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Ridgeline Quilt Hooks (Single)



Ridgeline Quilt Hooks (Single)

Ridgeline Quilt Hooks clip directly to your quilt’s shock cord and change the direction of your quilt suspension.  Rather than pulling out to the ends of the hammock it makes it so your suspension is pulling up snugging the quilt tightly against your hammock.  They are sold individually but 2 are recommended per quilt.    They come in white or black.  Get one of each color so you can easily tell which end is your head and foot.  Designed and produced in the USA by Tato Gear.




Please Note: It is the user’s responsibility to inspect suspension for wear and proper installation.

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There are 7 review(s) for Ridgeline Quilt Hooks (Single)

  • Should be standard with under quilt

    by Chris G. – 14th Mar 2017

    These clips are great the way they change your suspension on your underquilt it helps pull the ends up towards the ridge line instead of out, this also eliminated the need to overtighten the end draw string on my underquilt.

  • awesome

    by Arthur k – 17th Jan 2017

    There good they work

  • Great product, just one problem

    by Thomas – 9th Oct 2016

    The only reason I give 4 and not 5 stars is because black and white are really difficult colours to see in the leaves and such on the ground. Bright orange or maybe a little piece of reflective material on them would be awesome. Yes, I lost one yesterday ;-)

  • Great little piece

    by Daniel – 24th Sep 2015

    handy little item. makes keeping your underquilt pulled up snug under your hammock.

  • Great piece of gear

    by Fibby – 30th Jun 2015

    These are great! They keep my underquilt just where I like it. I have to make some kinf of leash for them so I don't lose them.

  • Simple, Quick, Effective

    by Trenton Webb – 19th Mar 2015

    It's Dutchware.... Thats all that needs to be said.

    Simple/Quick - Clip on one side of the underquilt, bring over the ridgeline, and clip to the other side.(note, designed to work with Lash It/ Zing It)

    Effective - Does what its intended to do. Brings the ends of the underquilt up

  • Does what ti should

    by Unknown – 13th Nov 2014

    Works perfectly

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