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Incubator Econ 20



Hammock Gear Under Quilts

Frequently Asked Questions

Down under quilts have proven to be, without question, the preferred choice for insulating the underside of the hammock. Due to the weight, compressibility and versatility, they outshine the alternatives by a landslide. Their thermal efficiency has allowed brave campers to push the boundaries of cold weather hammocking. Virtually every hammock camper has experienced - through his or her learning curve, the dreaded CBS, or "Cold Butt Syndrome". And virtually every owner of an under quilt has effectively learned how to avoid it. Once you have experienced a down under quilt, you will "never go back".

Hammock Gear provides a full-length under quilt - the Incubator Econ, and a 3/4-length under quilt - the Phoenix Econ. They are known by many to be the most effective on the market today. One of the primary reasons is this: the Incubator Econ and Phoenix Econ are the only commercial under quilts designed with a contour which mimics the shape a person makes when they are laying in a hammock. One of the added benefits of this construction technique is that it leaves a "flap" of fabric along the top and bottom of every down filled chamber. This extra fabric acts as a "floating baffle" which stabilizes the down and helps prevent its shifting. Another reason our UQ's are popular is this: they contain the ideal amount of down stability - the down stays put when it should, but the design allows for enough manual shifting of down when necessary.


Quilt orders placed on or after 8/16/2018 have a lead time of approximately 4 weeks to ship.  Lead time is subject to change.

All of our quilts ship with a 24" x 36" Storage Sack and Stuff Sack for backpacking.


About the Incubator Econ 20˚

The ULTIMATE underquilt for guaranteed comfort at a low price... The Standard length Incubator Econ 20° is long enough to generously cover most hammock campers up to about 6’ 1”.  With 800 fill power DWR Treated Grey Duck Down, this underquilt will protect you in temperatures down to 20°. If you are looking for an underquilt that is hassle free and will allow you to enjoy your hammock for more months of the year, you have found it.

The Incubator Econ comes with 9 anatomically contoured, differential cut baffles that run the length of the quilt. One of the things this construction technique does is to greatly reduce the shifting of goose down that is sometimes more noticeable in quilts made with premium down.  This is one of the reasons Hammock Gear quilts are always 15-20% overstuffed. The differential cut, contoured baffles also provide the highest level of fit which is critical to keeping warm.  
The Incubator Econ comes complete with our state of the art shock-cord suspension system, storage sack, and a stuff sack.

Duck Down

Hammock Gear is committed to providing down products that meet RDS (Responsible Down Standard).  RDS certifies that geese and ducks are treated ethically (no live plucking or force feeding) and the down is traceable back to the source.  Both our Premium and Economy quilts use down that meets the Responsible Down Standard. For more information visit: http://responsibledown.org/


Compression Size


The Stuff Sack we ship with this quilt is approximately 5.5 liters, but due to the nature of duck down, it can be compressed further with an aftermarket compression stuff sack.  We do not recommend keeping the quilt compressed for more than 24 hours.  The quilt should be stored in the cotton storage bag provided, when not in use.


Under Quilt Advantages

Chances are you are already aware of the advantages of down under quilts. To summarize: 

  • thermal efficiency
  • weight savings
  • volume savings
  • ease of use & adjustment (especially compared to a pad)
Adjusting a HammockGear Incubator Full Length Underquilt (09:53)
Hammockgear....http://www.hammockgear.com Incubator Underquilt....http://www.hammockgear.com/incubator-20/ I have been wanting to do a video on how to adjust and fit a full length Hammockgear Incubator underquilt. So, I finally got a custom one made so now I can show. It pains me when folks struggle to get the proper fit on a UQ. Hammock camping has a lot of moving pieces and insulation underneath is where most folks fail. My opinion is that UQs are the most difficult part of a hammock system for most people. Hope this gives some helpful insight. Whoooooo Buddy)))) Shug
  • Adjusting a Ha...
    Hammockgear....http://www.hammockgear.com Incubator Underquilt...
  • The Hammock Ge...
    Hammock Gear's underquilt has been insulating hammockers for y...
Incubator Econ 20˚ShortStandardLong
Fill Weight12.1 oz13.2 oz14.3 oz
Total Weight23.75 oz25.75 oz27.75 oz


We utilize the finest 800 fill power, water-resistant grey duck down on the market in all of our Econ quilts. It is tested and certified by the International Down and Feather Testing Laboratory.



All Hammock Gear Econ quilts are made of Ion fabric. All Ion fabric is specifically designed nylon taffeta which is manufactured for Hammock Gear. This material is a 20 Denier nylon taffeta with a DWR (durable water resistant) coating, which makes it great fabric for lightweight quilts. Weight is 1.1 oz / yd²


All of our under quilts make use of baffle (also known as "box baffle") construction. This means that the seams between the down-filled chambers are not sewn through, but instead consist of a fabric wall about .75 to 3 inches tall, depending on the model.


Temperature Ratings

At Hammock Gear, we use temperature ratings which are very conservative. Compare them in the marketplace and you will agree. Here is a point we wish to emphasize: the first and most important step you must take when choosing an under quilt by temperature is to Know Thyself. Are you a Cold sleeper, a Warm sleeper, or maybe a Really Warm sleeper? Factor this into your selection process and you will be much better off. With under quilts, the more you experiment, the more you will dial this in.

There are 81 review(s) for Incubator Econ 20

  • Awesome econ20 UQ

    by Dave T. – 14th Aug 2018

    The people at hammock gear are awesome to work with sent them an email stating I was going on the AT and they went out of their way to get me my Econ 20 in time. As for the UQ it is very light weight and awesome quality and very easy to set up. It only got down to the low 60s where I was and it was extremely warm even had to vent a little. Cannot wait to order the TQ thanks guys for your hard work and attention to details.

  • A must have! If your a hammock camper.

    by Unknown – 13th Aug 2018

    The product showed up when expected. Even when I changed my order. Weeks after submitting my order. They were very accommodating. The underquilt (Econ 20 w/ 2ozs overstuff) sets up easy, packs down small, and is light weight. Used it camping on the coast and even in the wind and rain ( I use a kammock shelter so I stay dry) the underquilt was way more than needed. I can’t wait to take it snowshoeing this winter. I look forward to ordering more products from them in the future.

  • Set it and Forget it.

    by Charles Escue – 30th Jul 2018

    This is one mad quilt, and the quality is crazy good. I have previously used a sleeping pad for insulation in my hammock, so this was new to me. I had researched under quilt use, and it sounded like it could be difficult to eliminate cold pockets. I was also concerned that I might overheat if one of the nights I was out was warmer than expected. Hanging the quilt under my hammock was super easy. Clip, clip. Snug, snug. Done. No cold spots. Not once. And I was able to take naps in my hammock in the middle of the day in 75 degree weather. Overheating just did not occur. Wow. Saving now for another one!

  • worked great

    by Unknown – 29th Jul 2018

    I have been use to a greylock 3 on my warbonnet
    For years I wanted to get my kid a uq for his Hennessy so he is getting greylock and I am keeping this. Used it last night in 13*c and raining. Easy set up and really warm

  • Outstanding

    by Dave – 26th Jul 2018

    I could not be happier with the quality of this underquilt. Absolutely fantastic design, each element has been thought through brilliantly and the final execution of both the materials used and the workmanship is exemplary. Well done to everyone involved it was well worth the wait.

  • Great Price on a great UQ

    by Seth – 26th Jun 2018

    Great quality and the price is unbeatable for the econ 20. Easy to set up and adjust even for a beginner that has never set up UQ before. Cant wait for winter camping to get here to test out is limits, but it should easily keep me warm down to 20. With it hanging somewhat loose in 70 temps I was still comfortable sleeping w/o getting a strong draft on my back, even in 30mph winds. highly recommend this product. The only reason it did not get 5 stars was the build / shipping times. The site when I ordered it said 7-8 weeks build time, shipped at just over 9 weeks. I will be ordering a top quilt soon to complete my setup.

  • Performed very well for a complete noob.

    by Ryan – 6th Jun 2018

    This was my first underquilt purchase, and I am relatively new to hammocking. I took this underquilt with me to Yellowstone last week and it performed very well for me. Temps were down in the low 30’s one or two nights, and I was warm and comfortable. I am very impressed with this quilt, and will definitely be buying more in the future.

    Thanks Hammock Gear!

  • Best UQ

    by Zack – 5th Jun 2018

    I took this on a trip at about 10,000 ft elevation and 40 degrees. It did amazing! Thanks for making these so affordable! I already have a couple friends that are going to order some now because of me.

  • Great 3 Season Quilt

    by Bill – 2nd Jun 2018

    Purchased Econ 20 as a 3 season solution to getting getting a cold butt in the hammock. Was out last October with a DIY when the temperature went close to freezing and decided for my health I needed something more. Was out this May with the Econ 20 and found it easy to setup. Even falling into the quilt instead of the hammock caused no issue. Slept like a rock. Should have purchased this last year.

  • Tremendous Value

    by Stuart Finkelson – 1st Jun 2018

    I bought the Econ version for an underquilt and I was amazed at the quality and effectiveness of the underquilt. I have used another underquilt from very reputable hammock manufacturer and was surprised how much more well designed and easy to use Hammock Gear's underquilt was in comparison. It kept the entire underside warm as should be expected in the environments it was meant for. Great product!!

  • Very Comfortable

    by Mike – 30th May 2018

    Received the Econ 20 under quilt two weeks ago just in time to try it out on trip to Pine River in Michigan. This was a tune up for a BWCA trip in July. Night time lows were around 60, should be similar for BWCA time frame. Bungee cord set up was easy for attachment and adjustment around the hammock. Started out with quilt pulled to one side of the hammock until the temperature bottomed out, then easily reached under and pulled the quilt into place for the rest of the night without having to get out with the bugs. Looking forward to BWCA trip.

  • Why did I wait so long?

    by Zulu 5 Oscar – 21st May 2018

    My only regret is I didn't buy this UQ sooner. Great quality even though it is the "Econ" line.

  • love it!

    by Unknown – 10th May 2018

    Really easy to set up. Have yet to use it in low temps but it's super insulating. HG got it to me ahead of schedule, too!

  • A+ Customer Service!!!

    by Mt. Mike – 30th Apr 2018

    I had 3 weeks before a PCT section hike and they were able to get me my UQ a few days before I left. This UQ is amazing! I'm 6'5" and the regular size works just fine for me. Super warm, light, and packable. I got caught in a rainstorm during my hike and water would just bead right off of it. Highly recommended. Will be purchasing a TQ from HG very soon.

  • Great UQ

    by WaywardAngler – 24th Apr 2018

    I bought two of these UQs, one for me with an extra ounce of down, and one for my son with the standard fill As with the Burrow TQ, the workmanship is awesome and the temp rating is generous. I have had these in the 20s and low 30s. I was very comfortable. With my first order, HQ accommodated my tight deadline for a trip I had planned. I waited patiently on the next two orders, and boy was it worth the wait. They are easy to adjust, I don't over cinch the ends but do tighten the side suspension to avoid drafts.

  • excellant value and easy to use

    by Ron G – 22nd Apr 2018

    I recently used this for a week while I was staffing a BSA youth training course in Massachusetts during April vacation week. The temperatures got down to the low thirties and I was completely warm and comfortable. The set up on my ENO double nest was quick and easy and took minimal,adjustments. The quality of the manufacturing was great though I will have to replace the head end s-biner as it appears twisted didn't notice it when I opened the packaging so I will just put on a new one the next time I use it. I am very happy with the product and recommended it to several scouts and leaders who were at the training.

  • warm and cozy

    by Unknown – 5th Apr 2018

    I took this underquilt to Red River Gorge with me the last weekend of March. It exceeded my expectations. With appropriate layers, I was warm down to just above freezing with wind and rain. I would recommend this product to anyone looking for a quality, affordable hammock setup.

  • Fantasic quilt, fantastic value

    by Andrew – 2nd Apr 2018

    I purchased this as a first UQ for the girlfriend. Comparing this "econ" UQ with another brands top of the line UQ, and I actually like the econ better. Quality craftsmanship and materials, very affordable, and a VERY fast turnaround time. HG will have more of my business in the future.

  • 6'-5" and no old feet

    by Brad – 26th Mar 2018

    (1st time underquilt user)I got the Econ 20 Long and it is AMAZING. I took it for a trip last weekend and temps dropped to low 30's. I was unsure of the quilts performance and wore two layers to sleep in. That was a big mistake - I was actually hot and slept most of the night without the sleeping bag I used as a top quilt. I learned the hard way about Cold Butt Syndrome, and will never camp in the winter without this underquilt again! I also love that it can be custom ordered to length instead of just dealing with what is available off the shelf.

  • Awesome quilt at an awesome price

    by Doug Day – 25th Mar 2018

    I picked this econ 20 up thru the in stock page , a prototype with the zipper. Awesome quilt I'm 6'1 " the standard length works great. The prototype zipper is super swet. After several nights using the quilt it hasn't "unzipped" one time. The craftsmanship is second to none . the 20 degree quilt works great at 32 degrees , I'm sure it will be excellent at 20degrees as well. Worth every penny !

  • Excellent build quality

    by Mike – 21st Mar 2018

    I haven't used this yet, but as a owner of a few quilts and many pieces of cottage industry hammock and backpacking gear, I know good stuff when I see it.

    Can't wait to throw this under my Dutch Chameleon.

    Hammock Gear has entered my personal hall of fame along with ULA, Dutch and Enlightened Equipment.

  • Unbelievable coziness

    by Jen – 18th Mar 2018

    I just started hammock camping a few months ago, and had been using an insulated pad. The HG Incubator got its first run this weekend, in 18-degree weather. I LOVE it. Easy to hook up, I had a friend help adjust the ends, and I slept cozy all night. Super happy with my purchase—reasonable price, quality product, and good communication from HG.

  • Quality product for lower budget need!

    by Adam – 12th Mar 2018

    Received product ahead of anticipated date (5-6 weeks) after email alerting to trip coming up this past weekend. Product arrived within 4 weeks giving me time to get the underquilt adjusted to my hammock. Attached and snugged up to hammock easily. Kept me toasty without base layer at approximately 32 degrees with 10+ mph winds. Had to take off my overquilt. Will easily handle 20 degree. Very happy with product and service.

  • Affordable, Warm, Light, Reliable

    by Matt – 12th Mar 2018

    Best investment I've made this year. I've used this thing every weekend this winter so far. The temp ratings are very conservative like advertised. I am comfortable in the low teens with nothing but a silkweight T-Shirt and boxers. Adjustability is awesome, excellent coverage, and although ideally you should store it in a place where it can breath, it still holds it's loft after being fully compressed for days at a time. Excellent Customer Service, and I love that it's made in America. I'm definitely going to be getting matching 20 degree Burrow along with a full summer set for myself and my wife next paycheck.

  • makes for a warm night sleep

    by Unknown – 6th Mar 2018

    I used this underquilt out in mid 30’s with wind so strong it was pulling my tarp stakes out of the ground. I did not feel any cold or wind through this underquilt! I am amazed at its performance! Hammock Gear is the best!

  • Great service and excellent product

    by Justin B. – 1st Mar 2018

    I recently ordered my Econ 20 Incubator. I had a campout coming up with the Scouts just the following week and I was concerned my underquilt may not arrive in time. The team at hammockgear was great and worked quickly to construct and delivery my gear. The setup was pretty easy, just watched a couple of youtube videos to make sure I had the various suspension and cinches figured out. Best of all, it was the first night I've spent in a hammock where I didn't get cold (obviously the point of the quilt but still, it was amazing). Highly recommend this product to others.

  • Has kept me comfy from the 20s to the 60s

    by Brad – 25th Feb 2018

    I purchased this 20° F underquilt as for my Blackbird XLC. So far my low temp has been 28°F and I was feeling snug and warm all night. It packs down small, it's light and I'm ready to try it at a lower temperature when my schedule and the weather allow. I'll admit I was a little leary about camping at temperatures below freezing, but my Incubator Econ 20° took care of me. Go ahead, once you try this underquilt you'll be glad to ditch the pad!

  • Amazing

    by Dean – 22nd Feb 2018

    Instantly felt the warmth radiating from it. It's like a heat pad. Now I must get a top quilt!

  • Light weight warm underquilt

    by Josh – 6th Feb 2018

    I've had this underquilt in 36°F weather and it kept me warm. Compacts small and is light weight. Has plenty of adjustment. I will be purchasing a top quilt to replace my sleeping bag.

  • Excellent product

    by J.A.Freeman – 4th Feb 2018

    I found my underquilt to be of very high quality. The customer service from this company is exceptional. I would recommend there product to anyone.

  • Unbelievable Value

    by Root – 1st Feb 2018

    I received my Econ Incubator 20 in Long and could not believe the level of quality for the price. The stitching is impeccable and the design functions great. Would absolutely recommend this quilt to anyone looking for a budget friendly but still premium underquilt

  • Good Quilt

    by Patrick Lanford – 21st Jan 2018

    My first use for this under quilt was on top of a windy mountain. Temps in the 20s. It did a great job keeping me warm. It is solidly made and seems durable. Future use will tell of course but so far I am pleased with how it performs.

  • In a few words, please title your review

    by Scott – 15th Jan 2018

    My second Incubator Econ. I love the design and the Econ pricing just makes it irresistable. If I were to gear up for a thru hike, I'd definitely go for the premium version. Great product, great design!! Immaculate workmanship and superb customer service. You nailed it!

  • So much better than sleeping on a pad!

    by Kev – 7th Jan 2018

    I've spent years with a self inflating pad in my hammock for bottom insulation, and, it did work. It was just a hassle. I'd heard of underquilts, I just never could justify the cost, until I heard about the Econ quilts!

    I've had my Econ Incubator 20 for a few months now, been down close to it's rating, and wasn't cold anywhere. It's well made, light weight, and stuffs down small. I can squish this, and a matching Econ Burrow 20, into a 13 liter dry bag, for a combined weight (Underquilt, top quilt, and dry bag) of 3.5 pounds.

    The suspension looks intimidating at first, but a few outings worth of trial and error with it saw me get it dialed in nicely. There are no drafts, and it doesn't slip off me in the night.

    Now the only time I'll ever bring the pad with me again is if I know I'm going to ground!

  • Worth it!

    by Turry – 28th Dec 2017

    Guys this under quilt is the real deal. Although I have only slept in it once since my purchase it makes a big difference in comfort. I tried it out on a day with a chilly breeze and laying in the hammock before setting up the quilt was ok but on the cold side. After setting up the quilt and adjusting it, I realized why people with them swear by them. Good price and a great quality product made in America.

  • Gamechanger!

    by Shawn – 5th Dec 2017

    If you have been sleeping in the cold, using wool blankets, multiple sleeping bags, tarps and other crafty ideas to stay warm, give them up and move to this under quilt. I have been hammocking camping for 10 years or so and this one made a HUGE difference in cold weather camping. I use econ 20 on a ENO double nest with a 20-degree sleeping bag and I got too warm on a 30-degree night. Way more comfortable, a lot less bulk, and the price was well worth it. Thanks guys, you make my winter nights out much more comfortable!

  • Very happy with the Incubator Econ 20

    by JL – 30th Nov 2017

    Really happy with the craftsmanship and quick delivery of my Econ 20. Hasn’t been below 40 yet but so far has been really hot. Have to vent it’s so warm. Will definitely order agian for my wife’s hammock.

  • Great buy

    by Unknown – 23rd Nov 2017

    Purchases 2 of these one for myself and one for my son. Have about 5 night in the woods with them and so far they have been great. Coldest we got to was about 40 and we were in pants and t shirts. Great quilt adjustability is a piece of cake and they compact down very small and light. No question I would buy again.

  • Great quilt from a great company

    by Matthew Hartin – 23rd Nov 2017

    I knew there would be a delay on my order because all of their items are made to order and I was willing to wait for a good quality product. My trip was coming up within a week and after calling and talking with the rep my quilt was almost ready to ship. They assured me that my order would get to me before my trip and 4 days before we left it was at my home. The quality was perfect the storage and packed bags are very nice and performed well. I camped in 30-40 degree weather with high winds and one night with rain. After shaking the quilt most of the water shed fine with the foot end staying slightly damp. I was still warm throughout and extremely pleased with my Econ Incubator 20. I will definitely order a top quilt and other items in the future.

  • Perfect quilt for a great price

    by Justin – 21st Nov 2017

    I was more than pleased with the quality of my quilts (I also ordered the burrow econ 20). Only been able to take it down to the 30s so far, but I was very warm and I have no doubt it will be good for 20. Very soft materials, very light weight, very adjustable and quick to set up. It's hard to believe this is the "economy" version. The $200 I saved on the set made it the perfect budget friendly alternative to the goose down model. Great fit, great price, great piece of gear. After seeing the quality, I can't see myself ever buying a quilt from anywhere else.

  • real deal

    by D'Allen Francis – 11th Nov 2017

    after trying pads and wool blankets I bought an econ 20 burrow and now an econ 20 incubator ... great products at a very reasonable price. toasty warm has been obtained ... finally

  • Amazing

    by Andrew – 7th Nov 2017

    I tried it the first day I got it and spent one night in it before going on a trip and brought the wrong hammock (it did nit have the incubator with it). I can say it makes a huge difference and pads and sleeping bags don't compare. I am now saving for a topportunity quilt to match.

  • Can't Be Beat

    by Matt – 30th Oct 2017

    I am fairly new to hammock camping, but did extensive research on on underquilts prior to my purchase. In my opinion, this product cannot be beat based on the quality of materials, ease of use, and warmth to weight ratio. I ordered the version that was in stock in received it within four days of placing my order. I have taken it out twice this month and cannot be happier with my purchase. I will definitely be purchasing additional on underquilts as well as a top quilt in the future.

  • Couldn't ask for more for the price

    by CMeyer – 30th Oct 2017

    The Econ line is fabulous. For the money you couldn't ask for any more. Excellent craftsmanship and flawless execution!! Perfect fit on both my HH UL and my DIY. Kept me warm and comfy on a rainy 30 degree night.

  • Great quilt and great service

    by Scott – 27th Oct 2017

    I ordered this quilt ahead of a trip, and there was a good chance it wasn't going to arrive on time. I emailed Hammock Gear, and they made sure to get it to me with plenty of time. I really appreciated the service.

    Before this quilt, I tried several other options. I made a poncho liner underquilt, but I would get a cold backside below 60 degrees. I tried a blue CCF pad, but it was uncomfortable. I've had this Incubator down to 37 so far and have been both warm and comfortable. I don't have personal experience with other quilts on the market. However, I'm very satisfied with this one. It offers a lot more features for the price than any other option I found.

  • Impresive!!! Huge Fan!!!

    by Patrick McNamee – 23rd Oct 2017

    From the moment the package showed up at my door I have been impressed. Like a kid at Christmas I couldn’t wait to open the box and when I did I’m sure I had the same bright sparklingly eyes. The quilts are quality made and very light. They come with a storage bag and stuff travel bag. Instructions on care and usage. I just came back from a long 3 night weekend of use and although the temps were in the 50’s I have no doubt this will keep me warm well below the 20’s. I was showing it off to everyone I could and all were impressed and said this was the way to go. I think several were wanting to get ride of there tents and air mattresses.
    I heard good reviews of Hammock Gear and with first purchase one is always wondering but I am nothing but pleased and now a huge fan and will be back for outfitting the wife and kids.

  • Fantastic Piece of Gear

    by Ryan – 22nd Oct 2017

    This was my first UQ. Did my research and could not find anything that offered the features and quality at this price point like the Incubator Econ 20.

    When it arrived it exceeded my expectations in quality, ease of setup and warmth. First trip out was a cold (just above freezing), windy and wet hunting and fishing trip in Manitoba. Clipped it on my Hennessey Safari, made a few minor adjustments and I was good to go. So much better than the pad setup I had before. Slept like a baby! Really looking forward to the next trip out!

    Thank you Hammock Gear for making my life easier and warmer!!

  • Love it!

    by Greg Eidam – 17th Oct 2017

    I got to try it out on a four-night trip. It was my first time using an UQ and it was a great experience. The weather was unseasonably warm so I didn't get to push the limits of the UQ. However, as easy as it was to setup and adjust, I feel confident I won't have any issues when the temps drop. Also, thanks to HG for expediting my order so I had it in time for my trip.

  • 5th purchase

    by Jim Henegar – 16th Oct 2017

    I first ordered an Incubator and a Burrow from you, several years ago. Liked them so well, followed up with 2 more orders soon after for the same items in different degree quilts. Very pleased with my purchase. Since then, have ordered 3 more quilts, this time the Econ line. These to are also excellent quilts and love the price difference for such a slight weigh difference. Your staff is great to work with and even tho, I am sure I confused them with my order, it was nice they took the time to get back with me in a timely fashion and make sure of what I needed. Can't say enough good things about your business and your employees .......thank you again.....Family Happy Customers.

  • "Economy?" Feels top notch to me!

    by Laura – 15th Oct 2017

    This is my second purchase from HG. I bought my top and underquilt and returned to get one for my hubby as well!TOP NOTCH gear with outstanding customer service!!!!!!!!!!! Ill be a returning customer for sure!

  • Update

    by Alexa – 3rd Oct 2017

    I reviewed this about a week ago after my first use in comfortable weather, but I've now used it for a weekend in the Adirondacks in 30 degree overnight weather and it was great! I stayed toasty in this thing (paired with my econ 0 degree top quilt). I'm a very happy camper!

  • Great!

    by Alexa – 28th Sep 2017

    I have only used this once so far for an overnight in very warm weather. I will start by saying this is my first under quilt. That being said, I felt a difference immediately. It was 64 degrees when I used this, so yes, I was pretty toasty. My plan is to use this for winter hammocking though. I'm an avid hiker/backpacker and this seemed like the way to go. So far I'm very happy with my purchase. I paired this with a HammockGear's 0 degree econ top quilt. I will update my review after more use. I'm planning to use it this weekend in about 30 degree overnight weather. I have high hopes!

  • Warmer than I have been

    by T. Reymer – 18th Sep 2017

    This is my first UQ. I have been using a sleeping pad with many nights of adjustment. Spent 10 nights at 10,000' temps from 30's* and winds maybe pushing it. One night blew tarp stakes and outside of UQ became wet to touch but I was still warm and at times opened the ends to vent. I used a 20* UQ with a 40* top quilt. Wish I would have purchased the UQ sooner.

  • Great Value, Amazing Customer Support

    by Matthew – 5th Sep 2017

    As everyone has already said, the quality and value of this quilt is unrivaled. I wanted a bit of custom work done and all it took was a 5 minute phone call, no additional charge. I will be a life long HG customer, as you should too.

  • I'm ecstatic!

    by Scott – 27th Aug 2017

    I didn't know if I was going to buy one of these this year, but after a swift response and chat on Facebook messenger from these guys I purchased one. Amazing customer service, amazing quality, and I couldn't be happier. I got the long version and it works great on my 11 foot HH. I'm so happy I bought a quilt from these guys.

  • Incubator is great!

    by Z – 14th Aug 2017

    I got an econ Incubator to try out the design....... I'll be getting rid of my other underquilt. Enough said.

  • Best night of sleep yet!

    by Nate D. – 7th Aug 2017

    I set up my underquilt (following Shug's setup video) in my backyard last night. I bought the 20 degree Econ underquilt in standard length. I'm 6 foot 290 lbs and I slept like a baby last night. I used my ems 20 degree bag as a top quilt and slept in my boxers. I was warm enough that I ended up pushing off the sleeping bag and slept only with the underquilt. This is the first time ever (after multiple camping trips in my hammock) that I haven't woken up in the middle of the night. I used to use a sleeping pad. I will never use one again. I'll be using my set up this winter and incorporating a bivy sack. I think I will easily reach 30 degrees with this set up. I will post another update at that point but right now, I highly recommend these quilts.

  • Totally satisfied

    by Chris – 20th Jul 2017

    The manufacturing time was exactly as mentioned on the website. I live in central europe, what makes it almost twice as expensive because of taxes etc. but im still ok with the price because quality is perfect. Spent quite some time on thinking about if down is ok for me from aspects of animal protection. After quite shocking research on the internet i decided to choose the econ variant, as ducks are udually not plucked alive because of the higher quantity of ducks being used in food industy. (High Fill power is really hard to gain without alive plucking).
    Thanks HG for the perfect deal, my first night out is promising!

    Response from Hammock Gear:
    Thanks so much for the positive review Chris! We just wanted to let you, and the folks reading this review, to know that all of the down we use in our quilts (both Duck and Goose) are ethically sourced and adhere to RDS (Responsible Down Sourcing) protocols.

  • LOVE IT!!

    by Justin – 19th Jul 2017

    After seeing YouTube videos of Sintax77 using HG products I thought I'd check them out. I'm new to hammock camping and did a fair amount of research before purchasing but was still drawn to HG's line of underquilts. Couldn't be happier with my purchase. Great price, even better quality! Thanks again

  • great budget quilt 100% satisfied

    by Nick – 28th Jun 2017

    Great price on a fantastic cottage-made underquilt. Thank you for offering the econ line.

  • Beautifully crafted Downy goodness that's affordable.

    by Arcticnate – 9th Jun 2017

    If you're on the fence about getting this, just get it already. I own the premium versions of these and needed another set for "reasons" and they are by far the best bang for buck deal you'll get. The quality is second to none. Cheers HG! For making such an awesome set of quilts.

  • Quality & Value!

    by Kraig – 8th Jun 2017

    I already own an Incubator 20. I purchased the econ incubator 20 for my daughter. I used this in the GSMNP and I cannot tell the difference between the econ and the regular! And as usual, Hammock Gear quality is exceptional. The materials, the stitching, the low weight...I can't say enough about this product. Customer for life!!!

  • Nice

    by Dave – 30th May 2017

    Very nicely made. Great service. I am pumped to put it to use.

  • Best in it's class!

    by Josh – 29th May 2017

    Bought the Econ 20 Incubator and received last week, set it up the next day and was instantly impressed by the quality. Just took it on an overnighter and it was the first time I was truly warm in my hammock! and with it being $200/$300 cheaper than anything else in the market I can't say enough good about it!

  • What a great experience! Thanks HG.

    by Unknown – 22nd May 2017

    Just bought an Econ 20 UQ and Econ 30 TQ. I'm new to hammocking, but wanted the option for my Midwest hikes. Had my first "hang" (woods behind house) with the new quilts last night in ~40 temps. Warm fast, easy to hang even inside my bugnet. The quality, price and design are great. Product delivered as promised and great replies to my newbie queries. Hoping for some more cool nights to use more. Already looking forward to next fall and winter hikes and mIght head north to extend spring season. Thanks HG!
    (PS- is OMG appropriate at 63?)

  • The only thing economy is the price

    by Barbara – 21st May 2017

    I ordered a 20 Econ UQ which was not in stock at the time. Customer service was great about responding to questions and I received delivery in the stated time frame. I was a little concerned about quality with this economy price, but I can say I am impressed with the quality and workmanship. Last night when camping I did a test between an insulated sleeping pad vs this underquilt . After using the Econ 20 UQ there is no going back to fussing with a pad in my hammock. Simple to install, no cold butt, shoulders or feet, and easy to vent and adjust as needed when the nighttime temperatures drop. If you are on the fence about spending money on an UQ when you have a perfectly functional sleeping pad, do yourself a favor and try out one of these. Superior comfort at an affordable price.

  • Great Product!

    by Brian – 12th May 2017

    I just spent two night in the boundary waters, I had temps around 30, and I stayed toasty warm both nights. The build quality is great, and I love how small it packs down. Customer service was top notch as well. Keep up the good work!

  • My first UQ, very happy

    by Stephen – 9th May 2017

    First off, I'm very new to hammock camping. I was debating getting a UQ this early on, but when they Econ line became available, the timing seemed too good to pass up. I ordered it up and had it within a few weeks, in time for me to try on a trip here in NH at the end of April. It broke 70 during the day, but at night was around 40. This kept me super toasty and comfortable and was a breeze to hang and adjust. I already have my eye on an overquilt to go with it!

  • High Quality & Exceptional Customer Service!

    by Dave G – 28th Apr 2017

    The Econ 20 Incubator is roomy & comfortable, and more importantly - warm! The affordability is a great plus too. There was a small defect in the draft collar of the one I received, but after a quick chat with Harry in Customer Service, I was provided with a return label, the defect was fixed and UQ returned to me free of charge. Thank you HG!

  • downey goodness at an amazing prize

    by Unknown – 24th Apr 2017

    I had previously purchased the 20 degree and was worried about the Econ would not measure up. My concerns were immediately gone when I opened the quilt. It's super warm and super light. Take the time to set up your quilt in the back yard in order to be sure you know how to set it up correctly. Make sure to set it up so that the under quilt is right up against your hammock while your laying in it. If you hammock camp do yourself a favor buy an HG quilt ASAP!!!

  • great!!

    by chris heath – 23rd Apr 2017

    Bought this for my son to use on our 4 day trip to Frontenac Provincial Park this past weekend. The incubator econ performed perfectly..keep up the great work hammock gear

  • Highest reccomendation

    by Tyler – 23rd Apr 2017

    The quality of the Incubator Econ 20 is fantastic. So often the biggest barrier to quality sleep in a hammock is the price. A sleeping pad or cold butt is cheaper than all of the down underquilts previously available.

    With the incubator Econ 20, I had the warmest and most comfortable hammock sleep on a recent overnighter. Temperatures in the Sierra Nevadas temperatures were right around 25 F and this kept me nice and warm.

    Will be purchasing additional products from the Econ line. Thank you for crafting such a high-quality and affordable product.

  • econ 20

    by todd – 19th Apr 2017

    Very nice craftsmanship. Havent used it yet over night but hanging in backyard it instantly feels warm. Very quick to arrive and looking forward to using it in a couple of weeks. Will order another for my son very soon.

  • Very Warm! Great Quality! Great Price!

    by Bryan – 19th Apr 2017

    We purchased 2 of these and are VERY impressed at the Quality and Warmth! Hammock Gear even shipped them faster than expected in time for our recent trip! My wife is a cold sleeper and she could not get over how warm she was with this and the Econ 20 Burrow. It was in the low 20's with a good bit of wind. Thank you Hammock Gear for a Great Product and Fantastic Customer Service! We will be purchasing 2 more shortly for our children

  • Simply Amazing

    by Ryan Nichols – 13th Apr 2017

    A++++ Underquilt is beautifully made and performs better than an expected. I would recommend to anyone getting into hammock camping. It's a MUST HAVE!!

  • Finally an affordable high end underquilt!

    by Matt – 7th Apr 2017

    I'm thrilled with this quilt. The weight, the versatility, adjustability, look, value, and WARMTH. Coming from a PLUQ, I am a changed man. I will be buying a matching top quilt for sure. I have slept in it every night since I got it a week ago. I can't get enough! Do yourself a favor and stop thinking about it, just buy it!

  • Very Nice!!

    by Rick – 3rd Apr 2017

    My Econ Incubator was delivered very quickly and I am really impressed with the build quality for something labeled "econ". Haven't had a chance to get it outside yet but I have no hesitation that it will be everything I expected in an a 20-deg under-quilt. Nice job Hammock Gear!

  • Best Buy of the Year!

    by Janet – 3rd Apr 2017

    Where on earth can you get a full-sized under quilt rated at 20 degrees, baffled, filled with down, and made in the USA at this price? Hammock Gear, that's where! I couldn't be more pleased and excited for this line of quilts offered here. The Econ 20 Incubator has such great quality and feel to it. The first night I slept in it, it was instant heat as soon as I laid in my hammock. If you are trying to decide which quilts to get for your hammock, don't wait too long, because there is no telling how long these can be made at these prices. You cannot go wrong with HG's Econ line of quilts. Thank you HG for this amazing line! I am now the proud owner of two sets, one in 20 and 40.

  • Great deal!

    by Jeff – 3rd Apr 2017

    I was waiting until next year to buy an underquilt but when i saw the prices for the econ line I jumped at the chance. It is very light weight and packs down​ super small. It is easy to install and the 20* incubator radiates heat. I am really impressed how it keeps my legs and feet so much warmer then using a pad or down throw blanket UQ. i highly recommend this product.

  • Great Value!

    by Andy – 3rd Apr 2017

    First off... this UQ weighs just 3 oz. more than the traditional Incubator (comparing 20 degree quilts) so if you're counting ounces, there are lighter ways to invest. However, I believe this is the smartest way to invest... especially if you're just starting out and looking for high-quality gear. You just can't beat these prices! Highly recommended!

  • Top of the line "Economy"

    by Andrew – 24th Mar 2017

    Amazing quality for something that is labeled "Econ". The fabric is very nice, stitching is on par with any other Hammock Gear product. Thank you for making down quilts at a VERY affordable price.