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Phoenix 20°



Product Description

The Phoenix is the 'little brother' of the Incubator, approximately 3/4 length. It's ideal for people who are pack size and weight conscious and want to shave those few extra ounces without sacrificing much in warmth or comfort. The Phoenix helps you maximize every ounce by using goose down and with 9 differential baffles that run the length of the quilt, which helps keep the down from shifting, providing more warmth. The baffles make this much warmer than similar quilts using "sewn-through" construction, allowing more loft. With premium water resistant, 850 fill goose down, the 20°F Phoenix is rated conservatively.



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About the Phoenix:

The Phoenix has a three dimensional, ergonomically shaped cut, which not only reduces weight, but provides a more secure wrap around the hammock, eliminating drafts. This underquilt (or UQ) is 3/4-length. This means it is designed to insulate you from your shoulders down to below your knees. Many hammock campers will use a small piece of closed-cell-foam pad under their lower legs and feet since they typically require less insulation underneath to stay warm. The Phoenix comes complete with a stuff sack and everything needed to suspend the UQ from your favorite hammock.


There are 19 review(s) for Phoenix 20°

  • Very warm

    by Christi – 26th Mar 2014

    I was a little hesitant about how warm the Phoenix would be since I tend to be cooler than normal. (Typically female) I brought a matress pad just in case. After some adjustement, I got the quilt wrapped the hammock, eliminating any empty spaces and slept nice and toasty in my down sleeping bag, base layers and the Phoenix wrapped around me. I didn't want to get up the next morning because there was a layer of frost and I was so warm inside of my hammock.

  • Wife Loves it

    by Greg Wheat gunner76 – 10th Mar 2014

    Got this for the wife to use. As short as she is its a full length UQ for her. The only problem is when we hang together she is using the Phonenix and I have to make do with something else.. Maybe she will get me one for my b'day

  • Great Quality

    by Stef – 6th Mar 2014

    I haven't had a chance to use this yet as I haven't departed for my hike, but upon receiving it in the mail, I inspected it and found it to be of really high quality. No cheap stitching. Very light and compact and felt warm and durable.

  • work of art

    by fishwater – 30th Jan 2014

    I am impressed by the workmanship that created this quilt. The argon materials are very soft. The stiching is perfect. I had to lengthen the suspension slightly for it to fit on my 11' hammock. Otherwise, it would good to go from the start.

    I have used this quilt into the teens and felt warm. I went with a 1 ounce overstuff and even still my scale says it weighs 16 oz. I am 6' tall and the quilt extends from my shoulders to mid calf. I use a 20'' by 20'' closed cell foam pad for my feet. I chose the green color with black inner. The green has a nice deep color that carries a nice shimmer. The quilt is also a nice width that allows you to raise a knee in the figure 4 position and still have it covered by the quilt.

    Overall , I would highly recommend this quilt.

  • 20 degree Phoenix UQ

    by Travis Shirley – 12th Dec 2013

    I have purchased two 20 degree Phoenix UQ from Hammock Gear. The workmanship and the quality of the UQ are exceptional. My son uses his on a WBBB and I use mine on a WBBB XLC. They perform great and I couldn't be happier. I have used mine in the spring, summer and fall. It has performed as expected. I also own a 20 degree Burrow. Adam was great with all the questions I had about the taper and width of it. It fits splendidly! The customer service is the best!! You cannot go wrong ordering any of Hammock Gear's products.

  • Amazing!

    by George – 5th Dec 2013

    After a huge amount of research, I finally decided to go with the HammockGear Phoenix underquilt and I couldn't be happier! It functions flawlessly, and is the best quality piece of gear that I now own. In addition to the quilt being perfect, I ordered it late on a Tuesday night and received it on that Friday! Thank you guys so much!!!

  • Let the test begin

    by Chris " lil Mann" – 6th Nov 2013

    Adam custom made me a Phincubator 20 degree under quilt which upon arrival was lighter than i expected and the right length for a 5,6 guy, a plus. The weather hasnt got down too low in VA yet but at 40 i can chill and nap comfortable. I toss and turn also and it seems to hold up. More test to come :) thanks

  • Warm under quilt!

    by Unknown – 26th Jul 2013

    I have only used it once and it was only in 58 as the low but boy I was warm, I only used a small shoulder sheet that I made and later during the night a light fleece blanket. It was pretty easy to figure out how to adjust. I will do another review when I have used it in the cold more.

  • Awesome!!

    by Unknown – 12th Jul 2013

    Great craftsmanship! Suspension options are great. Overall solid product. Can't wait to buy another.

  • A Fond Farewell to Pads...

    by Eric Rose ( ToHa on HF ) – 16th Jun 2013

    AMAZING! I am most impressed with this under quilt. I asked my fiancee for this UQ for Father's Day. I received it within 45 minutes of leaving for a car camping trip with my step-daughter. I couldn't be more pleased. The quality of fabric and stitching is second to none. It was a reasonably mild night in Virginia, but this UQ kept me warm and actually made me want to stay in my hammock all morning. Thank you everyone at Hammock Gear for making this a most memorable Fathers Day!

  • Great product/ customer service lacking

    by Jimmytheshirt on Hammock Forums – 18th Apr 2013

    The uq is awesome. Great workmanship and just as I ordered. The suspension system is robust without being heavy. Well done. The main complaint was that I asked for it to be shipped to my work so my wife wouldn't see it as it was a gift for her. Hammockgear sent it to my house even though it was clearly NOT the shipping address. Guess who was home when it was delivered. That's right, my wife. Surprise ruined!

    Anyway, I brought it to the attention of hammock gear and got an email saying they were confused because the shipping and billing addresses are near each other on the invoice. They also apologized. Great. That's helpful. I am likely to avoid hammock gear in the future due to what I consider to be customer service shortcomings, not product quality issues. I expected a little bit more from a company in the Buckeye state. Thats my opinion. YMMV.

  • 20* Phoenix on a Hennessy

    by Tim (Chappy23 on Hammock Forums) – 21st Mar 2013

    I recieved my 20* Phoenix UQ for Christmas. I have a Hennessy Ultralight Hammock and was looking for a UQ to use with it. After researching many UQ I chose this one. I could not be more pleased. The craftsmanship is an A+++. The weights came just as listed. I have slept out 3 times so far and it has work excellent. I been down to the mid 30's with not cold spots air gaps or any other issues. If someone was looking for a UQ to work on there Hennessy this is the one. I am 5" 10" weight 170 and it fits me prefect. This is my first UQ and I cannot say enought good things about it.. If all the rest of the products here are this well made and work this well. I will be buying more in the future. Thanks Adam for such a great product.

  • Perfect.

    by Tyler – 18th Mar 2013

    The quilt is amazing. Ease of setup, craftsmanship, and materials all stellar.

    No way to adequately convey quality here.


  • I'd give it 6 stars if I could

    by Jerry Schleining – 2nd Feb 2013

    The materials are beautiful, the craftsmanship is second to none and the comfort is beyond belief. I love my Pheonix under quilt.
    I could not believe the absolute comfort and warmth the first night I spent in it. Super easy to get on my Blackbird and immediate warmth.
    I spend a lot of time on the PCT here in Oregon, the weight savings in my pack, the warmth at night, and the comfort that comes with having this underquilt attached to my hammock is superb.
    I highly recommend this.
    Oh and the customer service.. simply the best!!
    6 Stars

  • warm, comfortable, well-made

    by Steven Jarvis – 30th Dec 2012

    I've ordered two Phoenix 20 degree 3/4 underquilts this year, one for me and one for my son. Both are impeccably made with excellent construction, materials, and stitching. The multiple suspension points allow us to dial in the perfect fit. The draft collar is great at helping seal the quilt to the bottom of our hammocks. Keeps us nice and warm down into the 20s (we've yet to get down 20 degrees while hanging).

    I'd recommend a Hammock Gear Phoenix underquilt without hesitation.

  • Excellent Product

    by Mike "Black Foot" Bevil – 30th Nov 2012

    Got our new 20* Phoenix underquilts just in time for a post Thanksgiving hang with my son. The temprature dropped to 28* that first night but we were warm and toasty. This is a well-crafted piece of outdoor gear that is a joy to own. Highly recommended.

  • Top Quality

    by Byron Looms – 26th Nov 2012

    Quilt is extremely nice and quite cozy. Plenty warm and I feel like temps are accurate. Pleasure to deal with Adam.

  • Excellent, Excellent, Excellent

    by Brian (bl223 on Hammockforums) – 23rd Nov 2012

    I have been trying out my 20deg Pheonix (with one ounce overfill) here and there. The other night I was sleeping out and checked the temp and it was 24 out. I had on shorts, a short-sleeved T-shirt and wool socks. That's it and I was warm and slept great. I am so pleased with I can't even describe it. I am hoping and prayin for some extra cash to buy a top quilt. Thanks very much.

  • My go to UQ

    by MrGreen – 23rd Nov 2012

    I have slept in my Phoenix all over this country and all I can say is down heaven. From 17deg on top of Mica Mt to 60+ deg nights in the Linville Gorge. From frozen nights on the Superior Hiking Trail to the warm nights of the New Mexico desert. From the curve ball weather of the Wonderland Trail to the soup of a spring night in Demascus, VA this is my UQ of choice. Do yourself a favor and add this piece to your hanging system. You will not be sorry !