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The Quest

Original Price:
$75.00 (You save $24.00)


Lightweight and durable with minimal stretch, our polyester Xenon 1.1 Sil fabric will keep you out of the elements.  This durable hex tarp system is water and windproof.  Reinforced with a ripstop grid, the tieouts, parameter, and ridgeline are built with grosgrain, and includes 1/2" Beastee D-Rings on the 4 corner tie-outs and 3/4" Beastee D-Rings on the ridgeline tieouts. 


Baseline: 73 inches

Ridgeline Length: 132 inches (11 ft) or 144 inches (12 ft)

Width: 114 inches (9.6 ft)

Tieouts: 4 corners and ridgeline

Weight: 372 Grams/13.10 ounces (11 ft) or 425 Grams / 15.0 ounces (12 ft)

Other Info: 1500 mm head pressure

There are 6 review(s) for The Quest

  • High Quality Product

    by Tyler T – 21st Sep 2017

    New to hammock camping, new to tarping in general. After needing this item the first two trips out in a row, I was very pleased with how it performed. Set up well, kept out the water and the wind, stayed firmly intact. Thank you HammockGear, for providing high quality gear at a reasonable cost.

  • High quality tarp.

    by Mikey – 20th Sep 2017

    This tarp is made of very high quality material and the stitching looks great. Pitches taut. Haven't had it out in any kind of weather yet but will soon put it to the ultimate test on the Ozark Highlands Trail at the end of October. Didn't have any issues stuffing the tarp back into the provided stuff sack. Fits great.

  • High quality, no unpleasant surprises

    by Scott – 8th Aug 2017

    I got my Quest a few weeks and have only had it out twice, but I have no complaints. I went with the 11ft ridgeline and had some guy lines included. the craftsmanship on the tarp is perfect, I didn't see any sewing issues, and the tie-outs are as sturdy as I'd expect. The only issue I had was the yellow guy-lines (zing-it?) are a bit "waxy" which allow my taut-line hitches to slip a bit (yes, I had it tied correctly :) ). Hardly the end of the world, I just swapped the lines out. Great balance of weight/size/cost.

  • Great, Big, Lightweight Tarp

    by Marc – 4th Jul 2017

    Just finished building out my ultimate hammock setup which includes the 12' version of The Quest. I'm not willing to shell out the bucks for Cuben Fiber when I can have a great, lightweight tarp like this for so much less! I honestly can't believe how light this tarp is because it's huge. Set up with two trek poles, I can sit in my hammock and have an awesome front porch under which I can cook while keep out of the rain. Love it.

  • Very light, packs very small

    by John – 15th Jun 2017

    I ordered this tarp to replace another 12' x 10' hex tarp from Hennessy. The Quest is so much lighter and packs down so much smaller. Had it up in some pretty high winds, and it did great. Fantastic attention to the seams, D-rings, no seam sealing required. You will not be disappointed with this tarp.

  • Great Tarp

    by Kip Bissell – 6th Jun 2017

    Another excellent piece of gear from Hammock Gear! The tarp is well made and provides plenty of coverage for up to an 11ft hammock. Also, I had no problems swapppng out the D-rings for LineLoc 3s. My only issue is that the tarp is a bit tough to get back into its tiny stuff sack. You have to fold it which is a bit of a pain. However, the tarp fantastic and I highly recommend purchasing one!