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  • Camo Tarp

Standard Cuben Fiber Tarp with doors



Hammock Gear Cuben Fiber Tarps

Cuben Fiber,or CF3 for short, is a high-performance base non-woven fabric is quickly gaining popularity in the hiking community. Known for its ultralightweight and durability, the 4-Season Cat Cut Cuben Fiber tarp will pack down to 6.5 ounces for 4 panel pull outs and 10 perimeter tie outs. We use 1/2 inch D-Rings on all tie outs.  Our tarps ship with a cuben fiber stuff sack and repair kit for field repairs.  Guy lines are not standard with our tarps and should be purchased seperately.



  • .52oz/sqyd (.62 for camo print)
  • 11' ridgeline
  • 8' 6" wide
  • No sewn ridgeline means no seam sealing required....ever.
  • All guyline reinforcements are bonded and sewn for maximum strength.


*All tarps are made to order - Please inquire with sales@hammockgear.com for current lead times.

**Camouflage print adds approximately 1 ounce to this tarp

There are 77 review(s) for Standard Cuben Fiber Tarp with doors

  • Really nice tarp

    by MarkB – 23rd May 2016

    Great design and workmanship - HG makes a fantastic tarp!

  • Hangout Palace

    by Greenlight – 20th May 2016

    This tarp is unreal, I've had it for the 10 days on the AT so far and have tested it in wind, rain, and even a bit of snow already. The doors are a total game changer (and I highly recommend the door ties), and even fully pinned down make for a spacious enclosure. Packs nicely, doors stash easily with the ties, I just can't say enough about this tarp.

  • lots of nothing!

    by Mr Smokey – 9th May 2016

    I absolutely love this rain tarp. i have the tarp with the doors and love it.

    i have set this up more then a few times and it is a breeze with the sleeve that you can get as well.

    it all packs up in the stuff sack that it comes with and weighs next to nothing and is easy to stuff in your pack anywhere.

    pair this with some Dutchware gear Stingerz with the line and some bungee cord and it works flawlessly.

    i got the soft shackles and love it's easy setup but very strong.

    very durable and strong material even when it's flapping around in the wind.

    thank you all for your great work!!!

  • Awesome tarp, Awesome Service

    by Matt – 11th Apr 2016

    I purchased this tarp for an upcoming trip in Red River Gorge, I put in a special request and received the tarp in very little time and they exceeded my expectations. I was a little nervous the first night out, we had sustained winds in the 20 mph and gusts in the 30-40 range, no issues with the tarp, held up great, excellent craftsmanship. We didn't get any rain during the trip so I can't comment on that, but nothing would lead me to believe that this wouldn't perform extremely well in a rainstorm. The tarp is extremely light and provides excellent coverage. Very happy with the purchase!

  • So light!

    by David – 17th Mar 2016

    When the package came I thought they must have accidentally shipped me an empty box. But the big tarp was in there, it just barely weighs anything! I wish I could get the rest of my gear made of this material.

  • exactly what I was hoping for

    by Unknown – 5th Mar 2016

    I read all the reviews, scoured youtube, and debated over purchasing this tarp. It arrived with a minor delay due to a cuben fiber wholesaler delay. But the quality of the product made the delay seem meaningless. A few minutes after recieving the tarp, I had it rigged with a continuous ridge line made out of zing it, and had it raised between two trees. One would expect it to be fragile after handling it as it seems weightless. But that s not the case. Initial findings seem to show great strength. I was planning n only setting up the tarp, but The urge to sit in my hammck took over, and before long, the hammock was up and i was guazing through the semi transparent tarp at the blue sky above. Cant wait to hit the trails.

  • Tarp Rocks

    by Bike-N-Hike – 4th Mar 2016

    I've had the chance to use this tarp a half a dozen times from summer to winter. Love It. The camo look is great in the woods, very natural and the light coming through is muted and pleasant. The door tie outs are worth it. I rolled the doors up until they reach the tie outs and the doors disappear into the tarp and stay there. Looks like a hex tarp until you need the doors. I bought the CF sleeve and although the sleeve was slightly shorter than then the tarp works great. The sleeve became more supple after multiple uses. If you can afford the price it would make a real nice addition to your gear.

  • Very Pleased

    by Frank – 15th Feb 2016

    I purchased the CF with doors. After receiving it timely, I headed to the hills. The tarp ran the gauntlet the first night. I had a squall come through with 50 mile per hour gusts. Rain was coming sideways. All the tie outs held. I loved the sound of the rain hitting the CF.
    All the sewing looked great and it came on on the specified weight.
    I am so happy with Hammock Gear that I just ordered a Phoenix 20 and CF Tarp Sleeves. I should have just order the sleeves with the tarp.
    Thanks HG!

  • Great Tarp

    by Unknown – 12th Feb 2016

    By far the best tarp money can buy. Worth every cent of the purchase price. Great service from Hammock Gear as well.

  • cuben tarp

    by David Baird (pumkinpete) – 14th Jan 2016

    Received this tarp and I very much please with may choose ,service is the best you could ever want. If you have a question they are fast in any responses, shipping very fast. If you are looking for top of the line cuben fiber tarp look no further the Hammock gear! THANK YOU GUYS ☺

  • Beautiful, Light Small

    by Marshall Righter – 21st Nov 2015

    This is the first piece of gear that I have not made myself, It is a thing of beauty. I ordered mine without bottom cat cuts to max out coverage on my underside. I have not used it yet in blowing rain but I fear I will need some sort of under quilt protection. My wheels are spinning on a Cuban fiber under quilt protector/pack cover.

  • Top notch quality. A bit undersized?

    by Marshal Kline – 13th Nov 2015

    First, I am very experienced with CF products, but new to hammock camping. Secondly, my rating is really something more like 4.8 stars.

    The day after receiving my tarp I began a four day "inaugural hammock camping" trip in what turned out to be nearly constant rain. For this trip I was using an 11' gathered end hammock made by Dutchware. The only reason for 4 stars (instead of 5) is that on the last night I apparently did not have the hammock perfectly centered under the tarp and ended up with dampness extending about 10" down the foot-end of the hammock. While I recognize this was primarily my fault, my "complaint" is that (with my set-up, at least) there is barely an inch of tolerance to get both the head and foot end connection points covered. For what it is worth, I've since replaced my 8" continuous loops wth 6.5" loops hoping this will give me a bit more wiggle room for the next trip.

    Otherwise, the design and build quality of this tarp is absolutely top-notch.

  • Worth the expense

    by Chad Von Dette – 27th Oct 2015

    I am very pleased with the quality of the tarp. I bought mine in camo and love the print. I also bought the sleeve to go with the tarp. I'm happy that I bought both. It is super easy to set up and take down once you have all of your lines pre-tied to the tie outs.

  • Dope!

    by Faison (Learning Curve) – 17th Oct 2015

    First time ever touching CF, i was shocked at how fragile it felt. After setting it up and breaking it down a few nights, i began to realize how strong it actually was. I love this tarp! But it will prob only be for longer distance trips when weight matters... about 2 weeks from order to delivered. great work HG!

  • Sheds Rain and Wind like a boss!

    by Kat – 12th Oct 2015

    Used this is a downpour with sideways rain and not a drop hit my hammock! it's awesome. The manufacturing is superb and I was impressed with the attention to detail. All around a great investment.

  • Greatest tarp ever

    by Mike in MI – 8th Oct 2015

    This is the greatest tarp ever, well constructed and just what I need for full coverage in any elements. Its Cuben and made by Hammock Gear, whats not to love?!

  • Awsome!!!

    by duane – 1st Oct 2015

    Can't say enough good things about this tarp. All pros, no cons, great tarp and worth the cost.

  • Great Tarp

    by John – 25th Sep 2015

    Standard tarp size is perfect for backpacking . Lite, water proof and wind proof. Love it on all my hiking trips.

  • Great product, incredible service

    by Mark A – 11th Sep 2015

    I bought this tarp when the lead time was projected to be 8-10 weeks. I sent an email before placing the order to see if there was any chance that I could get the tarp within 5 weeks for a trip I had coming up. I was told that that shouldn't be a problem. Then about a week after ordering it I had another trip opportunity come up so I emailed again to see if there was any chance I could get it about 10 days earlier than the 5 weeks I had asked for. The tarp shipped out that day and I was able to use it for a trip that happened only 3 weeks after I ordered it. Outstanding customer service- can't recommend the company highly enough.

    The tarp is great as well. Super light, great coverage and the attention to detail is amazing. I bought the tarp with the doors and I love the tie backs for when they aren't needed. I bought this for my own hammocking but also to act as a group tarp on trips when we have more people than can fit in a tent to play cards and hang out at the end of the day. This is light enough that it can be added to someone's pack without having a big impact on the total weight. My old ENO tarp weighs almost two pounds, and this one is a quarter of that. Very impressed

  • Top Notch Customer Service & Material Quality

    by Truong Nguyen – 11th Aug 2015

    I ordered a Phoenix 20°F under quilt and standard CF3 tarp with snake skin from HG knowing that I might have to wait for a long time to receive the tarp and the snake skin due to shortage of CF material. HG gear sent me the under quilt within a few days with a note indicating that the tarp will not arrive for a while. I had trip coming up soon and emailed Harry a few times asking for the status of the tarp. Within a week and a half, realizing that the stand CF material will not be in for a while, Harry did not hesitate to step up and offered me a free upgrade to the Camo CF. I got both the tarp and the snake skin in Camo, $50 or more free upgrade...I brought them out on a backpacking trip and everyone admired the quality of the under quilt as well as the tarp......top notch customer service and material quality....not disappointed to go with HG......thank you, Harry.....

  • So good

    by Yellow Rain – 2nd Jun 2015

    Went from my Warbonnet Mambajamba to this - the drop is weight is amazing.

  • 4 Season CF Camo Tarp

    by Bike-N-Hike – 21st May 2015

    Finally tested the Tarp out in Kentucky's Red River Gorge. No complaints, Tarp looks great in Camo, I think the site needs a better picture for the 4 season camouflage tarp. Love the look, sort of like having a stain glass Tarp the way the light filtered through it. Sets up nice in porch mode with my hiking sticks. Job well done Hammock Gear. Would like to see the Assym camo tarp picture. Thinking of going with summer weight TQ/UG and assym camo tarp next summer.

  • The Best Damn Tarp Ever

    by TAGwinn – 30th Apr 2015

    I received my new tarp on Monday and by Thursday had two nights in the Cuben awesomeness.

    This tarp is everything that I hoped it would be. It has lived up to all of the great reviews and You Tube videos that I so diligently studied before making my purchase. I am looking forward to many good nights sleep under this tarp.

  • Disappointed in service

    by Ann – 26th Apr 2015

    I feel like I've been robbed. I ordered the tarp on Feb. 15, 2015. I had to call and email several times urging them to please send my tarp by a trip on April 7th. The tarp never came. I sent an email again when I returned home to find it still hadn't arrived. It finally arrived on April 19th. It came with no note, no apologies for it taking more than 2 months and then I found that it came with no straps and no tie out lines. I can make these myself, but for $300 for the tarp plus the $250 I spent on an incubator 20 underquilt in the same month, I was expecting more from a small company. Now, I read on here that other's were able to get their tarp in less than 2 weeks, during the same time frame. What's up with that?! Disappointed.

  • great product/great customer care

    by Paul Schonbrun – 17th Apr 2015

    Awesome tarp/well done tie backs

  • Great tarp in the rain

    by Greasedoc – 12th Apr 2015

    I recently spent a night under this tarp during a 5 hour steady rain. I bought it to take weight off my pack.I got more than that. There was no misting like sil. And it dries faster and easier than any piece of gear I own.

  • Perect tarp, amazing customer service

    by Linck – 23rd Mar 2015

    First, I had a few questions about the tarp. I got timely, and thorough replies (including pictures!). I also had a trip coming up and asked if it would be possible to have the tarp by a particular day. They beat my best expectations, and I got the tarp a week before my trip.

    As far as the tarp goes... it is simply the standard by which others should be measured. Wonderful craftsmanship and attention to detail.

  • Lighten your load.

    by Hiker63@facebook – 23rd Mar 2015

    I wanted to switch to a lighter Tarp and decided to go with the Standard in Camo. Cuben Fiber is a big investment. Other companies sell Cuben Fiber Tarps but my decision to purchase from Hammock Gear was based on prior products purchased, the quality, craftsmanship and their service. If you want to drop your base weight without sacrificing quality, then go for it. You're back, legs and feet will thank you.

  • Best tarp and service

    by Glenn – 16th Mar 2015

    I ordered this hammock tarp at the last minute. I talked to Adam. Adam was a big help. I went with the 11 foot tarp with doors. They were out of of the listed color of cuben fiber. Adam said they had gray, which was good. From the time of our phone call to receiving the tarp was about a week. They jumped through hoops for me. I was leaving for the mountains in two weeks. I got the tarp in plenty of time for me to set it up a few times prior to departure. This is a great company to do business with. Can't beat the service. Thanks .

  • Awesome tarp, awesome service!!!

    by Matthew Stenger – 10th Mar 2015

    I bought this tarp for my hammock on my AT thru hike. After finishing, it still looks brand new.

    I am now planning on the CDT next year, and I plan to use it as a ground tarp for that as well.

    I've also had the pleasure on interacting with Adam a couple times and he has always given great customer service, above and beyond my expectations.

    Hammock Gear is a great company and this is a great product!

  • WOW. A Great tarp

    by Roger (NC Patches) – 28th Feb 2015

    Was waiting to get my new hammock to try all out together.
    Last night in NC, got down to 30 degrees, and the tarp was Great. I looked up and was able to see the moon as it went across the sky. That was wonderful.
    Good costruction, tie outs where you need them. Blocked the wind. I had a good night. Thank you for, in my opinion, for a Great product.

  • I wish I had it the entire trail [Appalachian]

    by Train – 8th Jan 2015

    When I set out on the AT I started as a ground dweller and switched to my hammock in Damacus VA. I brought along a hex tarp from another company until MA. In MA I had my 10 point waiting for me. I wish I had it all along. This tarp can go to the ground when needed for complete protection and with the wrap around doors I never worried about wet gear as I had to with the hex. The delicacy of the material is what prevented me from carrying before. Now I am planning to use it for other long distance trails and with out worry.

  • low weight and great coverage

    by coley epperson ( hombre) – 1st Dec 2014

    I have stayed under this tarp 4 nites . I like the space and options on setup. It snowed on me 2nites which has a cool sound. But the coolest thing is being able to see thru it

  • best tarp

    by Whistler – 2nd Nov 2014

    Had to try it , standard tarp did great in 40 mile an hour wind and 35 degree temps. It is my first cuben fiber , looking forward to a lot of use. Covers my Hennesy hammock with room to spare,used six stakes and lite duty twine to hang it .
    Make sure you secure all the tie-outs ,it is loud flapping.

  • Excellent tarp

    by Jeff (Bobwhite) – 28th Oct 2014

    I ordered this tarp with doors and tiebacks. I am amazed at how light it is. It offers great coverage, is versatile, and back down nicely. At this time I am still using my Hennessy snake skins on it, Once rolled up the tarp can me squeezed to a very compact shape. This tarp fits in these skins far easier than the sil-nylon tarp did. Customer service was great. Jenny put forth an extra effort to ensure I had this in time for an upcoming backpacking trip, even though they were short handed. This was a big investment, but you get what you pay for,

  • best tarp i have bought

    by JP – 8th Sep 2014

    Used this tarp for a week in the Smokies. It rained on us every other night, and not once did it let me down. Everything stayed dry and the tarp itself dried quickly. I'll be buying more cuben fiber in the future.

  • AAA+++

    by kristian bartholin – 5th Sep 2014

    Good respons
    Perfekt feedback
    Best kvalitet Off frbric


  • The best, hands down

    by CTinAZ – 27th Aug 2014

    I'll start off by saying I'm a first time Cuben user.
    I did two weeks on the VT Long Trail this past July with this tarp. (And a custom made HG quilt)
    At first I battled with the idea of Cuben over silnylon, but I'm now a believer. This tarp kicked butt!!
    It stood up to torrential rains and storms, it pitched tight, and the camo worked great for those nights in between shelters where I wanted to be discreet.
    The extra coverage from the doors allowed me to hang things at either end and not get soaked.
    The weight advantage speaks for itself.
    The Cuben sleeves worked great as well, I could have my tarp deployed in 2-3 minutes and be dry underneath when the weather closed in quickly.
    So if you're torn between Cuben and silnylon and you can make the stretch, go for it, you won't look back.
    One last thing, Adam was always a pleasure to deal with,
    I'll be acquiring many more products from HG

  • In a few words, please title your review

    by Your Name – 24th Aug 2014

    Ordered June 1st 2014, delivered June 12th 2014

    I've been saving for this tarp for several month, just stashing $50 a paycheck in a PayPal account. My wife never knew a thing, it was flawless.

    Standard 11' ridgeline
    Camo (extra $45)
    Side pullouts came standard
    Front and back doors are standard (no catenary cuts on doors)
    Side walls have the cat cuts, standard
    Plastic "D" rings are very durable, light, standard
    Standard CF door tie-backs
    Ridgeline cat cut is standard
    Ridgeline is all tape/glue so no stitching to seal
    12" of CF tape
    Standard CF stuff sack

    Not 100% transparent and not a dark room; able to privately change clothes without an audience.

    No lines/tie-outs

    Saved 1 full pound of weight after swapping out the hex-fly

    Perfect customer service
    Super Fast
    Flawless website and communication

    I'm ready for a top quilt now!

    If you are asking for any sort of special features for your tarp be sure to communicate that before the purchase. HG is limiting alterations and special orders at the moment, so please contact prior to purchase.

    Will do business with this patient, understanding, flexible, business for years to come.

    Price with military discount was significantly less than other CF distributers.

    A walk around and pictures for CF gear can be found here...

    Thank you again HG!


    by Mark – 16th Jul 2014

    Awesome tarp, so light but yet so durable. I know I will get plenty of use out of it WOOHOOO!!!. And the Hammock Gear folks really went out of thier way to deliver an awesome product.

  • Best Tarp Ive Ever Owned

    by Squawk – 12th Jul 2014

    Best tarp ive ever owned. took it up to the green mountain state for a week backpacking trip and was hit with the aftermath of hurricane alberts fury while on top of bald mountain. needless to saw i was extremely grateful to have this tarp with me. it withstood heavy rains and very high winds all through the night. easily my favorite piece of gear!

  • Just buy one!

    by idc1970 - Australia – 27th Jun 2014

    I hesitated due to the cost of cuben fibre tarps, in the end I decided I'd rather save on weight in the pack, bought one (along with a few other goodies from HG) and man, am I impressed. I got the standard with doors, CF snake skins, set it up with Kelty Striptease and Dutch's Stingerz and it's a breeze to set up. Love this tarp.

  • for starters...

    by MyD0j0 – 15th Jun 2014

    This Hammock Gear tarp is so light and packs so small it made the stock tarp that came with my Hennessey Expedition hammock a joke. Coverage and protection is excellent--on my second use of the tarp, I was hit with an inch of rain in one day and all my gear was rain and mud free while still allowing porch mode to enjoy the storm and movement underneath... I like it so much I've begun to use this as my all around go to tarp for things like my minimalist bivy as well (for those trips with my girlfriend).

  • Superlative. No better tarp around.

    by River (Loki) – 13th Jun 2014

    This tarp packs down to the size of a paperback book, and is astonishingly light. 6.5 ounces is one thing when you're reading it, and entirely another when you're holding it in your hand. Unfolding this thing is like reaching into Mary Poppins bag – it just keeps getting bigger. The 11' ridgeline alone makes this a bomber shelter. To be honest, even if I wasn't using a hammock, I would bring this as my tarp shelter for ground camping. It's amazing.

  • Very nice tarp!

    by Unknown – 14th May 2014

    I had heard good things about the quality of the HG tarps, and I have to say I wholeheartedly agree! I received my camo version tarp with doors, and a 12' ridgeline, and immediately set it up. I am very pleased with the quality of the material, and the workmanship that went into designing and building this tarp. I am very pleased with my purchase. I wanted a versatile tarp that had the option to close up the ends for inclement weather and privacy (should it be needed), but I didn't want to carry around a really heavy tarp. This fit the bill perfectly.

  • Fantastic Cuban Fiber Tarp

    by Robin in Charlotte – 14th May 2014

    When I first discovered this tarp, I thought there was no way I could justify paying so much for a tarp. I was in the process of converting from an ultra light tent to a hammock setup and was trying to make the conversion as inexpensive as possible. I debated for days between this tarp and other alternatives and eventually decided to make the investment solely based on the weight savings. I have now used the tarp on several backpacking trips and I have to say that I love the tarp and am so glad that I made the investment. Setup is so simple and there is just enough transparency to lay in the hammock and enjoy the moon and stars. Please don't let the light weight fool you. The tarp is very sturdy. On my last backpacking trip, I used it in very windy weather and had no issues. You can't go wrong with this tarp!

  • Blown away.

    by Rob in Green Bay – 13th May 2014

    This is the best piece of gear I have ever bought. Period. There is nothing that could make me more pleased with this tarp. Lightweight. Durable. Doors. Beautifully constructed. Fantastic attention to detail. Translucent. Love, love, love this tarp. This is the last tarp you'll ever own, its just that good.

  • Best Purchase Ever!!

    by Nathan Klairmont – 7th May 2014

    This tarp is truly amazing! I took this gem out on a 2 night adventure a few weeks ago in the White Mountains and it exceeded all my expectations! Weighing in at only 6.5 ounces and taking up minimal pack space it provides you with complete protection from the elements. If you are on the fence about buying, hesitate no more!! This was THE BEST PURCHASE I HAVE EVER MADE and was worth every penny!! Im about to order a 30 degree under quilt and if the craftsmanship is anything like the tarp I will love it!! Keep up the good work Adam and team!! Happy hanging.

  • Do yourself a favor and just buy one!

    by Chris L – 5th May 2014

    Don't know what to say that hasn't already been said. Adam and staff have done an excellent job with the design and construction of this tarp. Quality and craftsmanship are second to none on all Hammock Gear products that I own. Love the interior room that this tarp provides and the doors are an awesome addition for increased weather protection and privacy. I love lying in the hammock on a clear night and being able to see the moon through the Cuben material. Be the envy of all your hiking friends and buy the best hammock tarp on the market!

  • Ultra Light, Ultra Dry

    by Douglas Meyer – 22nd Apr 2014

    This is my first experience with Cuban Fiber and I must say, it is worth the cost given its carry weight (8 oz with steaks and guy line), along with its waterproof protection. So far, I have little cons about this tarp, other than its a tad noisy, and has very little stretch. Neither cons really bother me much. I have used this tarp in rain, sleet, and high winds with no problems. I also recommend purchasing the tarp covers, also Cuban Fiber.


  • great tarp

    by Justin – 16th Apr 2014

    A bit pricey, but if you are serious about backpacking this is the tarp you should have. It's extremely light weight for the amount of coverage you get, and very well made. Set it up in a 24 hour rain storm when it first arrived and kept me completely dry and happy. Glad I spent the money on it. Here's a video.


  • This tarp is the bee's knees!

    by Chili – 11th Apr 2014

    El tarpo de Cubano es muy....ahem sorry. Given the name, I got a little carried away. The Cuben Fiber Hammock Tarp with Doors is amazing! I couldn't believe how light it is and at 6.5 oz (minus suspension), it is worth its weight in gold! Thanks Adam and Thorwren for making such awesome and high quality hammock gear!

  • Not only light weight, fool proof!

    by Chuck Burgess – 17th Mar 2014

    I bought this tarp because of how light weight it is. But when I got it into the mountains in March 2014, I realized that it's more than just the light weight that makes this a great tarp. I had it pitched the way I thought would work best. Little did I know what the wind would do to it when it started blowing. Because of my lousy setup, the tarp sagged when the tension on the lines let up. But even with a not so taught pitch, this tarp kept me seriously protected form the wind and freezing rain. It had icicles hanging off the bottom of the tarp in the morning. But I didn't feel one bit of wind or moisture... and the tarp touched my hammock most of the night! I love this tarp. I will never go back to anything else. Thanks for making a fool proof light weight product. I love it! - The Hammock Backpacker (https://www.facebook.com/hammockbackpacker)

  • Tarp, Customer service is absolutely the best!

    by JohnL – 15th Mar 2014

    I ordered my tarp and was instantly please with the weight and construction. The tarp pulls taught so that it shed the wind and rain. Somewhere along the line I managed to know a small hole in it. I talked to customer server, sent them the tarp and had it back in less than 5 business days! Absolutely the best!

  • Worth every penny

    by Greg Wheat gunner76 – 10th Mar 2014

    Got after a AT hike as a way to reduce weight. At 8 oz ( I got the 12 ft ridge line version) it is half the weight of my other tarp and this one comes with doors. Quality is excellent. This is my go to tarp now.

    Requested that the folks who worked on the tarp autograph their work and sure enough, they did in a corner so I have a true custom tarp,

  • fast turn around

    by treerock – 4th Mar 2014

    excellent tarp for the weary the legs to carry! incredibly light.

  • Best Shelter on the Market!

    by Garrett Jorewicz – 21st Feb 2014

    Make no mistake, Cuben Fiber is expensive... When I first stumbled across cuben fiber tarps, I thought to myself: "You'd have to be crazy to spend that kind of money on a stinking tarp!!!" Well, I must be crazy... But I couldn't be happier...

    I did a lot of research on different shelter materials, brands, sizes, etc... I didn't want to buy a small, ultralight, fair weather tarp, and then a second tarp for winter and inclement weather. I wanted one solution that would meet all of my needs... Adequate coverage, doors (with tie backs) for winter/wind protection, strong material, waterproof, and ultralight.

    I was turned off by the idea of Silnylon due to the fact that can bleed through in some cases, and they also absorb a little bit of water which means more weight... But when I found Cuben Fiber and did my homework, I quickly realized that it is the ultimate material for a backcountry shelter. It met all of my criteria at a fraction of the weight of other materials. SOLD!

    I have used my tarp shelter several times already and have no complaints what-so-ever. That said, I would encourage you to pick up some mesh tarp sleeves from MountainGoat Hats and Goods (http://www.outdoortrailgear.com/cottage-industries/mountaingoatgear/mesh-tarp-storage-sleeves/). The nice thing about these tarp sleeves is that they are super light and they really do a good job of protecting the cuben fiber material. From what I have read, cuben fiber is really strong, but it can puncture if you handle it incorrectly and drag it on the ground or knock it into a broken tree limb or whatever... By using the tarp sleeves, you really limit the potential for exposure and damage and it is way easier to setup and tear down as opposed to having to fold it over and over. The downfall however is that the tarp ends up being pretty bulky in your pack. Small price to pay in my opinion.

    Two things to consider... If you get this tarp, I would encourage you to reach out to Adam first and have him (for an extra fee) add door tie-backs for each of the doors. That is definitely a nice feature, especially for fair weather camping. Also, I paid the extra $ for the camp print and I couldn't be happier. Although the standard color looks to be a little more translucent (which is cool in my opinion), I just think a camp tarp looks better out in the woods than something that is a solid color. It just looks more natural out there...

    That said, don't hesitate to order this product from Hammock Gear. It is extremely high quality, and will meet your shelter needs without adding any noticeable weight to your pack. Go for it!!!

    Garrett Jorewicz

  • what a night

    by Walking stick – 30th Dec 2013

    I brought this trap because in November I was on Springer Mt when a storm came with my old cuben fiber flat trap.. The wind where I was set up usually come in from the west this storm came from the northwest. So i had a hole in my coverage. Luckily, it wasn't a very bad storm but it did make me decide to upgrade to a standard 4 door tarp. Last night, December 28, 2013 I was back up Springer Mt and it was a really strong gully washing type storm. it was easily the stormiest night that I had in a hammock. Once I set pitch right on the tarp. the only other thought I had was to wish that gotten the winter place with the extra 2 feet of coverage. That said I want to thank you for making this tarp because it really protected me. I was able to warm up and dry out and get 6 hours of sleep. Thank and best of everything in the coming New Year
    Paul Vazquez aka Walking Stick

  • Wonderful!

    by Kanguru – 26th Nov 2013

    My first cuban tarp. Glad I chose this one. First quality workmanship just like the other HG products I have purchased. Jenny and Adam are great to deal with.

  • Works well in New Zealand

    by Iain Brown (email: eonbrown@gmail.com) – 17th Nov 2013

    I guess II will add another superlative to the pile already listed here. I am a Mountain Safety Instructor, Back Country Fly Fisherman and Hunter from NZ. This tarp is absolutely perfect for my needs over here. I have used it on four trips in the last month and a half with a total of nine nights sleeping under it. There's heaps of coverage plus the ability to have a wrap around protection while still having a side out in porch mode.
    I love it and highly recommend Hammock Gear product.

  • best tarp on market!

    by keninct – 14th Nov 2013

    DO NOT BUY THIS TARP! unless you want the highest quality tarp available. after purchasing my quilts, it was a no brainer to order this tarp. first time out it rained & snowed w/high winds and i stayed dry & comfortable. again adams work is second to none! thanks , ken c (keninct)

  • Awesome Tarp!

    by Bill (Pi) Murphy – 30th Oct 2013

    Light as can be, dry as the desert, big as the sky. My regret? Why didn't I have this on the AT in '06? Color neutral, so even if I spend a full day under it, will not feel weird. I can't yet comment on durability or if it flaps loudly in big winds. If I end up on a thru in 2014, I'll report back in the fall. If I don't, I'll loan it to a friend, as this is too nice a bit of kit to spend the year in my closet.

  • Great. Light. Tarp,

    by lostagain – 24th Oct 2013

    Love the tarp. Used it to cover my hammock on a recent hang and it woked great. I was unfortunate to have a night of wind which caused problems with stakes and guylines, but the tarp held up to a lot of strong wind gusts. Be warned though...cuben fiber is loud in the wind. Small price to pay for a great piece of equipment. The weight savings are incredible. Everyone I handed the tarp too couldn't believe how light it was. "You could pack that all day and never notice it!" is how one put it.

    HG did a great job and I'm exceptionally pleased. Thanks guys! Adam and Jenny are the best!

  • Best Cuben Fiber Tarp

    by KYMike – 12th Aug 2013

    Thanks for providing an excellent product. I appreciate the advice. I would not hesitate to purchase for Hammock Gear again.

  • Wow, best tarp ever!

    by Michael Browers – 26th Jun 2013

    What can I say...standard HammockGear.com top notch quality . This tarp is amazingly light yet offers so much protection. Well worth the investment in weight savings. Love the doors!

  • "Terrific Tarp!"

    by Charlie – 24th Jun 2013

    Just got around to doing this. I'm from the U.K. and was headed out to Seattle, to do a hike up the Chuckanut Trail, yes, Chuckanut! (we don't have names like that over here, we have Pratts Bottom! etc.) I didn't have much time to order, I wanted the Burrow 20° too, and both were sent to our friends house in Seattle for when we got there. Great service and Adam and Jen are the kindest people and extremely helpful. Adam was off on his Appalachian Trail that day and Jen still got these items to me in less than two weeks. So that's the service, above and beyond!
    The Tarp is beautiful, and extremely well made, I love being able to see the halo of the moon through it, and now my pack is a lot lighter. Straight away I used it in the field and there were no hang-ups, so you could basically take it on your first trip without opening the packet and trust it'll be ok (like I did) the quality's that good, although you may want a dry run yourself, which is wiser. You should be patient with opening it and gentle too, till you get used to this new material as I would say it's not your usual tarp material. But if you look after it, it should reward you with many memorable trips. If you're heavy handed, stick to a heavier tarp. But this one's great for me and I like the translucent olive drab. All fittings look and feel secure too. I'm really happy with this. Thanks Adam and Jen and co. Happy trails Adam.

  • All this and LIGHTWEIGHT !!!

    by KirkH – 4th Jun 2013

    I've waited a while to review this tarp until I had a chance to use it more. The verdict is in.........WOW !! Just the fact that you get all that coverage at under 7 ounces is amazing. The craftsmanship is superb and the service is great. Worth the money......buy it !!!!

  • great tarp

    by Gavin – 3rd Jun 2013

    I purchased this tarp as an upgrade for my Hennessey Hyperlite Hammock. The tarp provides ample room for me and two or three other people to sit out of the rain and cook before hitting the hammock. It's lighter than the fly that came with the hyperlite and provides far more rain protection and room.

  • How is it so light!?

    by Will – 23rd May 2013

    1/3 the weight of my old tarp. And bigger. And it has doors! Utterly fantastic. As an UL'er I've always debated the weather before hitting the trailhead. Trying to save that pound and change, I would often leave it behind. Now I feel 'guilt' free keeping this baby in my pack. The coverage is so much better, looking forward to more winter hang camping. Time will tell how it holds up, but I am optimistic.

  • Awesome tarp

    by Pizza – 2nd May 2013

    Great tarp, excellent design, extremely lightweight! The workmanship is outstanding and the customer service top notch. If you're on the fence about upgrading to cuben fiber from silnylon just do it! The weight savings alone make it worth it!

  • Great Tarp!

    by LSinor – 17th Apr 2013

    This is by far the best tarp I have ever owned. The tarp served well on a rainy weekend hammock trip with howling winds and rain. The doors really helped protect my hammock and top quilt. All my hammock using friends want one!

  • Holy Cow this is fine!

    by Hawk-eye – 6th Apr 2013

    This one sweet piece of finely made tarp goodness!


  • Top Quality / Amazingly Light!

    by sbeauchamp – 5th Apr 2013

    I just can't believe how light this tarp is. Adam and team did a first class quality job and I'm thrilled with their work! Definitely worth the money to save weight and stay dry.

  • Exceeds Expectations

    by Sam F – 26th Dec 2012

    I received this for xmas from my parents, it was the first item on my wish list. I set it up in the backyard in the rain. It definitely repels rain - and I love that it is semi-transparent. I cannot wait to take it backpacking with me and my hammock! The other boyscouts will certainly be envious! I love how lightweight it is - thank you for a great product!

  • Awesome Tarp

    by Pig.Slayer – 27th Nov 2012

    This tarp is awesome. I've owned a few tarps now and plenty of other gear in cuben. Stormcrows workmanship is second to none and the construction methods used are excellent. The tarp functions perfectly and the geometry is spot on for a perfect pitch with the doors closed leaving almost no gap. Down to the finest detail this is the ultimate hammocking tarp IMO.

  • Awesome tarp!!!

    by Jon (Dangerous) – 26th Nov 2012

    This is an excellent tarp with great attention to detail and superb fit and finish. I love the extra weather protection the doors provide or I can just fold them back and put up the porch to enjoy the view. This tarp feels like it weights nothing, and if I had to choose again, I would definitely buy this tarp. These products are made by people that use them and it shows. Thanks.

  • 6.5 OUNCES !

    by MrGreen – 23rd Nov 2012

    6.5 ounces w/o suspension ! More coverage than some three man tents ! 6.5 OUNCES !!!