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Tarp Flyz (Pair)



Tarp Flyz (Pair)

A truly unique device developed to connect your tarp to a tree with thin 1.75mm hollow braid line.

Made from titanium, Dutch Flyz are the smallest, strongest, and fastest way to tie off to a tree without actually tying and untying a knot, even when wearing mittens.

Designed for the most weight conscious hiker Dutch Flyz weigh only 2 grams.

They can be moved easily to any part of your ridgeline and quickly locked into position. Their unique design will hold in the windiest condition and never need a backup knot.




Please Note: It is the user’s responsibility to inspect suspension for wear and proper installation.

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There are 5 review(s) for Tarp Flyz (Pair)

  • Another AWESOME piece of gear Dutch!

    by stricky – 9th Jun 2018

    Great little tarp line hardware. Faster and more secure than a taut line hitch.

  • you NEED these

    by Travis Lane – 1st Apr 2017

    I don't know why I haven't bought these flys sooner-I'm very good with knots and due to this,I have gotten used to using knots to secure my tarp.This is so much easier-especially when it's freezing cold and wet and if there's ice on your gear.They weigh nothing and it takes no time to secure your tarp.Winner.

  • great!

    by duane – 1st Oct 2015

    Awsome product! Highly recommended.

  • Simple, Effective

    by Brandon C. – 12th Sep 2015

    I use these on the connection loops on my WB Mamajamba Tarp. Very fun to use.

  • awesome

    by Unknown – 5th Jun 2015

    Another great product. Strong, lightweight and convenient. If your looking for something reliable to secure tie outs this is the product for you