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The Ultimate Hang: An Illustrated Guide To Hammock Camping



The Ultimate Hang: An Illustrated Guide To Hammock Camping

Authored and Illustrated by Derek J Hansen


Hammock camping--one of the most comfortable ways to enjoy a long-distance thru-hike, a weekend backpacking trip, or just an overnight in the woods. With more than 200 illustrations to guide you, this book helps you get off the ground to discover the freedom, comfort, and convenience of hammock camping. Learn how to set up and use a hammock to stay dry, warm, and bug free in a Leave No Trace-friendly way. This book covers hammock camping basics such as how to get a perfect hang and how to stay dry, warm, and bug free. Plus, it illustrates techniques and tips to get the most out of a hammock shelter, whether you have purchased an all-in-one kit or you’ve assembled your own customized system.

About the author:
Derek Hansen is a lightweight backpacker, Scoutmaster, and "hammock enthusiast" who enjoyed his first hammock hang at age 14 at a Boy Scout high adventure base. When he's not out testing outdoor gear, he enjoys reading and spending time with his family.


Paperback: 130 pages

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (October 27, 2011)

Language: English


There are 5 review(s) for The Ultimate Hang: An Illustrated Guide To Hammock Camping

  • Great book!

    by Harold – 13th Nov 2017

    This is a really great book to introduce people to hammock camping.
    I have a loaner copy for my friends to read and bring them to the hammock side of camping.
    The illustrations are excellent and make things very easy to uderstand. This book is a really great resource for all things hammock camping.

  • Enjoyable read

    by lemmonaid – 13th Feb 2017

    I agree with everyone's comments, there is so much online when it comes to technology for hammock camping. This book is a must for first timer looking to get into hammock camping.


  • good book for hammock info

    by paul – 1st Mar 2016

    this is a good book for the true novice me. it has fantastic info but I wish it had a section with ref.to the hammock gear like the slings and the lil clips for the ridge line and such. but all in all a lot of great info for the true beginners of hammock camping.

  • Ultimate Hang very informative

    by tree hugger – 18th Nov 2014

    This book is well organized, clearly written, and very informative to hammock camping beginners! I look forward to implementing all of the useful instructions, recommendations, and tips.

  • Great Book!

    by flatlander – 12th Jun 2014

    Beautifully illustrated and very well written. This book will get you hangin. Highly recommended.