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Stock Hammock Gear Sleeve



The Hammock Gear Sleeve is 12 ft long, one piece to cover your entire tarp, and designed to fit any length of tarp up to 12 ft long.  

Materials available:  Mesh Material in Black

                              Xenon 1.1 Silpoly

If you are looking for a quick, sleek way to deploy your tarp, you have found it.The Mesh Sleeves offer you a great way of drying out your wet tarp while out on the trail

Xenon 1.1 Silpoly tarps have a smaller diameter than the mesh version and would best be used for Silynylon or Silpoly tarps, but can accommodate Dyneema (Cuben) tarps as well.






There are 81 review(s) for Stock Hammock Gear Sleeve

  • Easier than snakeskins

    by Stuttergoat – 18th Oct 2017

    Love this single mesh tarp sleeve. Have always used the two part mesh sleeves in the past (snakeskins) and they work well...however, after using ths single sleeve, I found it so much easier to use that I immediately ordered a second one. They are easy to deploy and, more importantly, it is much faster to get the hammock tarp back into the sleeve without 'putzing' with it! That sold me. I choose mesh for the breathability and ease of drying wet gear and now I also save time and hassle when packing up. Try it.

  • Great piece of gear

    by Richard Chellette – 18th Oct 2017

    It is a great piece of gear. Makes putting my tarp away so much easier, faster and keeps everytihng tidy.

  • Great product

    by Unknown – 9th Oct 2017

    Works like a charm

  • Another win for HG

    by Chesapeake – 28th Sep 2017

    I picked up an 11' Xenon 1.1 sleeve in coyote and so far I'm loving it. Out of the box its construction is flawless, just like you'd expect from HG . The Xenon material feels durable yet light and the coyote brown color is exactly that. Having one long sleeve as opposed to two shorter ones makes it much quicker and easier to deploy your tarp if you need to in a hurry, to me anyway. I've had HH snake skins before and while they worked, it was tricky sometimes getting them closed w/o a huge lump of tarp in one place. I got mine to help control my WL Old Man Winter since I recently re-rigged it w/ Lineloc 3's and Glow Wire ( that I also got with the sleeve order) and because I can see some pretty gnarly wind coming off of the bay here where I live. It fits the OMW perfectly with all the guy lines/panel pull lines and Dutch zing-it CRL w/ bling all left on the tarp. It slides down easily to take my OMW out, and the drawstring + cord lock on the larger diameter end sinches it tightly closed to keep out any evil spiders that are looking for a home. I haven't checked the weight but it feels light enough for me and packs down small enough to still be able to use my tarps stuff sack if I want with it on. Overall I'm super happy with it and would def recommend it to anyone needing a tarp sleeve/ snake skin. Another win for HG !

  • Great Snakeskin for my Superfly

    by Jerry – 19th Sep 2017

    Great replacement for my cuben fiber snakeskin. I like this mesh snakeskin a bit more as it is longer and allows for my tarp to air dry a bit more. Its superlight and easy to slide over my superbly. Now that my snakeskin is mesh material, stowing my tarp is a tad quicker as air can quickly escape. Thanks hammock gear!!!

  • Outstanding design and Quality

    by Randy G- Clovis CA – 4th Sep 2017

    This sleeve is perfect, I really like the one piece design over the two piece types on the market. it is perfectly sized for my WB Super Fly and does not hang up on it while stowing or deploying. The quality of material and workmanship is top notch. I would recommend as a must have piece of your kit, and HG is the brand to have!

  • Excellent sleeve!

    by Ricky Dufrene – 31st Aug 2017

    I love how light and well put together this sleeve is. It fits my WB Superfly perfectly, and it is amazingly light!

  • Liking the mesh

    by Brian – 23rd Aug 2017

    Looking forward to using this on my Cuben fiber tarp. Wanted something lightweight but also so the tarp can dry out while hiking the next day. I hike in a very humid area and did not want to put a wet tarp in sleeves and not be able to have it dry out while hiking. Seems like good quality and looking forward to many years of use.

  • sweet sleeve

    by jaxjailer – 16th Aug 2017

    fit is great and works like a charm. Makes set up and take down effortless.

  • Mesh Snakeskin WOW

    by Gary – 10th Aug 2017

    I recently had bought a tarp for my Hammock. First time out wind made it hard to set up. I bought the snakeskin and able to control half while staking down other half.
    Love it.

  • Best storage for wet silnylon tarp

    by Bshop Six from Korea – 1st Aug 2017

    - Best storage for wet silnylon tarp
    - Easy to pull out, easy to put in a tarp
    - Unlike two pieces sleeve, it Is easy to squeeze out air caught between wet tarp fabrics
    - Mesh, Cutting and sewing is done by master class

    - Do not dtop it on earth. it won't hur the mesh but it definitely makes your heart tearin'

  • love it

    by Unknown – 1st Jul 2017

    One of the best pieces of gear I have bought. Makes tarp set up and take down super quick and easy. Love that my tarp can be up and out of the way and deployed in an instant if needed.

  • perfect

    by Unknown – 28th Jun 2017

    Perfect lightweight love it

  • Great addition to my tarp system.

    by Unknown – 1st Jun 2017

    After a long time thinking it over I finally went ahead with the sleeve setup. I am glad that I did. It allows for a simple setup and take down with very little hassle. My only complaint which is why I gave it 4 stars, is due to it causing more bulk in my pack. It is a minor issue by far and no reason to not use it. I will be enjoying the breeze of deploying my tarp more than a little bulk in the pack. Over all a great idea and a great product, thanks HG.

  • Lightweight, durable, and functional

    by Unknown – 30th May 2017

    Great product! Works flawlessly and packs as small as the tarp itself. Love the ability to quickly store the tarp on clear nights and deploy effortlessly when weather requires.

  • Make life easier for yourself.

    by TrailBeaner – 29th May 2017

    I needed something light and durable to store my hammock tarp when not in use. I was tired of struggling to set up my tarp. The Hammock Gear sleeve allows me to store my tarp with guy lines and ridgeline without the tangling. Then when setting up, simply attach my ridgeline to two trees, then simply slide the sleeve off of tarp, without the tangling of lines. All that's left is securing tarp to the ground . Easy beans. Thanks Hammock Gear for awesome products!

  • Cuben Sleeve

    by Your Name – 25th May 2017

    This is outstanding and very well made. It is what I have come to expect from all Hammock Gear products. I pleasure to support such an outstanding company. Will buy again.

  • Exactly what I needed

    by Brian – 16th May 2017

    I purchased the Xenon 1.1 gear sleeve and it pairs absolutely perfect with my DutchWareGear xenon tarp! I like the 1 piece design much more vs Hennessey snake skinz. I was very pleased with the quality of my xenon sleeve and love how much smaller my tarp packs down using this sleeve. My brother-in-law purchased the same gear sleeve after he saw how easy it made my tarp set-up and take down. Highly recommend this product!

  • Mesh ftw

    by Outdoor Adventures – 11th May 2017

    I've been waiting for HG to make a mesh version of their cuben sleeve for a while now. Brought it on a 4 day backpacking trip recently and it performed great. Dried out fast, durable, well though out. Locking on both sides. I do wish they would have a 10' version available for order as I had to get the 11' but it still works great.

  • Perfect tarp sleeve for Superfly

    by Barbara – 10th May 2017

    Great customer service! I ordered the sleeve in Dyneema after confirming it would work with my Superfly tarp. Quality workmanship and one piece design make this just perfect for managing my tarp. I was pleasantly surprised to find that the tarp in the sleeve still fit into the original stuff sack that the tarp came in. Highly recommend this little accessory which quickly will become a permanent part of your gear set up. Thanks again HG!

  • Essential Tarp Gear

    by Ron May 4, 2017 – 4th May 2017

    For ease in tarp set-up, takedown, packability, and an overall performance- the 1 piece Hammock Gear Sleeve is IMHO the best addition to my kit yet!
    Thanks HG!!

  • Exactly what I needed

    by Brian – 1st May 2017

    I purchased this gear sleeve for my silpoly tarp from Dutchware , the Xenon Hex tarp, and it works great! I had a pair of Hennessey snake skins on my old tarp but they were just way too big and baggy for the lighter and more packable fabric tarp from Dutch. This works great and fit my need very well, and considering I couldn't afford to break the bank on a cuben fiber tarp I'm very glad HG made a silpoly version of this sleeve to go with my new tarp. Looks like they were made for each other. I like that it is one piece, has a tapered end, and can be cinched down on the opposite end. I was recently out during some rainy weather and was surprised by how well it kept everything in my pack dry with the wet tarp inside of the sleeve. Just make sure you don't store your tarp wet inside of this sleeve and let it dry well before storing away again. So, overall I am highly satisfied. This sleeve fit my need very well, is a quality product made in the USA, is lightweight, helps my tarp pack down small and makes setup a breeze. Thanks HG

  • Very Good Sleeve

    by Martin Huyett – 1st May 2017

    This is the fourth sleeve I have purchased from three different sources. I think I like this one best. I like that it is a single sleeve and slides from one end. Makes it easy to remember which end is which on the hammock. It's light weight, easy to put on and use. Worth the money.

  • Awesome!

    by michelle l – 20th Apr 2017

    Lightweight and compact, easy to use, works very well with my cuben fiber tarp! Love it!

  • Slickery - This Snake simply swallowed my Silnylon SuperFly!

    by AD Starr – 18th Apr 2017

    Wow! I shouldn't have waited so long!
    Don't wait - just order it now. The tiny package arrived so quickly!
    The Superfly (big tarp:) WITH guylines slides right into this great Boa Constrictor of a snake skin!
    Deployment is almost instant!
    The tarp IN the snake skin fits right into the same stuff sack I was using to contain just the tarp.

    Workmanship - NICE! Great quality. Stitching and material - are

    NOW .... hmmmm.... New Dyneema tarp OR underquilt ..... Decisions, Decisions. For sure - I know where to by it - HG!

  • neat and easy

    by Travis Lane – 18th Apr 2017

    I really liked this idea and loved the snakeskin as it keeps your tarp all secure and ready when needed without fanfare.On a windy pitch-it really shines.

  • Good, reasonably priced option.

    by Unknown – 17th Apr 2017

    This is my 4th sleeve from three different parties. I use them for three hammocks and two tarps. considering value, this is the best one. Light weight. We'll made of good fabric. Right length. Could be slightly larger diameter for a hammock, but works for my Snugpak jungle hammock.

  • Cuben Fiber Snakeskin

    by Chef Cocoa – 11th Apr 2017

    Have the Hennessey Snake skins, but decided to try out the Hammock GearGear Cuben Fiber Snakeskin. What a big difference, ultimately lighter in weight, one skin fits my whole tarp. And packs up right into the original bag that the tarp came in. Live this product. Makes it easy to set up tarp in no time at all.

  • essential gear

    by Unknown – 6th Apr 2017

    While it's true this little item is pricey, it absolutely does what it's supposed to- a super light weight, easy wrap up and deployment of Cuban fiber tarp (with doors). Upgraded from a 2 piece sil nylon (plus tarp) and this one is so much easier to handle. Very well made!

  • The flapping tarp fight has ended

    by Lloyd – 1st Apr 2017

    Hanging and packing up my cuben tarp was always something I did not look forward to. Flapping in the wind, wet tarp in my pack, tangled guy lines, etc. Cuben sleeves solve all of these problems and even give you the option of putting your tarp up but not deploying it unless needed. I love it. In fact I made a second order to get another. My only complaint is that the small end could be slightly larger.

  • great

    by Eric – 21st Feb 2017

    I love this sleeve! Makes my tarp setup and takedown a breeze. Another top quality product from HG.

  • Cuben fiber sleeve

    by Benson Burner – 15th Feb 2017

    Love the product, Hammock Gear stuff is total quality.

  • Just what you'd expect

    by Gary – 2nd Feb 2017

    Same HG quality and this product really makes putting your tarp up a breeze. I also love how you can hang your tarp and leave it in the sleeve until you are ready to use it.

  • Great piece of gear

    by Bill – 26th Jan 2017

    So simple and so effective. Don't know how I lived without it. Made setup and take-down easy and kept my wet tarp from getting everything else in my bag wet.

  • Nice variant on Snakeskins

    by David R – 14th Dec 2016

    The Cuben Fiber sleeve is not necessary but it makes a nice addition to the gear pile. I have used the sleeves a few times and they don't show any immediate wear yet. The stitching is very strong and the draw strings makes it very easy for me to stuff my guy lines in the sleeve and tighten it up. Keeping all my tarp gear in a single sleeve. It is very sturdy and well constructed. Hopefully I will never need to buy another sleeve again, but if I do it will most likely be another CF sleeve.

  • Good product

    by Chainsaw – 10th Nov 2016

    Good product and will do the job. It is light and I love the fact that it is just one peace instead of two. I also like the diameter. Other I have used ended up being to large and did not compact the hammock enough. Only issue I had was the QC. Mine had a 1/4th inch hole in when I opened it up. Pretty to large not to see if it was inspected before shipping. The company stood by the product and within minutes sent me the shipping label for a repair/replacement. I opted to go ahead and patch it myself instead of going through the process of waiting for another one. It will work fine with the patch. Great customer service and I do realize things can happen but I would inspect better before shipping. I would not htink this would be a common issue with their products.

  • love my cuben sleeve

    by Brandon – 8th Nov 2016

    Makes setting up and taking down my tarp a breeze. Can't imagine going without it now.

  • Cuben fiber snake skin rocks

    by Perry Rush – 24th Oct 2016

    Did a 76 mile Foothills Trail hike with my cuban fiber Winter Palace and cuban sleeve. I think if you get the tarp you ought to get the sleeve with it!! Works great. I would not want to be without it! Goes on super easy. Light weight and keeps the tarp so manageable in the wind. Takes the hassle out of the process. i did not have one at first but saw the need and should have bought it sooner.

  • Works great with a tweak

    by Gearbob – 11th Oct 2016

    This is my first snakeskin/tarp sleeve, although I've used a hammock set-up for many years. I've used this Hammock Gear cuben fiber sleeve many nights on trail, in a variety of conditions - rain, wind, daylight and at night. Generally this has proven an excellent choice to manage my Tadpole tarp. There is plenty of space for my tarp but the sleeve is perhaps eight inches shorter than my tarp at the ridgeline. No big deal. It worked better than my friend's no-see-um meeting sleeves.
    A couple notes regarding the small end of the sleeve:
    - I don't use D-rings or other hardware to attach my tarp to the ridgeline, so without some type of drawstring, the small end of the sleeve is a bit too large. When I pulled the sleeve across to the other end of the tarp, the small end of the sleeve at the far end unintentionally slid past the end of my tarp. To prevent this from happening, I added a small piece of cord with a cord lock around the small end of the sleeve so that I can cinch it down where I want it to stay. This works as intended, but I would prefer this to be integrated as part of the design.
    - I bundle up the cord on both ends of my tarp. I can put one bundle into the large end of the sleeve, but there is no way to do that on the small end of the sleeve - so it remains outside the sleeve.
    In summary, it's a great accessory but maybe it would be handy to have a drawstring closure on both ends of the sleeve so you can place the ridgeline cord bundles inside for both ends, and cinch one end to stay put when pulling the sleeve across your tarp.

  • better than snakeskins

    by KentuckyRed – 14th Sep 2016

    So, I haven't actually used snakeskins, but from what I've seen the problem with them is that they meet in the middle forming a "bubble". Not so with the cuben sleeve.
    This is a one piece system made of cuben fiber (so ridiculously light) that covers the whole tarp.
    You bunch it on one end while hanging and then put your tarp away with one slide down its length. While you slide it, you are compressing the tarp at the same time so there is no real bubble to get rid of.
    I like the small drawstring closure on the large end ( the sleeve is basically a long cone) but wish the hole on the smaller end was even smaller to make sure your tarp doesn't poke through.
    Even though it's a long Piece of fabric, it doesn't add much volume when stuffing the tarp (my hammock bliss 11' tarp went back into its sack with stakes and lines and didn't get any bigger).
    I couldn't recommend this more to a person trying to decide between it and skins.

  • Whoa - it's like a Boa that swallowed my tarp, in CAMO!

    by Unknown – 22nd Aug 2016

    Awesome material and functionality. Trying to (what I would call) roll the tarp first didn't work for me. Instead I left one tarp end attached using cord and a toggle to my straps, then twisted the free end to make a long spiral, in effect rolling it up before sliding the skin over it. I think its better not to leave anything large, hard or sharp attached to the tarp (like my Night-eyes bungees). It would be perfect if there was a better way to bundle or package it up once in the skin, it's kinda hard for me to figure out what to do with it at that point. Maybe another attached loop somewhere near the middle to tie off or turn at. Or a video on what to do once it's skinned. But it's still AWESOMENESS!

  • Custom Two Piece Skins

    by Intimidator – 21st Aug 2016

    As always, the HG crew hooked me up with exactly what I was hoping for. Thanks for providing quality products.

  • Love this product!

    by Keith Nix – 11th Aug 2016

    I have HG Cuben sleeves for both my tarps. They make deployment and packing up so easy and quick. Simply slide the sleeve over the tarp as you roll it a bit, tucking the doors to the center of you have them. Then detach the ridge line and drop the tarp in your pack! No stuff sack, expensive tarps never touch the ground!

  • One long snakeskin with no lump in the middle.

    by Bruce Johnson – 2nd Aug 2016

    My pretty new cuben sleeve strung right onto my tarp. It fits, covers the whole tarp, keeps everything in place and rolled up when I don't need it, and deploys quickly when needed. I have not tried to unroll it in the dark, but it is lovely in the wind and rain. It is covering a Standard Tarp in .74, and there is plenty of room. The whole thing coils up and fits in the outside pocket of my pack, along with my rain gear and water pump. Nice addition to the kit! Thanks, HG!

  • Whats not to like?

    by Derek – 2nd Aug 2016

    The weight is lighter than snake skins, and unlike snake skins I don't have to deal with the taro bunching up in the middle. The sleeve once pulled over the tarp van be compressed so it packs up small, the draw strings function perfectly. What more is there to say? The product functions exactly as I had hoped.

    It actually is quite a bit wider on the wide end than I thought it would be so I think this woukd work with larger tarps. I have a tarp comparable to the Cloudburst and it fits easily in the sleeve. Quality product.

  • Does everything and more!

    by NateInSac – 11th Jul 2016

    Purchased this after reading about tarp skins and similar products. This one far exceeds the others in ease of use. I bought it for my Warbonnet Superfly and after confirming with Harry@hammockgear that it fits.

    The tarp fits perfect into the sleeve. I just attach one end to a tree, attach the other end, and slide it off to one end. I used it this weekend in winds of 25 mph, gusts up to 50, and the sleeve helped by allowing me to attach the tarp one end at a time, instead of it flopping everywhere in the wind.

    When the trip was over, just slide the sleeve back over the tarp. It does this smoothly and easily. My mind was blown.

  • The best

    by Adam Skinner – 20th Jun 2016

    I've used snake skins in the past, as well as just placing my tarp in a stuff sack. This sleeve is far better than skins for one simple reason: there is no bunching up in the middle. You just draw it across the entire length of the tarp and cinch it up at the end. To store it, just roll it up from the big end and you'll end up with a cuben ball to put in your pack.

  • Cuben Sleeve is nice

    by Frank Popofsky – 2nd Jun 2016

    Good Quality. Its just one not 2 half's. bit pricey at 29.00 for one . 5.00 shipping.
    Again good product just pricey it is long enough for tarps

  • well made

    by Topo – 2nd Jun 2016

    This is my initial impression as I have yet to use the item in the field but so far I'd say the product is exactly as advertised. Well made with clean and tight stitching. It held my tarp easily and after fiddling with it a couple of times to see what would work best it folded up in a compact bundle. I'll be using it in the field this summer for 6 weeks and expect to have a clearer idea of its usefulness by the time I'm done with my season. Initial impression? Two thumbs up.

  • Great Product!

    by Scott – 23rd May 2016

    Sleeves are very well crafted and work flawlessly to hold my tarp. I love being able to keep a wet tarp from being stored with my dry hammock

  • works great with a superfly

    by K Friedman – 15th May 2016

    a very nice product that easily works with my Warbonnet Superfly tarp.

  • Packs the tarp up quickley

    by Chuck... – 12th May 2016

    I hung my 11 x 11 tarp and rigged up a continues ridge line with the Cuben Sleeve at one end. Rolling the outside edge of the tarp I can roll the tarp up to the center line ,sliding the sleeve over the tarp as it is rolled. Then stuff the whole outfit in the stuff sack.
    Hanging the Cuben tarp I just fasten one end to a tree and let it slide out of the Cuben Sleeve as I go to the other tree to hand it.

  • Good gear.

    by SloeBro – 14th Apr 2016

    Well made sleeve for stowing hammock. Excellent seam work and overall a great product,

  • Wow!

    by Steven Wise – 5th Apr 2016

    First time I put my winter palace up it was insanely windy, and I was actually afraid I was going to loose it a few times. Next morning I put this on the line and rolled it up. The next time I put it up I was able to section the setup, and avoided all flapping, and risk. Awesome Product, Recommend +10 :)

  • changes tarp life!

    by scott – 4th Apr 2016

    This sleeve makes tarp hanging and stowing so much easier. Adds negligible weight. Fundamentally more convenient due to being able to hang the tarp over a hammock for example, and keep it stowed until you need it deployed.

  • must have for tarp

    by Unknown – 26th Feb 2016

    A must have for your tarp. Makes setting up in windy conditions easy. People at hammock gear are amazing, got me this just in time for my trip.

  • Excellent

    by Michael Dosch – 25th Nov 2015

    These are the best sleeves I have found. I particularly like the fact that they are one piece, not two like many of the others out there. The Cuben fiber is so very light and smoothly cover hammock or tarp. I use one for each!

  • Don't order a tarp without a sleeve!!!

    by Marshall Righter – 21st Nov 2015

    I had no idea how superior the sleeve design is to the snake skin two piece. I there is no air bubble in the center of the tarp to mess with. After pulling it over the tarp all you have to do is start at the narrow end and make accordion folds the as long as the stuff sack and press the air out as you go.

  • 0.8 ounces of pure ease!

    by Trip – 17th Nov 2015

    Have you ever put up a tarp in the wind with all that violent flapping? This takes care of that, and the tapered shape rolls the tarp into a nice compact package. I'm so happy I chose Hammock Gear quality. The absolute best customer service that I have ever experienced!

  • I'm glad I bought this, super easy set up

    by Chad Von Dette – 27th Oct 2015

    I was looking at the snake skins and I'm glad I purchased this to go with my tarp. I like the pattern and the set up/take down is super easy.

  • Excellent companion to CF Tarp

    by Paul "Skeet" on Hammock Forums – 21st Oct 2015

    I keep coming back to HG for all my hammock camping needs because they consistently provide high quality gear at extremely reasonable prices all while providing outstanding customer service.

    The CF tarp sleeve is no exception. It allows for lightweight protection and extremely easy tarp deployment and pack up while on site. Even with my spectra no tangle line and shock cord on the doors, the tarp rolls up very nicely into the sleeve.

    I give this sleeve a most enthusiastic tbumbs up!

    If you do not already have this accessory for your tarp, do not hesitate! It will make your hammock camping experience just that much more enjoyable!

    Keep up the excellent work Adam, Jenny and HG team!

  • great skin

    by Unknown – 13th Oct 2015

    Works great and is high quality. I used it on a 3 season tarp that is 11' x 7'10". Fits great and I'm sure it would fit a winter tarp easy. No that I own one, I'll never leave it home.

  • "Slick" bit of gear- don't leave home without it!

    by Jon Avery – 4th Oct 2015

    I picked up a matching sleeve to go with my new Cuben tarp. This thing is da bomb! I had some reservations about the single-piece, long sleeve, but the smooth taper and the "pull tab" at the mouth make this sleeve slide right over my rolled up tarp. I also don't have to worry about someday misplacing 1/2 of my snakeskin sleeve (don't ask...).

    Rolling the tarp and sliding the sleeve on from one end only really pushes out most of the entrapped air. The sleeve-encased tarp then folds nicely and pops back into the HG stuff sack if you like. When I received my tarp I pulled it out for a quick look and then stuffed it into the stuff sack- it was quite a chore getting the last quarter of the garb in the bag.

    You're being penny-wise but pound foolish if you don't spring the few extra bucks for HG's Cuben sleeve. It's the icing on a great piece of cake.

  • Just buy it already!

    by Ara – 27th Apr 2015

    Do yourself a favor and buy it.
    You only need one unlike other solutions.
    It is a cuben fiber thing of beauty!

  • One Sleeve Fits All

    by hiker63 – 23rd Apr 2015

    One sleeve fits my cuben fiber standard perfectly. I bought a second sleeve for my Dream Hammock. The sleeve is bigger than others on the market. It's so large that it fits my hammock with a HG pillow. The sleeve makes setting up and breaking down so much easier.

  • Awesome Sleeves

    by CGreen – 12th Apr 2015

    This is the perfect companion to my Winter Palace tarp. I was a Hennesey SnakeSkin user but the cuben fiber skin is really great. The 11" length is a little generous but better too long than too short. I would definitely recommend this product.

  • Simple, light and my first Cuben!

    by Geoff – 10th Apr 2015

    Now I understand how cuben tarps can be so light. Can't get over the weight savings, and how much easier it is to deploy than two snakeskins that push the air in my tarp towards the middle. Thanks guys, very nice piece of kit.

  • Snakeskin? maybe if the snake was a robotic snake!

    by Stephen Escallier – 9th Apr 2015

    Works perfectly with the tarp. My Hennessey snakeskin-tarp combo was a pain to use, this consumes the tarp effortlessly.

  • Perfect way to store and deploy your tarp!

    by Linck – 23rd Mar 2015

    So, when I ordered this, I just assumed it would be two sleeves that would work similarly to snake skins I had used before... instead I received one. I thought I had either made a mistake and needed to order two for the set, or that I had mistakenly not received the second of a pair.

    What I discovered is that this works as one sleeve that starts at one end and totally encases the tarp. It is much easier than the snake skins I had used before. Perfection!

  • Cuben Sleeve...singular weighs 150% advertised weight.

    by Mad Uncle Andy – 23rd Mar 2015

    I didn't pay close attention when I read the description. Unlike similar products by other manufacturers, this is a single sleeve for the entire tarp. It is quite "roomy"...I could probably put 2 tarps in there. It is a few inches shorter than my tarp, so a bit of my tarp hangs out the end.

    I ordered camo, and I know the camo print weighs more than solid, but this weighed .9 oz, on my scale instead of . 6 as advertised...way too much to be accounted for by the print, based on other products where camo and solid weights are given for both.

    Only .3 0z difference on the one hand, but on the other, 150% of the advertised weight. Bought this for a sil tarp to test the cuben waters and see if it was really as light as all that. Based on this, I'm not sure I want to soak a lot of money into a cuben tarp that may weigh 150% of advertised weight.

  • Perfect Match

    by Hiker63@facebook – 11th Mar 2015

    I purchased the camo version to go along with my Dream Hammock. As usual the quality is top notch as it is with every piece of equipment I have purchased from HG. Surprisingly, I'm able to slide the sleeve over my hammock and the HG Down Pillow without any issue. One sleeve will fit a11' hammock perfectly. I will most likely buy another sleeve for my HG Cuben Fiber Tarp.

  • Great set of Sleeves

    by UrsaMajor – 20th Jan 2015

    I love my Cuben Sleeves. They are just the right size for my standard tarp with doors and have made taking down the tarp in the wind a breeze. No complaints at all and have been using them for about a year both when backpacking and car camping. When taking the tarp down just roll it up and tuck it in the mesh panel on the front of my pack and off I go!

  • Second Set, Perfect Again!

    by Richard Egan – 7th Nov 2014

    The first set of the skins were perfect, the second set was perfect and the camo tarp I got a few months back ... PERFECT AGAIN!

    Can't say enough good things about you guys. Thank you!

  • Cuban Sleeves Great Product

    by Keith – 16th Oct 2014

    Well made product great way to keep your Hammock,rain fly and bug orginazed and clean. Good experance with the Hammock Gear Company. Thanks and I will be doing more bussines with you.

  • Cuben sleeves on time.

    by kevin B. – 4th Jun 2014

    The cuben sleeves worked great.
    Very well made , very light weight.
    I just want to say thanks you guys bent over backwards to make sure I had them for my trip.
    I would highly recommend this product.
    Thanks again you guys rock...!!!!

  • Good but need a little tweeking

    by Rob in Green Bay – 13th May 2014

    I bought these sleeves with my new Cuben Fiber Tarp with doors. I am really glad I did as the sleeves really speed up the packing process when its time to break camp but still allow the entire tarp plus sleeves to pack into the stuff sack included with the tarp. Very cool. The only thing that would make them 5 stars is that the small opening on the d-ring side is too big so the sleeve slides down too far on the tarp allowing the ends to hang loose outside the sleeve. If the ends were tight enough to stop below the d-ring they would be perfect. However, this little drawback in no way diminishes the quality of this product. They are a GREAT add-on for any tarp or hammock set-up. Thanks!

  • Hammock Gear Shines Again!!!

    by Chris L – 5th May 2014

    Another masterpiece from the folks at Hammock Gear. These Cuben sleeves are a great addition to your tarp setup. They work wonderful with my HG standard tarp. I use these sleeves in place of the stuff sack that comes with the tarp and make for a simple and effective way to store and deploy your tarp. They slide seamlessly on and off the tarp making my setup and takedown of camp faster and easier allowing me to spend more time on the trail. Thanks Adam and Jenny for building such great pieces of gear!

  • Cuben camo style snake skins

    by Richard Egan – 26th Apr 2014

    I pulled off the 2.3oz Hennessey Hammock style snake skins and added these .9oz skins to the collection. I would have enough room inside these to wrap the entire H.H. and H.H. hex fly along with it if I chose to do it (I did it with the old skins before getting the whoopee sling assembly).

    I don't mind the loose skins, they make it malleable to fit in the pack without me getting worried about stretching any stitching. speaking of the stitching...everything looked great; there were no defects that I could see. I did note that when I held one end and tried to blow up the skin like a balloon it did not hold the air like a dry bag might do.

    The skin is 70" long, an open end of 5" and the small end is 2.5". The skins are dark but I don't mind much at all, at least they're not a bright, shiny beacon. I'll be going the cuben camo tarp with doors next.

    I would like to thank HG.com for offering me an active duty military discount today, you cats are great! I will be doing more business as soon as I can!

  • great addition!

    by david – 21st Feb 2014

    I've been wanting cuben snakeskins for a while and as usual, HG is top notch. Solid build quality and materials. I think by rolling the tarp then sleeping it I actually am reducing the number of creases I was getting by having to fold it before. So hopefully these will also extend the life of the tarp.

    Only reason I have it 4 stars is that the camo was a lot darker than I expected. Not bad or bad looking. Just different and it's a form over function statement. No shortcomings that I've found in the function.

    Thanks for making these a standard offering!!

  • CubenSleevers are awesome!!

    by Michael Reece – 8th Oct 2013

    I did some searching to find light weight Tarp skins.I knew about Hammock Gear and when i did a web search, there the skins were, I emailed Adam and Jenny and they quickly responded about my question if the skin work with a Warbonett tarp and they do . PERFECTLY..!!! I love that they have to be anchored down or they will float away since the skins defy gravity. lol..!! I cant weight to try out more of the Hammock gear products, Thanks again Adam and Jenny.. Michael From NC

  • Cuben Sleeves make the cut!

    by David Alvarez – 10th Jul 2013

    I just got back from a rainy, buggy 3 night hang in the Lake Superior Provincial Park where I got to use my new Cuben sleeves. My Cuben tarp didn't arrive in time for the trip, but I decided to pack them on my current tarp to try them out. We often had just been rained on or were still wet from the previous night's rain when we were packing up. The sleeves were extremely lightweight and covered my tarp in a waterproof cocoon. They slide on and off easily and are very sturdy and appear to be quite rip resistant (I caught them in my carabiner a couple of times and not a scratch was noticed). I'm going to order another set for my existing tarp too! Thanks to StormCrow for a great product.