 30th Jan 2016

    The Incubator 40 with 2 oz. of overfill was added to the last piece of my hammock “kit” that arrived last week. A Burrow 20. That day the predicted lows here was 21 degrees so why not test both together. I loaded the UQ and TQ on and in a Dream Hammock Dangerbird with the over cover in place. I do have but did not use an UQ protector during the test. I was sleeping in an alpaca cap and socks and a waffle top and waffle bottom. The wind was about 5 mph from the northeast. The quilts did their job as expected. I could feel a general coolness on my back until the wind went calm about 2:30. I suspect that the UQ protector would have taken care of that because as soon as the wind calmed I was comfortable the rest of the night. An incubator 20 would have also taken care of the coolness. It stayed 21 degrees for about 5 hours. Topsides were very comfortable and I expect the Burrow 20 would have handled temps to the teens with no problem; however, I do not think I would push the Incubator 40 any lower. Fit and finish on both quilts is excellent and communication from the folks at hammock gear was right on. This UQ came in is less than a week after being ordered even with the 2 oz. additional fill. Thanks for the great service.

  • First experience with an underquilt, couldn't be more pleased!

    by Patrick F – 27th Oct 2015

    I've been eyeballing underquilts for quite some time but was always nervous about taking the plunge, too afraid of getting away from my pad in case I had to go to ground. I finally made the swap with this quilt and after a few nights of slight adjustments, I dialed it into the most comfortable night I've ever had in my hammock. Great underquilt at a very reasonable price.


    by John from Lancaster Pa – 20th Oct 2015

    So this thing is amazing and true to form. I was so impressed with the turn around time on my order! It took less than 2 weeks to get to me and I was expecting way longer. I opened it and inspected the quilt thoroughly and wasn't disappointed one bit. At first I noticed the color of the Woodland camo pattern and it was great! It very very closely matches the pattern and color of my Dutchware 10' woodland camo hammock. Then I looked over all the seams and how everything lined up and had nothing bad to say at all. I mean things were where they should have been and all the stitching looked impeccable! I've had my Incubator for 2 weeks now and I have taken it out on the trail these last 2 weekends and once in my back yard just to test it when I first opened the box. The lowest temp we've seen here in Central Pa in the last 2 weeks was around 29 at night and I WAS NOT COLD and slept soundly and comfortably thru the night. I am impressed with my underquilt very much so that I am ordering the topquilt to match and will most likely order the 0 degree series for next year's winter for my trips to out west. Thank you guys for knocking it out of the park on this one!!

  • What the end of the day needs...

    by FatherGoat – 22nd Sep 2015

    Best night I've ever had in a hammock was the first night I slept on my new Burrow 40. There isn't much for me to say that hasn't been said already - top notch product from a top notch company.

  • Incubator 40 with 1oz overfill

    by Unknown – 20th Aug 2015

    Really like this UQ, it attaches at the ends of the hammock so you have but 2 caribeaniers to install it. Also mounting it this way allows you to move it to one side of the hammock on warm/hot nights. If you wake up later and are getting chilled just reach under and pull it around you and never leave the hammock. Only thing I was disappointed with was my color choices Cinnamon and Coyote. They are almost identical in bright light and impossible to tell apart in the dark. So pick colors that contrast more if this is important to you.

  • Awesome product

    by Thijs – 25th Jul 2015

    I bought this UQ together with the TQ and a pillow and I have to say, I was amazed how small and light the box was that it came in. I could even stuff the pillow in one of the stuffsacs. I was a little concerned that it might be bulkier than my previous set up but it totally isn't. I have a small 30 litre backpack and now my complete system (hammock, tarp, UQ and TQ) takes only half of that space. This is ultralight with no concession in comfort. Thanks HG!

  • 30* Incubator

    by ibgary – 22nd Jul 2015

    I like. This is my 3rd UQ and my favorite. My 1st was a synthetic 3/4 length and it works fine.
    Next came a 7/8 length down UQ. Very nice, quite happy with it.
    About two weeks ago I received the incubator. At first I thought it was to narrow, but after fitting it to my quilt and making adjustments I decided the quilt was the perfect size. I also found the adjustment system to the the fastest and easiest of the three quilts I have.
    I slept with the quilt two nights last week.

  • First Class!

    by Jim Black – 26th May 2015

    I purchased a top quilt prior to purchasing this bottom quilt. The bottom quilt is of the same high quailty materials and construction. It kept me warm during my last outing. Low temperature in the fifties and a torrential downpour all night long. Seven inches of rain to be exact. In the morning I was warm and dry, ready to hike another ten miles, which turned into 16!
    I am so happy with both of my purchases that I ordered a Cuban Fiber tarp from these wonderful people.
    You can't go wrong here!

  • Superb Performance

    by Brandon in Montana – 26th May 2015


  • top notch

    by joe – 30th Apr 2015

    This is a top notch company, great customer service, great craftsmanship and quality, super fast shipping considering the quilts are made by the order. And all that for a great price. I don't think you can beat hammock gear. As for the tempature range it seems spot on. I'm normally a cold sleeper but this quilt keeps me toasty I've not had it past the rating yet though.

  • Incubator 40

    by Gary – 18th Apr 2015

    Got this in the mail a week or two ago. I ordered with 2 oz overstuff. Came quickly, quality looks great, very light and packs relatively small compared to a sleeping bag. I will be trying it out very soon with my Warbonnet Blackbird XLC and i'm stoked! Had sent an email before purchase asking questions and got a quick reply, quality company!

  • News Flash. Hammock Gear owner is Clairvoyent

    by Earle – 15th Apr 2015

    I placed an order for an Incubator 40 with 1 oz of overfill on April 1st from Northern Ontario, Canada. I don't know how you folks did it...Was hanging from my hammock on April 13th. WOW!!!
    Its like you read my mind when I was contemplating ordering and had it ready to go when I hit the order button.
    Quality was awesome as always. My partner loves her new Incubator 20 that I purchased 3 weeks ago. Thanks for the great service and fantastic workmanship.

  • amazing quality and workmanship

    by Unknown – 2nd Apr 2015

    Outstanding product. As soon as I opened the stuff sack I could tell the quilt was top notch quality. Cannot wait to get many years of comfort from this quilt.

  • So much warmth in such a lightweight quilt

    by Pat in GA – 23rd Mar 2015

    What a quality product at an outstanding price. I wanted to wait until I had actually used this underquilt in the field before I gave my opinion and I wasn't disappointed. Super lightweight and it keep in nice and warm in the North GA mountains. I love it!

  • Superior Underquilt!!

    by Josh Jonas – 16th Mar 2015

    I decided to order a HG under quilt based on some reviews and research over at hammock-forum.net and I have to say, this is one fine product. So much so, that I've decided my next purchase will be one of their cuben fiber tarps. The quilt exudes craftsmanship and quality. You can tell that someone who cares about their product and reputation crafted this quilt. I just got through using it on a section hike of the AT and woke up the first morning to 22 degree weather and was quite comfortable. I got the 40 degree quilt with 2 oz. of overstuff and am very pleased with my decision. I highly recommend Hammock Gear as well as this quilt!!

  • Yet To Use

    by Jim from Ohio 1-15 – 21st Jan 2015

    Very fine construction ; lofty and light! Haven't had a chance to use it yet but will write back when I do. Looks like the 40* Incubator will fulfill my needs! Thanks Adam & Jenny!

  • Very Nice under quilt

    by ED – 19th Jan 2015

    I ordered the incubator 40. I live in FLA and usually go backpacking and camping in the summer months out west and hammock camping in the winter months in the SE. Did not need much more than the 40. Build quality is excellent. I have a Western Mountaineering sleeping bag that I use when I go tent camping out west. I liked the under quilt so much that I ordered a Borrow 40 to use when hammock camping and in lew of my sleeping bag when I am tent camping to save some weight and room in my backpack. Enjoy!

  • warm and toasty

    by Unknown – 30th Dec 2014

    Great contour, ease of use and insulation make this quilt a no brainer.


    by Unknown – 13th Nov 2014

    I purchased the Incubator 40 with 2 extra ounces of down to make a 30 degree Underquilt. I spoke with Adam who advised he would also increase the thickness to allow for the added down. The quality of everything about the quilts is amazing. It fits my Hennessy Explorer Deluxe perfectly. It is very easy to attach and adjust and the warmth is felt just moments after laying in your hammock. I asked my wife to get in the hammock while I adjusted the Underquilt (outside temp was about 40 degrees) and after about 2 or 3 minutes, I unhooked one end of the Underquilt without her knowledge, and she felt the chill immediately. I ordered the outside in camo, with olive green on the inside and it looks great. It is very light, compresses very well, and is incredibly warm. I also purchased the Burrow Top Quilt in the same specs and was equally impressed. I am perfectly warm in my hammock with the Underquilt and Top Quilt @ 40 degrees outside temp. In the same hammock at 52 degrees with a 30 degree sleeping bag, a under pad, and a ponch liner, I was much miserable. A Top Quilt and Underquilt are by far a better solution, and after checking many places, Hammock Gear is the best.

  • Beyond Expectations

    by Brandon – 5th Nov 2014

    I knew this underquilt was going to be awesome, but it went beyond my expectations! Not only does it block the elements, but you can feel the warmth form the quilt just by lying down in it. Also, the system for hanging this under your hammock is very straight-forward and easy to get setup snugly with your hammock. This makes a huge difference for using my hammock in cold weather, a great purchase.

  • First season with my Incubator 40 and I love it!

    by Shannon Brooks – 9th Oct 2014

    I've been using the Incubator 40 since early 2014 and after my first season I have to say it's a great UQ! I was really surprised when it game already setup with Dutchware and have to say it's been fantastic. The alternate color clips really make it easy to know which end is which.

    I've had this UQ down to 30°F and it's worked well. I am a warm sleeper and wore extra layers, but the quilt did the heavy lifting and I was very happy with it's performance!

  • On the mark!

    by Swash – 4th Oct 2014

    I rarely give high ratings on anything. I have high expectations for ALL my gear. That said, I was very pleased with this UQ. I've had this out several times and it did just what it said. I'm 5'10" 170lbs (178cm 77kg). The short covered me nearly head to toe and to almost 40 degrees on the mark. Never have I had anything so closely rated in temperature. At around 38f (3.3c) I started to get a very slight chill. At 35f (1.6c) I was starting to get cold enough to disrupt sleep.
    The Pros:
    This is light and surprisingly tough for how thin it feels.
    Unbelievably soft and compacts small.
    Very accurate temp rating. Love the end baffles that work like gaskets to keep the warm in.
    The Cons (hardly mentionable):
    The static suspension lines were a little too long for my hammock to be helpful, it mostly rode on the adjustable suspension while the static suspension laid slack. A little extra tweaking and it was no problem.
    When I first got it, it smelled like chemicals or something. Took a couple weeks to air that out completely. Now it's perfectly fine.
    Overall I'm absolutely impressed. High build quality, super soft, light, and warm. From now on I refuse to use anything less than HG for quilts.

  • Like a cloud between two trees

    by Scott – 22nd Sep 2014

    Suffering from cold-butt/shoulders for my last few trips, I decided to pick up the 40 with 1 ounce of overstuff. I was very skeptical when I received it, as it was about the 1/3 of the size and weight of my current sleeping bag and was rated to the same temperature.

    First night I tried it, it went down to about 35 degrees and I was quite warm with just a blanket and some clothes. No more cold patches on my back. You can feel the heat radiating off of it.

    If you love camping with hammocks, this is a no brainer.

  • Awesome Quilt, Awesome service

    by Rob Main – 14th Aug 2014

    I am a regular return customer. I own an incubator 40 with 2 ounce over, a Burrow 20 and am now just ordering a couple of incubator 20s for the coldest stuff Australia/NZ can throw at us. I love my hammockgear kit and so does every one I recommend them to. Keep up the good work guys!

  • Hands down the best

    by Brian – 9th Aug 2014

    The temperature rating is spot on and the quality is phenomenal. Get serious folks, this is a niche item that you are not going to walk into REI and pick up. Absolutely worth the price IMHO. I use my hammock in most of south TX and occasionally MN and WI. I originally bought the incubator 20 with an ounce of overstuff to cover all my bases. Like most of us have done with sleeping bags, you end up with overkill your first time purchasing. The 40 is the one that will take care of you 90% of the time without any overstuff. One of the great things about hammocks is interchangeable parts. It doesn't matter which brand hammock you have. I own a Hennessy Asym, a Clark TX150, and a WBBB XLC. Simply outstanding on all makes/models! I bought the "short" version and it gives me complete coverage for my 5' 8" height. It is something to consider if you want to shave a few grams off. With the stuffsack the short 40 weighs 440 grams. It almost doesn't matter though. You are not going to get this level of comfort with a pad!

  • incubator 40 dehrees

    by chris robinson – 10th Jun 2014

    Great UQ. Can't wait to try it out.

  • A massive upgrade to hammock camping

    by Kyle - Oregon – 4th Jun 2014

    Just got my incubator 40 quilt and took it out for its first trip this past weekend. It's still a little chilly up where I was at and this thing performed flawlessly. It was a breeze to set up and adjust and made my hammock exponentially more comfortable than the crappy sleeping pad I used to have to use. Overnight temps were right around 40 degrees and I had no issues staying warm.

    On top of all that, the Hammock Gear service is unparalleled. I knew their products are a handcrafted so I ordered well ahead of my trip, but got a little nervous when I hadn't gotten it a week prior. It took one email and they assured it would to me in time and even expedited shipping on their own dime to make sure of it. I could not be happier with my experience and I will be a repeat customer and recommend Hammock Gear to anyone I talk to.

    Thanks for exceeding my expectations!

  • Great!

    by Nick – 26th May 2014

    I ordered the 40F incubator short with extra oz overfill. It has worked very well. It has kept me warm in 35F with high winds. It also has been able to take heavy fog and huge thunderstorms and still dry out nicely. I have been backpacking for over twenty five years and converted to a hammock about 4 years ago. Ive been using a pad but decided for the upgrade. My base weight including poles is under 12 lbs without food and water and I am very comfortable to about freezing. Thanks for a wonderful product.

  • Great underquilt! Did what i expected of it well!

    by JM – 24th May 2014

    I am very pleased with my new Hammock Gear 40 down underquilt. Out of the box it was extremely light weight and well made. I was surprised at how light it was! My first field test went well. We camped in wet weather (East TN climate) in the spring. It was about 38 the first night and low 40's the second night. I didn't have a cold spot anywhere on the hammock! I was a little worried because I had never used an underquilt, and this one looked "small" (my buddy was using his eno underquilt and that thing looked massive next to the hammock gear set up). It ended up working perfectly! I ordered standard length and I'm 6' 2". It was all the coverage I needed and nothing that I didn't need. I even slept at a slight diagonal in the hammock the second night and still had no problems. The down stayed dry even though it drizzled multiple times throughout the weekend. I loved the ready-to-go S-hooks that were included. I also liked how they are different colors so you know which direction you're hanging it (I did hang mine quickly in the dark with just a headlamp).

    If it helps you to know what other gear I was using:
    Eno double nest hammock
    Eno dry fly rain fly
    I used a Marmot 20 degree mummy bag and just unzipped it and laid it on top of me quilt style.

    In the past I have used sleeping pads (from Walmart) to keep my under side warm. I usually would wake up 4-5 times a night due to cold spots forming if I moved. This time I woke up only once each night, but it was just nature calling.

    I plan to use the quilt all spring and early summer with no top cover except a fleece jacket. If it gets warmer at night I can just lower the quilt away from the hammock and let a little air in.

    By the way, didn't have to do this but thought of it while getting the underquilt out on this trip: If you needed a little warmth during the morning or at night - you could totally use the quilt. It's sized well enough that it would not drag the ground. It would wrap around your upper body nicely. So if you were thinking of getting a down jacket or layer - you could try using this under your coat or just by itself. Sorry so long, but I know I was in need of reviews when I was shopping. I became convinced HG was the way to go after visiting YouTube and the HG site.

    Thanks guys! You have an excellent product!

  • Awesome Quilt

    by gordie – 23rd May 2014

    Extremley impressed with the quality and craftsmanship of the work on this quilt,the stitching and weight is awesome. The fabric and overall look of this quilt goes above and beyond what was expected. Will be ordering a top quilt soon my decision was made rather easily after seeing my under quilt. Five stars for overall satisfaction. Love it

  • Great Quality and Service!

    by Ryan M. – 22nd May 2014

    I called last minute to order the Incubator 40 for an early spring trip to the Boundary Waters and asked if they could build it with short notice. Adam was grateful enough to complete my underquilt and ship it to me before my trip. Great Customer Service!

    The quality of the underquilt is great. Sewing quality looks great, and the material looks like it will last. It even came with a convenient stuff sack. The quilt is easily adjustable and has several d-rings to attach to. The quilt kept me plenty warm in 30 degree weather (I ordered 1 ounce overfill). I would highly recommend this quilt to my friends.


    by Red Cinema – 22nd May 2014

    Ordered an Incubator 40 with two oz extra (aiming at a "30" as per research). Arrived in three weeks. No extra communication came back but the UQ is SWEET (as was the other HG item I owned, purchased used). Sewing is spot-on, everywhere, all the little details are just right. I love the color but suggest future buyers for whom exact color is important check/inquire on exact color, the exact hue came as a bit of a surprise. A good one, as it turns out. HG deserves their stellar rep in the biz.

  • awesome 40° incubator.

    by Unknown – 2nd Apr 2014

    Didn't get to got on a trip yet. But I did set it up in 30° Weather and took 3 hour nap. Didn't feel cold at all. No cold spots. Very light weight. Very compact.

  • Extremely happy with my Incubator! (And service too)

    by Dave – 22nd Mar 2014

    Also with a Blackbird, I've used a Thermarest pad for 4 years. I live just North of New Orleans, so the coldest I've slept in the hammock was in the mid 20's. I ordered the 40 with an extra ounce as I typically sleep cold, and most of my camping won't be that brutal. Procrastinating 'til the last minute for an upcoming trip, I emailed Adam with a request to have the Incubator shipped within 4 days. No problem. Ordered Monday, had it in hand on Friday. Backpacking Saturday, the first weekend of March. First night in the 60's was quite comfy and almost too warm, second night got down to low 30's. Quilt worked great, lightened my pack, and a better night's sleep, just what I wanted. Thanks again for the great product and customer service.

  • Incubator 40°

    by Phillip – 21st Nov 2013

    WOW! Ordered on 14 Nov, at the door on 20 Nov. Another well crafted product from HG. I can't wait to put it to use. Thank you Adam, for the time you spent on the phone with me.

  • Custom 30 °

    by Jerry – 30th Oct 2013

    I ordered mine to be made as a 30° .Its Coyote brown M50 on the outside with white argon inside. I have used it so far down to 28° I added a couple of clips to kill side drafts it might be from my lay.
    It really is a work of art , warn and light. One of my favorite pieces of gear. I plan on using this for spring and fall. Adam is a pleasure to work with.

  • love my Incubator 40

    by bob wozniak – 7th Aug 2013

    Adam, I can't thank you enough for the quick delivery of 2 incubator 40's, your customer service is awesome. Equally impressive is the product, quality and functionality. I look forward to ordering more things from Hammock Gear

  • very nice

    by Megan – 3rd Jul 2013

    Used this in The Whites in NH and could not be happier. It stuffs down to be very compact. I got a shorter version since I'm only 5'5" and am well covered. I like the different color hooks to remind me which end is which.

  • Another exceptional product from Hammock Gear

    by Skygzr – 18th Jun 2013

    Getting older I am always looking to reduce my backpack weight so I can go further and do more. I had always used 3/4 underquilts including those from HG, but I could never get the orientation just right. I thought I would have to just continue to compromise, but I ordered a 40 degree incubator from HG out of M50 and now I have the best of both worlds. Lightweight and full coverage. Top if off with great customer service and it makes for an unbeatable combination.

  • Sweet warmth

    by Lee W. Oklahoma – 28th Apr 2013

    The 40* incubator is in my opinion a nearly perfect all season quilt. It has been my experience that the actual comfort rating is more like 25* or 30*. But I also use this quilt in warmer weather as well . All spring and into summer, then early fall/winter. 80* is the cutoff point for me unless its very windy. This quilt is a must for anyone who hangs year round and likes to do so in comfort. It's build very well and requires little adjusting. Doesn't sag late into the night, like some other brands, and will probably last my lifetime. You won't regret it...

  • Lightweight and extremely warm!

    by Brandon – 27th Mar 2013

    The incubator weighs virtually nothing. It packs up nicely and doesn't take long at all to decompress after unpacking. The 78"length ensures that your entire body is covered and warm. It attaches easily to my suspension. I love all of the extra d rings that were added to the sides, so that you can modify it to work in any situation. I would definitely recommend the incubator to all of my hanging buddies! An overall outstanding product!

  • Quality!

    by Jim in PA 3/22/13 – 22nd Mar 2013

    Heard nothing but good comments and reviews about Hammockgear, it made my decision to buy my first underquilt easy. The hard part was which to get! I decided on the 40° incubator since most of my camping is around the summer months. I did get 1 oz. overstuff just for a little added warmth, I had already placed my order when I decided on the overstuff so I emailed them and they changed my order no problem! The great customer service and the quality craftsmanship should make Hammockgear an easy choice for anyone!

  • High Quality Quilt

    by WD – 12th Feb 2013

    After a year of cold-butt in my Blackbird, and multiple failures of pads and home-made underquilts, I bit the bullet and purchased this Incubator 40. It fits great, is easy to adjust, and the anatomical shape is perfect - it really fits like a glove. I'm glad I got the full length (no more messing around with a separate pad for my feet that can shift) instead of the 3/4. I've slept a couple of nights that got down into the low 60's, and felt no cold spots. If you have a hammock, do not hesitate to purchase the HG Incubator. It oozes craftsmanship, performs as claimed, and is a great value.