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Titanium Cinch Buckle (pair)



After over a year of developing, the Titanium Cinch Buckle is finally a reality.  These are made in house by Dutchware and they have a  center notch in the back to prevent the buckle from twisting.  Best part is they are only 9.5 grams each.  Made from titanium with an aluminum slider.  When the rope is in place the slider can't fall out.    


The cinch buckles are the most simplistic and easiest way to hang your hammock. These timeless devices have proven themselves in all kinds of weather. They are attached to the hammock with a 7/64th Amsteel continuous loop. A tree strap made from 1″ webbing provides all the adjustment. Just wrap your strap around the tree and fasten with your Dutch Clip. Pull the strap to get the right amount of sag and your done. No back-up knot is needed. It is highly recommended that a Ti Dutch Clip is used with this suspension as with any webbing based suspension.  Occupant weight limit of 300 pounds at a 30 degree angle.  

Of course, Made in the USA by Dutchware

Hammock Suspensions Part 5....Cinch Buckles & Webbing (16:48)
Cinch Buckle System....https://dutchwaregear.com/cinch-buckle-complete-suspension.html Titanium Cinch Buckle Complete System....https://dutchwaregear.com/ti-cinch-buckle-complete-suspension.html Cinch Buckle only.....https://dutchwaregear.com/cinch-buckle.html Ti Cinch Buckle...https://dutchwaregear.com/titanium-cinch-buckle.html Warbonnet Buckles....https://www.warbonnetoutdoors.com/product/1-buckle-set/ Dutch Clips....https://dutchwaregear.com/titanium-dutch-clips.html Sew on Dutch Clips...https://dutchwaregear.com/sew-on-dutch-clips.html Soft Shackle....http://shop.whoopieslings.com/Soft-Shackles-Sold-Individually-SS-NEW.htm
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There are 2 review(s) for Titanium Cinch Buckle (pair)

  • Sometimes doesn't release well...

    by Kelly S. – 15th Dec 2017

    Normally have no problem with the Cinch Buckle... But sometimes I have to pull the ridge line real tight, then the Cinch Buckle doesn't want to release. One time I had to borrow screwdriver from another camper to make them release.

  • Slips on Webbing

    by Walker – 18th Jul 2017

    I've been using the Cinch Buckles w/ Dyneema/Polypro tree straps for a year now. I like the speed of the buckles, but I have had them slip on multiple occaisons. I have since begun tying an overhand with a quick release in the spare webbing, and that seems to help. My buckles are an older design without the notch, so this new design may in fact better orient the buckle and prevent slippage.