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Phoenix 40



Hammock Gear Under Quilts

Frequently Asked Questions

Goose down under quilts have proven to be, without question, the preferred choice for insulating the underside of the hammock. Due to super light weight, compressibility and versatility, they outshine the alternatives by a landslide. Their thermal efficiency has allowed brave campers to push the boundaries of cold weather hammocking. Virtually every hammock camper has experienced - through his or her learning curve, the dreaded CBS, or "Cold Butt Syndrome". And virtually every owner of an under quilt has effectively learned how to avoid it. Once you have experienced a down under quilt, you will "never go back".

Hammock Gear provides a full-length under quilt - the Incubator, and a 3/4-length under quilt - the Phoenix. They are known by many to be the most effective on the market today. One of the primary reasons is this: the Incubator and Phoenix are the only commercial under quilts designed with a contour which mimics the shape a person makes when they are laying in a hammock. One of the added benefits of this construction technique is that it leaves a "flap" of fabric along the top and bottom of every down filled chamber. This extra fabric acts as a "floating baffle" which stabilizes the down and helps prevent its shifting. Another reason our UQ's are popular is this: they contain the ideal amount of down Stability - the down stays put when it should, but the design allows for enough manual shifting of down when necessary.


Quilt orders placed on or after 8/16/2018 have a lead time of approximately 4 weeks to ship.  Lead time is subject to change.

All of our quilts ship with a 24" x 36" Storage Sack and Stuff Sack for backpacking.


About the Phoenix 40˚

The 40°F Phoenix is the Ultra Light solution to keeping warm in moderate temperatures. But don't let the light weight fool you... using premium goose down fill, this quilt will keep you warm down to 40°.

The Stormcrow original...the Phoenix is the 'little brother' of the Incubator, approximately 3/4 length.  It's ideal for people who are pack size and weight conscious and want to shave those few extra ounces without sacrificing much in warmth or comfort. The Phoenix helps you maximize every ounce by utilizing water resistant, 850 fill-power goose down.  9 differential baffles that run the length of the quilt help keep the down from shifting, providing more warmth. (The baffles make this much warmer than similar quilts using "sewn-through" construction, allowing much more loft).

The Phoenix has a three dimensional, ergonomically shaped cut, which not only reduces weight, but provides a more secure wrap around the hammock, eliminating drafts. This underquilt (or UQ) is 3/4-length. This means it is designed to insulate you from your shoulders down to below your knees. Many hammoock campers will use a small piece of closed-cell-foam pad under their lower legs and feet since they typically require less insulation underneath to stay warm. The Phoenix comes complete with a stuff sack and everything needed to suspend the UQ from your favorite hammock.


Goose Down


Hammock Gear is committed to providing down products that meet RDS (Responsible Down Standard).  RDS certifies that geese and ducks are treated ethically (no live plucking or force feeding) and the down is traceable back to the source.  Both our Premium and Economy quilts use down that meets the Responsible Down Standard. For more information visit: http://responsibledown.org/


Compression Size

 The Stuff Sack we ship with this quilt is approximately 4.5 liters, but due to the nature of goose down, it can be compressed further with an aftermarket compression stuff sack.  We do not recommend keeping the quilt compressed for more than 24 hours.  The quilt should be stored in the cotton storage bag provided, when not in use.


Under Quilt Advantages

Chances are you are already aware of the advantages of goose down under quilts. To summarize: 

  • thermal efficiency
  • weight savings
  • volume savings
  • ease of use & adjustment (especially compared to a pad)
Phoenix 40˚Standard
Fill Weight4.0 oz
Total Weight11.37 oz


We utilize the finest 850 fill power, water-resistant goose down on the market in all of our quilts. It is tested and certified by the International Down and Feather Testing Laboratory.


All Hammock Gear quilts are made of ARGON fabric. All ARGON fabric is specifically designed ripstop nylon which is manufactured for Hammock Gear. We offer both 10 and 15 denier weights with certain colors only available in one or the other. ARGON 67 (10d) weighs 0.67oz/square yard while ARGON 90 (15d) weighs 0.90 oz/square yard. It has a Durable Water Resistant (DWR) finish. The DWR not only improves the water resistance of ARGON , it also enhances the fabric by improving overall strength, tightening the weave and thus increasing its down-proofness. Calendaring of the fabric further enhances the down-proofness of the quilt.

  • Black - Argon 67 (10 denier)
  • Black - Argon 90 (15 denier +0.9 oz)
  • Charcoal Gray - Argon 90 (15 denier +0.9 oz)
  • Titanium Gray - Argon 67 (10 denier)
  • Burnt Orange - Argon 90 (15 denier +0.9 oz)
  • Bright Yellow - Argon 90 (15 denier +0.9 oz)
  • Purple - Argon 90 (15 denier +0.9 oz)
  • Cobalt Blue - Argon 90 (15 denier +0.9 oz)
  • Brick Red - Argon 90 (15 denier +0.9 oz)
  • Hunter Green - Argon 67 (10 denier)
  • Dark Olive Green - Argon 90 (15 denier +0.9 oz)
  • Cinnamon Brown - Argon 67 (10 denier)
  • Coyote Brown - - Argon 90 (15 denier +0.9 oz)
  • Woodland Camo - Argon 90 (15 denier +0.9 oz)


All of our under quilts make use of baffle (also known as "box baffle") construction. This means that the seams between the down-filled chambers are not sewn through, but instead consist of a fabric wall about .75 to 3 inches tall, depending on the model.

Temperature Ratings

At Hammock Gear, we use temperature ratings which are very conservative. Compare them in the marketplace and you will agree. Here is a point we wish to emphasize: the first and most important step you must take when choosing an under quilt by temperature is to Know Thyself. Are you a Cold sleeper, a Warm sleeper, or maybe a Really Warm sleeper? Factor this into your selection process and you will be much better off. With under quilts, the more you experiment, the more you will dial this in.

There are 71 review(s) for Phoenix 40

  • Hammockgear quilts

    by Donnie Spencer – 14th Aug 2018

    I have purchased 6 quilts and use them often. One setup is for cold weather and the other is a mild weather setup. I have not had a cold night in my hammock since making the purchases. I am impressed with the craftmanship and the customer service. I recommend the products to everyone i meet on the trail in the backcountry. Thx

  • Excellent quality

    by Matthew Glicini – 17th Oct 2017

    I received this quilt about a month ago, and upon opening the box I instantly knew I made a good purchase. Although I had to wait a few weeks to get it, the wait was worth it. The craftsmanship is fantastic, and matched what many others have said about their work. I must say that I'm not sure what is better the great products they make or the customer service, as I had a small item missing from my purchase, but they were so quick to make right I never really missed having it. Thank you Hammock Gear for being awesome!

  • Life Saving quality under quilt

    by Hike Trout – 30th Jun 2017

    Thank you Hammock Gear for this amazing underquilt. I went for a summer hike on the top of Mt. Rogers Va and what was supposed to be a hot summer environment turned hostal quickly. With winds up to 55mph and swirling rain at around 40 something degrees this under quilt kept me toasty warm. I thought the wind would blow my warmth right out, but instead it held me like my mother. The quilt even got a little bit damp and still held it warming properties. I am 5'i and it covers me head to heel. Here is what I received from HG:

    Phoenix 40 degree with an added 10 inches length making it a combo between the Phoenix and Incubator (Phincubator)
    Weight- 13.6 with stuff. (13.1 wo stuff sack)
    Check out my video review below.

    Thank you for out doing yourselves once again Hammock Gear!!!

    Here is my video review:

  • Perfect for 5'10"

    by Colin White – 30th May 2017

    Arrived in a 4 weeks or so after ordering. Overfilled with an extra 1 oz. It arrived a day before a three night trip. Never having used an under quilt before set up was easy and positioning it went well. That says a lot considering the first shakedown was at night raining, under a tarp with a headlamp.

    Great construction, and amazing customer service. Will order from Hammock Gear again.

  • Awesome company.

    by Jack..Australia – 18th Apr 2017

    Another to my HG collection. I think anyone who owns this high quality gear soon buys more, just because it can't be equalled, in design & quality & materials. I'm sure to add another sleep bag. I LOVE the "Phoenix"40.. It is light but for Australia it's just perfect for anywhere, except the mountains or Tas. I'm a short guy 5'6" so the "Phoenix" size is spot on, almost shoulders to feet. All the measurements & temp. calculations are on the money as well" keep up the great work HG. Cheers from Australia.

  • Great UQ

    by Eric J – 17th Mar 2017

    Great product and customer service as always! Turn-around time was super quick and the quality is excellent.

  • Custom at its best

    by Michael Joubert – 14th Mar 2017

    Was in the market for a 30° partial UQ. Worked with the fine folks here at HammockGear and designed this Phoenix 40 with 2oz over stuff, lengthened by 3", and modified baffling to achieve the 30° rating. Arrived in a week. Was everything I had imagined. Used it this past weekend with a little snow and down to 30°. Was mostly warm, though woke up with a chill a couple times (due to moving around and getting out of alignment). Bottom line: it totally met my expectations and kept me warm... and BTW, had tarp in porch mode with flying snow landing on my face. I would recommend and buy from this vendor again.

  • Best made quilts

    by M – 10th Feb 2017

    This is my second HG phoenix. I loved my 0degree quilt but wanted something a bit lighter for hanging in the park, backyard, etc. These quilts are cut so well that it takes practically no work to prevent cold spots. HG's customer service is great. I'm sure this won't be the last quilt I purchase from them.

  • loyal patron for outstanding craftsmanship.

    by Stephen Poole – 9th Feb 2017

    Just received my phoenix 40 degree uq. First off turn around time was lighting fast, quality is first rate, and I'm one happy loyal customer. I own a HG incubator 20 uq, Burrow 40 top quilt, and now my phoenix 40 uq. Outstanding service! Thanks, Adam (stormcrow)!

  • Wow!

    by Chris – 6th Sep 2016

    I read a lot of reviews about Hammock Gear and the Phoenix underquilt before I made this purchase. The quilt and service from Hammock Gear did not disappoint. I received my order in less than three weeks which I thought was great for a custom made high quality product. I used this quilt backpacking for the first time last weekend and all I can say is that it worked perfectly. It did not slide off my shoulders like some other underquilts I've used in the past. It was also much easier to set up and it is very warm for the weight. This is a great product!

  • You get what you pay for.

    by Adam (TheWeekendHiker) – 26th Aug 2016

    Awesome product. The stitching is top notch. You can tell a lot of work went in to making this underquilt. Thank you again Hammock Gear for another great product that I know I will get years of good use from.

  • Excellent Product and Service!

    by Kyle – 1st Aug 2016

    I'm not big on writing reviews on products, but this deserves an exception. I ordered the Phoenix 40 with 1 oz. overstuff. It is my 2nd underquilt from HG. This product is very lightweight and the fit is tightly sealed and easily adjustable. I used it on a WB Blackbird and it came all the way up the sides. I'm 5'9" and the quilt covered from above my shoulders to just above my ankles. It was warm in 50 degree weather with a light breeze on the Pemi loop in the White Mountains, NH. I'm sure it would have carried me to 40. Also, customer service was top notch as I needed the quilt in a quicker than normal turn around time. They made sure I still got exactly what I wanted (model, color, overstuff, special request etc.) And beat my requested expedited ship date by over a week! Top notch quality and service!

  • Great underquilt, perfect fit

    by Unknown – 24th Jul 2016

    This was my third quilt from HG. Great service, and products. Added 2oz of overstuff to this underquilt. Just took it out into the Sawtooths here in Idaho, dropped into upper 20s- low 30s....toasty warm! The baffles really help with windy conditions. Love these quilts... Think there might be a HG Cubenfiber tarp in the future.

  • Just amazing

    by Jason D. – 22nd Jul 2016

    This makes my 4th quilt from Hammock Gear, and it may be my most favorite yet. It packs down to nothing, weighs nothing, but is everything you need. I've got to use it twice so far and on nights where 60 was the low. Perfect solution to getting rid of the frozen back without having to chase a sleeping pad all over the hammock. Do yourself a favor, and TREAT YO SELF!

  • Perfect Fit

    by Tom Marsh – 6th Jul 2016

    I'm 6'7" and use a Warbonnet XLC hammock. This under quilt covers my shoulders to mid-calf. In 60 degree weather it was warm. I can see it protecting me to 40 with maybe a small pad under my legs. I run warm so this might serve my into the upper 30s too.

  • Awesome products, stellar customer service.

    by Shipp – 1st Jul 2016

    I love my Phoenix 40. I have a incubator 20 also that is excellent. I used on my MD section hike. Was mid 20's blowing 25+mph with sleet and snow and was comfy as a bug in a rug. Started my VA section hike sobo early June. The incubator worked too good. I emailed HG and Harry got back to me immediately. Answered all my questions thoroughly, was a quick turnaround, and even emailed to get shipment info for next town I could receive package as a maildrop. The Phoenix 40 saves a little extra weight :) and is exactly what I was expecting from the fine folks at HG. I look forward to curling up in the hammock for a comfortable night sleep between my Phoenix 40 and 40* top quilt. AT tested and hiker approved...Keep up the great work! Happy trails.

  • Wonderful!

    by Lunatic – 16th Jun 2016

    Relatively new to hammocking and glad to get away from a pad. This is wonderful. Got 1 oz overfill and it has kept me warm below 35F so far. So happy with build, quality, and customer service i turned around and ordered a tarp. Heading out on my second AT thru hike in 3 weeks and i couldn't be more excited about having this gear with me. Thanks HG!!!

  • Everything I've Come to Expect

    by Sean Fellows – 3rd May 2016

    I have been more than satisfied with the Phoenix 40 as well as the Hammock Gear staff in getting it to me in the time frame as promised.
    The Phoenix 40 is lighter and packs down smaller than I expected. For as light as it is, I was impressed with how warm it is.
    Yet another great piece of gear ensuring I am a customer for a long time to come.

  • Great under quilt!

    by Unknown – 21st Apr 2016

    Just got this and used it last weekend. It stuffs down small for a good pack size and is very warm. I got mine over stuffed 2 ounces and it's perfect.

  • First custom gear purchase

    by RealIronShiek – 13th Apr 2016

    My first purchase from a 'cottage' outfitter couldn't;t have been better. I have been dabbling in hammock camping for a few months and the first thing I did not like was trying to use a pad in the hammock. Did some research and decided a 3/4 length underquilt would be best. Based on a review from syntax77 on YouTube I decided to get the Phoenix 40, with the 2oz overfill.

    Ordering was simple. Even though they mention, to 'be patient', I tired my best but did send an e-mail after some time. Just so happens that my order was completed and ready to ship.

    So, be patient.

    Tested this out in late March, in the Shawnee NF in southern Illinois. Rain, Wind, and Temps in the mid 30s. The Phoenix 40 performed excellent. Getting it adjusted just right took a bit but that is expected as tweaking with your setup seems to be part of my attraction to hanging. I think the best endorsement I can give is that when I would be in a position that wasn't covered by the underquilt, I knew it, this thing is so warm and when I was in it just right and the wind was howling I stayed very comfortable with an inverted 19 degree down sleeping bag.

    I would highly recommend this product to anyone looking to up their hammock game. I intend on getting a top quilt from Hammock Gear as well.

  • It just works!

    by Chris B. – 3rd Apr 2016

    Aside from the top quality workmanship, materials, and innovation, this UQ just plain works. The highly adjustable suspension helps to quickly and easily dial in the right fit to keep the cold drafts from your backside. The differential cut is a smart and effective design to help eliminate cold spots. It is also light enough to make my UL backpacking kit. Bottom line, this UQ works.

    In addition, the customer service at HG is top notch!

  • great underquilt!!!!

    by Sean Cox – 30th Mar 2016

    Used it this past weekend and have only positives to say!True to temp rating,it kept me warm down to 35 degrees!

  • amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    by juju – 14th Mar 2016

    I can't say enough good things about this quilt, Phoenix 40+. It is my first time dealing with hammock gear and it won't be my last. I ordered my quilt with one ounce of overstuff. I tried it out last week on an overnighter in the otter creek wilderness with nighttime temps a little cooler than we were expecting, 29f, it did great. I had a little more clothes on but my only cold spots were on my front side. Now I'll be ordering a top quilt so that won't happen again. The service was amazing.

  • light and warm

    by coley(hombre) – 7th Jan 2016

    I got a 30 Phoenix . It has keep me warm down to 28. I also put my feet in my backpack to keep my toes warm. This is great for light wt hiking.

  • My first under quilt

    by Wilson Allison – 7th Nov 2015

    I tried out my new quilt today in a local park. It was about 40 degrees and really windy and I didn't know what to expect. The quilt is incredibly well-made. I opted to add an extra 2oz of fill to this one and was hoping it would be warm enough for camping this winter. Man, I felt warmth within a few seconds of laying in the quilt and was pleasantly surprised at how fast it happened! This sucker WORKS! I added a top quilt that I already had and accidentally fell asleep for about 20 minutes, due to how cozy I was.

    This quilt is absolutely amazing and the customer service is second to none. I will be back for my second UQ soon :)

  • Secondary Suspension

    by Callen Oster – 20th Oct 2015

    I love this underquilt, just had it in extremely windy conditions with no tarp doors and a pitch that left me quite exposed. The extra snugness provided by the secondary suspension kept the underquilt from getting blasted open by the wind. As a side note, HG was of course great to work with in building my custom quilt. Responded to all of my questions so fast I could not believe it.

  • So happy I investef in a Hammock Gear Phoenix 40 deg 3/4 underquilt

    by Scott Hunt – 2nd Oct 2015

    I received my Hammock Gear Phoenix 40 degree 3/4 underquilt with 2 oouces Overstuff and I was already so excited because I had done my research and learned about Hammock Gear and knew of Adams work ethic and masterful sewing techniques and it was then I knew exactly who would be making my underquilt So there I am opening the box ever so carefully I was completely amazed by the attention to detail and workmanship and that's when I knew I had one of the finest underquilts ever made .Thanks again Adam and everyone at Hammock Gear

  • goodbye mattress, hello confort!

    by larry_wild – 3rd Aug 2015

    i was using a neoair mattress for the first few months since i made to switch to hammock camping and was getting really tired of it!

    Thx to my new phoenix 40'F , I finally experienxe the true confort of my hammock, without the need of a mattress to cut cold drafts under me.

  • awesome underquilt

    by duktape – 31st Jul 2015

    I brought this on a week long trip on the AT. It rained all but one day. But I was warm every night with the burrow. It's awesome!

  • vet very pleased

    by Unknown – 27th Jul 2015

    This seemed to be the best value I could find. Quick service and impressive quality! Dying to use it but it's so hot out, a couple months and I'll be good

  • love it!

    by Ed – 27th Jul 2015

    I just had the opportunity to use this last weekend, The lows were predicted to be mid-60's but I wanted to test this before my fall 319 mile thru-hike. The lows ended up in the 40's and this kept me toasty. Delivery was fast (I ordered in stock item)

  • Love it

    by Unknown – 23rd Jul 2015

    Best lightweight underquilt for year round use. You can tell that it is quality. I can't wait to push the limits of its weather protection.

  • Awesome

    by Ryan Seckinger – 3rd Jul 2015

    Great product, ordered it 3 days ago and just recieved it. i cant wait to use it this weekend.

  • light and efficient

    by Chris Smith – 2nd Jul 2015

    So I bought this UQ along with my 40 Burrow and to be honest I didn`t think I was going to get this in time for my trip.. not only did I recieve this one but I also got my 40 Burrow too.. So top notch service right there.. All you have to do is tell Adam or Jenny when your trip will be and they will do there best to make sure you get it in time.. I actually called them afterwards and left a voice mail thinking them for there service because I got them in time.. This is the second set of quilts I own from them and the service and quality always remains the same.. PERFECT., now I will say that if you get the Phoenix you might want to get a small pad or something if your a little taller.. i`m about 5 ' 10 so I have to use a small sit pad (which I carry anyways) to use for my feet... I recently took a trip to PA for a family reunion and I still slept outside the whole 4 days and I remained toasty warm.. got the best sleep i`ve ever had out of my hammock.. So thanks Adam and Jenny for your quality and service.

  • Quality underquilt

    by Unknown – 24th Jun 2015

    My first impression, after opening the box, was that Hammock Gear went too light on the down. I have used one other 40 degree underquilt that has more apparent loft, for a seemingly warmer quilt, however, on a field test, I found this to not be the case. The down fill in the Phoenix is simply situated better and does not shift, settle and clump. The Phoenix 40 is also a bit longer, yet takes up less room in a dry bag than the other 40 degree UQ. Overall, hammock gear managed to deliver a product that is both lighter and warmer. I remain very impressed.

  • Perfect 40 degree Spring UQ

    by Ying Vang – 1st Jun 2015

    At first I was skeptical because it was so light and felt like it doesn't have enough goose down. After a week out in 40 degree temps...I'm a believer. I got a warbonnet blackbird xlc and it fitted perfectly. I plan on getting the Incubator 0 for hunting season.

  • One of the best out there

    by Unknown – 26th May 2015

    I have been wanting one of these for a year. It has been worth the wait. It only took a week to get mine and it was custom made. I used it the first weekend i had it and I loved it. I ordered a 30deg underquilt. that weekend it got down to the mid 30s and i was as warm as a bug In a rug.

  • Phoenix 40

    by ACEwells – 10th May 2015

    When I decided on getting a under quilt more for warmer weather, I knew exactly where to spend my money. Everybody wants the BEST they can get and a product that will last along time, RIGHT ? Hammock Gear has the Best quilts and Great customer service . Their quilts are rated just as described and are as lightweight as possible . I have three now and you might as well start your collection !!!!! Don't look around, you've landed at the last place to shop !!!!!!! :)

  • Amazing

    by Ara – 27th Apr 2015

    Arrived less than a week after I ordered it.
    Perfect craftsmanship, it is truly a thing of beauty.

  • simple and effective

    by ryan – 25th Apr 2015

    you would think when your first open it that you got ripped off because the package is so light weight. But the quality is fantastic and the heat retention is easily comfortable to the rating of 40 degrees. Well done.

  • Never disappointed

    by Unknown – 22nd Apr 2015

    This is my 7th piece of gear I have purchased from HammockGear. I go to them for quilts and tarps because I have 100 percent confidence that the quality is going to be there. I had 1 issue with an item I had for a while and it was resolved immediately. As always, amazing company, amazing products and of course amazing people!!
    Thanks !!

  • Lounge Machine!

    by Shannon – 1st Apr 2015

    I bought this underquilt mainly to take the edge off our not too cold southern nights but after taking this out for the weekend, I found it absolutely perfect for lolligagging in the hammock on the slightly chilly days! Really looking forward to being able to take this out on those shorter day hikes or trips to the park when the air would normally be just that bit too nippy for a hammock in the early spring and mid to late fall. Any piece of gear that extends the outdoor enjoyable season is a winner in my book! Packs up small so it's no trouble to throw in a day bag or fit into a lightweight backpacking setup. Would definitely buy this again. Thanks HammockGear!

  • Awesome as Always

    by Your Name – 23rd Mar 2015

    This is yet another awesome quilt from HG. These guys are great and always willing to help meet your needs. I have tried this out a few time indoors and always felt myself getting too warm ( I am a warm sleeper). Really looking forward to taking this outside on many spring and summer trips in the midatlantic area.

  • Great product with a great price

    by Robert Callahan – 26th Nov 2014

    This is my first Hammock Gear purchase but will not be my last. Their communication is outstanding from your initial contact and continues throughout the whole process. The quilt came within 10 days and is everything I hoped for and more. The build quality is exceptional. It is clear these folks know what they're doing. Further, they listened to my parameters and custom made a quilt for me to fit the temperature ratings I would need and didn't charge me an arm and a leg for doing it. I haven't taken it past the 30 degree mark yet, but I feel comfortable saying it will make it to that point and below with no problem. I'll be asking Santa for a new 40 degree Burrow and look forward to using them in tandem for many years to come.


    by Daylan – 20th Nov 2014

    I recently went backpacking and this thing was awsome. It was much colder than what it was rated for and still was super warm. This is so much nicer than a sleeping pad.

  • Awesome quilt!

    by Joe – 11th Nov 2014

    I purchased the Phoenix 40° about 2 years ago and have been in love with it. Coupled with a 20° sleeping bag as a top quilt, this has taken me down to 35°F without wearing any clothes. When the temperature dropped a few degrees below freezing, I was comfortable in a lightweight base layer. That said, I am a very warm sleeper and have no problem sleeping when I am cold. My next purchase will be a custom 0° bottom quilt.

  • Superb Quality, Great People.

    by Leah – 12th Oct 2014

    Incredible products from some incredible people. I received my quilt just in time for a week long trip on the AT. and the temps dropped into the 30's overnight with a cold front. The UQ performed perfectly. The materials and craftsmanship are perfect, just what you would expect from a cottage industry workshop. And a big thank you to everybody at HG, for accommodating my requests. I could not be happier. Again thank you HG!

  • Excellent Piece of Gear

    by WoodRat – 16th Sep 2014

    This is my first UQ. I have been "working" with a pad for years and finally decided to make the move. I was afraid of losing the ability to "go to ground" without carrying extra weight. Well, the Phoenix40 is so easy to attach and adjust and it is hardly noticeable in my pack. Now I can toss and turn all night (I'm a fidgety sleeper by nature) and not have to worry about readjusting everything each time I do. There are no cold spots and the UQ just moves with me... it's a great fit! I love my Phoenix 40. It reaches from my shoulders to about my ankles (I'm 5'10" and 210lbs) The UQ arrived very quickly. and the craftsmanship is first class. If I ever decide to begin all-season backpacking, I'll be back for an Incubator!

  • fantastic quitk

    by Unknown – 4th Aug 2014

    I was so thrilled with my zero dg Incubator, I decided to try the 40 dg Phoenix for warmer climes. I am just as thrilled with this quilt. I used it for the first time this weekend at an outside temperature of 64 dg. I was warm in a t-shirt and gym shorts and a fleece blanket over the top. This is exactly what I was looking for in a summer quilt. With warmer clothes and bag, I'm sure I could get down another 15-20 dgs. Perfect.

  • great underquilt

    by Brian – 18th Jul 2014

    I had the chance to try this out on springer mountain here on the AT in Georgia. The low temperature was in the 50s. But the wind picked up unexpectedly around 2am. This underquilt was great. I stayed warm in it most of the night with minimal use of a top quilt. No doubts that this will easilly take me down into the 40s.

  • great product

    by bobbe (puppylove) hammock forum – 23rd Jun 2014

    This was very well made. It came in a timely manner.

  • Amazing!

    by Pete Smith – 1st Jun 2014

    Adam and Hammock Gear's customer service is second to none. My Pheonix 40 is flawless, ultralight, and ultra warm. This quilt is my favorite piece of hammock camping gear.

  • Best summer underquilt for me

    by Jackpine German – 21st May 2014

    Have the stock non overstuffed quilt and have used in the low 40's and was very warm, could have went colder without any problem was wearing my standard silk weight long johns, I sleep slightly on the cold side.
    Am very pleased with the construction and the baffles across the ends to keep breezes out, you may be able to find a cheaper lighter quilt but none that can match the construction and quality of this one.
    The only downside is the wait, but I'm sure it's going to keep me comfortable a very long time so the wait was worth it in the long run.

  • Perfect Midweather Quality Product

    by Ed Hodgens – 9th May 2014

    My wife and I are new to hammock camping and thot using a pad would be sufficient for most of our trips around the south. One night and we were done with the pad. Ordered two Phoenix 40's with additional 2 oz of fill. The positioning and adjustments for the quilt location are great - no more mid nite wrestling. The layer is perfect for all our anticipated trips (no extreme winter)!! Plus you will not deal with a more honest and sincere couple as Adam and Jenny. They are committed to providing a quality product to meet the needs of their customers!! Highly recommended.

  • Hammock Gear Hits Another Home Run!

    by Chris L – 5th May 2014

    Immediately placed an order for the Phoenix 40 after receiving my Phoenix 20 so my wife could accompany me to the "piney woods" in the summer. The quality and craftsmanship were on par with all the other HG products that I have received...awesome! Love the simplicity and design of these underquilts. The Phoenix 40 is a great addition to any setup and the weight cannot be beat. Color was slightly different than what I expected but not a good enough reason to take away any stars from this review. I don't care as much for what color my stuff is so long as it functions the way it should. The Phoenix 40 does everything that I ask it to do and then some. Once again thank you HG for making top notch gear!

  • Great quality and warmth

    by Eric – 30th Mar 2014

    I purchased a 40 degree plus 2 oz of down phoenix UQ and used it on a hike to Mt Rogers area and Grayson Highlands over Veterens Day weekend last Nov. The UQ coupled with a thermarest inflatable kept me very comfortable. I have since purchased a 20 burrow and will probably purchase the 50 burrow. The 50 burrow will complete my kit. I love the quality and how lightweight they are. You can't go wrong with hammock gear. I wished I had got into hammocks a long time ago.

  • Great Product

    by Tim Causa – 28th Mar 2014

    I've been trying to use a pad for about a year and never found a good solution no matter what I tried. I heard about hammock gear, requested some information, was given great advice from Adam which actually saved me money as this ended up be the best quilt for my needs. With an oz of overstuff, he actually labeled it 30 degrees and I tried it out the night I got it. Amazed at the quality craftsmanship and the warmth of this product. Will be back for more products.


  • An underquilt of underquilts

    by Mike"HamMike" Pourbaix – 25th Mar 2014

    I got the 40 deg Phoenix in epsilon multicam outer and black argon inner to compliment my 50deg Burrow in the same. I am so impressed with the workmanship and the new features. The baffles are so well executed. This underquilt combined with my Burrow will take me comfortably through the bulk of my active hiking season. The temperature rating is perfect and packs oh so small. My miles are going to be so much more relaxed and enjoyable. You guys rule the quilt world! Keep rockin it!!!

  • Perfect compliment to my 20 degree Incubator!

    by Garrett Jorewicz – 21st Feb 2014

    I already own a 20 degree Incubator which is AWESOME! But I wanted a smaller, light weight option for fair weather and summer backpacking trips. Hence, I purchased the Phoenix 40. I was very surprised at how light it was, and how small it packs down. If you use a compression sack, it'll smash down to almost nothing (although it's small enough in the included stuff sack). I haven't pushed the limits of it yet, but I hung comfortably for 2-3 hours at 47 degrees this evening without a blanket or top quilt and I was perfectly warm and toasty!

    I also tested it indoors at about 65 degrees to see what it would be like on a warmer summer night. This is important to me as I intend to take it with me to Kauai to backpack the Kalalau Trail. It'll probably get down to about 60-65 degrees each night. I was afraid that this quilt would be too hot for those temps, but it was absolutely perfect. That's the beauty of high quality down! As far as I can tell, you will be perfectly comfortable anywhere between 40-70+ degrees with this under quilt!

    As for the quality... Flawless in every way. You won't find a higher quality product anywhere, be it another cottage vendor or not he shelves at REI. Hammock Gear is the best, hands down...

    Don't hesitate if you are on the fence. Especially at this price... You can't go wrong, and you will be blown away by the quality of the craftsmanship!

    Garrett Jorewicz

  • better then expected

    by don nichols – 5th Nov 2013

    First off shipping was fast just had to take out and try out on my blackbird the temp that weekend 28 degrees on first nite 32 on next nite stayed warm both nites even without pad took pad just in case buttt did not need got UQ with 2oz extra oz down glad i did great product lot better then pad

  • perfect size, weight and coverage.

    by matt – 1st Nov 2013

    I sleep cold and have used this well below the recommended temperatures. My 40f bag has 1oz of extra fill and at 25f I was uncomfortable with cold spots, I realize I should never have had this quilt down that low. At 35f a cold spot would develop depending on how I laid down, but nothing that affected my sleep. For me this quilt is perfect for anything 40f or above. The 52" length cut is perfect and was my main reason for purchasing over other brands. I am 6 ft tall and it has the perfect coverage with my sit pad under my calves.

  • I love this UQ !

    by Sean Harrison – 8th Oct 2013

    I added a couple oz of down making mine probably a Phoenix 30 I'm guessing. I recently slept out in 8 C with a stiff breeze on me and without a tarp. I used a 40 degree Kelty down sleeping bag as a top quilt. I slept comfortably no problem wittout any coldspots using only a T-shirt and my tighty whites. I am confident I can go down to 0 C easily with a light fleece sweater pants. The Phoenix will compress to the size of a football easily. Best $150 I've ever spent.

  • Another Great Underquilt

    by Henry Thomas – 26th Jun 2013

    Just got back from a trip with my new Phoenix custom 30 degree UQ . The quilt was made with Dri Down and a M50 outer shell. The quilt was everything I expected and more. The Stromcrow suspension does a great job of snugging the quilt up to the hammock without the sag in the middle. I highly reccomend any HAMMOCK GEAR products.

  • Perfect for summer in the Southern Appalachian Mountains!

    by James Harris – 20th Jun 2013

    I recently received my Phoenix 40 underquilt and promptly took it out for a 3-night trip to the Mt. Rogers area in Virginia. The 3/4 length was perfect and easily covered from my head down to my knees (I am 6' tall). I also appreciated the width and liked the way it wrapped around shoulders. Night temperatures were down to 50 and I was very comfortable. I have no doubt that it would have carried me down another 10 degrees. The workmanship is top notch. The suspension is easily adjustable and easy to "dial in". There are D-rings in the middle on each side if one wants to add quilt hooks, although I found that were not necessary. This quilt is very lightweight and perfect for the weight conscious backpacker. Bottom line - this quilt is great - add to cart now!

  • Perfect summer UQ

    by Jo Wottowa – 24th May 2013

    I purchased this to fill the gap between my 20 degree Incubator and going without a UQ (70 degrees for me). This quilt is amazing in that with a quick repositioning, it keeps my temperature perfect from about 40 to 70 degrees. The size is perfect for me (side sleeping 5'10") . Turn around time was absolutely amazing. I will NEVER look elsewhere for a quilt. Thank you HG!!!!!!!!!

  • Just what I was looking for

    by Will – 23rd May 2013

    I've been researching underquilts for a while, looking to extend the 'hanging' season. But I couldn't justify the weight increase until I saw this one. At just 2 ounces heavier than my X-frame pad, it was a good swap. The full size quilts always seemed like overkill to me, as a 'hot' sleeper. I justed wanted coverage for my back and thighs. This sucker is perfect. Once you have the suspension system adjusted the way you like it, setup takes all of 2 seconds. Awesome!

  • Neat concept

    by Glenn Brandl – 7th May 2013

    Finally had the chance to use it this past weekend. Not quite as warm as I thought it would be, but with a little layering on my part, I was comfortable. Packs great!

  • Warm n light, awesome!-)

    by Magnus fr.o.m. Sweden – 11th Apr 2013

    Was able to take it down to -6 celsius or 21F with only a thin merino layer!

  • Great

    by Mike – 19th Mar 2013

    Absolutely great UQ, superb workmanship.

  • Exactly what I expected

    by Matthew Robinson – 25th Feb 2013

    I was able to use this UQ over the past weekend. Our over night lows were around 30 degrees and I never once got cold anywhere this UQ was touching. I loved how light this item was and how durable it actually feels. Absolutely a great product.

  • Warm, Light, and Well Made...

    by Jeremy Hill – 31st Jan 2013

    What more can you ask for? This is my Second UQ (I have an Incubator, too), and I couldn't be happier with it. In addition to great customer service I received a piece of gear that exceeded my expectations. I tested my Phoenix 40* on a 38*F night in my backyard just to put it through it's paces. It worked like a charm. (I also used a Thremarest Z-seat to put beneath my feet and my Burrow top quilt. No cold spots whatsoever. It was easy to fall asleep. I feel that I could reasonably take the Phoenix to 35*F with no problem. Since I bought it as a 3 season UQ, I have every confidence that I will be warm this season. If you are hesitating, don't. It works, it's worth it, and it will last. Perfect lightweight solution for hammocking.