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Ultraglide Bear Line



A reflective version of our popular UltraGlide Bear Line.  This is a single braid line that was specifically designed to be used as a bear bagging line.   It is Ultra Strong, Ultra Slick, Ultra Light and Ultra Tough.   Our cord is made using Spectra 1000 which is one of the slickest, strongest and lightest weight fibers ever created.  Unlike other throw lines on the market that have vinyl or urethane coatings.  Ours does not, as we wanted to maximize its slipperyness. Spectra Fibers Coefficient of Friction is comparable to that of Teflon, but the Spectra Fiber we use has much better abrasion resistance. 15 times more abrasion resistance than carbon steel.   This is like having a non-stick coating on your throwline.   Which means, that our UltraGlide effortlessly glides and slides over tree limbs and will not get hung up.   Gear testers have commented that it feels like there is a pulley in the tree's.  While its super slick, it holds knots well but we recommend using a figure 8 knot with an extra long tail or splicing the cord with a loop at the end.  The diameter is little larger than other throwlines, so its easier on your hands and tree limbs.  While it has not been officially third party break tested as of yet, we estimate the break strength to be over 1,000lbs.  So strong enough to hang a bear.   This is the best bear bagging line out there. Period.    This cord is manufactured in house on our braiding machines using the best quality yarns available. Diameter: 2.5mm (7/64"), Weight: 1.70oz per 50', Break Strength: TBD, Made In USA


Comes in White

There are 4 review(s) for Ultraglide Bear Line

  • super slick

    by Myrl E Rodgers – 20th Jun 2017

    I haven't got to use this yet but look forward to hiking in the Red River Gorge where it will definitely come in handy!

  • Great line

    by Chris G. – 7th Feb 2017

    performed as expected and at less weight than the normal paracord I was using to hang my food bag. This shaved a few ounces off my pack weight which is always a plus.

  • Slick, strong and reflective!

    by Gearbob – 11th Oct 2016

    Used one 50' length of Ultraglide cord to hang two food bags during an eight day trip. The combined weight of the bags was around 40lbs at the beginning of our trip. The cord had no problem with that weight, but because it's so slick and thin, it can be hard on the bare hands if trying to pull directly on the cord to hoist that payload. We learned quickly have the tall person "shove" the heavy bags upwards by hand while the other person pulled the anchor end of the cord around the anchor tree. The anchor tree serves as a sort of brake. A lashing worked well on the anchor end to make sure it didn't slip. 50' was almost too long for our needs but I'd rather have too much than not enough. The cord shows no wear after my trip, but being white it does take on a dirt patina. All in all a very good investment that I'll carry for years to come.

  • Perfect for at least one camper

    by Patrick – 19th Aug 2015

    Performed exactly as described for one camper's week of food. I had no reason to expect it wouldn't perform the same with double the weight. Good product.